Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Beautiful Palette


I don't know about you guys, but I feel like it's time for some more hucow stuff. Let's talk a little bit about where we're headed for the 0.40 release. Since it's a nice even number and divisible by 10, I'd like to make it as bug-free as possible. Of course, we'd be doing that anyway, but I hope to put in some extra effort to resolve everything erolichly possible. It'd really help us out if you could report any bugs you've encountered in the latest version. After all, we can only fix bugs that we know about, and deliberately testing all the possibilities for play would take ages if we tried to do it by ourselves.

Aside from exterminating bugs, our work this month is going to focus on two main areas. The first, of course, is going to be new content. We'll be adding new hucow content to the farm coop area, with some new encounters and ways to interact with the people there. We'll also be adding content to various other places (such as the resort area) and hopefully more interaction/conversation content with the main characters in Lily's lab.

The other area we want to work on is some improvements to our tutorials/guides and some outdated interfaces. We want to make all of the guides accessible at any time in the game, rather than just during the prologue or the first time you encounter something. We're also considering some sort of mechanics to help new players who haven't read the guides and are encountering some common issues. Most likely this would take the form of some tips or hints if certain criteria are met. There are also a few areas that would likely benefit from a soft barrier, such as warning the player before they go somewhere naked. The general idea is to provide some more polish to the existing systems while we continue to add content.

As far as code is concerned, outside marriage and married life (coming in 2021), most of the game's code is finished. Some systems still need some additional content, but the underlying mechanics are essentially complete. The largest "unfinished" segment is the general sex scene system, which needs to have support for multiple partners added, and a little more refinement of the AI and things like pregnancy risk, birth control, kinky things, and non-consent. We also need to continue expanding things like body portraits, both for females and for males as well. We'll be working on these things in the coming months, along with adding more content, of course.

In the near future, I'll be doing a pretty big survey to get everyone's opinion on several things. We need to see what sort of content you want more of, of course, but we also want to gauge what areas of the game feel hollow, what needs revision, and where the game's UI/UX needs polish or even revision to be more in line with what you'd like out of a "finished" game. Basically, it's time to create our roadmap for the final stretch to 1.0 in 2021. :D

Dev Team Update:

Besty seems to be feeling much better now and is back to working pretty much full time. He still has doctor appointments and tests to figure out some secondary issues that cropped up, but the worst part seems to be over. Thanks to everyone who sent him get-well wishes :D

I'll be closing on my new home in the states in a couple days, and all our stuff will be delivered the week after. From there it's the nightmare of unpacking, but at least I won't be living in a hotel room anymore. I can say that working in a hotel is far more difficult than I thought it'd be. Aside from the close quarters, interruptions, and distractions, there's just the fact that it's not very comfortable. Being in my own place will make it much easier to get things done, and hopefully will prevent my wife from asking me irrelevant questions about a TV show I'm not watching. Speaking of the wife, she's doing as well as can be expected, though it seems she is likely to end up with a permanent colostomy due to complications from her surgery. At least there are no signs of cancer coming back so far.

I think that's enough writing... See you with a new update next week!


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Hero Release - v0.39.0


It's been one hell of a month for the AW team, though to be honest it hardly seems like it's been a whole month since version 38. Mrs. Besty had to call him an ambulance this month, though thankfully he's on the mend and feeling better. I've been swamped with work while living out of a hotel room. Luckily it seems that we'll finally be closing on my new house next week, and I've got most of the fires put out.

At the beginning of this month, we spent a lot of time focusing on bugs, and we've continued to fix bugs even after the 38.1 release. I'm afraid that it's another month with a shorter-than-normal change log, though there's still a lot of new content in the game. We've got over 30,000 new words of content for you, with a lot of it focused on pregnancy, birth, and children. Things will be picking up again, and we'll be returning to our normal break-neck development pace soon. Besty is finally back to full time, and I'll be able to start dedicating more and more time to development tasks as things settle down here.

Version 39 is looking to be quite stable, as we've done some extended testing yesterday and today. Of course, please report any bugs you find! Without your help reporting bugs, we'd never be able to get them fixed!


Words:  2,582,406   (15,577,952 characters)

Code Lines: 204,323

  • New end-of-game system added to the game.
    • Displays the official ending to the game after sufficient progress in the main quest is made.
    • Currently has only basic content.
    • You can continue playing in a non-canon 'free mode' after the ending if you wish.
  • Expanded special component quests in the main storyline.
    • Includes new art for one outcome.
  • You can now visit your children in the government district.
    • Visit the creche to check out your crotch fruit.
    • Some activity scenes of visiting your children are now available.
  • The giving birth scene has been expanded
    • Now has additional content if you choose to call a friend or lover.
      • Unique content for couples as well as for Lily supporting you. A scene exclusive to spouses has also been created, but can't be viewed without artificially setting yourself married to an NPC.
    • If you call your lover when giving birth, there is extra content in the child naming scene. This is particularly true if the child obviously doesn't belong to them.
  • Additional pregnancy events have been added.
    • These will occur randomly while pregnant.
    • One arousal-based event is pretty large and allows you to contact a partner for some sexytimes.
  • A lot of bug fixing and some general polish has been done.
    • End-of-game statistics improvements.
    • Some editing and correction of content.
    • Some additional utility features (for writing) added.
    • Lots and lots of bug fixes (check out our Mantis bug tracking page!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2020



There are plenty of uniforms out there that could be made more interesting with some strategic changes. Besty and I probably would have enjoyed our recent trips to the hospital a bit more if the nurses all looked like this...

That'd just be impossible in practice though, sadly. Ignoring the fact that real people have varying levels of attractiveness, you're still left with something like a stripper hospital. Probably not the most reassuring place to be with serious health issues.

We're both okay, so no worries there. My wife had a CT scan done for an upcoming surgery and the radiologist noticed something strange in the images. One emergency ultrasound later, and we discovered she has a massive blood clot in her left leg. It's apparently something pretty common in people doing chemo, it's probably been slowly growing in her leg for nearly two months now. She's on blood thinner medication now, which seems to be the standard course of treatment. We just have to let her body dissolve the clot and hope none of it breaks off to cause havoc elsewhere.

Besty's trip to the hospital was about him, but out of respect for his privacy I won't share the details. Something painful and unpleasant, but not life threatening or long-term, he's already feeling better though. :D

We discovered that the 38.1 release introduced a new bug that causes problems when trying to have sex. I'm posting instructions on how to fix the issue below, until I can get a 38.2 build done. Life has been extremely hectic between living in an airbnb, working at a new job, medical stuff, mortgage/home buying stuff, trying to sell our old home, and of course working on AW... it takes some extra effort to squeeze in a new build.

For now we're going to keep plugging away toward version 39. I'm excited that we'll finally have something resembling an ending in this release, though it'll be lacking a bit in terms of content until we flesh out all the various pieces. 

Thanks as always for your support, it means the world to us, now more than ever. AW wouldn't be possible without you!


Sex Bug Fix for 0.38.1:

Using a text editor such as notepad, use find (ctrl+F) to find the following text:
(null!==aw.npc[e]){var t=!1;if(!1===aw.npc[e]!==aw.npc[e]!1!==aw.npc[e]

You can then replace it with this instead:

 (null!==aw.npc[e]){var t=!1;if(!1===aw.npc[e]!1!==aw.npc[e]

Then save the file and you're good to go!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Fresh Milk


So it's just a quick update today because today we're doing the first new incremental bugfix release. By waiting a few days, we were able to collect new bugs from version 38, get them fixed, and now have a more stable release for everyone. The new bug tracking software Mantis has been working really well for us to keep track of things. Odrson deserves a special thank you from us for helping us out with Mantis and bug reports!

As you can see, we've fixed a lot of bugs. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to report them!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

A Polish Erection


It's time for another update!

It's somewhat challenging to come up with post and release images that involve zero nudity, but it's pretty fun to find suggestive images that are still technically allowed. I'm not really a fan of the censorship stuff, especially when any public post is behind a "you must be 18 to view" warning. I mean, it's not like patreon is going to prevent teenagers from finding porn on the internet if they want to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In regards to "the crazy developer has moved back to the mainland" front, things have started to calm down a little. We have an offer on a house, and will hopefully find out soon if the seller will accept or counter. My day-job has everyone teleworking right now (except for a skeleton crew) due to covid concerns, which actually makes things much more difficult for me. I haven't even seen the servers or hardware I'm supposed to be in charge of, and VPN access is very limited. I see problems but have no way of fixing them yet... it's incredibly frustrating.

As far as the game goes, we're working right now on getting as many bugs as possible eradicated for a 38.1 release. The goal here is to get a nice stable base to start from for version 39 and the following versions. After that happens in the next couple of days, we'll start back in on the content expansion and starting to assemble the game's ending set up, specifically the programmatic portion determining the different pieces of the story to put together.

At this point, it probably won't be possible to trigger an actual ending, because the main quest isn't complete, but we'll see what we can do in terms of a demonstration. The writing isn't going to be complete, of course, so you'll probably just see filler notes like "joined-in on Marta's sexcapades". or "Befriended Dr. Titten" for the various things that can happen in the game.

One change we're going to make is a change to our release schedule for the various builds. This is partly because it's too damned easy to forget the date for the [patron]($1) and [public] releases, and partly to streamline how we do builds. We may start doing re-releases of the [backer] and above builds with bug fixes reported during the month applied, at the same time we do the standard new release. This will let players choose to play a more stable build, or try out the newest content.

The biggest impact this will have is that it will be slightly longer for the [patron] and [public] builds to release, 1 and 2 months respectively. These changes should make it a little easier on us, and also allows us to make releases a little more reliable. By using a git branch specifically for previous version bugs, we will also be able to improve quality as well.

That's it for now... as always, thanks so much for your support. We'll all keep doing our best to deserve it!


Monday, September 7, 2020

The Device Release - Version 0.38.0


I had to get a little creative with this month's release image due to Patreon's policy against implied/censored nudity. This month features some quests to obtain special devices for Lily's machine, so at least it's relevant. 

This has been a hell of a month for me, so I'm really putting a lot of trust in Besty and Anenn for this release. We had that fast-paced move where things were all happening at once, followed by a lockdown for our last week there that made everything 5x more complicated. There was a massive surge in covid leading up to that lockdown, and since the island only has 15 ventilators the situation doesn't look great for them.

Arriving in Minnesota, the weather has been beautiful, but there has been so much to do. We haven't had much luck on our house hunting yet, most of the available places sold shortly before we arrived. Between house hunting, and a million other little things that go with moving such as getting my wife's medical care reestablished, it's been hectic. Thankfully things should start settling down over the next month, and I should be able to get back to spending more time on AW and hanging out in Discord.

That said, there are still plenty of neat things to see in this release. There are 36 thousand new words of job content, that's about half of a YA novel. There are also special quests to obtain 4 unique devices Lily needs for her machine. These have all sorts of cool things in them, with different ways to approach obtaining them, choices to be made, and the potential for failure.

Thanks for your patience with me during this move, and thanks for your support of AW. Without you, it never would have been possible!


Words:  2,544,764 (15,259,630 characters)
Code Lines:  204,024

This month's list of changes is going to be a little more compact than usual. This is because developer effort has been more focused on writing, I haven't been as active/involved with everyone's work, and because I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like totally re-writing the lists from Besty and Anenn. The list will return to normal as life returns to normal.
  • The Poll Riders VIP client scene was redone.
    • It is now a unique written event rather than using the sex scene system.
  • New daily job content for the janitor job (Services Division) (320 words).
  • New daily job content for the massage parlor job (Fairy Tail) (110 words).
  • A new stage of the main quest has been added.
    • Quest is to obtain unique/rare components needed to complete Lily's machine.
    • Quest Into text (1250 words).
    • IR Field Coherer quest (2500 words).
    • Oscillator quest (1900 words).
    • Capacitor quest (1500 words).
    • Spectral Lenses quest (600 words).
  • New events for the game's jobs.
    • Two new events for every job, totaling approximately 36,000 words.
  • Some minor events for various classes at school.
    • They are small occurrences meant to spice things up a bit.
  • NPC Generator settings now persist between game sessions.
    • The settings are saved to the browser cache automatically.
    • If you wish to return to default settings for the NPC generator, use the "default" button in the generator settings menu.
    • These settings should be retained across future game versions.
  • A lot of bug fixing!
    • We now use Mantis Bug Tracker software which has been working very well to keep track of issues and help us get them fixed.
      • It's still new, so it's a learning process.
      • Some bugs that are fixed or partially fixed haven't been closed/updated yet, we'll get that done soon.
    • You can check out the bug tracker here.
      • You need to make an account if you would like to report bugs. 
        • The "real name" field is totally optional, and your email address can't be seen by other users. Your email address lets you keep informed about a bug you reported (if interested), but more importantly is useful in case we need additional info about your bug to fix it.
      • If you would just like to view the bugs, you can use the username: Guest with the password: Guest

Monday, August 31, 2020



Hello everyone, it's been a little while, hasn't it?

I was busy with the thousand things that need to be done when you're relocating, but now things have calmed down somewhat. It took about 27 hours of travel, but I made it to my new location stateside. It was busy the first few days as we got things established like transportation and cell phone service, but now things have started to calm down.

So here I am with a new update to the dev blog. To be perfectly honest, I haven't had the time to do much of anything AW related over the last week and a half, and when I did have some time, I was pretty much exhausted. That being the case, I haven't been following the work of the AW team very closely, so I don't want to start sharing previews into the next release just yet. One of my first things to do as I get back on the horse is to review the new work that's been done over the last several days.

Don't worry though, we coordinated everything beforehand so it's really just a matter of me catching up on everyone's progress. I can tell you that there should be a lot of exciting new content for the next release, particularly when it comes to the main quest and various jobs. We've also started using a new bug tracking tool, which should really help with tracking down and fixing our reported issues. 

A random photo I took while we were driving yesterday.

So in my last blog entry, I promised a look into what we'll be working on in AW over the next several months. I ended up getting busy a little sooner than I expected at the time, but now's as good a time as any, right?

The major thing we'll be working on over the coming months is wrapping up the game's story along with the main quest. Basically, adding an 'ending' to the game where the results of your actions and decisions are described. First, of course, is finishing the events of the main quest. Of course, we'll probably also add some minor content and missing items while we work on this, but the main focus is going to be the main story.

Afterward, our focus is going to shift toward finishing and polishing various areas of the game. Some areas need some more rounding out with content, and in general, there's a long list of small items we need to take care of. This ranges from adding writing to sex scenes to adding planned minor events and scenarios, as well as just putting polish on the rough edges of various systems. We also want to get the body portraits sorted out, at the very least adding skin color details.

Later on, we'll start some of our planned UI refinements and unification, to get the game looking as nice and polished as practical. We also have the big wedding expansion to work on to add marriage and married life into the game. 

As the AW Project has progressed, we've been able to get new developers working on things, and we've also been able to add bonus content from freelance writers and even some content submissions. We're going to continue looking at how we can get more bang from your buck. The world of AW is big, so I'm always happy to find a way to bring more of it to you.

I wanted to go into a little more detail about our plans, but time being what it is... I think I'll talk a bit more about the remainder of cursed 2020 in the blog post after our coming release.

Thanks for your support!


Beautiful Palette

  I don't know about you guys, but I feel like it's time for some more hucow stuff. L et's talk a little bit about where we'...