Sunday, August 7, 2022

The Barista Release - v1.06


Hello everyone, it's that time again... Release Day!

This time, while we did still work on expanding futa compatibility around the game, we also added a good deal of content/things that aren't futa-specific. Some general improvements that I think are good for the game. Thanks to Krow, we also got to add a big content addition to the Fecundate Division job, which can always use some more pregnancy hijinks!

Outside of AW, this has been a rough month for me. I don't talk about it much outside of Discord (though it's certainly no secret) but I have a day job, and generally work on AW in the evenings and on weekends. This is how I pay my own bills and still pay everyone else working full or part time for Arcanist Codeworks. I work in public service for the government, I guess in what you'd call the "public safety" arena. I'm something of an IT/Sys Admin middleman, making sure data flows to the experts in different agencies, and that their warnings about hazards to life and property get back to the public. There's been a lot of upheaval, new servers, new architecture, etc... so I've just been run ragged with work. I've got to make sure the whole crazy project is a success, because I don't want anyone to get hurt because I made a mistake.

I mention all this in the name of transparency, because I didn't get as much done this month as I wanted to. Of course, all the other guys were still on the job so it's still a solid release... but birth scenes with NPCs didn't make it in. Hopefully everything will have finished (successfully!) in the next couple weeks, and I can go back to business as usual!

Thanks for your support, we couldn't do it without you!

Change Log

Words: 2,848,164 (19,661,720 characters)
Code: 153,030 lines of TypeScript

  • A new global event occurs during the summer in Appletree.
    • A breaking news bulletin with sexy news anchors tells the player about the repeal of the public decency ordinance.
      • It's a fun scene, and will appear automatically
    • Afterwards, full nudity is legal in Appletree, and you will no longer be hassled bythe police for revealing your pussy.
      • This was a planned 'world event' that I forgot about adding XD
    • If your save is after the event window, it may not trigger for you.
  • There is a new street cafe that can be found in SW downtown.
    • A rather unique barista serves fappiccinos, the new trendy caffeinated beverage from South Korea.
    • Obviously named for fapping.
      • frothed mix of espresso and semen atop a short glass of warm breast milk.
    • Drinking one will improve your mood and health a bit, reduce fatigue like any good coffee should, and will provide a modest dose of cum.
      • Can increase risk of addiction or alleviate withdrawal symptoms, like any cum source in the game.
  • You might see a new ad campaign while reading something on your phone at home.
    • Shallow is safe! pro creampie adverts.
    • Two new images with amusing text in the AW style.
  • Some heavy adjustment to the algorithm that determines if your NPC lover will cheat on you.
    • Tweaks chances across several categories.
    • Considers more personality/situational factors.
    • New cheating-type processing to be a little more realistic.
  • New SIRE storyline is available in the Progenerate Technologies Fecundate Division job.
    • Written by Krow, we just integrated the content into the game.
    • Totally futa independent, can enjoy as a normal character.
    • Two events with multiple paths/outcomes are currently available.
      • Introduction to SIRE, and the choice to take part or not.
        • You can also delay, and get a new option to join and outcomes with different text at a later time.
      • Rapid Pregnancy Initiative
        • Various choices with different outcomes.
        • Can make you a large or huge bundle of credits (2K or 4k)
        • Can also result in a bad end if your body isn't up to the challenge.
          • (being at fertility storm level fertility will keep you safe)
    • While the introduction is more intriguing/mysterious, the second is quite long and sexy. You should definitely give it a try if you're into the Fecundate Division job already!
    • More events are already in the works, this is a very promising event series!
    • There are a couple "missing" images, this is expected because there's some fan art on the way.
  • A new scene is available at the Maid job.
    • The scene becomes available if you are caught without wearing your uniform on the job.
    • Allows you to get a new uniform in case you've lost/donated/destroyed the one you were initially given.
    • Of course, expect to be punished for your transgression!
  • Sex for more than just one round!
    • You can now go for round two (or three, four, or even five if everyone has the stamina for it).
    • When a male NPC ejaculates (or you ejaculate as a futa) ((or you ejaculate into a male NPC who then ejaculates)) (((etc.))) you can start another round of sex during sex scenes.
    • The NPC may not actually want to continue, especially if it's a male and they already ejaculated.
      • Or they may just not be able to perform again.
    • Works in different combinations with futa/non futa and various NPC genders.
  • You can now have friends with benefits!
    • Having a friend should only increase the opportunities for casual sex, not reduce them!
    • Not all NPCs will want to have sex with you.
      • Depends on the status of your relationship with them.
      • Also depends on how the NPC feels about such behavior.
    • Having sex with a friend won't cause you to switch over to the romance track.
    • Besty declares that the AI may make stupid decisions about all of this.
      • Tell us about weird behavior so we can adjust.
    • Sex is available as an option at the end of a friend hangout session.
  • Progenerate Technologies Fecundate Division job now supports futa players.
    • Adjustment to existing content, along with some unique futa scene variations.
    • Having a cock and being surrounded by 'eager-breeder' women can cause some arousal or even stress in certain situations.
  • The Oldest Profession pseudo job (escort service) has been converted to be futa compatible.
    • Showing up to service a client with a cock where none was expected can cause interesting things to happen.
    • Most people are cool with it though, this is Appletree, after all.
  • Some minor compatibility work done to Street Walking prostitution.
    • Still needs some more work, but should be much less "cock doesn't exist!" now.
  • Converted a good deal of the Fairy Tail massage parlor job.
    • Some new futa-specific happenings that can be good or bad...
    • About 2/3 of existing scenes now allow for your third leg in the scene.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

The Condom Release - v1.05 Change Log


Hello everyone, it's that time again... Release Day!

We've got plenty of cool stuff in this release, and even some things for non-futa players as well. I think the most exciting thing revolves around NPC pregnancy, from the new inter-NPC insemination system, to getting pregnant with the player's kid. That said, we've also got more refinement of the sex system, and plenty more content as well. The Poll Riders job got a lot of new content, with several new futa-centric scenes that can get you tips.

Because condom sabotage and general impregnation-related craziness/sneaky shit is a sexy and accepted part of living in the world of Accidental Woman, it's probably a good idea to have a general disclaimer about this sort of thing. Doing reproductive activities without your partner's consent is wrong. Whether it's stealing sperm, sabotaging condoms/birth control, or stealthing, it's not okay to do this without your partner's consent.

On the other hand, these sorts of things can be really fun roleplay opportunities if you talk about them beforehand. If hormonal birth control is used, or her cycle is reliable enough to determine safe days, you can have all sorts of fun with condom sabotage and/or not pulling out, without the long-term consequences. I think risky sex is really good sex, and I think you can get a lot of the way there by pretending it's risky.

Starting another reproductive tangent... I knew semen contained estrogen, but it was only during the last month that I learned just how much it contains (between 0.1 and 0.2mg/ml). It seems that the estrogen helps to trigger ovulation, and is part of why actual ovulation rates vary pretty significantly between women trying to get pregnant, and those using condoms. (It also explains some of the skin benefits reported from semen!) I've done such a ridiculous amount of research for this game, so it was pretty fun to learn something new!

I feel like I talked about enough random shit, so let's get on with the change log!

Thanks for your support, AW wouldn't be possible without you!

Change Log

Words: 2,811,586 (19,450,921 characters)
TS Code: 153,030 lines (doesn't include comments!)

Please report any bugs here. We also accept bug reports on Discord, but these are harder to track/follow up on, and are more likely to get lost.
  • New suite of fertility tools available in the dev tools menu. (Elite build only)
    • Check fertility status of all female NPCs
    • Several commands to inseminate, induce ovulation, grow fetuses, etc.
    • Track sperm in NPCs
    • These tools are used for testing fertility stuff on our end, but could be used for fun too!
  • Tweak to job mod ingest code to allow higher salaries for job mods based on job respectability level.
  • NPC cross insemination system!
    • It's weird that none of the female NPCs in Appletree are pregnant. This fixes that.
    • Starting at the beginning of the game, a percentage of female NPCs (including futas) will be chosen randomly and inseminated by a random NPC (including futas).
      • Represents sex between the generated NPCs that is assumed to be happening to the 90K other people in town as well.
    • NPCs can get pregnant from this sex, but factors like birth control, time of cycle, and other things come into play.
    • The default rate is to have 10% of the female NPC pool inseminated each night.
    • The rate of insemination can be changed in the game settings menu, and can be turned off altogether by setting the rate to 0.
    • NPCs that you have a relationship with can be inseminated this way.
      • It only counts as cheating if they get pregnant, and this can result in several things happening.
    • Lily will never be inseminated using this system.
    • NPCs that you are friends with that get pregnant will contact you when they give birth to share the news. [dialog NYI]
  • NPC fertility system is fully enabled.
    • NPCs ovulate, get fertilized, implant zygotes, grow fetuses, develop externally (and this is viewable in NPC viewer!) and give birth.
  • NPCs will now contact you by phone when they find out they are pregnant.
    • NPCs will only contact you this way if you are in a serious enough romantic relationship (exclusive+) or you are the father of the children.
    • There are 8 primary versions of this notification depending on the circumstances.
      • Congrats on getting me pregnant: from someone you impregnated that is not in a serious relationship with you that is happy about being pregnant.
      • Damnit you got me pregnant: from someone you impregnated that is not in a relationship with you that is NOT happy about being pregnant.
      • FYI you knocked me up: from an NPC you got pregnant that is fairly ambivalent about it.
      • Lover happy: from a romantic partner who is happy you got them pregnant.
      • Lover mad: from a partner who isn't happy.
        • Some NPCs will lie and pretend the baby is yours, happy and mad variant.
      • Divine conception: from a romantic partner who you didn't impregnate, but who also doesn't know how they got pregnant.
        • Finally get to bring Water of Life into the picture!
        • Some NPCs will lie to you about this, you can still call them out on cheating during a date.
      • Cheater: from a romantic partner who cheated on you and is admitting it.
      • Cheater (futa): Same as cheater, but with a different dialog because you could have gotten the NPC pregnant, but someone else did instead.
    • You can break up with the NPC during the cheater notifications.
    • There are some variations that happen in most of these based on more specific circumstances.
  • Adjustments/improvements to sperm motion simulation in female reproductive tract.
  • New "Dieting" option in end-of-week budget menu.
    • The PC will not lose weight from diet and exercise unless this box is checked.
      • It is assumed that if you aren't dieting, you eat enough to make up for any caloric shortfalls.
    • Allows you to benefit from higher-end food without risk of losing weight unintentionally.
    • Using the diet button won't cause you to lose weight, it only allows it. Poor diet/lifestyle can still result in weight gain even with dieting box checked.
    • All this info included in a help popup.
  • Food budget explanation popup improved and expanded.
    • Better explanation of different budget levels and what they mean for diet.
    • Added info on Cumplete Nutrition diet.
  • New Sure Leak Condoms ad in the "read something" action.
  • Futa characters can now eat their own cum after masturbating at home. 
    • Variations based on how much you ejaculated.
    • Standard benefits/effects of consuming semen.
  • NPCs will notify you when they give birth if:
    • They are your kids
    • You are in some sort of relationship with them.
    • Notification only - content/scenes NYI
  • Futa variations have been added to all SPERM job events.
  • Futa variations have been added to all Pole Riders job events
  • Five new futa-specific medium events added at Pole Riders job
    • Scene options with different tips and outputs.
      • Tips are probably a bit too high and may need to be nerfed.
    • About 16K words.
  • New sex scene action: Lick Nipple
    • Full descriptive text, 2 default variations and one variant for each kink.
  • New orgasm texts for the PC ejaculating.
  • A lot of sex system testing and fixing.
  • Your character will now react appropriately when the NPC pulls out to cum (and you've asked them to do so)
  • You can now choose who to put a condom on if you're playing as a futa character and you chose the "put on condom" action.
  • Liquor cabinets are now functional!
  • I managed to repair the Mantis Bug Tracker database, and updated the software.
    • This was keeping us from updating issues/bugs properly. many have been cleared now.
  • Lots of bug fixes!
    • World map travel time fix
    • Progress in the coil winding task fix
    • Fix for some actions not happening/allowed in certain sex positions
    • Etc. Etc. Etc. 
    • Check our mantis for our progress on bugs. Sadly only a portion of bugs are reported there (if they are reported at all).

If anyone knows how to train a cat and/or capybara how to make a better change log, please share. I've basically given up at this point, I just get a few sentences from each of them :P

Thursday, June 30, 2022

AW Update - June 30th 2022

Hello everyone, I thought I'd try this update business. Gotta start somewhere, right?

It's hard to get started, especially when you're already busy. We've all gone our separate ways this month in terms of what we're working on. Anenn has been working on retrofitting job content for futas, and adding a couple more events to the stripper job, but soon he'll start working on the various kink versions of some new sex actions. Besty has been working on the sex system a lot, getting things working better for the most part, but improving futa and lesbian scene support. I've been working on NPC pregnancy, getting notified if it's yours (or they want you to think it is) and more. 

In other news, the animal shelter keeps getting brought up... we might try and finish that up. It's not really our thing, but it seems like a decent number of people like it.

Most interesting thing in AW I think is that now NPCs will inseminate each other on a daily basis. This will lead to some getting pregnant, which will be a new thing for AW. Generally while it's presumed that a solid portion of the population is in some stage of pregnancy, we haven't really shown it with interactable NPCs. It's set up so that you can adjust the rate or disable altogether in the settings.

We need to figure out the best way to show pregnancies on these NPCs, especially ones that you're dating/friends with. After-birth scenes should be fun too, but are a lot of work, just like scenes where the NPC informs you of a pregnancy. At least some of this will make it into the 1.05 release.

That's it for now, happy fapping!


Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Donor Release - v1.04


This is an extraction nurse at the EverHope clinic. It's her job to help extract those sperm donations!


It's been a rough month, but we're finally here with the release. We've still got a ways to go, of course, but the adding futa players to the game is coming along quite nicely. Three jobs have been converted to support futa characters, female NPCs now use birth control (or not), and NPCs now have an opinion about whether you should use a condom, pull out, or creampie them. We've also got futa cheats in the game now, so you can adjust your male assets with those, or even convert from futa to female or back.

For 1.05 we're going to keep working on the sex scenes, particularly making sure the right sort of text is displayed, but also some general things like making sure NPCs choose sex positions that are relevant to them, and NPCs getting angry when you finish before they do. We'll also work on converting more jobs to support futa characters, as well as adding more support for NPCs that you've gotten pregnant. In my new series of shorter blog posts this month, I'll try to make a "to do" list for you, and I also want to discuss the difficulties with Russia, and how it's impacting our team.

So much has been happening these last few months... I hope it calms down a little! Half my house was rendered mostly unusable due to flooding, but I think we'll be able to start using it again in July... I'm really looking forward to that. 

Thanks so much for all your continued support, especially with all the madness lately. It'd be hard to overstate just how much it means to us

Change Log

Words: 2,784,114 (19,279,718 characters)
Code: 152,454 lines of TypeScript
Images: 3,450
Save Compatibility: Large data changes mean older saves are not compatible (sorry).

in no particular order as usual... lol
  • Fap difficulty will no longer get a brain damage bad end.
  • Relationship time limits have been drastically reduced.
    • While the original time limits were based on some sort of minimal realism, with marriage happening in just over half a year, this just wasn't that much fun for most of you.
    • Time requirement for each stage of relationship progression has been cut in half.
  • The NPC editor in the cheats menu has new relationship functionality.
    • Allows you to forcefully set your relationship status with a given NPC up to the "engaged" level, as well as friendship.
    • Normal use works fine, but the tool can cause bugs if misused. 
  • New "Appletree Bee" story appears in the "Read Something" content.
    • Involves an extraction nurse at the EverHope Clinic.
  • NPC class/data restructuring for status and birthcon class. This is part of changes to allow use of birth control, and interaction with it, as well as some general improvements and new methods. Some new code requires new NPC generation.
    • Breaks old saves, sorry.
    • New tracking setup for the player's kids they've birthed.
  • NPCs now can use hormonal birth control, and IUD use is now functional.
    • Use of IUDs is strongly tied to the NPC's personality, overall percentage is low.
    • Hormonal birth control use is partly based on personality, and partly on random chance.
      • Rates of birth control are a modification of rates currently found in the US.
      • Less than 25% of NPCs will use non-condom birth control.
    • In place but not usable yet: sabotage hormonal birth control, ask NPC to stop/start birth control.
    • Effectiveness of birth control mirrors existing PC items like patch, pill, and implant. Some NPCs use "homeopathic" birth control pills.
      • Homeopathic birth control is of course completely ineffective.
      • Rate of "special full-strength" pill use is low.
  • The NPC Census available at the university is now fully functional (broken education statuses fixed).
  • Much expanded set of item cheats.
    • A much larger percentage of the game's consumables can be added to the inventory now.
  • New futa cheats tab in the cheats menu.
    • Allows you to adjust most of the futa-specific character items.
      • Descriptive items like circumcision status and scrotum looseness.
      • Penis length
      • Penis girth
      • Testicle quantity
      • Testicle volume
      • Futanari mutations
    • Conversion cheats to either become a futa or stop being one.
      • These are more complex, and while they have been tested at a basic level, there may be unexpected interactions. (e.g. your NPC lover is not okay with you being a futa, but you're past the point where the relationship would have ended.)
      • When reporting any bugs that occur after using, please include the information about using the conversion and when.
  • Wearing condoms as a futa character is now available.
    • Works with both normal and sabotaged condoms.
  • NPCs can ask you to use a condom (or ask that you don't use one).
    • The NPC's decision in this regard is determined by many factors such as:
      • Whether they are using birth control.
      • Their personality and having certain kinks
      • The relative safety of the time in their menstrual cycle
      • How much they love you (and therefore want your baby).
    • If you cum inside an NPC when they wanted a condom, they can get angry.
    • Likewise, if you pull out and they wanted you to creampie them, they can get upset with you.
    • You can ask the NPC whether they want a condom or not, or just ignore the topic altogether.
    • There are still a few kinks to work out in regard to the NPC AI and doing things counter to their wishes. (Starting sex without a condom, for example, seems to happen in certain circumstances. In that case, just change position and put one on... or don't.)
  • A lot of texts and options in the sex system were changed to accommodate a futa player character.
    • Orgasm texts should be coming in the next release, but so far it's a lot more relevant to being a futa, less text from an incorrect perspective.
  • Fixes/improvements to problems with the futa reveal and lube use from earlier releases.
  • Some jobs have been gone over and expanded so that they recognize and utilize futa characters.
    • No futa-only events yet.
    • Hucow Farmhand job is futa compatible.
    • Institute Services Division is futa compatible.
    • Mostly consists of action variations and changes to dialog so your cock doesn't seem out of place (and maybe gets a little use, too).
  • The job selection page "job info list" has been updated with new character counts. The information now includes which jobs are futa compatible.
  • New sex library additions for the sex scene system.
    • A full set of kink specific text for the speed up and slow down actions.
    • Some more text for certain areas it was needed.
  • Tweaks, fixing, and tests of the birthing scene stuff to make sure it works.
  • The usual various bug fixes.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Sexy Nurse Update


Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've done a general status update. I kind-of miss them, but at the same time, I also realize that there isn't much "new" to talk about in them. I do miss the ability to keep everyone up-to-date on what we're working on, and the current craziness going on with the AW dev team. I think because I got used to writing massive update posts that explained how systems worked and the ideas/concepts behind them, writing a small post felt underwhelming, and I wasn't sure what to write.

It's high time I got over that! So I'm going to try and write more short updates, only a couple paragraphs, and probably with just a standardized post image that I'll reuse for updates (as fun as it is, it does take up time to make post images). I will continue to make custom images for each version release... I'm not willing to give that up yet! :D

And now for the elephant in the room... the release delay. For those that aren't aware, I always post the release date for the next version on the "Upcoming Releases" page the same day we have a release. I feel that having a firm target/deadline that we're publicly accountable for has helped us stick to a solid schedule over the years, even if it usually just amounts to "the Saturday of the first full week of the month". I've never liked lackadaisical release schedules where you either don't know when the next release will be, or you never know how many delays there will be to the planned date.

In any case, for this release I was already worried that we might not make our planned release date, so I left a note on our upcoming releases page that there might be a delay. Basically because Besty and I are continuing work on the sex system this month with the more complex items, and we already had something of a mad rush to hit our 1.03 deadline due to integrating our work, testing, and debugging before the release.

But then my wife gave me covid, which put me out of action for nearly two weeks, despite being fully vaccinated and taking the Paxlovid antiviral treatment. To be honest, I'm still not back at 100%, but I'm doing well enough to get back to work. While it sucks that I didn't get to be part of the crowd with a 1 week duration, I'm mostly just happy that I didn't develop any severe complications. Due to my lung issues from my time in the military, I'm part of the group that's more susceptible to developing severe covid... so I'll just be happy with what I got!

So basically, we have a lot of catching up to do. It'll be a very tight squeeze to hit the June 11th deadline, but we'll do our best!

Thanks for your patience, and double thanks for supporting Accidental Woman!


Sunday, May 8, 2022

The Focking Release - v1.03


We finally have futa player on NPC sex scenes!

Between the difficulty of merging our work on such a complicated system, and my mother being in the hospital with internal bleeding of unknown source, I'm going to keep this one short.

You can indeed have futa sex with NPCs, with 6 vaginal scenes and 1 anal. (And yes, you can fuck male NPCs in the ass, if that's your thing, though whether or not they'll agree to it...) You can also inseminate NPCs and even get them pregnant, though right now there's only a simple message that tells you that you succeeded in knocking them up. (Remember, NPCs are likely to have pretty average fertility, so they aren't so easy to knock up!) The sex scene system isn't finished, there are some more things that need work, such as the NPC's opinion on creampies, wearing condoms, and the like. Still, it's quite playable.

You can also become a sperm donor at the Ever Hope sperm donor clinic in the medical district. Right now it's in the starting area with the doctor's office and pharmacy, later it'll get relocated to somewhere more suitable in the medical district. You can donate sperm (and get paid for it) and there are several scenes that are possible.

Thanks for your support, we hope you enjoy the release!


Words: 2,758,197 (19,109,478 characters)
Code: 151,176 lines of TypeScript
  • Seven new "futa" sex positions in the sex scene system.
    • Six are vaginal, one is anal.
    • More should be added later, this is just initial sample.
    • System differentiates between type of fucking going on: player getting fucked, or player fucking the NPC, and restricts actions accordingly.
  • New restrictions on actions of the player for futa-only actions.
    • You won't be allowed to fuck someone or use your cock for anything if it's too small.
  • New scene finish system for futa fucking.
    • Player given the choice to take 4 actions before ejaculating.
      • Keep going (no special action)
      • Pull out
      • Thrust deep (ejaculate while as deep as possible)
      • Pretend pull out (get one spurt in before pulling out)
    • Full sperm disposition system (NPC reproductive tracts operate just like PC's, with natural movement, sperm migration, etc.)
    • Final action text is custom to the position you're in and the final action chosen.
      • currently only a single variation for all the possibilities.
    • NPC reactions make sense, but are currently just filler that is nice. NPC opinions on getting creamed, birth control, condom failure, etc. coming in future update.
  • Three new sex actions (futanari options) with full text library
    • Keep thrusting (equivalent of female do nothing)
    • Focus on Fucking (more sensual/aware version)
    • Thrust Deep
  • You can now use lube during sex.
    • You must use lube before fucking an NPC's asshole.
    • You can use the lube on your pussy to increase your wetness
  • New "cock availability" icon in status display area
  • Sex toys in sex scene fixed and implemented.
  • Revealing your cock in sex scene results in acceptance or rejection, odds based on NPC.
  • NPC can be asked if they are okay with being the PC's anal bottom.
    • Reaction will vary by NPC
    • You only need to get consent once with each NPC to enjoy their backdoor pleasures for the rest of the game.
    • For now, if the NPC rejects your advances, you can keep trying until they give in and let you fuck them anally.
  • NPCs can get pregnant with your kids, mechanically, but there isn't a real effect for this yet except that you get a temporary notification message of your success.
    • Full AW reproduction simulation.
  • EverHope Semen Bank added to the game.
    • Added new semi-NPCs, Isla (nurse), Mei (attendant), Robert (doctor).
    • Futa player can register at the clinic. This has a unique opening scene.
    • Repeatable later scenes.
    • Masturbation with 3 different flavors
    • Onehole extraction.
    • You can ask for Isla's help. She will help you with the breasts, or a nice blowjob to extract your semen.
    • The sperm bank will pay 1.5 credits for each ml of semen. (Not yet calculating virility)
  • Various fixes and improvements (birthing scene, swimming pool, and others)
  • New Dev Tools (elite build only)
    • Semen Viewer: will allow you to view the semen inside an NPC's reproductive tract by entering their npcid.
    • Semen Reserve Refill: refills your semen reserve to full.
    • These were used for testing purposes. Expanded futa and npc fertility cheats will be added to the cheat system in a future update, they need to be built, and npc fertility items will need to have a user-friendly wrapper made.
  • Some more minor futa content/variations for general activities. 

Sunday, April 10, 2022

The Walking Release - v1.02


It's time for the second futa expansion release!

This last month has been a hell of a month. We got a lot of work done, but there's also been some random craziness going on as well. Anenn had some problems with his new apartment, Besty got into a car accident (they're okay, but Mrs. Besty had to spend a night in the hospital for observation), and my finished half-basement flooded. So yep, it's been exciting. 

This is one of my kid's bedrooms after we pulled up the carpet and padding

In more AW-focused news, we've gotten a lot of new futa stuff added. Proper player orgasm effects for female and futa players, new items, drugs, and trans formatives, reworked masturbation system, futa-compatible female prologue, confessing your futa status to romantic interests, futa discovery in sex scenes, futa variations for a lot of common activities, and more!

The level of support for futa characters is much greater in this release, though we still have some key items to work on. We still need to add futa activities to sex scenes, enable player impregnation of NPCs, and some other items. Overall though, we're making pretty good progress. The plan is to get most of the mechanical things taken care of, and then start working on modifying existing content to work with a futa player.

I'm particularly pleased with adding player orgasms throughout the game. Because futa players have semen reserves and refractory speeds--not to mention the potential mess--it's something of a necessity. Still, it also gave us a chance to add some status effects, and more importantly mess, to orgasms when they happen in normal game scenes. Player characters will now get wet in a more literal sense when they orgasm, which can also impact clothing. Of course, futas can also jizz in their pants as well. We specified how messy it should be for each situation (and where the mess should go), so it isn't just a blanket effect that's always the same.

It's also worth noting that while we have the player character start off with smaller equipment in character creation, we don't intend this to be a permanent situation throughout the game. Some of the new drugs/transformatives in this release will help you expand and empower your assets, but more options (especially in the medical district) will be coming in future releases.

Thanks for all your support. I really means a lot to us, especially when all sorts of craziness goes on in our personal lives. When times are tough, your support is what makes it possible to keep going. We hope you enjoy this release!

Change Log

Words: 2,729,804 (18,896,450 characters)
Code: 149,487 lines of TypeScript

  • Female Story prologue now supports futa players.
    • The nurse will now comment on your member when she's measuring your sizes.
    • There is a nice self-discovery masturbation scene that happens in the hospital. The female story character never had a penis before, after all.
    • The player character doesn't tell Toby about her extra equipment, you'll have to reveal that later if you advance your relationship with him.
  • The physical description for male and female story characters immediately after the main character creation has been updated to support futa characters.
  • The Hucow Farmhand job events have all been edited by our professional editor. 
  • Player masturbation has been reworked and support for futas added.
    • Futa players will now have the option for a "Quick Fap"
      • This option is less satisfying than female options, but it's faster and you're significantly more likely to get off successfully than with the "Quick Schlick" option.
    • Main menu image now shows a nice futa gif if the player is one.
    • Female masturbation mechanics have been adjusted.
      • They now take more factors into consideration, such as arousal level, pregnancy, kinks, etc. for determining success.
      • Benefits have been tweaked.
      • Probability setup has been adjusted.
      • The amount of time it takes has been tweaked.
      • If you fail to orgasm, you will now use ALL of the allotted time.
    • Pregnancy now gets in the way of female masturbation options, and can reduce odds of success.
    • Sufficiently pregnant women will get a new screen with a "how will this work" image when their belly is too big to make a masturbation session practical.
    • You will now see a window that explains the masturbation outcome--along with an orgasm image if successful--rather than just having a simple corner notification.
    • Futa players are rewarded with a written scene for their masturbation.
    • Overall appearance is nicer, and the disjointed text has been removed.
    • Female chastity should still allow male masturbation, and vice versa.
  • New orgasm mechanic has been added to the game.
    • This is code that is called with arguments for every orgasm in the game except for the sex system and prologue.
    • The primary purpose is adjusting the semen reserve and feeding the body condition system.
    • "Female" orgasms result in a small ejaculation, while "male" orgasms result in a full ejaculation. 
    • Pussy juice and cum possibilities are fed to the body condition system to make you and or your clothes wet in relevant location. 
      • Sometimes cum or femlube from orgasms are "clean" because you clean up afterward, or you were naked, etc. It's all scene specific.
    • Additional satisfaction and arousal reduction effects are provided for futa characters, due to the dual nature of their orgasm.
    • Orgasming now reduces player energy by 2.
    • Arousal trimming mechanic has been added to cap arousal post orgasm, which should help reduce incidents of runaway arousal.
    • Semen ejaculation volume is retrieved from the standard formulas built into the fertility code. Small ejaculations from a predominantly female orgasm are only about 1/3rd the volume of a normal ejaculation. These ejaculations will always take things like virility boosts and mutations into account.
    • Female wetness is determined primarily by the base vaginal wetness. (Vaginal wetness is chosen at character creation, but can be modified by several things during the course of the game, usually in the direction of 'more wet'.)
      • Because we added calls to this code to so many locations, the possibility that we made a mistake in a given location is greater. If you notice an orgasm where you get soiled inappropriately (such as getting cum or femlube on you while in the pool), please let us know so we can fix it.
      • Body and clothing condition was built primarily around the concept of external fluids getting on you, not your fluids coming out. This means there may be some bugs where cum gets on your skirt instead of your panties, or lands on your shirt instead of your belly... we will need to work on this more. Do let us know if you notice any weird behavior though!
  • A new PC Memory system has been created.
    • This system is used to create one-day persistent memory effects for certain things.
    • Primarily, this is to determine if the player remembers taking medication or not, but it could be used elsewhere if the need arises.
    • When you check the description on a virility supplement or birth control pill, there will now be information on whether or not you've taken it that day. 
      • If you remember, you will be told whether or not you've taken it.
      • If you don't remember, it will say simply that you can't remember.
    • The chances of you remembering are random, but modified by whether or not your character is forgetful, has a good memory, and your bimbo level.
    • If you don't want a memory reminder, and want to count on your own memory... just don't check the item description. ;)
  • New drugs and transformatives for futas!
    • From the cum & go convenience store questionable supplements rack:
      • Infinity MegaCum (drug)
      • Gooey Gold (transformative)
    • New drugs & transformatives menu and options at the farm coop dairy.
      • Now have to ask reception about treatments and browse an information binder before you can purchase treatments/services.
      • You must ask about female and male treatments separately.
    • Hubull transformatives added
      • KX-Hubull (transformative)
      • Viasil (transformative)
      • Fulsac (transformative)
    • Male fertility supplement available at either pharmacy.
      • FertilAid (virility booster)
    • Male treatment options at the Gestique fertility clinic
      • Creation (virility booster)
      • Semaxin (virility transformative)
  • Virility Boost is now a thing.
    • Functions similarly to fertility boost score in that it is a temporary increase to PC virility.
      • Virility boosts have the additional affect of increasing ejaculation volume and refractory rate, in addition to things like motility and sperm count.
    • Virility boost decays more rapidly than fertility boost (10%/day), virility supplements would need to be taken every day for maximum effect.
    • Virility boost status can be seen in the character status menu.
  • Creation virility booster added to the game.
    • strongest virility booster available, at least for now. "Prescription Strength"
    • overdoses are not good for you.
    • Boosts up to 80% are achievable, 30% per-pill gain.
  • FertilAid virility booster.
    • solid herbal/nutrient supplement.
    • overdoses still aren't good for you.
    • can reach boost level up to 40%, 20% per-pill gain.
  • Infinity MegaCum drug added to the game.
    • Causes a very large increase to ejaculation volume and refractory rate for 24 hours.
    • Causes a significantly reduced ejaculation volume and refractory rate for 24 hours after the drug wears off.
  • Gooey Gold drug added to the game.
    • Crazy Chinese medicine with crazy Chinese effects.
    • Twelve possible outcomes including both good and bad outcomes (good outcomes are more likely)
      • Penis/testicle shrinkage
      • Penis/testicle growth (including huge growth chance)
      • Cumsplosion event
      • Grow or lose a testicle
      • Gain the Bitch Breaker mutation
  • Semaxin transformative added to the game.
    • Permanently increases your virility, primarily affecting sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm endurance/survival.
    • I'll just say injection.
  • KX-Hubull transformative added to the game.
    • Male version of the hucow transformative.
    • Causes your body to take on a more amazonian appearance.
    • Causes dramatic testicle growth.
    • Causes an increase in penis size.
    • Causes an increase in libido.
    • Causes a dramatic increase in virility.
    • Causes the Lilith's Curse, No Refractory, and Power Ejaculation mutations.
    • Causes you to grow two testicles and a scrotum if you have none.
    • Causes you to grow an extra testicle if you only have one.
    • Increases your bimbo score significantly (not as much as Bovinex though).
    • Gives you the slut kink (or superslut kink if you already have slut).
    • Gives you the risky and pregnancy kinks.
  • Cool new KX-Hubull bad end can now be achieved by taking more than one dose of the transformative.
    • Debating "murderfucker" achievement
  • Viasil transformative added to the game.
    • Penis enhancement transformative.
    • Surprisingly, it does exactly what it says on the tin.
    • Increases the length and girth of your cock based on its current size.
    • Each future dose will cause less growth, until it reaches the minimum size increase of 1/8th of current size.
    • There is a limit to the maximum size you can grow using this treatment.
  • Fulsac transformative added to the game.
    • Increases testicle size semi-proportionally to current testicle size.
    • Has a 50% chance to cause your testicle to split into two smaller ones if you only have a single testicle.
    • Will increase your bimbo score (amount increases based on number of prior doses)
    • Has a chance (increasing w/ number of doses) to give you the mega nuts mutation.
    • Having the mega nuts mutation will cause a higher percentage of testicle growth.
    • Reminder: testicle size is significantly related to ejaculation volume and refractory rate.
  • New self-thoughts for futas!
    • self-thoughts are the (usually pink) internal monologue text that appears below a location description.
    • thoughts relate to your cock and erection status in various situations/locations.
  • New sex toys added to the game!
    • Purchased at the Prude shop in the adult district downtown along with other sex toys.
    • 2 chastity cages, one normal and one tiny.
    • scrotum stretching ring
    • Besty assures me that all the item-related issues with reaching a certain part of the body in chastity has been resolved.
    • 2 onaholes were partially created, but not implemented yet.
  • You can now confess that you are a futa to your partner during a date.
    • It's generally better to tell people these things before they find out in the bedroom!
    • can result in various outcomes depending on the NPC.
    • As expected of Appletree, many NPCs will be very happy about you having a cock.
  • NPCs will now discover that you're a futa when you are sufficiently undressed during a sex scene (if they didn't know already)
    • Various outcomes are possible, but they are less likely to be understanding.
  • Female NPC portraits should work now, by god.
    • Besty and I pooled our efforts on this one. 
    • If there are still problems somehow, try starting a new game (old NPCs may still run afoul of a certain bug if they were spontaneously generated based on filler-npc interaction.)
  • Big new gloryhole expansion for the gloryhole in shake & pop.
    • Use your cock instead of servicing someone else's!
    • Potential activities include:
      • Anal sex
      • Vaginal sex
      • Blowjob
      • Handjob
      • Tittyfucking
    • Anenn said "Be careful, some girls are mean..." and I was too scared to ask him what this means.
  • Lots of additions of futa modifications/content to "everyday" things for futas.
    • Home item variation for the machine gun fuck machine.
    • Home item variation for the rocking stool sex toy.
    • New nighttime dreams for futas.
    • Shower events for futas.
    • Special "morning events" for futas.
    • Jogging futa variations
    • Pool & swimming futa variations
    • Tanning variations for futas.
    • Restless events for futas.
    • TV and wasting time on phone variations for futas.
    • A problem while trying to meditate that can happen to futas.
      • Anenn did this, and I'm honestly too scared to look. He promises it works though.
    • Events that happen at the Lake Clitea resort now have futa variations.
  • Bug Fixing.

Here are those sex toys that we haven't implemented yet...

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