Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Records Release - v1.25.0


So immediately after I practically kill myself on version 1.24, and promise to be more reasonable... I went and set myself another crazy schedule. I think it sounded reasonable at the time, but of course, it ended up being a lot more work than anticipated... mostly because I saw stuff and was like, "ope, gotta fix that!"

So what we end up with is a massive expansion and improvement of some of AW's core systems. Fertility and Character Data are probably the biggest two, but of course there was more. NPC generation, new System State system, improved information, info displays, and even further improvement of the player character description. Also game saves, and all the work to maintain backward compatibility despite all the character data expansions and changes. 

I even took the time to personally test a ton of stuff related to the changes, so I know for a fact things are in good shape. And while I did that, I found plenty of behind-the-scenes issues that I fixed along the way. 

Unfortunately, I also got a hell of a case of influenza this month, courtesy of the whyf. I've gotten a flu shot every year for like 20 years now (except for that one year when I was living on the Arctic Ocean and fighting polar bears). This time, however, it seems like I got the one that the shot wasn't for, cause I had a high fever for 4 days straight. Lost about a week of development, all told. So I had to curtail some of the planned stuff because I just didn't have time.

Still, it's a hell of a release and I think a lot of you are going to appreciate it. ^_^

Of a particular note: I'm aware that the tentacle line of transforms are totally "overpowered". It's mostly for fun, but more importantly it's a way to get you guys to test the mutations and functionality it gives you by playing with it. I suspect that in the future it will become an unlock, a reward for completing the game AND the sacred knowledge storyline, or something similar. It'll stay how it is for a while though.

Which reminds me... I finally set up the long planned but never really implemented backbone of the unlock system. The general idea is that by unlocking things, getting Arcanist Points, and the like, you can expand your character options at the start of the game. An example would be getting a new mutation in-game from some drug, unlocking the ability to take that mutation during character creation. Now that I consider the persistent data reliable enough (system state system, heh) for people not to accidentally lose unlocks, we can start adding that in (slowly). 

Anyway, onto the change log. I'm coming up on 12 hours on this so far today, and there's a fuck ton to write still... I'm probably not going to cover everything, if I'm honest with myself...

Thanks for your support!


Change Log

Words: 3,513,692 (24,067,776 characters)
Code: 184,408 lines of TypeScript
Images: 3 new images each for PaperDoll and BodyPortrait
Tits & Testicles: Now up to 8.

  • Fixed custom clothing (incl. clothing mods) issue with custom paper doll images.
  • New System State System, brought to you by the letter "S".
    • Comprehensive system for storing data between games.
    • Utilizes both browser local storage and game saves to store timestamped data.
    • Upon loading the game or loading a save, incoming data is compared to existing (or default) data, merged to keep the most up-to-date settings and all the unlocks and similar.
    • System automatically resaves upon changes, keeping the data fresh.
    • Loading a save (probably from file, if there's no local storage data...) will automatically port over your data into the local storage. Use save-to-file and play on different computers with ease.
    • New section of system combined with new achievement and unlock code to expand the capabilities of those systems for use in their intended purpose, extra abilities, wider value selection, more mutations, and similar things unlocked for you to customize during character creation.
      • There's a start to actually adding these unlocks, but it's a work in progress. You may notice yourself unlocking mutations or gaining points, but you can't do anything with it yet.
    • Best attempt at rescuing Besty (litter box) achievement and unlock data. However, to import this data into the new system, you need to load the game on a browser that has the Besty data saved in the local store.
    • System stores the dreaded attraction preferences!
      • No more setting whether you like small or big tits each time you make a character!
    • System stores most of the settings available in game, like content preferences, or even new blocks for Besty Tutorial Popups so you don't have to see them every. new. game. 
      • So far only a couple of these, it seems he left them all over the place.
  • New Achievements. For example, knocking yourself up, or giving birth to 100 or more babies at once.
  • More game save data restructuring. No more save bloat as your game progresses. No more slowdowns when you've been playing for 9 game months.
    • For existing saves, you won't realize the benefits until after the weekly review, because that's where the fanciness is. (once per week optimization)
  • New Achievements/Game Stats pages, mostly looks the same, design wise, but with more data and word things.
  • Improved Game Settings page. 
  • Improvements to character menu status tab displayed information.
  • Improvements to the character details tab information.
    • Now selectively shows new information based on whether it is useful, such as penis color (for example).
  • Mutations encyclopedia further expanded with more details and now some images as well.
  • Thaum scribbled new images for the Hucow cock & balls transformation.
  • Thaum scribbled new images for horse cock and tentacle balls.
  • Character menu looks tab character description further enhanced, more content, better format, more hover popup pictures. Even tells you how plump your outer labia are (cool gif for max plumpness).
  • Temporary option in the character menu looks tab to alter colors of certain transformed items, primarily just as a way to demonstrate the new capability of body part colors. (in addition to types, more size info, etc)
  • For the Hucow Path, Doc Mya will notice a sufficiently virile futa player, and will offer her a chance to participate in a trial for expanding the Treatment for futas.
    • more fun dialog and such. 
    • Gives player option to participate in the trial, which has a couple benefits.
      • Prevents shrinkage, mutation loss, and sterility during the pre-Treatment and Treatment transformatives.
      • Gives the player the new "hucow penis" and "hucow testicles" transfoms, each of which have certain benefits.
        • The cock is also super long, with autofellatio basically an expected result. Unfortunately didn't get to write the autofellatio masturbation scene yet.
      • New art for what the bits look like, descriptive text, full parser support, mutation encyclopedia descriptions, and they're even displayed on the clothing Paper Doll and player Body Portrait.
  • More improvements to SugarCube, the Eropiler, and twee code linting.
  • Major character data expansion, class refactoring, new class methods, more data validation, etc.
    • Includes work on PC and NPC specific data, as well as shared data structure.
    • Added support for numerous transformations and details of character bodies. Feels suspiciously furry, especially the data about fur color or scales. Most key body parts can now have non-standard counts, types, colors, and other shit.
    • Added support for things that were never specified such as the plumpness of the labia majora.
    • Added support for a variable number of wombs of varying type, with womb class expanded for more functionality.
      • oviposition and other strangeness, normal human function, a range of positions from stomach to testicles or tits.
    • Added whole shared fluid track for fluid simulations (the rectum this time) so you can track semen and sperm in there.
      • All kinds of stuff related to fertility, but I'll cover that with the fertility system changes.
    • backwards compatibility for all this stuff.
    • Even more data validation and control to prevent undesirable outcomes and provide on-change or on-access functionality.
  • All new mutations are functional and obtainable, many old mutations now have improved functionality. 
    • cock and testicle size mutations now affect growth and shrink rates, for example.
    • New setup for dependent mutations caused by a specific body part. (another thing the new cock/balls types help demonstrate).
      • While tranformation, flag, bodypart type, whatever exists, it can automatically control whether a mutation is active or not, including removing it when the cause is lost.
        • Actually, the kinks on this aren't worked out, sometimes you end up keeping a mutation when losing the causing part... minimal game impact as you can't normally lose mutations during play anyway.
    • Omni-Womb mutation works, but has a tendency to cause you to give birth to little jellybean fetuses, or explode, so it's temporarily disabled until it works properly. (Only way for now to get this mutation is from cheats anyway.)
    • Some of the new mutations will need tweaks/balancing, so get out there and mutate yourself for science and report the results.
  • Expanded data output from fertility system and some character systems.
    • Tummy Hugger is now more cute.
  • Big Cheats expansion.
    • Whole new "Mutation" cheat menu tab.
      • Allows full control over your character's mutations.
      • Allows giving yourself transformatives (currently, give yourself the pre-treatment or treatment without being a hucow!)
      • Allows giving yourself some transforms such as the horse cock or tentaballs (and advanced tentaball transform)
    • Some tweaks and additions to other tabs too.
    • More data is available in the fertility tab, with better formatting and more readable/usable values.
      • Some of the older fertility cheats really only affect the original womb/s still, forgot about that.
  • New breast-shape calculations, intended to be more fun and predictable.
  • New breast shape added "buoyant", to represent a shape between hucow and large breasts more affected by gravity. Will probably also add a perky shape at some point...
  • New stuff as a follow-on to getting tentacle-type testicles, and some tweaks.
    • Initial volume increase to make volume line up with imagined starting size.
    • tentacle balls and/or equine cock images added to the clothing Paper Doll and player Body Portrait. 
    • I drew a really good image of an erect "Thaum-Style" human-horse hybrid cock. Image optionally comes with tentacle testicles. Now a visual reference.
    • Getting creampied by both the Tentacle and Horse wall cum at the same time (and not separately) will result in the player growing a tentacle tail.
      • Tentacle tail has another thaum image, is 36 inches long, with an 8-inch long tentacle/horse hybrid cock. 
      • Tail is connected to male fertility, so can impregnate.
        • Currently can only impregnate yourself, via masturbation (vaginal/anal) with your tailcock. 
      • Tail has something of a mind of its own, and likes to relax in one of your cozy orifices.
      • I forgot to add this guy to any portraits. /shrug
    • Tentacle Testicles now grow faster and shrink slower.
    • Letting your tentacle testicles get too big (525cc / 10cm [4"] diameter) can cause them to split!
      • Will turn a single testicle into two, or two testicles into 4. 
      • Splitting reduces the size of the testicles, but results in an overall gain to testicular volume for the purposes of sperm and semen.
      • Has another image of examining your new quadballs, along with a small scene.
      • If you increase to that size again, there is the potential to split again from 4 to 6 or 6 to 8. However, they will not split to these values on their own. 
        • The player is given an option during a short scene to either allow them to split, or stop them from splitting. Stopping them from splitting will permanently prevent them from doing so in that game, so choose carefully.
      • Honestly, I want to make a special variation of the Studfinder futa path where you kick ass and win thanks to your special upgrades. Just gotta find the time... or a willing writer...
    • If your tentacle testicles grow sufficiently in size (about 220cc, or 7.5cm [3"] diameter) the divine flesh will finish converting the rest of your abdominal organs into much better tentacle versions.
      • There's a scene for this, but no picture... not sure how to draw internal changes :P
      • Changes your vagina and anus/rectum into tentacle versions. Also several other organs (bladder, kidneys, bowels, stomach, liver), but that's behind the scenes in the fluff/descriptions for now.
      • Turns your womb and twin womb (enabling that womb if not already enabled) into tentacle type.
      • Adds two new tentacle wombs to your vagina for a total of 4.
      • Adds two new tentacle wombs to your rectum.
    • Tons of benefits and extra mutations.
    • Tentacle wombs give birth to live humanish young, as they are your (modified) DNA.
      • Now there's support for womb types that lay eggs, and oviposition in general if say a tentacle creature eggs you. This isn't specific to the tentacle testicles, I just remembered it right now is all.
  • Emergency Womb Burst Disable has been added.
    • Found in the game settings menu.
    • added because all of the changes to fertility could make it difficult for some players, especially before tweaking and balancing. The zygote implant bug being fixed will likely be a challenge for some.
    • Can not be disabled once used.
    • Using this setting disables achievements and unlocks for that save. It's no fair earning the "100 baby live birth" achievement if you can't accidentally burst trying to get it.
  • Womb burst calculations have been fixed, along with a bug in the impending burst calculations which thought you'd burst before the real threshold.
    • Fundal height has been removed as a factor in the womb burst bad end, as the actual bad end is caused by uterine rupture, and not total size. 
      • Otherwise, four normal pregnancy wombs that are totally safe could add up to too much fundal height and cause a bad end, particularly with pregnancy timing being more difficult to control.
  • Major fertility system expansion and refactor.
    • Improved semen and sperm simulation.
    • Additional shared fluid tract (rectal tract)
    • All wombs now have their own internal sperm simulations.
      • Womb A and womb B (the twin) now have independent fluid, and will not share an ovulation.
      • This was actually a good deal more troublesome than it sounds... but hey, the results are pretty awesome.
    • All wombs now have their own independent cycles for ovulation, and have their own ovulation calculations and randomization for determining when that is.
    • Added support for an infinite number of wombs in players and npcs. (well, at least, wombs until it's too much to process.)
    • Expanded semen characteristics and improved semen survival calculations
    • As originally intended, a womb will continue to ovulate until after zygotes have implanted and it becomes pregnant. A bug caused zygotes to implant the day after they were created, and it was never caught because... people probably thought that was expected.
      • Zygotes will now properly implant between 3 and 4 full days after they are fertilized. 
      • This is part of why the hyper ovulatory phase mutation was created. Don't know how I managed to break it and not notice for so long :P
    • PCs with advanced knowledge (tattoo, goddess, tentacle) will now be able to tell days until ovulation for all wombs, not just the primary.
    • character details now reveals womb information and their contents, however this doesn't respect whether the player knows they are pregnant or not.
    • Semen handling from creampies across the entire game has been improved. 
      • Includes deposit positioning, diaphragm respect, modifiers, new mutations, etc. 
      • started tracking sperm in the ass, that was a whole thing... there are probably a few places where someone cums in the player's ass and we don't add and simulate it... most probably a certain someone writing content and not using any of the easy code attachments to handle that stuff. Anyway, let us know if you spot one.
    • There's probably a lot more here I'm not remembering to write... in general, shit works better and is more capable.
  • Added a new random PC starting name I came up with. (the ones that are used before you select a randomizer)
  • Certain random creampies (that didn't, for some reason) now use the diaphragm, making it properly useful. Diaphragms might be the best form of non-IUD birth control in AW, due to a mixture of no side effects, generally high efficacy if used properly in-game, and inability for one of many things to break (condom) or counteract (hormone) them, and lack of effect on them by mutations and incidentals. Only downside is the need to regularly use and replace them.
  • NPC Generator was expanded to use mutations and certain other things added since it was created.
    • It still hurts my brain... the very specific timing of using interrelated variables for procedural generation... 
  • NPC settings now allow control of a ton of extra mutations for frequency.
  • New game setting called mutation booster, that can be used instead of or in addition to NPC generator settings to increase the number of mutations in the NPC population.
  • Made female npcs more bisexual. I think it was a typo, but waaaaaaaay too many were straight. What's an honest futa supposed to do?
  • Expanded NPC population caps. You can now keep a population of up to 400 npcs, and the default is 200.
    • Will make better results with them running around town.
    • Better data processes and saving we've done work on allows us to up the numbers easily without getting crazy saves.
    • If you drive a potato and run 400 NPCS, while totally possible, you should be prepared for more time spent on simulation during the overnight sleep screen.
  • plenty of other shit I've forgotten and didn't bother to write down. Probably not anything tooo important. probably.
Besty Items in his own words
- New card: Condom.
    > Is added to your deck by having any type of condom in the inventory at the start of the card game.
    > Can be played like any other item card. Can be used both on dick-bearing NPCs and futa PC.
    > Prevents the insemenation when cumming in penetrative sex positions (obviously).
    > Different brands of condoms and sabotaged condoms functionality will be added next month.
    > Known issue: currently you can put multiple condoms on one cock. This shouldn't affect the functionality but can cause some glitches if you try to remove one during the card game.
- Proper CG finish screen.
    > Includes more info on the results of the sex scene with a flavour text.
    > Will be expanded further along with the CG expansion.
- Sex effects calculations.
    > CG now affects the main gameplay e.g. having NPC orgasmed while your character was giving him a blowjob will result in proper cum consuption effects and body staining.
    > Various places for the jizz to land on or in with the effects in the main game.
    > No more "Each CG ends with PC getting creampied".
    > Proper post-sex arousal, stress, satisfaction and other calculations are implemented.
- New effects cards.
    > All of the main four drugs and various alchohol intoxication levels are affecting the CG now.
    > Also main and most game-affecting kinks effects were added too.
    > Not all effects stated on the effects cards are properly implemented yet, but thats a big pile of work and, at the moment of writing this I am not sure that Thaum has finished this chunk. He got too carried away with adding the important option to give births through the butthole lol. I already sprayed him for this and I hope he will dedicate some time to implementing the effects. If not, it will work in the next release for sure.
- Bonus round after NPC orgasm!
    > In previous versions if NPC came the game finished after his turn leaving player no option to play the orgasm card too which was kinda unfair.
    > Now you have one more turn to squeeze your own big O or play "Not done yet!" card if the NPC shoots his load.
- Dom and Sub cards were changed.
    > They will block NPC or PC from using items and not from playing pose cards now.
    > The previous version was just too imba.
- I also added the max Desire changing effects but not sure if they show properly now. It should be showing the right amount of Desire but I haven't tested it in all situations, so pls inform me if something is off. (like the meter refreshing only on the next turn and whatnot).
- Minor fixes here and there in the CG to make it behave and look better.
    > As always, we really appreciate your feedback on the card game, feel free to give your ideas and opinions on the CG in the dedicated channel on our discord server!

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Numerology Incremental Release v1.23.4


I am a nerd, and I couldn't resist making a special release to celebrate a coincidental number order. 

Partly, this is an incremental release from v1.23, with a extra helping of bug fixing. However, there's also some new content and stuff in here, unlike the usual incremental releases. Improved Tingler app, code for better texting display, breast images carefully selected to match breast size in game, a new hover window, and a new event where you explore the institute!

New Items

  • The Tingler app has had an overhaul!
    • Potential partners now more appropriately judge your appearance rather than just saying yes most of the time, with better logic for decisions.
    • New option to send a titty pic, instead of a full nude.
    • Both titty pics and nude selfies affect your odds of success, generally positively, but amount depends on your attractiveness and attributes. Sharing a pic of some beestings will probably hurt your chances.
    • Now makes better use of your seduction skill to seduce your target.
    • Futas are automatically revealed when sending a full body nude.
      • New really good selfie images for futa characters (4)
    • Futas can choose to reveal they are a futa or not when asking if they want to come fuck.
      • Now uses Coconut Brain™ AI system to determine if they're cool with fucking a futa.
        • Coconut Brain™ FutaLove module improved with better logic!
      • Discovery during a sex scene uses the same system, but being surprised carries a significant penalty. However, it's possible to play a sex scene and not reveal anything...
        • Could be a way to help boost your relationship before a reveal...
    • Titty pics use image that matches the size of your character.
    • No more clicking a bunch of times while using the app.
    • Some dialog improvements, just a few.
    • Selection of available NPCs is now much improved!
      • No more getting a permanent NPC by accident.
      • Ratio of male to female candidates now improved!
        • Gay guys aren't gonna look for women on the app.
        • Straight women aren't going to look for women.
          • Many Appletree ladies are bi, unless you change the procedural generation settings.
        • Something else I totally forgot, but it seemed really good at the time!
  • Improved the phone texting interface a bit.
    • Now has the option to auto-forward messages from the player without a click, while still having floating/moving message bubble effects.
      • Clicking for every message is annoying.
    • Was actually more troublesome than expected to do :P
    • Only the Tingler app makes use of it so far.
  • I bit the bullet and finally made a proper set of breast images matched to size.
    • Painstakingly crafted so that each image is properly sized to the in-game size and reality.
    • Steady progression of images through the most common sizes (at least one image per cup size, more at the smallest sizes).
    • 22 images ranging from flat-chested to hucow.
    • Image shows in your character description in the character menu when hovering over the word/s for your breasts.
    • During your character review after naming your character the images also show.
  • New hover text setup.
    • Macro usable anywhere in the game with custom text color to indicate the hover popup.
    • popup appears in bottom right or top left in self-scaling window so that it doesn't get in the way of the mouse cursor.
    • Full support for internal and external logic, allowing far more flexibility in content.
  • "Cock Info" section of character details tab of character menu has been improved.
    • Better display of information, more clear to prevent confusion.
    • Now includes volume.
  • Addition of info about the main quest components and how to get them to the game guide.
  • New activity when you visit the Institute via the world map.
    • Option to "explore" will be available at the main Institute location.
    • Player goes exploring the Institute campus. As you'd expect, this does not go well.
    • Images, fun status effect, sexy words.
    • Content in the spoiler below.

Bug Fixes

So many. There were a bunch of text fixes, so I won't include those.
  • Fixed error in the hover text over the "relationship ready to advance" checkmark icon in the dating system.
    • Previously, when dating and not yet exclusive, hovering over the "not ready empty checkmark" would say that the player is already friends with the NPC. It now correctly states the reason.
  • Futa Condom Bug! Previously, when using a condom as a futa in the full sex scene, it wasn't taken into account upon ejaculation. Furthermore, it wouldn't be removed at the end of the scene.
    • Sex system now removes any used condoms (gross)
    • Condom break check is now fully implemented, preventing insemination if the condom survives, along with appropriate text.
  • In certain situations at the end of a sex scene, the check for a diaphragm in the player's inventory could fail upon attempting to use it and cause a error.
  • Dom/Sub dating fix.
  • Exercise bike now properly accounts for chastity devices.
  • PC AI portrait option now displays with a default image if the player's choices don't fit the library of AI images, along with explanatory text.
    • Required some new code to advance-lookup images to make sure they exist.
  • Some other misc places where sex toys weren't checked properly.

Sunday, January 7, 2024

The Winter Release - v1.23


Hello everyone, I hope you had a nice (or at least tolerable) set of holidays.

For us, I guess you could say it was the normal mix of dealing with family members and all that. Personally, even though I took a "vacation" between Christmas and New Years, I feel more worn out now than I did in the middle of December... that's the holidays for you. =D

The first thing I have to share here is that things didn't exactly go according to plan this month. So, everyone gets paid vacation time of course, and this includes a yearly holiday vacation. Now normally I do the sane thing and just give everyone their own totally disconnected somewhat random tasks that they can go off and work on on their own. This way other team members being away doesn't get in the way of their work. This year, I really wanted to wrap up the Card Game framework and keep going on the Hucows... so I didn't do the sane thing.

So, here we are, working on some complicated stuff, with everyone leaving at different times to go on vacation. Sure, technically everyone had their own "piece" of the work to do, but they were puzzle pieces that had to fit in with all the others. Long story short... this wasn't exactly a big brain move. A good chunk of what we did this month isn't integrated properly so had to be left out of 1.23. Another chunk of stuff is untested and unimplemented, and we ran out of time to implement it, even if we said "damn the bugs, full speed ahead."

We definitely did better than the all-to-common "skip a release" or "do a release with almost nothing new" move that many crowd funded games do around the holidays... but it's still not our finest moment. Still a lot of new stuff, but not as much as I wanted. Definitely won't be trying this insanity again next year, that's for sure!

For the newer folks: I'm a crazy Erolich who makes porn games for some reason, so most of the money I get via our wonderful supporters goes straight to pay other people to help make porn games. The rest tends to end up with artist types, again, for porn games. This is a labor of love for me rather than a job or profit scheme, much to Mrs. Erolich's chagrin. I guess I'm like an obsessive hobbyist? 
Step One: Make porn games.
Step Two: People get horny.
Step Three: ???
Step Four: Eldritch Power!

What we do have for you is a solid improvement on the sex card game, with new mechanics, framework, and cards. We also have a new setup for player character portraits, allowing the player to select which kind of portrait they want, and even use their own by saving over an image in the resources folder. The way AI portrait images are handled was totally reworked by expanding AW-SugarCube for another resource pipeline. Loading times are significantly reduced as a result. In addition, we did a lot of work in the weeds with the portraits, so now pretty much every female NPC has an AI portrait. We also did a good amount of bug fixing, including the NPC suicide bug that has tormented us for ages.

I'm gonna get on to the actual change log before this headache gets any worse. Thanks so much for your support, it really means a lot to us.



Words: 3,438,044 (25,515,655 characters)
Code: 177,193 lines of TypeScript
AI Portraits: 3,562
What the Erolich got for Xmas: 2 identical pairs of jeans.

  • Fixed the cup size string so that it shows the player's real cup size, and not raw cup size.
  • Changed the text in character creation breast size so that it no longer shows the raw cup size string, because this just confused most people (understandably).
  • New effect framework added to the card game.
    • Allows wide ranging effects such as drawing a bonus card or gaining extra pleasure from a certain card to be easily implemented from a central location without adding new code all over the place each time we want an effect.
    • In terms of game design, it allows us to represent a lot of details about the character and situation without having to add a card.
      • Just adding cards bloats the deck, making balance and deckbuilding more difficult.
      • Cards are mostly optional, meaning the player can just not play negative cards that come from status conditions like being drunk or mind broken (for example). The same is true for the NPC.
      • Cards have a limited range of possible effects unless you want to start adding in code to other areas outside the card library, which is both a pain and prone to bugs. The effects system allows more effects and less bugs.
    • Currently there are 5 possible status effects, basically a limited sample. Effects are quite easy to add/define, and we hope to be able to use them for numerous aspects of the character and npc.
      • Some things will still add special cards, or do both! The effects system is more to add capabilities than change plans for some of the cool things already discussed.
    • Effect system has 32 effects programmed in, though not all are "hooked up" yet to the relevant code.
      •  Effects are: "startArousal", "maxArousal", "minArousal", "addArousal", "subArousal", "startOrgasm", "goalOrgasm", "addOrgasm", "subOrgasm", "startDesire", "addDesire", "subDesire", "maxHandSizeCap", "minHandSizeCap", "startHandSize", "addCardDeal", "subCardDeal", "addResist", "subResist", "stopResist", "blockCardDraw", , "blockPlayItem", "blockPlayPosition", "blockPlayKink", "blockUseItem", "blockCard", "blockBodyPart", "blockPoseType", "limitPlayItem", "limitPlayAction", "orgasmPerTurn", and "arousalPerTurn"
    • Effects have their own card-like items that can be viewed by clicking the "effects" button. 
      • The view shows both the NPC and PC effects at the same time.
      • The "cards" show an image and the details of the effect.
      • Hovering over a card shows what causes the effect.
  • Fixed some inappropriate text concerning exposure inserted by the enemy in some recurring conversation text. (various conversation tag content)
  • The hucow breeding cumflation event now takes into account whether the player is wearing a diaphragm or not, with different possible outcomes based on the age/effectiveness of the diaphragm and whether spermicide (or sperm helpers) were added.
    • The player is informed during hucow social content that a diaphragm is the best way to avoid getting knocked up while pregnant. This makes that a reality.
  •  Fixed the dreaded NPC suicide bug.
    • NPCs you have a relationship with will no longer be killed needlessly.
    • Came down to a minor value flip... never noticed it until I sat down and read through each step of each line of code. =P
  • Fixed an unrelated issue that could cause the total NPC inventory to swell very slowly with time, despite npc population limits.
  • New build of AW-SugarCube, the twine format we use (v1.17).
    • Allows use of local image files not stored in memory while maintaining the use of passage wiki notation and the special 'data-passage' html property. This keeps all forms of AW images interchangeable in the code.
    • AI portrait images are no longer stored in the browser memory.
      • Tiny decrease in amount of browser memory.
      • because local file access requests are limited to just portraits, the speed of image display and passage change is not affected. (the whole reason we load images into memory in the first place is to avoid this portion of the "chuggy" nature of other twine games, particularly because we utilize far more images than found in other twine-based games.)
  • Image loading process has been sped up.
    • Partly by optimizing load process.
    • Partly by allowing some images to continue loading after finishing the loading screen, thereby reducing perceived loading time.
  • You can now choose your player character's portrait!
    • There are 5 options presented to you when making a character in a new portrait selection page that appears after the physical review page when making a new character.
      • AI Portrait: using the stable of AI generated portrait images we've built up.
        • Selects image based on race, skin color, eye color, hair color, hair length, & age.
        • Female NPCs will not use the AI image that is selected for the player, no doppelgangers!
      • SVG Portrait: The system we've been using up until now that updates regularly and displays a simplified character portrait based on several traits.
      • Custom Portrait 1, 2, or 3.
        • A selection of animated portraits with blinking, breathing, or boob shaking.
        • These portraits can be easily replaced with an image of your choosing, without bothering with an AW image mod. (Instructions in the game.)
        • Once you choose an option (1, 2, or 3) that is the option for the rest of that game. Otherwise it defaults to 1 if you choose later in the game settings menu.
        • Multiple options are there so you can have custom images for different characters you want to make, so you can change between saves/playthroughs without changing images each time. 
    • The choice of portrait can be changed from the game settings menu at any time.
      • For users playing a save from an older version:
        • The custom option will default to 1.
        • The AI option will show an easter egg portrait. :D
      • The portrait won't actually update to the new one until you move to a new location, because of the way portraits are loaded/handled.
  • Card Game Stuff!
    • Default orgasm points number was changed from 9 to 13 to make the game a bit longer and prevent the "You were standing in front of each other saying something sexy and occasionally fapping until you both came" situation. Optionally, you can change it back to 9 or 21 in the CG settings menu (it only affects the next CG sex scenes, not the one you are playing already).
    • Action delay option added. You can choose a pause between NPC's actions so you can see better what they are doing now. Changeable in the CG settings menu.
    • Desire mechanic. To make the game a bit saner we introduce the "Desire" points. You have 3 of them and they are spent on every action. Desire points replenish every round but they force you to think more strategically and remove the insanity of doing a long string of nonsense actions on the same turn. Also, note the cool violet flame animation!
    • Lesbian sex added. It is a major change to the system which affects a lot of mechanics. To my surprise, I noticed at the last minute that it seems to work with futa NPC too. Sex with futanari partners is not tested though and can result in some errors. Lesbian sex should be stable.
    • Card removed: Cunnilingus. This is a temporary solution, we probably will make some changes to the system next month so the same pose cards can be played "in two ways" via the menu, i.e. "Would you like to be a top or bottom partner?". For now, I replaced it with two different pose cards as a workaround.
      • There is an ongoing design debate about card targeting. if a single card should be usable for either character, like items, or if there should be two cards that are specific to the pc or npc that should happen for each action that could have two targets. Chime in on discord!
    • New pose cards: Cunnilingus top, Cunnilingus bottom. Pretty self-explanatory, basically the old Cunnilingus pose card just in two variants so you can choose who will be the top in the lesbian sex.
    • New pose card: Sixtynine. The system considers it as a universal "oral" pose so you and your partner can use any oral action cards while in this position.
    • New pose card: Scissoring. A sex card for females. Basically, most of the sex-related action cards can be used in this position but I could miss something so if you notice some weirdness please write us about it!
    • New action card: New action card: Not done yet! You can use it right after your orgasm if you want to continue sex and go for round two. For now (since the player's turn is the first in the round) you can't play it after NPC came. Probably will change that later.
    • Suck Clit. Basically a Suck cock card, just for the lesbian sex.
    • New item cards: Cuffs and Buttplug. You can apply them and other items to yourself or your partner. You can buy both at the "Prude" shop in the adult district. Items now properly restrict the body parts they are put onto\into.
    • Coconut Brain (AI) was tweaked and expanded to make it behave in a predictable and sane fashion. NPCs now have their motivation levels working properly (e.g. won't play cards they don't like) and generally act in a way more fitting their kinks and traits.
    • Tutorial was updated to reflect the changes.
    • A new system to handle the click blocking will (we hope) result in more stable behavior of the CG system. (on-off toggle setup for html click handlers)
    • As always, a rapid development of the CG requires a lot of testing and we would be happy to hear your suggestions and feedback on the new mechanics and AI in our discord server!

Sunday, December 10, 2023

The Big Deck Release - v1.22


Wow. It has been a hell of a month. Had two different sets of family staying over, and of course the fun of  everyone getting covid. I put in a crazy amount of "overtime" over the last two weeks in addition to my normal schedule in order to catch up, and now we have a solid release for you. (I am SO tired.) 

We've got a significant amount of new hucow content, built for the day-to-day events that happen at the job along with other hucow love. We've finished up the female NPC portraits, baring any tweaks we may need to do later, and made some other improvements like reducing the initial loading time. Finally, we've added a lot to the card game, from improving the sex scene selection menu, to adding text content to each card. There are new cards, a couple examples of character-specific cards, and two new card types (items and kinks). The enemy AI is significantly improved as well, and now chooses what card to play rather than just playing one at random. We even added a card viewer to the character menu and game that shows you all the cards in the game, and the ones that will and won't be in your deck. It's the baby of the light deckbuilding system we'll have.

Note: we're planning for deck building to be fairly optional. You'll be able to play the game fine without it. Though your actions may get a bit erratic as your deck gets bigger and you have more cards, you'll still be able to win. What the deck building will let you do is disable cards so they don't appear in your deck. This will let you focus your actions towards the kinds of activities you want to do (and yes, make your deck more competitive). Of course, some cards you won't be able to disable...

Oh yeah. We also added a "Milk Yourself" card, because we thought it would be fun with hucows and all. Right now it's just the basic card though, not the improved versions for mutations. Any lactating character can use it.

For the next release we're planning to work more on the mechanics side of being a hucow, specifically milk quotas and paying of debt. I'd also like to start some of the storyline events, and possibly start adding in transformatives for the hucow optional treatments. We'll also keep working on the card game, rounding out the functionality and capabilities so we can start fleshing out the card library.

Our dev cycle for version 1.23 does happen over the holidays, so as usual we won't have quite as much work time because everyone gets a week off. It's hard to get work done anyway during the holidays, so might as well focus on enjoying them... or at least limiting the stress. 

We hope your holidays are enjoyable and as stress-free as possible! Thanks for your support!


Change Log

Words: 3,403,877 (23,211,802 characters)
Code: 171,387 lines of TypeScript
Portraits: 3,418
Cards: 39
I am having a hard time at this writing thing, so gonna pass out once the release is out. Please forgive the brief or cryptic descriptions I will undoubtedly make.
  • Improved hucow job task resolution.
  • Large hucow daily-event expansion. 
    • Daily events are events that happen every day while a hucow when there isn't a more targeted condition-specific event that takes place. They explore life as a hucow, and also operate mechanics related to your cow performance. 
    • Different types of events have better explanatory text in dev comments, and a number indicator for which scene it is. (i.e. "[2 of 20]")
    • lots of images added.
      • images of coop personnel, scene-specific images in AW fashion, etc.
    • If you get a punishment outcome for the day, you will now receive an actual punishment, which will have various effects on your character. 
      • Several more events are planned, only one added for now to make it functional.
      • Added "Deepthroat Training" punishment scene.
        • Doses you with shorter-duration compound eta (oral consumption)
        • Bloats your tummy with cum.
        • Fun scene.
    • If you get an experimentation outcome for the day, you will now participate in an experimental type event where the coop tests something on you. Effects will range from very good to quite bad, though the bad effects depend on your perspective...
      • Currently only one 2-part event with multiple potential effects, but more are planned.
      • Added the "Cock Eclair" experiment scene.
        • Scene is two parts. The first involves eating a cock-shaped eclair, which they use to test a new compound on you and a couple other cows.
        • The second part is the outcome/effect of the compound they tested on you. 
        • There are six outcomes with a random chance of occurring. 
          • 3 outcomes are some level of good including udder growth and bonus milk production.
          • 1 outcome is a fun scene where you have an itsy-bitsy seizure and resulting vision/hallucination. The bad outcome.
          • 1 outcome that is mildly bad/inconvenient that includes a wet hucow thigh gap.
          • 1 neutral outcome.
    • If you get a "Cowing" outcome for the day, you will experience a look at activities that you do during an average day at the Dairy, including taking classes, exercising, and a number of other things. This reveals more about being a hucow, hucows in general and the general setting, and some other fun stuff. 
      • Currently has three large events, a series of classes prevented by a friendly milkmaid named Sara.
      • Each event has a different theme/tone, and generally focuses on hucow teats or the milkmaids themselves. 
      • One of them contains some Thaum doodles :P
      • Explains why hucow teats are so sensitive/orgasmic, and some other lore stuff.
    • If you get a "Social" outcome for the day, you will experience an event with other hucows in a social setting at the Dairy. These start of short and light hearted, becoming longer and more relevant as you move through the list of events. These give you helpful hints for content/characters, and also give tips to achieve certain kinds of objectives. They also reveal more of the setting through the perspective of hucows themselves.
      • There are 16 events, 11 (or 12?) of which are new to this release.
        • If you load a save, you may have to "wrap around" past the older events to see all the new ones.
      • Some events contain choices that will impact your standing with your fellow hucows, but not in a dramatic way (you won't suddenly be hated/loved).
    • Job event tester has been expanded to support these events for our testing purposes. Players with the Elite build ($20 supporters) can play all these events (and all the other job events) quickly from the new game menu.
  • Sex system initial menu has been redone/improved. Now is more clear about selecting your desired sex system (sex scene, quick sex, card game) with information about each.
    • A standard sex scene with tutorial is no longer required before seeing this menu the first time.
    • Choosing the card game sex will now launch the tutorial the first time you play the card game for each game/player character. It can still be closed easily.
      • This is because the surprising amount of feedback from players saying they didn't understand how to play or what the objective is, despite a big "tutorial" button, lol.
  • The female AI portraits library is now done, barring a future expansion with more traits represented. 
    • Info: We will give the player the option to use a selected portrait based on their character after character creation when they start a new game, but unlike the svg portrait, the static portrait will not change with the character. Probably in v1.23 release. Next up will be male NPC portraits most likely.
      • Big thanks to Cowbot for helping to make all these! 3,418 unique images!
    • Players who load existing games may still have female npcs using the svg portraits. This is because portraits are determined when the npc is generated.
  • The way images are loaded into memory when the game is loaded has been changed. The game now proceeds before portraits are loaded, while they continue to load in the background. This will reduce the effective loading time.
    • We will probably change the way resources are handled for portraits specifically in the future to further limit load times and allow us to use the background loading for more resources.
    • The new setup I have planned should also reduce memory usage, but not dramatically. Performance gains are performance gains though.
  • I did a lot of coding stuff for the card game to make it do things in a sane way. Most of you probably don't care, and I don't feel like trying to explain. That said, stop by the discord and we can talk about it if you're interested, or someone can point you to a previous explanation, whatever works. 
  • Besty was kind enough to explain new features of the Sex Card Game:
    • New kink cards mechanic: You can play kink cards now which affects you and your partner. More details on it you can find in the in-game tutorial (Tutorial button in the card game screen)
    • New item cards mechanic: You can play item cards and choose who you want to use the item on. Item cards are obtained by getting the items in the game. More details are in the same tutorial.
    • The total amount of cards is 39 now
    • New action cards: Deepthroat (Available to the characters with oral kink), Milk yourself (Available to the lactating characters), 3 dom actions that you can get in your deck by playing the "Dominant" kink card, 3 sub actions that you can get in your deck by playing the "Submissive" kink card.
    • To make it more versatile we introduce a new "Second Thought" action card. It discards all your current hand and deals you 5 cards from your deck. A good way to get rid of the useless cards.
    • New item cards: Gag. We will add many more next releases, it took quite a bit of time implementing and testing the mechanic so it is a proof of concept now with just one card. You can buy a Ball gag at the "Prude" shop in the adult district.
    • New kink cards: Dominant and Submissive. Both affect the scene heavily causing various new mechanics to shine - adding cards to the deck, drawing a random one, and many more. We will add more kinks and eventually cover all existing character's kinks in the same fashion.
    • New deck view screen where you can look at all the cards that AW has to offer including the ones not available to you yet. This makes it easier to know how to get more cards to your deck (hovering the card will show you the info on obtaining it) and eventually, we plan to introduce the real deckbuilding mechanic which will allow you to remove and add cards to your deck forming a perfect deck to fit your desires.
    • Coconut Brain AI was heavily expanded. Frankly, it was just a randomizer in the last release and was not intellectual at all. All it cared about was following the rules of the game. Now, its capabilities are much more. Using a system of tags and general goals it does its best to play in a coherent fashion following objectives and utilizing cards in a sane fashion. This should result in various NPC playing in their own style which reflects the specific set of kinks and traits they have.
    • The tutorial for the card game was updated to reflect new additions.
    • New "Settings" menu regarding important card game options.
    • Following your suggestion we implemented two blocks with texts reflecting card that was played in a standard style. This connects the mechanistic style of the card game with the in-game chain of events and adds "more sex" to it. You can see the small display\log in the upper left corner of the CG screen and the bigger screen is shown at the end of every round (though you can hide it or just disable it in the CG Settings).
    • More nice animations and effects!
    • The starting hand size is limited based on the character's kinks: Liberated makes it 6 while Shamefeast can only have 4 cards on her hand. The standard is still 5. 
    • Max hand size is 8 from now on. If you somehow dealt with more cards than your max hand size it will burn, muahaha.
    • Rapid development of the CG requires a lot of testing and we would be happy to hear your suggestions and feedback on the new mechanics and AI in our discord server!

We hope you enjoy the release!

The Springtime Release v1.26

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