Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Back to Nature

Hello everyone, it's time for another update on AW :D

I'll start with some good news: I've fixed the issues with saving the game that happened in the v30 release. As it turns out, there was a combination of issues. Firstly, there was a bug in SugarCube's code that caused an error rather than reporting that the local store size was exceeded. Since Twine games generally don't have as much data as we do, it probably hadn't come up before. Second, it turns out that the cookie data adapter included in SugarCube also doesn't work, though I haven't investigated why that is the case.

It turns out that the bulk of extra data from NPC portraits being stored as complete SVG data was really bloating the size of game saves. To fix this, I started saving NPC portrait data in a much more efficient format. Now, game saves are about 5 to 6 times smaller, and using all the save slots won't exceed the local storage limit. This also has the benefit of making saving and loading faster again as well. I've maintained backward compatibility, so old saves will work in version 31, but save size will remain large for old games.

Early in the month while Besty was still enjoying a Russian New Year, I was focusing more on some left-over to do tasks, and getting some things fixed like game saves. Now that he's back, I've been working on the main storyline again, along with the basis of some of the assistance/work quests that go along with it.

One thing I've done is made sure that the majority of cheat modes are now working. They were originally a list of planned cheat modes, but we got a bit behind in making sure they worked... so it was time to take care of that. All but one cheat mode works (NPCs start off liking you more), which is on hold temporarily for technical consideration. I also added a new cheat mode called Milk Tank that increases breast milk capacity without changing the lactation rate. I've also added a couple cheats to help manage addiction as well to the status cheats.

I resized the status bars a little bit and added one for milk capacity (if not lactating, another stat is shown instead). This makes it a lot easier to see when you need to milk yourself.

Body portraits now show up for NPCs when viewing NPC details. The portrait system now has 3 new belly sizes for pregnancies, and I had to add a penis option to the female body portrait so that futas like Lily wouldn't look strange. Not counting the penis which is NPC-only, the number of body portrait combinations is now up to 32,440,320.

Here's a sneak peek at Lily's Place, which you will be able to visit to help work on fixing her crazy machine, and to participate in other main story events. After you start helping her, she'll give you an access key to get into her basement. This will make it possible for you to work on progress quests whenever it's convenient, and add an opportunity to see what Lily's up to from day to day. 

That's all for now, it's time to get back to work!

Thanks as always for your support!


Friday, January 10, 2020

Winter Fun

It's the first dev blog post after the release, so you probably know what that means; it's time to talk about what's next!

Before we get into that, I want to take a moment to talk about the game save issues that have cropped up with the v30 release; how to fix the error, what to do to avoid it, and what the cause is. 

Fix: If you start seeing an error when trying to save the game, the error is going to persist until you run the save system flushing code I build into the "delete all" command. First of all, save your game to a file so you don't lose it. You can load other saves you wish to keep, and then save to file as well. Once you have, press the "delete all" button on the save menu, or use the save wipe found in the game settings page. Once you do this, close the game and reload it.

Prevention: The most surefire way to prevent this issue from cropping up is to use the "save to file" and "load from file" options to save and load your game. This bypasses the SugarCube plugin that's causing the problem altogether. Another option is to reduce the number of NPCs in your games in the system settings menu, which will reduce the likelihood of the error occurring. 

Cause: The exact cause is unknown. It's related to the SimpleStore code found inside the SugarCube story format, and I'll figure out what's happening eventually. It doesn't seem to be an issue related to save file size, at least not directly. I suspect it's related to the addition of SVG data to the female NPCs, based simply on the timing. It's likely to be a timeout issue that occurs when save data is being serialized for storage in a cookie.

Whew, now that that's over, let's talk a bit about what's in store for version 31!

A milk fullness status bar that appears when the PC is lactating

The main things we're going to be working on this month are the addition of main storyline content and more improvement/expansion for the sex scene system. I'm also planning on enabling or fixing some left-behind cheat modes like the APD Retirement Fund cheat for not getting arrested. Finally, I want to add some new variations to the body portrait, particularly things like larger pregnancy bellies and possibly milk, and enable viewing female NPC body portraits.

The storyline content will be something a little different than what we've seen so far. It mostly revolves around the start of some work quests that require the player to spend game time on the quest task until the quest is complete. These sorts of quests will have a beginning and end and will be interspersed with more direct quests such as seducing an Institute employee to get your hands on a rare widget Lily needs.

For the sex system improvements, I want to focus primarily on expanding the content and adding more kinky text to action text variations. I'd also like to create some new actions for lesbian scenes and other unique scenarios.

We'll definitely have our hands full this month!

Thanks to everyone for all your support!


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Body Release - Version 0.30

It's finally time for the version 30 release!

The most notable aspect of this release will certainly be the portraits. We've got new SVG-based portraits for female NPCs and the player character. We went with a more realistic style, which I think you'll appreciate. We also added Koikatsu-based body portraits into the game, a long-awaited feature. There are currently 20,275,200‬‬ combinations possible with the body portrait system, with room to expand that over time. 

We also focused a good deal on improving the game's playability with bug fixes and mechanic balancing. We also added in a new feature tentatively called the status record to the character menu. It's a log of the last ten changes to a status variable such as health and happiness, which includes a basic description of the cause behind each change. This should make it much easier to find out what's affecting your character, which hasn't always been easy for some causes. It should also let us add more status effects for more obscure events, which we've been avoiding due to potential confusion.

We've also got some new content, of course, though this time it's more location-based rather than being focused on a specific job or path. We've also added in some minor mechanics and abilities that had been put on the back burner, such as being unemployed, tanning, and handling lactation at work and overnight. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with what we've got for this release, though I am a little disappointed by my experience with Koikatsu. Despite using a fairly comprehensive list of mods, it was still rather difficult to get the kind of effects I was hoping for to represent muscle and weight. We have a few limited texture overlays to represent more muscular or skinny characters, but it'll take some hand-drawing on my part to get the planned amount of physical body shape into the game. The Koikatsu character generator was also somewhat limited when it came to pregnancy, but I was able to craft some overlays for a standard pregnancy (I'm planning on more for larger bellies with larger pregnancies later on). On the plus side, I was able to get some decent definition for hips and breasts, and I've perfected the workflow to add more detail as I have time. Let me know what you think about the Koikatsu body, and what you'd like to see with it!

We hope you had a great new year and that you enjoy this release, thanks for all your support!


Change Log

Known Issues:
  • Autosaves from older versions may still suffer from the passed-out bug, but autosaves in v30 should work fine. 
  • There are still a couple Besty-Bugs where clicking the reply button on the text message screen (with only 1 dialog message) will cause an error message to appear. This won't hurt anything or hide any text, it's just annoying. 
  • Some job application results job descriptions don't fit into the provided space in the prologue skip menu (cosmetic). 
  • Invalid/bugged scheduled dates/hangouts brought forward from older versions will still be invalid/bugged.
  • Occasionally the female portrait in the NPC interaction interface will be off placed with some meaningless text above it. 
Words: 2,138,380
Characters: 12,802,602
Code Lines: 191,146
Body Portrait Combos: 20,275,200

In no particular order, as usual...
  • Fixed the Teat Enhancement treatment so that it doesn't cause breast enlargement.
  • A green checkmark will now appear in the dating status window when your relationship is eligible to advance.
  • Players will now milk themselves while at work.
    • The amount of canisters filled is reported on the job results page.
  • Added the e-vie overnight breast pump to the game
    • Players will now leak milk overnight (losing it) if they overproduce while sleeping.
    • If owned, the amount of milk/canisters collected will be reported on the sleep screen.
  • Updated the Items Cheats!
    • New improved display for cheat adding items to your inventory.
    • More game items are now included in the cheats.
    • Added a 'furniture starter pack' with mostly high-quality furniture.
  • Fixed a bug where Besty duplicated the item key for a home item (liquor cabinet).
  • There are now dreams in the sleep display!
    • 6 standard dreams, which are mostly quirky and fairly unique.
    • 2 dreams for unsatisfied characters
    • 2 dreams for pregnant characters
      • 1 additional dream for late-stage pregnancy.
  • Lactation fixes and tweaks to improve the experience.
    • Higher capacity and lower production speed for higher lactation ability so that milking isn't required so frequently.
    • The overproduction bug has been fixed.
    • Milk will no longer accumulate while pumping breasts, will be pumped instead.
  • Added a status change recording function, called the Status Record
    • Records are can be accessed from the status page of the character menu.
    • Records include a brief description of the cause of the change.
    • Records include an estimated change value and are color-coded for positive and negative changes.
    • The included status items are happiness, stress, companionship, vigor, satisfaction, and health.
    • Hundreds of status changes are now categorized this way :D
  • Fixed a bug preventing ovulation (and thus pregnancy), and also caused an incorrect "days till ovulation" reading.
  • Created AW_Fixer.ps1, a patching script for already released game versions.
    • It should be much easier to release fixes for minor bugs now, rather than doing an entire re-release.
  • Fixed the StartNap() function to properly display output and apply nap effects.
    • Description of the nap and effects are now properly displayed in a dialog.
    • Added a new "napping" image for this display.
  • Hucow transformatives breast growth balanced.
    • Mammarex growth now less extreme.
    • Lactamax growth is still based on initial size and number of previous doses, but growth overall is less dramatic.
    • Bovinex will now increase breast size to a minimum of 1750cc (up to 2000cc) if the player has breasts smaller than this when treated.
    • Bovinex breast growth for already-large breasts now ranges from 350 to 500cc only.
    • Hucow ears and tail now properly display in the character description.
  • Balanced the overnight health regeneration.
    • Standard regeneration has been slightly increased.
    • Negative health effects of addiction are milder and have higher required thresholds to be applied.
    • Still debating if cum and creampie addictions should have health effects removed for non-withdrawal addiction.
  • Changes to the overnight environmental status effects.
    • Some minor balance tweaks, increasing the importance of cleanliness and reducing the importance of furniture.
    • Environmental effects will now stay within certain thresholds and will not cause suicide or other negative outcomes by themselves.
      • Note that having very low happiness due to these effects will still make it easier for other game events to 'push you over the edge'.
  • Jobbing system improvements.
    • Players can now actually be fired for poor job performance.
    • Players can now quit their job voluntarily.
    • Quitting or being fired will mark you as being unemployed, and therefore unsuitable for continued residence in Appletree.
    • Players can obtain a "self-employment" visa so that they may remain in Appletree even without a traditional job.
      • This will let you live as a prostitute, hucow, brood mother, etc. without having to hold down a job.
    • Players who are unemployed without a visa will eventually be repurposed (bad end). 
    • Players will receive notifications from the Appletree government about their unemployed status before they are repurposed.
  • Added a Visa Office to the town hall building downtown.
    • Players may go there to obtain a self-employment visa.
    • There are various possibilities that can occur based on your stated form of self-employment and whether you meet minimum requirements for being self-employed.
      • You can give a blowjob to get around any of these requirements.
  • Added several guns to the game that are available for purchase.
    • The guns each have their own characteristics, but there are not currently used in the game.
      • Intended for more complex combat in specimen-escape and other fun events that haven't been written yet.
    • Guns can be used for the random rape/assault events to defend yourself.
    • Some guns are considered illegal, but nobody is going to bother to check.
  • Added the Pump & Dump Guns & Pawn store to the game.
    • Located in northeast downtown.
    • Special scene added to convince the shop clerk that you can be trusted to browse the illegal firearms.
  • A new "read something" item added to the player's living room.
  • Body portraits are now a thing.
    • Currently, there are 20,275,200‬‬ combinations, though this number is much bigger than it feels in-game.
    • The body portrait is capable of displaying female NPC bodies, but this is not currently enabled.
    • The player's body portrait can be viewed on the right side of the character menu.
      • Clicking on the portrait will pop up a dialog displaying a larger view of the portrait.
    • The portrait displays all 8 hip sizes, and the four smallest shoulder sizes. 
    • 31 breast sizes can be displayed, ranging from AAA to ╬ęB cup.
      • Large areolas can be displayed.
      • Large and inverted nipples can also be displayed.
    • The Fertility Seal medical tattoo is displayed and changes slightly while pregnant.
    • Ten variations of pubic hair are available, in addition to the default shaved/hairless look.
    • Four different labia appearances based on labia size.
    • Pregnancy is displayed in 4 stages based on fundal height.
      • Currently only displays up to a single full-term pregnancy. Larger pregnancy bellies are planned (pregnancy bellies have to all be drawn by hand).
    • Your groin will become messy if you've had a creampie and/or have cum on your genitals/groin.
    • There are some limited chest/belly textures for characters that are buff, very skinny, or have low muscle mass and low weight.
      • Eventually want to improve muscle and fat display, but this must be hand-drawn.
  • Fixed Fertili-Tea to properly apply a fertility boost.
  • Fixed the issue causing autosaves to immediately jump into a passed-out scene.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and little improvements that I didn't bother to write down and thus don't remember!
Besty's Changes!
I keep telling him to do a better job with his change log... We'll get there eventually.

  • Manual images now appears once the system they are about is triggered. 
    • Thaum Translation: some of the tutorial images now properly display when using a game system such as jobbing or dating the first time.
  • Tan was added, now sunbathing will temporary change your skin color.
    • Thaum Translation:
      • You can now sunbathe in the residential recreation area.
      • Tanning temporarily makes your skin color darker, the tan fades over time.
      • Tanning does not affect the skin color of your children.
  • Bring total number of base cookable dishes up to at least 20 (19, oh come on I can't do it anymore)
    • Thaum Translation: There are now 19 cookable dishes in the game, they are all pretty unique and/or Russian.
      • Cooking Lich Meat will curse your game.
  • NPC and PC portraits for female characters are now here!
    • Thaum Translation: New SVG system similar to system in use for males to generate face/head portraits for female NPCs and the player character.
      • Existing NPCs from saved games will maintain their existing portrait.
      • Tried a different look from the existing male SVG portraits.
  • New lesbian sex scene in the recreation area (1500 words)
    • Thaum Note: I think you can find this in the tanning area. It's fun.
  • Changed fixed the order of the stuff on the main screen. Now weather goes first.
  • Fixed all the stuff you have reported this month. (And more stuff you have not but we fixed it anyway lol)

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, Yule, Kwanza, the winter solstice, or even no holiday at all, we send you our best wishes for a merry time!

We've been hard at work like normal, but it's currently Christmas Eve here in Guam so I'm going to keep this post short with a few images. Thanks for all your support this year!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Hello everyone, time for another update.

First, let's get the pregnancy fix out of the way... In my focus on making the AW_Fixer Powershell script, I made a mistake in the actual solution. When I realized today, I nearly slapped myself facepalming. There were two problems in that tiny snippet of code, basically two places the wrong value was used... and I only fixed one. Check Patreon/SubscribeStar/Discord for updated fixes. Sorry about that!

We've been working on the same things as before, some refinements, bug killing, balancing, and different types of portraits. Basically, the things I talked about in the last update. Rather than repeating that, I figured it'd be better to show you some of the results.

First up is the status record:

You'll find this in the main character menu page. Click a stat button and you'll get a pop-up like these:

Basically, you're able to see the last ten changes to that stat. Some of the descriptions are rather amusing, I had some fun because there were literally hundreds of descriptions to add for all the ways these stats can change in the game. :D

On the portrait front, we've come up with an alternative from the more simplistic SVG face avatars. They haven't been very popular, but luckily we're able to create better-looking SVG portraits. It's more work, but I think you'll approve. We're focusing on females for now, who currently don't have portraits at all.

I think it's a pretty significant improvement over the older style. Thanks will have to go to Besty though because I'm pushing all the extra work onto him. 

That's all for this update,


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Holiday Erections

Hello everyone, it's time for another dev blog post!

Despite the delay to fix a certain bug where you could pass out while at work, we felt pretty good about the v29 release. This seems to be a sign of bad things because we've ended up getting plenty of bug reports over the last few days (thanks for those, btw). Luckily most of them have been pretty simple to fix so far, though we've gotten some reports related to mental stats that have been tough to track down.

This has led me to the realization that because there are so many different things going on in any single AW day, it can be too difficult for the player to recognize what's going on with their character. When something isn't working properly, the player generally doesn't know what's going on. So, for example, we get a report about vigor not recovering during sleep. When I try to replicate it by playing through several days with multiple newly-created characters, focused on sleep... I find nothing wrong.

Something is obviously going on in that case, most likely a bug... but there are also problems that happen simply because a player doesn't realize. For a while, we had a problem where players were ripping their character's orifices apart, causing a host of negative mental statuses and health issues... but it wasn't clear that that was what was happening. We 'fixed' that by dialing back the penalties and preventing penalty stacking, but that still feels more like a workaround.

Anyway, what this rambling means, is that I've decided that it'd be good to have a simple reporting system that tracks the most recent (10?) changes to different status variables. I've already figured out how to implement it, and I'll be doing that this month. It's pretty simple and straight-forward, so it should only take a couple days. In practice, you will be able to click on the different stat buttons in the character menu to see the last 10 changes to that stat. You'll see a basic label for the cause of the change, for example, "torn vagina" or "working at job". In addition, you'll see the amount of the change, and probably color-coding to make it easier to interpret at a glance.

This change should give three benefits:

  1. The player will be able to see more information about what is affecting their character if they wish.
  2. When some bug is causing incorrect/overblown status changes, it'll be easier for the player to see the cause, and for us to track it down and eliminate it.
  3. Balancing the game will be easier, as player feedback will be more valuable/actionable by being related to a specific mechanic.
We're also looking into some other balance and general issues this month, with the goal of making the version 0.30 release as playable and bug-free as possible.

Aside from that mechanical work, we're still looking at adding new fun stuff as well. One of the bigger items is character body portraits. We had a poll back at the end of summer, and you all decided that you'd like to use Koikatsu-generated portraits. It's about time to get those into the game.

While generating the body portraits is simplified by using software to create them, there are still some technical challenges I'll need to conquer for the best results. Things like ensuring consistency of pose/position/shading are important, and I think I'm pretty close to getting that solved. The most challenging issue, however, is what I call the multiplicative problem. The variables we choose to represent in the portrait are multiplicative rather than additive. Each variation has to be taken together with all the other variations.

To show how this becomes a problem, consider a very basic character representation:
  • 4 different skin tones.
  • 3 different shoulder widths.
  • 2 different waist widths.
  • 4 different hip widths.
  • 8 different breast sizes.
  • 3 different weights
4 * 3 * 2 * 4 * 8 * 3 = 2,304 different images!

To work around this, I am hoping to use a layered approach to cut down on the number of images required by isolating different segments of the body portrait, as well as creating different "overlay" pieces. This will require a decent amount of photoshop work, but the total amount of work should be considerably less.

I'm not certain how much detail I'll be able to get into the body portraits during this month, but we should at least have some basic body representations finally :)

That's all for now, it's time to get back to work! :D


Friday, December 6, 2019

The Happy Hucow Release v0.29 Changelog

Hello everyone, we're finally here with the version 0.29 release!

We had a few last-minute issues with system interaction bugs because we made several changes to the sleep and job systems. They're resolved now, but they can be a bit of a pain because they usually only happen when things interact in a certain way. 

This release ended up going off on something of a tangent, as mentioned in an earlier dev blog post, but that has probably led to more content overall than we would have had. I'm pretty proud of some of the events and content we've got in this one, such as the Seedbed event at the Bureaucratic Corps, the Mermaid event if you stay awake and pass out too often, and some of the hucow events in the new Dairy Hand job. I'm pretty proud of the creation I'm calling a "hecow", something of a submissive male hucow.

You'll find out all about them in the dairy hand job, though they're still pretty rare compared to hucows at the dairy. Speaking of cows, you can now get the bovinex gene mod that will give you some cow features and bigger udders. There are a few other new transformatives in the breast/milk department, and some revision/improvement of the existing Lactamax drug. We've also got stronger milkers, as well as improvements to and fixes for the lactation/breast system in the game in general.

We discovered an overlooked problem: some players just wouldn't go to sleep. Because high fatigue was penalized, and we had other things to encourage sleep, we expected players to go to sleep at night, which is important for the game mechanics. We didn't expressly force the player to sleep, we figured that the penalties and encouragement would be enough. As it turned out, some players would just skip sleep, perhaps using naps or other methods to regain a little fatigue as needed, and mostly ignore the penalties. This caused plenty of bugs for them, along with difficulty with maintaining their stats, which couldn't be replicated on a game where the player sleeps... So now we have the player pass out if they stay awake too long. If they are at home, they sleep normally with a minor penalty. If not at home the player will pass out wherever they are and can be treated to a number of different surprises when they wake up. (The 'worst' surprises won't happen until passing out for the third time.)

As usual, we've got a lot of minor improvements and miscellaneous additions such as the new rape scenes that can happen. It's been a rough month personally, but I'm still pretty happy with what we've got to show you in version 29. I hope you enjoy it!

Change Log

Known Issues:
1) In certain NPC interactions where they contact you, clicking the "send" button after the conversation is over will result in an error popping up. This won't break anything, and you can continue as normal. 
2) There may Bestybugs present in certain <<has>> macro uses he has created.
3) The comparisons for weekly changes in the end-of-week summary are pretty flakey

Words: 2,074,134   Characters: 12,429,975   Lines of Code: 189,561


  • Added the Bovinex Gene Therapy to the game.
    • Adds hucow ears and tail to the player.
    • Increases breast size and lactation ability.
    • Has a number of varying effects including nipple enlargement and sensitization, gaining certain kinks, libido gains, and minor fertility increases.
    • can be found at the Farm Coop Dairy
  • Added Mammarex transformative to the game.
    • Primarily increases breast size, can cause nipple sensitization, increase lactation training, and increase your bimbo score with enough use.
    • Becomes more effective at breast growth the more you use it, also causes more bimbo gain the more you use it.
    • Breast growth is primarily proportional to initial size, so characters with larger breasts will see more absolute growth.
    • Can be purchased from the Farm Coop Dairy
  • Added Teat Enhancement treatment to the game.
    • Gives larger hucow-friendly nipples and makes them more sensitive.
  • Modified Lactimax.
    • Growth amount is now more proportional to initial breast size.
    • Growth now increases somewhat with mulitple uses.
    • Lactamax can now cause risky kink and nipple sensitivity if used twice.
    • Libido can be increased if used more than 3 times
  • Added Lactation Training session to the Farm Coop Dairy to increase lactation training (this can normally be increased with milking).
  • Added much more detailed description of treatments and services available in the Farm Coop Dairy, including ad images for drug treatments.
  • Added 3 new scenes that occur when you are given Bovinex, Teat Enhancement, or do Lactation training at the Farm Coop Dairy.
  • Increased available lactation ability level to 6, for full hucow milk production. (The variable ranges from 0 to 6, 4 is the max level from character creation.)
  • New Lactation guide explaining how lactation in AW works in the game encyclopedia.
  • Numerous balance tweaks and fixes for lactation:
    • Lactation training will now properly increase
    • Altered rates and limits for lactation training with different pumps
    • storage capacity/production has been increased for higher ability levels.
    • other changes involving too much math to discuss...
  • New data validation added to Tits Class and certain other data objects.
  • Added Job-specific side images to job events.
  • Relabeled the button for the Cumming Soon Store in the medical district from "Cumming-Soon" to "Cumming-Soon Store" to make it more clear that it isn't a placeholder button.
  • Fixed Besty's TimeCock in date scheduling. Scheduled dates and hangouts should no longer disappear and do other random things.
  • Fixed the lactation training status display in the character menu.
    • Added a number value and better descriptive words
  • Added a bimbo and corruption status bar to the character menu.
  • Changed the Universal Bimbo Parser so that it replaces two and too with "to" instead of using the number 2.
  • Really big Institute B-Corps event has been added (the Seedbed event).
    • Includes 11 art images that go along with the event.
    • Includes a unique bad end depending on the player's choice.
    • The player must be at a higher rank/promotion level for event to trigger
  • Changed the Tingler App as planned to present random partners.
    • Lily is no longer always available from the Tingler App.
    • Women are now included in the list of potential partners.
    • Total number of available partners increased by 2 for more choices.
    • Added a Tingler App Logo, lol
  • Added the current date and time to the school pages and date scheduling pages, to make it a little easier to plan when to schedule a course or date.
  • Fixed Besty's fudged milk capacity and lactation values in predefined hucow NPCs.
    • Also gave them more reasonable breast sizes...
    • Gave Zoe "Cupcake" Kagawa giant teats to correspond with a job event.
  • Added the Dairy Hand job working for the Farm Coop
    • Custom descriptions, job wallpaper, job image, and event side image.
    • Includes 8 full-size daily-job-content items, the first full-sized ones in the game (2.5k words).
    • Three single job events (4.5K words).
    • Other standard job content such as custom tasks, hiring messages, etc.
  • Added Bukkake function to give the player a thorough bukkake!
  • Fixed bug where Besty failed at running sex system scenes at work. can now sex at work with confidence.
  • New location images for the Farm Coop map
  • Fixed bug where certain transformatives were not initializing from backward compatibility
  • Sleeping is now forced upon the player.
    • A player at home with max fatigue (0% Vigor) can now pass out and sleep normally with a minor mental state penalty.
    • Players still awake after 0245 will receive a warning message about being sleepy.
    • Players in their home and still awake at 0350 to 0400 will pass out and sleep normally with a minor mental state penalty.
    • Players outside their home at 0350 to 0400 will pass out where they are, causing some fun potential events.
      • Passing out in the street only allows the player to sleep for a couple hours, leaving them still very tired.
      • There is a negative penalty to certain mental statuses for passing out this way.
      • The Player may simply wake up unmolested or can have one of six events happen to them while they are passed out on the street.
      • Likelihood of more extreme events happening increases with the number of times you've passed out in the street.
      • Special Mermaid event can happen, involving being abducted for some interesting experimentation followed by an escape. This event has a low likelihood of occurring.
    • This fixes the "health decline" issue caused by constantly high fatigue levels.
  • The sex system has received some attention!
    • You can now have sex with the ladies.
      • There are currently no custom lesbian sex positions, so as a temporary measure you may "have sex" with them in a normal sex position... just imagine it as tribadism for now.
      • Women obviously won't ejaculate, and the sex scene won't be ended automatically because you can both keep going.
      • New action is available to end the sex scene in a friendly way once everyone has had an orgasm.
    • Doggy style sex position has been added
      • How was this overlooked in the first place?
    • Anal sex is now a thing, there are two anal sex positions.
      • The lubrication system has not been added, so the game assumes your ass is as lubricated as your pussy is. This is temporary, obviously.
      • NPCs can cum in your ass, but this doesn't necessarily mean they won't pull out and cum somewhere else such as your ass or groin...
      • Anal sex is significantly less likely to bring the player to orgasm.

  • Small events are everywhere now.
    • 5700 words, oh my!
    • These are small events that happens in all areas of the valley, you can check them in the main window right before the main location text.
  • 3 new BDSM sex actions! 
    • Not sure if usable right now though but you can try.
  • Cooking system properly works now.
    • 14 recipes ready to be cooked.
    • You can add additional ingredients like drugs to the dishes.
    • You can replace store milk with your own if you have some in the cryo container.
  • You can clean your clothes from wetness and some stains using action menu.
    • Effectiveness is not that good but it can help you to remove harsh contamination quick.
  • Some more older text were proofread.
  • New map for gov district.
    • Map passages will be added later but you can already look what area will be. 
  • Random raping can occur now in more juicy parts of the town.
    • 4300 words of various scenes including one assaulter, a gang bang and around 8 various endings. You can even shoot the bastard if you have the gun.
  • NPC display was updated to show normal parsed values instead of raw numbers.
    • Works for main body description as well as junk information.
  • A lot of stuff regarding date scheduling and other thingies was fixed!
  • A little event for Maid job (around 1000 words).

We hope you enjoy the release, thanks for your support!

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Hello everyone, it's time for another update on AW :D I'll start with some good news: I've fixed the issues with saving ...