Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Just Gotta Share

This post image was inspired by a really random app idea for size queens, or those interested in hooking up with well-endowed men near them. This is unlikely to be added to the game as something functional... it's just something that seems to "fit" into the game world.

I was fixing up The Drips sexy-STD in the game so that the early stages of the condition are more obvious, and treating it while in the early stages will properly kill it. (As it was, treating the early phase of the disease wouldn't stop you from getting the later stage.) While I was at it, I improved the messages a bit and added two new diseases along with a centralized method to contract SSTDs.

The first new disease is really just something minor, the common cold. It doesn't really have any effects besides making your character more tired. The second disease is something I'm calling the Wet Heat. It's a disease that causes excessive sweating, along with some estrus-like effects. It can be treated at the doctor's office, of course, but will also resolve naturally when the player receives enough creampies. 

Profuse sweating is one of the primary symptoms of Wet Heat.
It'll be interesting to see what you guys think of this particular disease, as we've had some requests for a heat-like condition in the past. I'll probably still add a chemically-induced estrus condition later, but will probably avoid making it into a randomly contractable disease.

On a more serious note, I thought I'd let you guys know what's going on with me. It hasn't been the best week, to be honest. My wife's surgery last week did not go well. The surgery was supposed to be a five-hour laparoscopic procedure to remove her rectum and related tissue. What ended up happening was a 14-hour procedure and partially opening her abdominal cavity. She had a major bleed during the procedure and lost about 2 liters of blood. It also seems that the cancer spread in an unusual way through the other tissues that they didn't see on the MRI, so they had to involve pathology and make sure they removed it all.

It was actually about two days before I had any sort of conversation with her after that, she was heavily sedated in the ICU for most of that time. Pretty much all I got was a single text message that said "pain pain pai". When I did finally get to talk to her, she was really loopy from the painkillers. Fortunately, she's doing much better now, and today when I talked to her she seemed much more like normal. 

Between that, and some work issues going on, I haven't been able to nearly as much writing done as I would have liked. There are still two weeks to play catch-up where possible to try and make up lost progress, but there's still a good chance I won't get everything done I was hoping to. I'll do my best though!

On the bright side, Besty's work on the sex toy system has been coming along quite nicely. There are already several toys in the game with various functionality. Masturbation has also been taken out of the bedroom and put into the action menu, so now it's possible to masturbate all over Muschi Valley. You can also finally use those fuck machine home items by attaching your dildo of choice. :D

That's just a sample of some of the items already in the game. He has also tried to integrate the use of toys into various scenes. For example, if you try to talk to someone while gagged, you'll end up making something of a fool of yourself. We'll still need your help to spot various places in the game that don't quite work with a particular type of sex toy in use, of course. There's a lot of content, and a lot of sex toys, so if you do happen to see a place where the events don't quite match having your toy equipped, please let us know. 

I suspect that gags and chastity devices will be the most likely to have major conflicts, so Besty will be focusing on those scenes initially. :D  It's also worth noting that like always, we've made sex toys easily expansible and made it easy to support modding for custom sex toys. One of the goals for the coming months is finishing the mod interfaces for all the various systems that don't currently have them. 

I think this blog post has gone on long enough, so...

Thanks for all your support!



Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I hope this innuendo was obvious enough, I was debating adding a shadow on the wall there...

So this is the usual update to talk about what we're planning to add to AW this month. Sadly, February is a shorter month and I have to do a little travel due to my wife's surgery, though we should still have a nice version 32 release for you at the beginning of March. :D  I'm going to try out creating a list this time to see if it makes covering what we'll be adding a bit easier to write and read... Here goes!

Body Portraits
I plan on adding some new variations to body portraits, probably something to do with muscle tone or fat. I hope to keep adding slowly to the body portrait each month until it gets sufficiently representative. For those that are curious, we're planning on doing skin tones too, though that will be one of the last things we do. It'll be much easier to make skin tone variants if all the assets are done at once, which is why we're saving it for the end.

Main Story Questline
I'll be doing a good amount of writing this month to continue the main story. First I'm finishing up the in-the-lab conversation dialog for phase one, then I'll be writing phase two, the phase two dialog, and the wrap-up and possibly the intros into phase three. Phase two involves some... unique activities to gather the required materials, so should be fun. Depending on how things go with sex writing and my speed in general, I'm planning to spend any extra time on the phase 3 quest and dialog.

Sex Writing
It's past time for me to start writing some improved content for the general sex system. I'm planning on focusing initially on heavy editing of existing content, then moving on to adding in more risky/pregnancy kink content. Depending on how well things are going, I may start adding new variations to actions, or I may return to the main story stuff. 

Sex Toy System & Sex Toys
Besty's main project for the month is finally getting sex toys into the game. This includes toys that can be used/worn inside and out of sex and with devices like sex machines in the home. It also includes things like chastity devices and fun little remote devices like this one:

The sex toy system and the relationships/dating expansion are pretty much the last remaining mechanical elements of the game. There are of course some minor improvements, balancing, and such things, but those usually make up a small portion of a release... The big thing will be content over the coming months, and even the work on relationships will involve new relationship content. It's pretty exciting, I think.

Other Stuff
We'll be doing the usual bug fixing and minor improvements to code of course. There will probably also be some small events or other content added to the game, they make for a good change of pace to keep from getting burnt out on one thing. As an example, I've started completing some of the map actions that thus far have been incomplete, such as the downtown park or parking garage.

That's pretty much it for this month's plans, it's shaping up to be a fun release!

As always, thanks so much for all your support; it wouldn't be possible without you.



Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Kiss Release - Version 0.31 Change Log

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Kiss Release!

It's finally time to start exploring the main story after the prologue and meet your alter-ego in Lily's basement lab. Because it's been a while, and there are plenty of new players, I wanted to take a moment to point out that the male and female start stories are quite different. They have totally different prologues, and they have quite different relationships with Lily, the story's central NPC.

The male and female stories are actually part of the same overall story. When playing the male start story, you'll end up meeting the female-start NPC, and vice-versa. Each start gives you a different perspective and information about what's going on in the story, with Lily, and with the town itself. If you haven't tried both starts, I think you'll be surprised by what you discover and I recommend giving each side a try!

The way that Lily acts toward the opposite start NPC is one of the possibilities available if you play that start. However, it's important to note that the version portrayed is only one of several possibilities if you're playing that side. It all depends on the choices you make. It's also worth noting that the female start main quest is generally more difficult, though not excessively so.

I view the two starts as a collection of mirrored and opposite attributes. Probably the easiest way to describe it is by using the metaphor of a dark and placid lake. The male start character floats above the surface of the lake, looking down at her reflection and the female start character beneath the surface of the water. The female start character stares up at a distorted version of the male start character. She is in a much darker and colder place compared to the character floating above the lake. 
This month we did more bug fixing, balance improvement, and improvement of minor and overlooked things. The cheat modes got some love and care, NPCs were given clothes to wear, and I fixed the body portrait's pubic hair. I apologize for that rhyme. Besty has added undressing to the sex system, so you no longer start mystically naked. I focused on the main quest/storyline, which revolves around the effort to rebuild the rejuvinator. You can now visit Lily's house, ring her doorbell, and help fix the machine in her basement lab. It took some work to set up Lily's Lab as the central location for quest progression, but I think you'll agree that it's worth it for the types of character mingling it allows.

Thanks as always for your support, I really hope you enjoy this release!

Change Log

Words: 2,172,579
Characters: 13,100,957
Code: 193,147 lines
PC Body Portrait: 32,440,320 combinations

Thaum's Changes:

  • Resized the status bars in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Allows showing 6 rather than 5 progress bars.
    • Added a milk fullness progress bar for lactating characters.
    • Non-lactating characters will show energy and health separately.
  • Cheat mode overhaul
    • All but one cheat modes are now functional and work as intended.
      • The non-functional mode is NPCs starting with higher like value
    • New cheat mode added: Milk Tank.
      • Allows characters to store 4 times the milk in their breasts without affecting milk production rate.
  • Body Portrait Updates
    • Pubic hair options fixed to work better with other skin shadow overlays.
    • Three new pregnancy belly sizes, bringing the total number of pregnant sizes up to 7.
    • The NPC viewer in the social menu now displays the NPC's body portrait if the character is a female or futa.
      • Added a cock and balls overlay to display futa NPCs correctly.
  • Lactation will now give a reduced happiness and stress benefit.
  • Minor tweaks to the interaction between different status values.
  • Exercise will now cause you to gain a small amount of happiness if your happiness is low.
  • Some improvements to vigor gain overnight and during naps.
    • Vigor gain will now display properly in the status record.
  • The Farm Coop area now has proper descriptive text for all the areas. Finally.
  • NPC relationships will now decay over time if you don't maintain contact.
    • The rate of decay, and how long you can go without contacting or spending time with an NPC depends on the type of relationship you have.
      • Romantic relationships tend to decay faster than friendships.
      • Younger, less secure, romances decay faster than stronger more mature ones.
  • A new main story quest added to the game for both male and female starts.
    • Lily will contact you toward the end of your third week of play after the prologue.
    • The initial phase of the quest has a good deal of writing for each.
      • Each has the possibility for some extra frisky content such as giving Lily a blowjob or looking at her junk.
    • New artwork for Lily's junk added to the game, a standard drawing and an anatomical drawing.
    • Quest gives you access to Lily's basement laboratory, where you can work on the quest and also meet and interact with Lily and your male/female start opposite.
      • Completing the opening portion of the quest will give you a new inventory item that grants access to the lab.
      • The current amount of conversation in the lab is limited due to time constraints. Each phase of the main story quest will open new conversation options in Lily's Lab.
      • NPC characters appear and work in the lab, based on their own schedules, and you'll see them working on a number of different tasks based on the main story progress.
    • A new interface for Lily's lab centered around making progress toward repairing the rejuvinator.
      • The initial phase of repairs allows pretty straight-forward work toward completion, while future phases will have other interesting activities.
      • Gives progress in percent and with a special progress bar.
      • Shows tasks of the repairs completed, the task in progress, and any future tasks that your character is aware of.
      • It provides different options to work toward quest completion and talk to other people in the lab.
  • Boobs and Silicone:
    • Bra cup size is now properly calculated when the character is lactating and has breast implants.
    • The amount of silicone contribution to current breast size is shown in the status menu in parenthesis.
  • You can now navigate to Lily's place from the Appletree map.
    • Female-start characters will have to meet Lily first.
    • You will arive outside Lily's place, giving you the option to explore, look around, ring her doorbell, and enter her basement lab directly if you have access.
    • Lily won't like it if you ring her doorbell in the middle of the night.
  • Two new achievements added to the game, "Sparky" and "Jehovah's Witness"
    • Both involve ringing Lily's doorbell...
  • A new home item, a lemonade jug, was added to the game.
  • Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
    • The first action button to travel to the bridge to commit suicide will now appear earlier in the depression status so that the transition from having one to having many buttons will not be so dramatic.
    • There is now an action button while at the bridge to commit suicide when you have the suicide bad end.
    • You can now commit suicide without having flagged a bad end as long as you are depressed enough.
  • The existing game soundtrack has been replaced with a new one.
  • Some minor bug and typo fixes.

Besty's Changes:

  • NPC got their own clothing generator dressing them up into proper attires.
    • Sex system was expanded to allow undressing both NPCs and PC during the scene.
    • Some actions and positions are available now only when your (or NPC) clothes are not in the way.
  • Breast size reduce surgery added to the medical district.
  • Added the actual ability to start sex with a stranger in the club. You need to attract one by dancing first.
  • Dates and Hangouts:
    • Almost every location has new actions! (test needed)
    • Now you can try to kiss your date! Good luck with this.
    • New dating area and new coffee place added.
  • Little changes in the city map
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Proposing the date/hangout without selecting the proper meeting place first must not cause the error now. Default meeting place is Park. (test needed)
    • Hair color fixes:
      • Best head salon now actually dyes your hair.
      • White, Cafe Noir and some other colored hair are displayed properly in the character portrait.
      • The color order was also fixed in female portraits.
    • Starvation bug was tested and it seems I fixed it actually last month lol.
    • Laundry button was added to all home tiers bathrooms. (need to test out the nightly auto laundry)
    • Addiction to sex, cum and creampies grows slower now.
    • Tanning lesbo scene fixed, there were also a report about red text but I believe it is the result of <<has>> macro still derping and not the scene itself. ANyway, was not able to replicate twine errors while testing.
    • All grease now dries off properly over time (test needed)
    • Forgetful "on the pill" selfthought fixed.
    • Bcorps printer event sex (test needed)
    • Missed date\hang Check fixed (test needed)
    • Fixed legs shaving both auto and override options.
    • Fixed NPC induced hangout/dates asks (probably, test needed)
      • Asks will not happen one after another now.
      • Also texting box will not cause errors
    • Fixed addiction balance and withdrawal consequences.
    • Starting 1661 code fixed to 1551  to fit the actual letters panel.
    • Fixed the areas where you can get raped.
    • Descriptions in npc census.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Something Naked This Way Cums

Hello everyone, it's time for a quick update on AW development :D

Besty got into the catnip again and was posting all sorts of depraved things on the Discord server, so I thought I'd throw a little hand-holding into the post image. And since it probably isn't obvious, the title is a reference to a classic Ray Bradbury novel.

I don't have a ton to report when it comes to development, mostly because I'm still working on the main storyline stuff and I don't want to spoil anything. Besty has nearly finished expanding the number of date spots and the number of actions at each spot. The most interesting will probably be the addition of sexy actions that can be performed at date locations to spice things up a bit. Besty will be moving on to start coding clothing into the sex scenes. Once I get to a good stopping point with the main story, I'll also be moving over to work more on the sex scenes up until release.

A New Achievement

Because it's been a while, I thought I'd go ahead and share an update on my wife. For those unaware, she has colorectal cancer. We are pretty sure that it's stage three, but we won't really know the details--such as her chances of survival--until after the surgery. So far though her response to radiation therapy has been encouraging, and they've gotten better at treating this type of cancer over the years.

We've had some time to adjust, and in the end, you just have to keep moving forward.

She's going to be leaving next week for Hawaii, where she'll be having surgery. Sadly the circumstances mean that it's not possible for me to travel with her. It's a four-week trip, and with my day job and the need to take care of the kids, I'll be staying on Guam. We've got family flying into Hawaii to be with her so she won't be alone, and the surgery itself is pretty safe as far as major surgery goes.

And since I'll be stuck at my day job, not much is going to change in the near future as far as AW development is concerned, so you don't need to worry about that. I'm lucky to have a job that doesn't have a lot of work unless something goes wrong. I maintain things so they don't break too badly all that often, so I usually get about 80% of my dev work done while at my 'day job'. So... even though It'll be hectic the next month or so, it probably won't have too big of an effect on AW.

Though... when things really go wrong at work, it can be a nightmare. I'm reminded of a certain incident where the employee from a local telecom accidentally (I hope) unplugged a cat5e cable in the modem/router area of our server room... and then decided to plug it back in... to a random port. 

Anyways, thanks for all your kind words and support since this whole cancer thing started back in November. I don't always know what to say, but I do appreciate the sentiment. And of course, thanks for all your support of AW. It's really meant a lot to me to have this goal and community in my life. With everything going on lately, it's been really comforting to be able to work toward a better Appletree ;)

Thanks for reading, I'd better get back to work! :D



Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Back to Nature

Hello everyone, it's time for another update on AW :D

I'll start with some good news: I've fixed the issues with saving the game that happened in the v30 release. As it turns out, there was a combination of issues. Firstly, there was a bug in SugarCube's code that caused an error rather than reporting that the local store size was exceeded. Since Twine games generally don't have as much data as we do, it probably hadn't come up before. Second, it turns out that the cookie data adapter included in SugarCube also doesn't work, though I haven't investigated why that is the case.

It turns out that the bulk of extra data from NPC portraits being stored as complete SVG data was really bloating the size of game saves. To fix this, I started saving NPC portrait data in a much more efficient format. Now, game saves are about 5 to 6 times smaller, and using all the save slots won't exceed the local storage limit. This also has the benefit of making saving and loading faster again as well. I've maintained backward compatibility, so old saves will work in version 31, but save size will remain large for old games.

Early in the month while Besty was still enjoying a Russian New Year, I was focusing more on some left-over to do tasks, and getting some things fixed like game saves. Now that he's back, I've been working on the main storyline again, along with the basis of some of the assistance/work quests that go along with it.

One thing I've done is made sure that the majority of cheat modes are now working. They were originally a list of planned cheat modes, but we got a bit behind in making sure they worked... so it was time to take care of that. All but one cheat mode works (NPCs start off liking you more), which is on hold temporarily for technical consideration. I also added a new cheat mode called Milk Tank that increases breast milk capacity without changing the lactation rate. I've also added a couple cheats to help manage addiction as well to the status cheats.

I resized the status bars a little bit and added one for milk capacity (if not lactating, another stat is shown instead). This makes it a lot easier to see when you need to milk yourself.

Body portraits now show up for NPCs when viewing NPC details. The portrait system now has 3 new belly sizes for pregnancies, and I had to add a penis option to the female body portrait so that futas like Lily wouldn't look strange. Not counting the penis which is NPC-only, the number of body portrait combinations is now up to 32,440,320.

Here's a sneak peek at Lily's Place, which you will be able to visit to help work on fixing her crazy machine, and to participate in other main story events. After you start helping her, she'll give you an access key to get into her basement. This will make it possible for you to work on progress quests whenever it's convenient, and add an opportunity to see what Lily's up to from day to day. 

That's all for now, it's time to get back to work!

Thanks as always for your support!


Friday, January 10, 2020

Winter Fun

It's the first dev blog post after the release, so you probably know what that means; it's time to talk about what's next!

Before we get into that, I want to take a moment to talk about the game save issues that have cropped up with the v30 release; how to fix the error, what to do to avoid it, and what the cause is. 

Fix: If you start seeing an error when trying to save the game, the error is going to persist until you run the save system flushing code I build into the "delete all" command. First of all, save your game to a file so you don't lose it. You can load other saves you wish to keep, and then save to file as well. Once you have, press the "delete all" button on the save menu, or use the save wipe found in the game settings page. Once you do this, close the game and reload it.

Prevention: The most surefire way to prevent this issue from cropping up is to use the "save to file" and "load from file" options to save and load your game. This bypasses the SugarCube plugin that's causing the problem altogether. Another option is to reduce the number of NPCs in your games in the system settings menu, which will reduce the likelihood of the error occurring. 

Cause: The exact cause is unknown. It's related to the SimpleStore code found inside the SugarCube story format, and I'll figure out what's happening eventually. It doesn't seem to be an issue related to save file size, at least not directly. I suspect it's related to the addition of SVG data to the female NPCs, based simply on the timing. It's likely to be a timeout issue that occurs when save data is being serialized for storage in a cookie.

Whew, now that that's over, let's talk a bit about what's in store for version 31!

A milk fullness status bar that appears when the PC is lactating

The main things we're going to be working on this month are the addition of main storyline content and more improvement/expansion for the sex scene system. I'm also planning on enabling or fixing some left-behind cheat modes like the APD Retirement Fund cheat for not getting arrested. Finally, I want to add some new variations to the body portrait, particularly things like larger pregnancy bellies and possibly milk, and enable viewing female NPC body portraits.

The storyline content will be something a little different than what we've seen so far. It mostly revolves around the start of some work quests that require the player to spend game time on the quest task until the quest is complete. These sorts of quests will have a beginning and end and will be interspersed with more direct quests such as seducing an Institute employee to get your hands on a rare widget Lily needs.

For the sex system improvements, I want to focus primarily on expanding the content and adding more kinky text to action text variations. I'd also like to create some new actions for lesbian scenes and other unique scenarios.

We'll definitely have our hands full this month!

Thanks to everyone for all your support!


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Body Release - Version 0.30

It's finally time for the version 30 release!

The most notable aspect of this release will certainly be the portraits. We've got new SVG-based portraits for female NPCs and the player character. We went with a more realistic style, which I think you'll appreciate. We also added Koikatsu-based body portraits into the game, a long-awaited feature. There are currently 20,275,200‬‬ combinations possible with the body portrait system, with room to expand that over time. 

We also focused a good deal on improving the game's playability with bug fixes and mechanic balancing. We also added in a new feature tentatively called the status record to the character menu. It's a log of the last ten changes to a status variable such as health and happiness, which includes a basic description of the cause behind each change. This should make it much easier to find out what's affecting your character, which hasn't always been easy for some causes. It should also let us add more status effects for more obscure events, which we've been avoiding due to potential confusion.

We've also got some new content, of course, though this time it's more location-based rather than being focused on a specific job or path. We've also added in some minor mechanics and abilities that had been put on the back burner, such as being unemployed, tanning, and handling lactation at work and overnight. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with what we've got for this release, though I am a little disappointed by my experience with Koikatsu. Despite using a fairly comprehensive list of mods, it was still rather difficult to get the kind of effects I was hoping for to represent muscle and weight. We have a few limited texture overlays to represent more muscular or skinny characters, but it'll take some hand-drawing on my part to get the planned amount of physical body shape into the game. The Koikatsu character generator was also somewhat limited when it came to pregnancy, but I was able to craft some overlays for a standard pregnancy (I'm planning on more for larger bellies with larger pregnancies later on). On the plus side, I was able to get some decent definition for hips and breasts, and I've perfected the workflow to add more detail as I have time. Let me know what you think about the Koikatsu body, and what you'd like to see with it!

We hope you had a great new year and that you enjoy this release, thanks for all your support!


Change Log

Known Issues:
  • Autosaves from older versions may still suffer from the passed-out bug, but autosaves in v30 should work fine. 
  • There are still a couple Besty-Bugs where clicking the reply button on the text message screen (with only 1 dialog message) will cause an error message to appear. This won't hurt anything or hide any text, it's just annoying. 
  • Some job application results job descriptions don't fit into the provided space in the prologue skip menu (cosmetic). 
  • Invalid/bugged scheduled dates/hangouts brought forward from older versions will still be invalid/bugged.
  • Occasionally the female portrait in the NPC interaction interface will be off placed with some meaningless text above it. 
Words: 2,138,380
Characters: 12,802,602
Code Lines: 191,146
Body Portrait Combos: 20,275,200

In no particular order, as usual...
  • Fixed the Teat Enhancement treatment so that it doesn't cause breast enlargement.
  • A green checkmark will now appear in the dating status window when your relationship is eligible to advance.
  • Players will now milk themselves while at work.
    • The amount of canisters filled is reported on the job results page.
  • Added the e-vie overnight breast pump to the game
    • Players will now leak milk overnight (losing it) if they overproduce while sleeping.
    • If owned, the amount of milk/canisters collected will be reported on the sleep screen.
  • Updated the Items Cheats!
    • New improved display for cheat adding items to your inventory.
    • More game items are now included in the cheats.
    • Added a 'furniture starter pack' with mostly high-quality furniture.
  • Fixed a bug where Besty duplicated the item key for a home item (liquor cabinet).
  • There are now dreams in the sleep display!
    • 6 standard dreams, which are mostly quirky and fairly unique.
    • 2 dreams for unsatisfied characters
    • 2 dreams for pregnant characters
      • 1 additional dream for late-stage pregnancy.
  • Lactation fixes and tweaks to improve the experience.
    • Higher capacity and lower production speed for higher lactation ability so that milking isn't required so frequently.
    • The overproduction bug has been fixed.
    • Milk will no longer accumulate while pumping breasts, will be pumped instead.
  • Added a status change recording function, called the Status Record
    • Records are can be accessed from the status page of the character menu.
    • Records include a brief description of the cause of the change.
    • Records include an estimated change value and are color-coded for positive and negative changes.
    • The included status items are happiness, stress, companionship, vigor, satisfaction, and health.
    • Hundreds of status changes are now categorized this way :D
  • Fixed a bug preventing ovulation (and thus pregnancy), and also caused an incorrect "days till ovulation" reading.
  • Created AW_Fixer.ps1, a patching script for already released game versions.
    • It should be much easier to release fixes for minor bugs now, rather than doing an entire re-release.
  • Fixed the StartNap() function to properly display output and apply nap effects.
    • Description of the nap and effects are now properly displayed in a dialog.
    • Added a new "napping" image for this display.
  • Hucow transformatives breast growth balanced.
    • Mammarex growth now less extreme.
    • Lactamax growth is still based on initial size and number of previous doses, but growth overall is less dramatic.
    • Bovinex will now increase breast size to a minimum of 1750cc (up to 2000cc) if the player has breasts smaller than this when treated.
    • Bovinex breast growth for already-large breasts now ranges from 350 to 500cc only.
    • Hucow ears and tail now properly display in the character description.
  • Balanced the overnight health regeneration.
    • Standard regeneration has been slightly increased.
    • Negative health effects of addiction are milder and have higher required thresholds to be applied.
    • Still debating if cum and creampie addictions should have health effects removed for non-withdrawal addiction.
  • Changes to the overnight environmental status effects.
    • Some minor balance tweaks, increasing the importance of cleanliness and reducing the importance of furniture.
    • Environmental effects will now stay within certain thresholds and will not cause suicide or other negative outcomes by themselves.
      • Note that having very low happiness due to these effects will still make it easier for other game events to 'push you over the edge'.
  • Jobbing system improvements.
    • Players can now actually be fired for poor job performance.
    • Players can now quit their job voluntarily.
    • Quitting or being fired will mark you as being unemployed, and therefore unsuitable for continued residence in Appletree.
    • Players can obtain a "self-employment" visa so that they may remain in Appletree even without a traditional job.
      • This will let you live as a prostitute, hucow, brood mother, etc. without having to hold down a job.
    • Players who are unemployed without a visa will eventually be repurposed (bad end). 
    • Players will receive notifications from the Appletree government about their unemployed status before they are repurposed.
  • Added a Visa Office to the town hall building downtown.
    • Players may go there to obtain a self-employment visa.
    • There are various possibilities that can occur based on your stated form of self-employment and whether you meet minimum requirements for being self-employed.
      • You can give a blowjob to get around any of these requirements.
  • Added several guns to the game that are available for purchase.
    • The guns each have their own characteristics, but there are not currently used in the game.
      • Intended for more complex combat in specimen-escape and other fun events that haven't been written yet.
    • Guns can be used for the random rape/assault events to defend yourself.
    • Some guns are considered illegal, but nobody is going to bother to check.
  • Added the Pump & Dump Guns & Pawn store to the game.
    • Located in northeast downtown.
    • Special scene added to convince the shop clerk that you can be trusted to browse the illegal firearms.
  • A new "read something" item added to the player's living room.
  • Body portraits are now a thing.
    • Currently, there are 20,275,200‬‬ combinations, though this number is much bigger than it feels in-game.
    • The body portrait is capable of displaying female NPC bodies, but this is not currently enabled.
    • The player's body portrait can be viewed on the right side of the character menu.
      • Clicking on the portrait will pop up a dialog displaying a larger view of the portrait.
    • The portrait displays all 8 hip sizes, and the four smallest shoulder sizes. 
    • 31 breast sizes can be displayed, ranging from AAA to ╬ęB cup.
      • Large areolas can be displayed.
      • Large and inverted nipples can also be displayed.
    • The Fertility Seal medical tattoo is displayed and changes slightly while pregnant.
    • Ten variations of pubic hair are available, in addition to the default shaved/hairless look.
    • Four different labia appearances based on labia size.
    • Pregnancy is displayed in 4 stages based on fundal height.
      • Currently only displays up to a single full-term pregnancy. Larger pregnancy bellies are planned (pregnancy bellies have to all be drawn by hand).
    • Your groin will become messy if you've had a creampie and/or have cum on your genitals/groin.
    • There are some limited chest/belly textures for characters that are buff, very skinny, or have low muscle mass and low weight.
      • Eventually want to improve muscle and fat display, but this must be hand-drawn.
  • Fixed Fertili-Tea to properly apply a fertility boost.
  • Fixed the issue causing autosaves to immediately jump into a passed-out scene.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and little improvements that I didn't bother to write down and thus don't remember!
Besty's Changes!
I keep telling him to do a better job with his change log... We'll get there eventually.

  • Manual images now appears once the system they are about is triggered. 
    • Thaum Translation: some of the tutorial images now properly display when using a game system such as jobbing or dating the first time.
  • Tan was added, now sunbathing will temporary change your skin color.
    • Thaum Translation:
      • You can now sunbathe in the residential recreation area.
      • Tanning temporarily makes your skin color darker, the tan fades over time.
      • Tanning does not affect the skin color of your children.
  • Bring total number of base cookable dishes up to at least 20 (19, oh come on I can't do it anymore)
    • Thaum Translation: There are now 19 cookable dishes in the game, they are all pretty unique and/or Russian.
      • Cooking Lich Meat will curse your game.
  • NPC and PC portraits for female characters are now here!
    • Thaum Translation: New SVG system similar to system in use for males to generate face/head portraits for female NPCs and the player character.
      • Existing NPCs from saved games will maintain their existing portrait.
      • Tried a different look from the existing male SVG portraits.
  • New lesbian sex scene in the recreation area (1500 words)
    • Thaum Note: I think you can find this in the tanning area. It's fun.
  • Changed fixed the order of the stuff on the main screen. Now weather goes first.
  • Fixed all the stuff you have reported this month. (And more stuff you have not but we fixed it anyway lol)

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