Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Matrimony Release - v0.46.0


Marriage huh? 

Yep, more marriage. This release wraps up month two of our three-month marriage series (though there will be some more married life content additions likely in month four, that release won't be focused solely on marriage). There's a surprising amount to do when it comes to getting married. I personally flew to a small island in the North Sea to elope, with a pretty straightforward courthouse marriage... so I got to avoid all the work that goes into a more traditional marriage. There's all the planning, and then on the big day, there's a ceremony, a reception party, and everything else.

For Accidental Woman, we had to include those sorts of things to turn it into a more enjoyable experience for you. My original plan was to have marriage happen (if at all) in a typical bureaucratic Appletree fashion, without much fanfare. But thanks to a poll some time ago, you let us know pretty overwhelmingly that you wanted an actual wedding day and marriage to be in the game... so here we are. :D We're making pretty good progress on that front, and now the pomp and ceremony portion is pretty much done. Of course, it has the expected sexy AW flair, it just wouldn't be Appletree if people didn't get married in outlandish ceremonies with practically transparent dresses. Doing some "research", I was quite surprised by how risque some wedding dresses are becoming these days, so it only makes sense that the culture in Appletree has taken it to the next level!

Real wedding dresses you could buy today.

In addition to filling out the ceremony portion with a little more content, and adding the fun reception with plenty of crazy shenanigans that can happen, we've also got the vow system working. That means your partner will get upset with you if you break your wedding vows, it could even lead to divorce... though the actual divorce system isn't implemented yet so you're safe for now. Marriage also now comes with financial benefits (or penalty, if you marry someone poor). If you're lucky enough to land someone in the upper-middle class, you'll be pretty well set financially, especially if you can get them to cough up a weekly allowance for you.

Speaking of married life... tomorrow is Mother's Day. I've tried many times to convince my wife that Mother's Day is a day where you show appreciation to your mother for raising you, where mothers and their children spend some quality time together. I fear I will never succeed at this; she views Mother's Day as a day for your husband to reward you for giving birth. She probably expects me to take her out shopping and to a fancy dinner, all without the kids. It must be a German thing. Anyway, on to the change log!

We all hope you enjoy this release, thanks for your support!

Change Log

Words: 2,885,578  (17,636,353 characters)

Twee Passages: 2,505

Code Lines: 210,463 (not including twee)

Inventory Items: 144

  • The Marriage Vow System has been completed™
    • Vows that you've made with your new spouse are now tracked. You are not prevented from breaking vows though!
    • Breaking vows will result in a bad reaction from your spouse if they find out.
      • This can lead to divorce, though the system that handles the divorce hasn't been implemented yet, so it ends with an "I want a divorce!" and nothing else happening... for now.
      • The bad reactions are very basic right now and need more writing as part of the married life work next month.
    • You get a short grace period after the wedding (about 1 week) where the NPC won't get mad about you breaking your unique vows.
    • Besty learned how much of a pain it is to enforce vows with code... this is why I let him pick the available vows in the first place! ;)
  • Weddings have been improved and expanded.
    • Several fixes and improvements to the wedding planning and ceremony stages.
    • The wedding ceremony now takes into account your chosen decorations.
    • The wedding system now takes into account the friends you invite to your wedding.
    • The beginning of the wedding ceremony has been expanded to provide more detail/atmosphere.
    • There are now interactions with the spouse's family that occur.
  • Certain male mutations now influence the positioning of semen in the female reproductive tract after ejaculation.
    • This tends to put more semen in the cervical and deep zones.
  • Wedding receptions are now a thing and take place at one of several locations based on your wedding venue.
    • Involve the usual mix of eating and heavy drinking.
    • There are several unique events that can take place that differ based on the location.
      • Most of these are alcohol-fueled sexy shenanigans because this is a porn game.
  • There is now a small romantic event that happens after you arrive home with your spouse for the first time.
    • This event changes based on whether you married a man, woman, or futa.
  • There is now a special wedding night event for the first night after you return from the wedding. This event also has gender-based variations to match up with a male, female, or futa spouse. Of course, this event leads to sex, whether or not you already consummated your marriage publicly.
  • A huge amount of spelling and grammar fixes have been made to the game's text.
    • Special thanks to Klorpa for this!
  • The code to determine rent when living together has been expanded.
    • The wealth of your partner/spouse now plays a much more significant role in how much rent you have to pay when living together. 
    • Moving in with a very poor person is basically going to put all the expenses on you.
    • Moving in with an upper-middle-class person will remove the need to pay rent at all.
    • The end-of-week finance display showing the amount of rent you paid was incorrect, even though rent was being billed properly. It displayed the full month's rent amount instead of the weekly amount. This has been fixed.
      • It now shows the adjusted weekly amount including the effects of living with someone.
  • Weekly expenses are now adjusted based on your spouse after you are married.
    • A poor spouse will result in your expenses increasing.
    • A rich spouse will result in your expenses decreasing.
    • If you convince your spouse to make a vow to provide you an allowance, you will now receive sugar daddy money each week.
    • There is a good chance that this won't work entirely as intended in terms of game balance, let us know how it goes for you!
  • The usual mix of minor bug fixification.


Monday, April 5, 2021

The Bunny Girl Release - v0.45 Change Log


Hello everyone, it's that time again already.

I'm writing this change log pretty well in advance because the release is happening on Easter. Normally writing the change log is one of the last things I do so that I'm sure to get all the relevant information in... but somebody decided to schedule the release on a holiday weekend (it was me). I normally release at about the same time each month, usually the first weekend that falls after the 3rd... I just forgot that Easter is a thing this time. Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal, but my parents decided they want to drive up here for the holiday... so here we are.

This is the first release in the 3-part series focused on marriage, and it's laser-focused on adding marriage into AW. We usually have a main focus for new content, along with an eclectic mix of smaller content items and improvements, so this is a bit different for us. Because it's the first release of three in the marriage series, marriage as a whole concept isn't complete, however, there's still plenty for you to enjoy with v0.45. We've been tackling things chronologically, so the first part of the process is ready to view, namely having a proposal and getting engaged, planning your wedding, and attending the actual ceremony.

We worked hard to add a good deal of variety into the process, with many different proposal scenarios that can come from you or the NPC, multiple venues, officiators, vows, and the like. You can get married several times and have a quite unique experience each time. It's the way we've tried to take AW in general... just like there's no one way to play, there's no one way to get married.

Because getting married is new and still being built, we recommend you make some extra game saves, particularly before starting your wedding ceremony! This is for two reasons: the main reason is so that you can continue your marriage experience in version 46 when more material is added (for the reception and being a newlywed), but it's also good in case there is a bug with the wedding material that escaped our tests.

Thanks for your support, and we hope you enjoy playing it! Be sure to let us know what you think!

Change Log

Words: 2,867,764  (17,204,029 characters)
Code: 209,822 Lines TS & JS
Body Portraits: 713,687,040 combinations

This change log is a little different because it is so concentrated on marriage.

  • There is a new game soundtrack with a more dystopian feel.
    • You can replace the game's music by substituting your own mix file in .mp3 format. Just replace this file with your own: \resources\audio\GameMusic.mp3
  • New school events added to Mrs Fubb's Parlor (4K words).
  • The player and NPCs can now propose marriage.
    • NPCs will pick a proposal scenario based on their personality.
    • The player can choose the proposal scenario they use, but some options are limited by the PC personality.
    • Several scenarios are possible, with over 10K words of content.
    • The result of the proposal will depend on the NPC and the status of your relationship if you propose to them. If the NPC proposes, it's up to you how you answer.
    • Keep in mind that the NPC won't propose immediately as soon as the relationship is eligible to advance, just like other relationship stages. Proposals happen as an offshoot of the normal dating process, so be sure to give your lover plenty of opportunities (dates) to propose if you're waiting for them to pop the question.
    • If you pick a proposal type that really runs counter to the personality of your lover, they are likely to get mad at you!
  • There are several wedding-planning-type events that will occur as part of the engagement process.
    • You'll need to choose your dress, the venue, officiator, decor, discuss any special vows, invite your friends, and other things to get ready for the big day.
    • Most things are quickly taken care of in a conversation with your fiance (we don't want wedding planning to be boring).
    • Some portions of the prep work will require you to show up to a pre-arranged meeting, such as picking out your dress. You don't want to forget!
  • On the day of your wedding, you'll be able to show up to your venue of choice and actually get married. 
    • Or forget to show up... which won't turn out well for your relationship.
    • There are over 12K words of content for the various ceremonies and customizations.
    • There are opportunities for you (or your partner) to flee from the alter.
    • There are also unique reactions from your guests that you can discover based on the wedding you chose.
      • You may want to be cautious about nudity or publicly consummating your marriage in a very public place like the city park!
    • The wedding ceremony is mostly complete, but the reception afterward is not, so remember to make a save before getting married if you want to quickly view the reception in v46. 
    • The game is still playable after getting married, but you won't find gameplay much different than beforehand, as married life elements are coming in v46 and v47.
    • The officiators all have different ceremonies they perform with different undertones and different vows "do you take X, in sickness and health...". Some are pretty raunchy!

Monday, March 8, 2021

The Forest Release - v0.44 Change Log


It's time for the Forest Release!

We've put a lot of work into this release, and there's a lot of improvements and new content to show for it. In addition to tens of thousands of words of new content (mostly placed in some important and noticeable areas), we've also made some improvements to how the game works, primarily with drugs and fertility. Speaking of drugs, we've also added a new addiction center with a lot of sexy treatments to help you recover from addiction. The Wrench nightclub is open for business, and a new predator prowls the streets downtown at night.

It seems our team has gotten over our string of bad luck. I don't really believe in "luck", but it's hard to deny that sometimes it feels like bad events like to pile on all at once. In any case, I've been feeling better personally, my depression symptoms finally improving this month. My wife had major surgery last week, which thankfully went quite well. She's still in the hospital recovering, and there are some issues with her bowel function not starting back up... but she's been confirmed cancer-free (at least to the best of medicine's ability to state such things). Besty seems to be much improved as well, feeling better mentally and physically.

I used an image from Valheim for the 'censored' release image. It's a really fun
game if you're into the genre. I don't have time to play much of anything
very often, but it'd be fun to make an AW world to play around in.


Words: 2,829,529 (17,011,268 characters)
Code: 209,282 lines of code

  • The Wrench club in the club district downtown is now playable.
    • Has actions to try out, and works with club events.
  • Phoenix Book Club events chain has been expanded with some new fun.
  • The main quest progression in Area 69 has been expanded with two more outcomes.
  • An ER has been added to the Appletree hospital for emergency treatment.
  • The Sunrise Addiction Clinic has been added to the medical district.
    • Provides unique treatments for each type of addiction to cure the player.
    • Treatment happens all at once, so they tend to be extreme.
      • Courses of treatment range from 500 to 1750 words.
  • New dialogs have been added for your romantic partner when living together.
  • Besty still sucks at writing change log information.
  • A feisty r*pe scene can happen to your character if you roam around downtown late at night.
    • Reminder: use content settings to prevent content you are uncomfortable with!
    • The player has a chance to fight off the attacker based on a fighting skill check.
      • fighting is a new skill check (see below).
    • Because of the situation, firearms can not be used, but they are acknowledged if you have one.
    • This event can have strong negative effects on the player depending on how it plays out, and can also severely damage or destroy your clothing.
    • The event is only possible when downtown after 10pm.
      • Some locations such as the town hall and the mall are excluded.
      • The event is more likely in the adult or club district.
      • Your appearance affects the rate at which it can happen.
  • Skill system improvements
    • A new skill check has been created called "fight".
      • It utilizes the Martial Arts and Athletics skills.
      • It is intended for situations where strength and conditioning are important in addition to technique.
      • The ratio of skill use is dependent on the Martial Arts skill's level.
    • Some fixes were made to existing combined skill checks so that skill levels can be increased as intended.
    • Adjusted how strongly skill check difficulty affects the odds of gaining a skill, increasing the rate of skill gain from easier skill checks.
  • Clothing system improvements
    • Donating a piece of clothing while wearing it will no longer cause an error.
    • Clothing dirtiness improved to utilize two sources of making the clothes dirty.
      • Clothing gets dirty slowly when being worn by the player.
      • If the player is dirty due to not showering or "other events", clothing will get dirty faster.
    • Clothing now accumulates damage with wear, and will eventually break.
      • This can lead to an embarrassing situation if an item falls apart in public.
      • Clothing damage happens only to the clothes you're wearing. 
      • If worn 24/7, an item should last approximately 3 months but can last longer or shorter based on your activities.
  • Drug and Addiction system improvements
    • Drug duration and what drugs the player is affected by is now centrally tracked.
    • You can view what drugs are in your system by looking at the character status menu.
      • If the name of the drug is green in the addiction/need column, it means you are currently under the effect of that drug.
      • If the drug name is gold-colored, it means that you are still affected by the drug's fertility effects, but that the main effects are over (Heat and Satyr only).
    • Drug need does not increase while still under the effects of the last dose (does not include the fertility period for Heat or Satyr).
    • Drugs now have an expanded array of beneficial effects to make them more worthwhile. In general, they will make it easier to maintain your character's mental status.
      • Alcohol: didn't get much. It increases the rate at which you get tired but has a small positive effect on stress.
      • Creampie: has a small positive effect on stress, happiness, and satisfaction. These do not stack with the effects of cum. Note that players can still gain the benefits of a creampie even when using a diaphragm, IUD, or hormonal birth control. 
      • Cum: has numerous weaker effects that mirror the actual effects of cum. It has a positive effect on stress, happiness, and satisfaction.
      • Focus: has a moderately positive effect on stress, reduces the rate you get tired/sleepy, has a moderately positive effect on happiness, and a strong positive effect on anger. It decreases arousal gain and has a weak positive effect on Satisfaction.
      • Heat: Increases the chance that you will ovulate when it's time, may cause you to ovulate early, and makes hormonal birth control less effective. It also affects/dilates your cervix making it slightly easier for sperm to pass into the womb. It increases arousal gain somewhat, has a moderately positive effect on stress, a moderately positive effect on happiness, and stabilizes satisfaction making it harder to gain or lose.
      • Satyr: In general causes your reproductive tract to be more hospitable to sperm, and increases the amount of time they can survive in your womb. Has a strong positive effect on happiness, reduces how fast you get tired, and increases arousal gain.
      • Sex: No new effects
      • Zone: Has the strongest positive effect on stress, a strong positive effect on happiness, reduces anger, slightly reduces arousal gain, and increases satisfaction gain.
  • Fertility System improvements
    • Changed the formula for determining sperm death at each time/movement step for semen in the vagina.
      • The system is now more responsive to male and female fertility stats (vaginalHostility & spermSurvival).
      • The rate of death increased, this is most noticeable for lower fertility values and is more accurate.
      • The cap for how many can survive has been increased, though this will only matter for the highest fertility situations.
    • Changed the formula for determining sperm's ability to penetrate the cervix and move into the womb environment, and changed the balance in the movement algorithms.
      • The rate has been decreased in both cases: fewer sperm will attempt to penetrate, and fewer will succeed.
      • Cervix penetration success is more responsive to fertility values.
      • Minimum cervix penetration is now 0, though this will only be possible in extraordinary circumstances.
    • Changed the code determining the sperm halflife in the womb.
      • Overall sperm will die faster in the womb, this is more dramatic for lower fertility values from woman and donor.
      • Sperm tended to live too long in characters with average to low fertility, this corrects that.
      • This also adds effectiveness to barrier birth control where a very small amount of sperm may enter but should be unlikely to "succeed".
    • Fixed an issue that caused sperm to ignore a diaphragm when moving in certain situations.
  • New events have been added to the dating system (20K+ words)
    • An average of two new events for each location, each with an average length of about 1000 words.
  • New events have been added to skill gain classes to spice them up (8.5K words).
  • Bug fixing and the usual minor stuff we forgot to write down.

Thanks for your support, I hope you enjoy the game!

Friday, February 19, 2021



It's been busy, busy, busy in AW land. We've been hard at work on version 0.44, which is going to add plenty of new content, but is also something of a wrap-up as we transition into our marriage development phase.

I covered our development plans over the next year in a blog post last month, but thought I should cover marriage in a little more detail here. In a nutshell, we're going to be spending a good deal of time with marriage and married life as our primary focus for the dev team (about three months, then we'll be phasing over to the main story and endings). 
Marriage is planned to include: some fancy proposals to get engaged initiated by either the NPC or player, some engagement shenanigans to plan the wedding, a few different types of wedding scenarios along with some vows and wedding night/public consummation, and then the married life segment. The married life segment will confer some perks to the player based on the NPC they chose and will expand on living together. We will probably also do some additions to living together pre-marriage as a result, for one thing, we hope to take the NPC's wealth and personality factors into account.

This month we're focusing on adding more dating content to make the system more varied with more possibilities to help keep it interesting. We're also expanding the club scene by adding that second nightclub and expanding the number of activities and sexy situations that can happen in those clubs. There is also some polishing/bug fixing going on, with additions of some useful things such as addicts anonymous (with some fun sessions) to help you with any addiction your character develops. There's also a hot little scene that can pop up if you wander around alone too late at night.

We're also working on expanding on the number of positive effects that many of the in-game drugs have and increasing their duration, to make them more rewarding to actually use. Because the consequences of addiction can be severe, and managing an addiction presents a financial and stat-management challenge, we want the reward the character gets from the drugs to be more valuable.

Finally, we could really use your help testing the balance of the game!

If you've played the game and found an area that felt too hard, too easy, too grindy, or anything else, please let us know! Because there are many ways to play the game, a lot of different activities to explore, and we've just been so involved with it for so long, it isn't always obvious to us. Getting feedback from you will help us improve the game for everyone!

Thanks as always for your support, thanks for being part of Accidental Woman!


Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Trunk Release - Version 0.43


Hello everyone, it's release time again already!

We've got some good stuff for you this time, in fact, we've got more in this release than we were planning. It's always good to have more to give than you expected, but I do have to apologize for being extremely light on the dev blog posts this month. I usually try to give you all an update at least once per week, but I didn't meet that goal this month. Partly that was because of everything going on, partly because I didn't feel up to it, and partly because I was instead focusing on the game. In any case, I'll do better this month (and beyond) to keep you up to date.

This month has a lot of new content to see, and a lot of bug fixes. The big areas for content expansion were the sex system, as well as the dating system. We've also got the Little Shop of Tentacles set up, with four species you can play with. Each species does its own thing and has some unique effects/benefits to the player. The "Wrench" club has been added to the game in the club district, though it's mostly empty for now. Personally, I'm wondering if "Tool" might be a better name for the industrial club.

Thanks for all your support, it means a lot to us, particularly during these trying times when it seems everyone has extra problems to worry about. I'm proud that our little game dev family has made it through some hardships and that we've kept working towards our goal. That said, I'm looking forward to an increasing development pace over the next couple of months.

From all of us, we hope you enjoy the release!

Change Log

Words: 2,783,973  (16,847,044 characters)
Code: 208,354 Lines

  • Improvements to the game revolving around passing out late at night.
    • The time that the player will pass out has been pushed back to after 4am.
    • There is an improved warning that you are nearing this time that happens after 3am.
    • The probability of different events that happen while you are passed out has been changed. 
      • Fap mode players will no longer receive the "mermaid" bad end, and will instead get a normal passed out event.
      • The "mermaid" bad end now has probability based on the number of times the player has passed out, starting very low and becoming more likely.
    • Many in-game areas and activities have been adjusted to enforce their closing times.
      • Clubs will kick you out after they close, with an amusing image.
      • The mall and bullseye security will escort you outside after closing.
      • Players prostituting themselves won't find clients after 3am when the streets are deserted.
    • The game should not autosave immediately prior to passing out.
  • The Little Shop of Tentacles has been created (9K words).
    • The name is a bad reference to the Little Shop of Horrors for some reason.
    • After discovering the shop initially in the club district, you can visit normally afterward.
    • You can browse the "species binder" to see the 4 species of tentacle available for play.
    • You can pay the fee to have "playtime" with any of the 4 species.
    • In addition to sexy writing, playing with tentacles can have a number of benefits depending on the species.
      • Standard mental stat benefits such as happiness and satisfaction gain.
      • Unique benefits depending on the species, such as orifice widening or a permanent increase to one or more fertility stats.
      • "Tentacle Fan" mutation now appears in the character menu.
      • Some unique fun status conditions and a new achievement "egged".
    • Some new art to go with one of the scenes.
    • Consentacles!
  • Fix to the data validation system for player and NPC fertility.
    • Individual fertility stats are no longer inappropriately capped just above the 'fertility goddess level'.
    • Brood Mother fertility now works as intended (some stats were capped too low), and appears on the character mutations list in the character menu.
    • Individual fertility stats can now be improved significantly beyond their level at the highest base fertility score, as intended.
      • To view your fertility scores, use an item like the toilet fertility probe.
      • Note: each stat controls a specific aspect of your fertility, such as chance of ovulating, hostility to sperm, odds of zygote implantation, etc.
  • Addition to the dating system (16K words).
    • 8 new activities are available in existing date locations, many of a sexual nature.
    • Some of these are activities that would normally be available in these locations, such as some adult fun while watching a movie.
    • Some are just adding some sexy or AW-like options to more mundane locations. 
  • More expansion of the sex scene system (16K words).
    • Added more content and post-orgasm actions to oral sex situations.
    • Added more kink support for the sizequeen kink to various actions and orgasms.
  • Added a new nightclub to the club district downtown called Wrench.
    • Intended to be more of an industrial club with some contrast in theme and events to the existing club Shake & Pop.
    • Currently, the location has no content and is there for demo/preview purposes. You can enter the club and look at the various rooms.
  • The Kegelator machine in the apartment common area workout room can now be used for some adult-themed exercise (1300 words).
  • A lot of bugs have been fixed, and some rough items polished/improved.
    • Players will no longer get a "missed the date" when attending the date.
    • Skill gain in the prologue was disabled to prevent errors and abuse.
    • Prostitution now drains your energy, you can no longer grind thousands of credits by serving clients like a robot without rest.
    • Balances to tips while working at Fairy Tail, you will now earn more money.
    • Energy fix for bicycle home items.
    • Fixes to the Nature's Treasury health store.
    • Fixed the Hanna Bowen debt quest.
    • Exercise amount will now properly reset each week so that it doesn't snowball until you starve to death.
    • An informative hint will now appear below some texting windows reminding players to click the "send" button in order to continue the conversation.
    • Saving is now restricted in some areas of the prologues where saving can cause potential errors.
    • You can now buy pickles, allowing you to roleplay as a Russian.
    • Many other minor bug fixes (check the bug tracker for details).

Thursday, January 21, 2021


I think this will be the last snow themed post... probably.

It's nearly time for us to start our coordinated effort on AW marriage We'll start prepping in February, and then the next few months will be dedicated to all things marriage: engagement, wedding ceremonies, and married life. I'd also like to see some expanded possibilities for infidelity in relationships, and more of Lily's unique behavior. Besty will be returning to work in February, so we should be able to ramp things up nicely. 

Until then, we're going to be working on filling out content in some common areas. First of course is sex scenes, we're improving the amount/variation of content further, because it's a pretty universal set of content that you see multiple times per playthrough. Over this month and next we're also going to be working on expanding content in the dating system (with more activities and events to keep things interesting) as well as skill school events. Finally, we want to work on expanding the nightlife content, to make going to clubs more interesting with expanded options for meeting people and having sexual encounters.

I've been struggling myself lately, but there's hope on the horizon in the form of some medication changes. Unfortunately these sorts of things take time, so there's nothing to do but struggle through. Thanks for your patience, I know I haven't been as prolific with dev blog updates lately.

We'll keep working on version 0.43, and as always, thanks for your support!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Snow Angel Release - Version 0.42


Hello everyone, it's that time again! A new release with a bunch of sexy new content for you to enjoy :D

In particular, I'm pretty happy with the expansion of orgasm content in the sex scene system. Now, rather than a single description fitting the situation, there are a lot of variations based on your character's kinks, for both the PC and the NPC. Right now they are randomized in an order of precedence, so certain kinks are more likely to show up than others. Fans of the Risky/Pregnancy kinks will certainly be delighted, but the shame-fast, "rape", and "slut" kinks are also well represented. If you have a lot of these kinks in one character, it'll probably take you some time to see all the possibilities!

As you may already know, this has been a pretty rough month for two out of three of us in the main development team. Besty had a family emergency, along with a type of morass or burnout that is probably associated with the hardships of the pandemic. He's using his saved-up vacation time to relax and recuperate, and thankfully, it sounds like he's doing better already. Besty should be returning to work around the time we do the 0.43 release (he had a lot of vacation time saved up).

I've been dealing with worsening depression symptoms that have been tied in with my medication changes over the last year. Depression is something I've dealt with from a very young age (since I was six or seven years old), but I was lucky enough to find a combination of medications that let me experience "normal" for several years. Unfortunately, issues with my heart, combined with the natural tendency of antidepressants to stop working over time have meant that depression has been a bigger part of my life lately. This last month in particular has been pretty challenging.

Fortunately, I've learned some coping skills over the years so things aren't as bad as they could be. Due to the swelling of mental health issues during the pandemic, it took some time to get in as a new patient with a psychiatrist in my new location, but now that I'm being seen regularly again we'll be able to restart the process of finding a new set of medication that works for me. I know it's not an easy process to find something that works, but it's worth it. I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy life (and expanding AW) again!

Please take care of yourself, everyone! Things have been hard for everyone, and there is no shame in reaching out for help if you need it. And as always, thanks so much for your support. Having Accidental Woman and our little community of lewd people has made a huge difference for me.


Words: 2,729,353  (16,630,247 characters)
Code Lines: 295,871
Body Portrait Combinations: 713,687,040 (female) 975,744 (male)

  • Expansion of sex scene orgasm content for both the PC and NPC (15K words).
    • New text is primarily kink-based and covers all the various orgasm situation combinations.
  • New prostitution scenes are available (15K words).
    • Scenes are distributed between working the street corner and working as an escort for The Oldest Profession.
  • There is some new scene content for working as a cam girl.
    • The largest scene is for high-level camwhores who don't mind playing with a man's best friend (apx 4K words).
  • There are several new entries in the game encyclopedia.
    • Entries on individual skills.
    • Entries on Perversion, Energy, Fatigue, Anger, Death, Frustration, Injury, and Bimbo.
  • Some more tentacle content in the club district.
Note: Some of Besty's content for new club actions and a new club downtown has been kept out of this release because it was very incomplete.

Here are some more Snow Angels for you, just because.

The Matrimony Release - v0.46.0

  Marriage huh?  Yep, more marriage. This release wraps up month two of our three-month marriage series (though there will be some more marr...