Monday, January 17, 2022

Vote Early Vote Naked


So it's finally time to decide what we start working on after next month's 1.0 release. It's really exciting because there are so many things that we wanted to work on, but haven't been able to because we were trying to stick to an initial scope and development timeline for the game. Now that we've reached the initial goals of Accidental Woman with over 2 million words of content and a robust framework, we can finally have an opportunity to add some of the things we've wanted to add. That's where you come in. As our supporters that have made AW possible in the first place, we want you to set our course for what to expand upon going forward.

Back in the fall of 2021, we did a poll to gauge interest in different expansions.

See the posts "Poll Time" and "Hot Work" for details.

This has allowed us to take a deeper look at the possibilities for the top options and present that information to you to make a more informed decision. We also know that there isn't going to be a 100% consensus on what we should work on, but we plan to continue working on expansions for the foreseeable future. We'll be having a vote before we start each new expansion, so if your favorite choice isn't chosen immediately it could still be chosen the next time. We hope you'll continue to support us even if your favorite item isn't our first expansion project! 

The Options:

Futa Player Expansion

This is probably one of the most-requested items since we've been working on AW, and one that we've been very interested in ourselves. The basic premise is to add the ability for the player character to be a futa. This opens up a lot of possibilities in play, but also requires adding a lot of new content. While a lot of code for things like generating semen, ejaculating, and impregnating NPCs has already been made, there are also some things that will need code to be written, such as controlling the player character's erection and modifying the sex scene system.

Timeline: 12 months.
  • All existing scenes/events/scenarios will be revisited and modified to support the player character having a cock. This modification can take a number of forms depending on the type of content.
    • Involving the cock in a scene in a minor way, while still maintaining the general flow of events. This is most likely for male/female penetrative scenes, and other scenes where it's unlikely you'd have an opportunity to use the cock (such as the progenerate job insemination scene). This will necessarily vary a lot on how much play is involved, but will typically result in the PC ejaculating if they orgasm in the scene.
    • Changing the scene to have the player character use their cock in the scene. This will be much more likely where the scene involves a female/futa NPC, but could also happen in scenes where the PC is very dominant. 
    • Acknowledging the existence of the cock in scenes where it would make sense to do so. This could be in terms of NPC reactions (during prostitution or stripping, for example), or in the player's own approach to activities.
    • Adding choices to certain scenes where the player could choose to use one or the other genitalia (or both). This includes things like masturbation or encountering a glory hole.
    • Modifying the main story somewhat to acknowledge the futa possibility, particularly in regard to the possibility of impregnating Lily.
  • The sex scene system will need to be modified significantly:
    • Have some new player and NPC actions added to support the presence of a cock, and will need to have a lot of content to describe them.
    • Sex positions where the player character is doing the penetration.
    • A whole set of mechanics for condoms and PC ejaculations, as well as insemination of female NPCs.
  • New code to support the existence of a cock where required.
    • The player's ability to achieve an erection. We plan to be generous when it comes to being able to achieve an erection (it's Appletree, after all), but the player may be having dry orgasms if they go too hard.
    • Enabling existing male mutations to be selected by the player, along with the ensuing requirements.
    • Adding a basic ability to grow/shrink/modify the cock and balls similarly to what is possible with transformatives or medical procedures currently.
    • Adding more control over male fertility characteristics for the player character.
    • Several minor things, including things that haven't been foreseen or have been forgotten. One example here is clothing exposure due to a bulge/erection.
  • Changes to menus, options, and displays in order to support being a futa. This is a pretty wide range of things, including everything from character creation to displaying your erection status in the phone display.
  • New interactions surrounding pregnancy, such as receiving a text from someone you impregnated, and additional relationship content for lovers you get pregnant.
This is only a basic list. There are going to be a lot of things to deal with because this is by far the largest expansion option.

Useful information:
  • The player will always be treated as a female, just like other female-type futas in the game, including the use of pronouns (sexual situations can obviously have the PC take on a masculine role). Basically, the player will be a woman that happens to also have male junk.
  • We plan on allowing the player to forgo testicles old-hentai-style, but due to our detailed fertility simulation mechanics, this will have a negative effect on the PC's male fertility.
  • Due to personality, Lily is still going to be taking the dominant role in your relationship with her, whether just-friends or otherwise.
  • Most NPC's behavior won't change just because you have a cock, Appletree is a very accepting place. Certain NPCs may love it, but some may hate it.
  • Impregnating NPCs is unlikely to have a significant or negative impact on the player, because of the game world's setting.

Transformatives Expansion

This expansion covers four main groupings of new content related to the theme of transformatives. First, the creation of more story content related to experimentation and access to experimental drugs. Second, the addition of support for more robust "animal girl" transformations beyond simply adding ears and tails. Third, adding new mutations and status effects from these transformatives along with the code to support it. Most inspired by animal girl traits, but some more general in nature. Fourth, the creation of a variety of actual drugs/transformatives and other processes to unlock transformations.

Timeline: 6-9 months (partly based on how much we add)

  • New story content related to gaining access to new transformations.
    • Some content will be as an experimental subject at the employee enrichment center.
    • Some will involve a research center selling experimental substances as a "beta". These would likely be the safest and most basic items.
    • Some will be specific events and opportunities spread out around the world, typically these would be the more rare/complex transformatives. Additional hucow transformatives, for example, would probably remain with the Farm Coop.
  • New events for those who are sufficiently transformed. If you're walking around as an animal girl, most people won't care, but some people may ask you about it, or some weirdos may follow you...
  • New mutations and status effects coded into the game system to support a wider range of transformative effects.
    • The mutations won't be available at character creation.
    • These may modify existing mechanics, or cause new effects.
    • An example of a new status effect is being in heat or having an estrus. These status effects would appear like other status effects and have corresponding effects.
    • An example of a new mutation would be one that causes you to go into heat at a time timed with your monthly cycle.
    • An example of a new mechanic is being "unable to resist" which may come into play when in heat.
  • Support for new status effects, such as going into estrus and being "unable to resist"
  • Expansion of the data structure in player and NPC objects to allow storing a wider range of characteristics and transformation status. This includes having a wider range of possible values, as well as additional values.
  • New descriptions/parser output to support totally new variables (such as vulva puffiness or color), and a wider range of variables.
The initial transformatives expansion could be followed up by a second expansion at a later date that adds more animal girl types, more world reactions, and more drugs/combinations without requiring as much coding.

Useful Information:
  • We don't have all the details planned out for the specific transformations/mutations/etc. We would depend on your feedback for the kinds of things that we add.
  • Animal transformations are going to be limited to the more standard anime animal girl (beast folk) type transformations. Ears, tail, skin color, & hair color, and perhaps some genital/breast changes/effects/coloration. We're not going to go full-furry or even things like centaurs where the primary body shape changes, because of the amount of work involved.
  • We will probably add the ability for NPCs to have the transformations at a low rate (controllable in settings) but will not have any effects for them beyond appearance and existing controls. (existing controls example: raising fertility, size, and ejaculation amount for hucow bulls)
  • While we can easily add a number of different animal variants, the amount of special effects/mechanics/mutations will be limited due to time. 
  • Animal-type transformations like special ears will be mostly vanity items beyond the extra effects. We won't be adding special sex actions where the NPC rubs your ears, and you shouldn't count on new scenes involving them unless we get writing submissions (for example a lover brushing your tail).
  • Portrait images are unlikely to change in a significant way.

Sex System Expansion

This expansion will focus on improving the sex system, which a major code revision, new actions with corresponding descriptions, better support for additional activities like sex toys, overhauled AI, improved scene ending setup, and support for things like threesomes and foursomes. For the most part, this is a very mechanical expansion and will involve more coding than adding new content. The system itself is inherently limited by the design decision to allow mods to ingest new actions and text, which forces certain design decisions and makes more realistic behavior difficult. We would remove mod support as part of the code revision, allowing us to make those improvements. Since nobody has ever even expressed interest in creating a sex mod to add more actions/positions/etc, this probably won't be a noticeable loss.

Timeline: 6 months. (+?)

  • Code revision to improve how the sex scenes work and make them more predictable/reliable in terms of behavior.
  • Add a limited set of new actions, mostly related to additional NPCs in the scene.
  • Add situations to the game where you can start a sex scene with more than one NPC.
  • Add support for additional NPCs in a scene to do things, such as using one of your available orifices.
  • Overhaul the way the AI works so that it has more dominant behavior, and add support to allow better transitions between actions/activities, rather than limiting NPCs to a narrow range of possible actions.
  • Change the way that sex scenes end so that it's not based on the NPC reaching orgasm.
    • It will likely include a fatigue component with starting potential based existing energy system.
    • Will allow NPCs that are capable of sex multiple times in a row to do so.
  • Add support for consequences of too many orgasms, as well as better support for going unfulfilled.
Useful Information:
  • This is the most technically complex expansion on the list. It's been literally years since I wrote most of the code in the system, so there will be a bit of a re-learning curve in our work.
  • We won't be able to make regular releases while working on this, because the system simply won't work for most of the time we are working on it. We would just be doing bug-fixing releases during most of the expansion period.
  • This won't involve much in the way of new content for the game. For the most part, it's just going to make the sex system (which is somewhat deficient) work better. The sex system isn't a huge part of the game though.

Hucow Expansion

This is a tricky but fun expansion that has the goal of allowing you to live as a full-time hucow. It's also a bit different from the other options because rather than expanding the main game or making it better, it will focus on adding a sort of "side path" or a different way of playing that doesn't have much effect on the main game. That said, being a hucow is a pretty sexy experience, and we have some ideas of how to blend the hucow life with the larger AW experience. Despite the tranquil and hedonistic lifestyle of the typical hucow, you'll still have to meet certain story objectives while satisfying your massively increased libido and beating the clock when it comes to regular milkings. While it's not difficult at all in terms of code, it will be quite difficult to do in terms of game design.

Timeline: 9+ months


  • Expansion of the Farm Coop area, particularly the hucow dorms, barn, and dairy.
  • New initial game content.
    • Hucow route is unlocked, and then becomes something you choose when starting a new game.
    • New prologue story changes where you end up accidentally becoming a full-time contracted hucow against your will.
  • Alternate main story content where you're primarily looking to escape your situation before you lose yourself.
    • New/altered prologue
    • New game ending
    • New story objectives.
  • New setup for meeting story objectives similar to how Lily's lab functions.
  • New mechanics for milkings and life as a hucow.
  • Blocking off several options in the rest of the game because you're a contracted hucow.
    • No getting body modifications to shrink those udders!
    • No moving to a different home or changing "jobs"
    • etc.
  • Implementing new "personality" stat (name tbd) that you lose from failing to meet expectations at the dairy, getting pregnant, and other things. 
    • Losing all of this stat results in an ending where you live happily as a hucow and never escape, a not-so-bad bad end.
  • Adding new methods of tracking arousal and sexual need that line up with your new modified hucow status.
    • Penalties for not taking care of them, such as temporarily losing control of yourself and doing things that harm your personality score.
  • Lots of new scenes required
    • Getting fucked by bulls (unintentionally and intentionally)
    • Getting milked.
    • Interactions with fellow hucows and hecows
    • forced hucow treatments to turn you into a hucow
    • Punishment treatments to make you more docile/into a better hucow.
    • Hucow activities, particularly in the dorms and the barn.
    • Player character reactions.
    • etc.
  • Creating a new system of hucow transformations and growth that match with being a hucow (both in the game lore, and thematically matching the main story elements of resistance).
  • Other things that will likely be necessary but that we're currently unsure of.
This is definitely the expansion that I'm least sure of, mostly because it's such a departure from the main game. It's also difficult to build an experience around a setting that is typically very repetitive (and thus has a high potential to be boring). Adding in the "trying to resist" theme, and the mechanic of needing to satisfy your needs, maintain your sanity/personality, and meet story objectives to get help escaping is meant to help accomplish that... but it's uncertain how well it will work, and we'll likely need to add in ways to speed up time so the game moves faster.

Useful Information:
  • This expansion has the highest potential for the scope to balloon, and for the timeline to expand.
  • This might be a story that ends up being a lot of fun to "lose".
  • This expansion will provide a scenario that is dramatically different from the standard AW experience, so it won't just be "AW, but you're a hucow".
  • I most likely wouldn't have added this as an expansion option at all if it hadn't been so commonly requested during AW's development.
    • Because it could probably be better as its own game, just borrowing some of AW's simulation source but changing the main game loop.

Career Expansion

This expansion focuses on adding the mid to late game story and more promotion levels to the game's jobs, as well as the already-designed additional job minigame mechanics for the three Institute jobs and Progenerate Technologies job. The main objective here is the expansion of content, but the addition of mechanics to have subordinates and make difficult/morally complex decisions is also something I've wanted. The original plan was for your actions in the later stages of each job to have more to do with the world and the story's outcome. 

Timeline: 6 months.
  • Additional job event content for each job in the game.
    • Including one-off events and event chains.
  • Additional promotion levels added to jobs.
    • The "Unskilled" jobs like stripper, masseuse, and cashier won't be getting much in the way of new promotion levels.
    • Main jobs will transfer to their next phase, with several more promotion levels.
    • Other jobs like dairy farmhand and maid will receive more promotion levels but no new job phase.
  • New minor mechanics for each of the main jobs in their second phase.
  • New story content where you transition to the next phase of your job.
  • New bad ends for jobs if you make the wrong choices. 
  • New minor events that happen in the world that are related to your job, and the decisions you made (for 2nd phase only).
  • New end-of-game content where you learn more about how your job effect's your life afterward (ranging from "no impact" to "changes the whole course of your life")
  • Probably more job simulator references and crazy Institute stuff.
 Useful Information:
  • This is one of those things that I think will make the game more enjoyable. Currently, you can get through most job content in only a few months of in-game time, depending on the job. While a big part of a job's purpose is to accelerate game time, it also serves as an interesting story opportunity in its own right, and really adds to the quirkiness of the setting.
  • Sticking to 6 months will really limit the amount of new content we can add.
  • The majority of new content will be directed towards full-time jobs, while the part-time jobs won't get as much.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Diamond Release - v0.99


I hope you all had a great set of holidays, or at least you were able to tolerate them well. This is the penultimate release before hitting 1.0 at the beginning of February. I thought about trying to rush through and finish... but that never works out well. Aside from finishing some writing for the very end of the main story, everything next month will be testing and fixing bugs. There will probably be some system tweaks as well. We'll be doing the official poll for choosing our first expansion next week, it'll be open until the 1.0 release so you'll have plenty of time to vote, but don't forget! The blog post to go along with the poll will have a breakdown of the different options, covering the scope and duration of each expansion option. I'm really looking forward to seeing what we'll be able to add to AW next!

As for what we've got in store for you this month, a lot of it is fixes or more work on the game's ending. We did finish™ the sex system writing this month with an extra 18K words and more editing. It's pretty insane how large the descriptive libraries are for the sex system. Each action from the PC and NPC has at least one descriptive text for each of several kink variations, and at least two descriptions for the "standard" variation. I'm thinking about adding an override setting to allow players to force the system to use descriptions of a certain kink they choose in the sex system. Let me know what you think on Discord!

Please do us a favor and report any bugs you discover in this version!

We'd like to have the 1.0 release as bug-free as possible, so we can have a clean start at creating more bugs when we start working on the first expansion :D


Words: 2,029,233 (18,174,775 characters)
Lines O' TypeScript: 147,385

  • A lot of bug fixing. Pretty much all the bugs that have been reported have been fixed, though some may have an "Anenn Fix" applied...
    • Paper doll images bug fixed
    • Fixes for several home items like flowers.
    • Sex machines will now actually satisfy you instead of just making you hornier.
    • Stage 4 of the main quest should finish correctly.
    • Text in the quest to acquire special components has been fixed. The quest was telling you that Oleg would appear in the club district when he was actually appearing in the amusement district.
      • Besty caused a lot of headaches with this one... sorry.
    • Plenty of other stuff, just check the Mantis bug tracker if you're interested.
  • Made minor tweaks to the interface in several places in order to make it a little easier to use or more intuitive.
  • A new scene involving Oleg and the component quests was added, the scene occurs when you "ask for a discount".
  • Every single non-random NPC now has a custom end-of-game story that tells you what happened to them after the game ends.
    • You will still need to at least be acquaintances with them in order for the story to appear at the end of the game.
  • Several random endings for random NPCs have been written. 
    • The system assigning random endings has been changed so that no two NPCs can receive the same ending.
    • 17 different endings, we'll probably add more since they're fun to make.
  • You can now feed the ducks at Tesla Reservoir.
    • Quack!
  • A lot of work on the sex act and orgasm libraries.
    • 18K words of new action descriptions.
    • Every sex action now has at least one description for each of the 14 different kinks.
      • The kinks are: lesbian, hidden in public, open in public, nonconsensual, romantic, risky, pregnancy kink, player IS pregnant, submissive, dominant, size queen, degrading, slut, bimbo.
    • The standard or default description for all sex actions now has at least 2 variations.
    • A lot of proofreading, fixes to pronouns, and addition of parser calls in relevant areas.
    • The system is generally complete in terms of writing but will need plenty more editing...
  • Added some more small variants to common actions for pregnancy, such as doing the laundry while pregnant.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Pinup Release - v0.90.0


So. In a fit of randomness right at the end of the previous release, I decided to number this release 0.90 instead of 0.53. Maybe because we're almost at 1.0? I dunno. It was very random. While silly, hey, we are almost at 1.0 and we can start working on poll-driven expansion content soon. I'm pretty excited about that, tbh.

Before I move on, allow me to share a meme someone made on Discord after discovering the 0.90 version number on the upcoming releases page of

We continued working on fixing things this month, but also added some minor content items in different places that needed them. The "new" change is an expansion of the ending set up to share what happened to various NPCs you've met after the main story concludes. That said, there's still more writing to do when it comes to the ending, for certain "special" NPCs and other areas, which is what I'll be working on myself next month.

I also integrated a twee checker into the compile script to scan all the .tw files for common macro errors like misspelled or unclosed tags. This resulted in a lot of fixes to some of the most visible bugs, because they usually result in a red error message or an error popup. I wrote two new hucow job events, and we also added a lot more text to the sex system, filling out the kink variations of text for different actions. 

It'd be hard to top last release's giant change log (not to mention that it took fucking forever to write, and I'm in pain so lack the patience to write it), so I'm going to keep it short and simple this month.

Thanks as always for all your support, monetary or otherwise. AW wouldn't be possible without you!


Word Count: 2,015,674 (18,010,895 characters)
TypeScript Code Lines: 146,932

  • The NPC Detailed View has been finished.
    • In the social menu, contacts submenu, click on the detailed view button on any given NPC to see all about them.
    • Will now show the personal traits of the NPC if you have uncovered them.
    • All sorts of information about the NPC can be learned here, as long as you've uncovered or unlocked it.
      • Talking to them on dates/hangouts.
      • Improving your relationship.
      • Seeing them naked.
    • You can also use the NPC detail menu to see their body and face portrait.
  • Changes have been made to the PC and NPC portrait system.
    • Portraits will now show the closest image to your or the NPC's hairstyle. 
    • There are tons of hairstyles and limited images, so some hairstyles share the same image representation. In general, these are representative... it'd be hard to tell what kind of hair bun you have when looking from the front anyway!
    • SVG portrait is only compiled at certain points to reduce system load for slower machines.
  • You can now go boating solo on Lake Clitea.
    • Rent a boat in the boat shop.
    • It should mostly be a nice experience. mostly.
  • You can now watch a movie in the mall when you're by yourself.
    • You no longer have to bring a date or friend to catch the latest blockbuster.
    • Watching a good movie can improve your mood.
  • The Pink Bliss clothing store was added to the Applewood mall.
    • Focuses on bimbo fashion.
  • Code to generate the future of all the NPCs you know has been added to the end-of-game system.
    • You'll now learn what happened to your various friends, exes, lovers, and acquaintances at the end of the game.
    • Not all outcomes for all special NPCs have been written yet, such as school instructors and coworkers.
  • An event can now happen if you change in the changing booth at Hoden Springs.
  • Interaction with Tiffany Williams in the prologue will get you her contact information so you can become friends (or more).
  • Going to school will now properly make the instructor your acquaintance.
  • Working as a dairy farmhand at the Farm Coop will now make several of the special NPCs there your acquaintance.
  • 24,000 new words for the sex system library.
    • Primarily finishes filling in kink action description text for the PC and NPC actions.
  • Lots of fucking bug hunting and fixing of things.
  • Fertility Seal price adjusted to 300/500
  • Fixed some unusual behavior in the sex system with "pulling out".
  • Oleg Bestiarus should now always be findable in the club district when working on special components quests, instead of having a random chance to be there on a given day.
    • This is because players wouldn't see him on a day he happened not to be there, and then assumed he would never be there and got confused.
  • A new "selector" macro was created.
    • Functions as a dropdown selection.
    • Uses the variable value to have the current value selected when loaded, essentially "remembering" your selection the last time you used it.
    • Things like spending levels and morning clothing choices are remembered, so you don't have to touch them unless you want to change it.
  • Numerous new TV shows have been added for when you watch TV.
    • Shows all include an image and show description.
    • Shows will primarily show up in the afternoon to evening hours.
  • Fixes to the surrogacy system code.
    • You will only be alerted about surrogacy opportunities once you have registered as a surrogate at the surrogacy center in the medical district.
    • Surrogacy alerts will no longer appear as strange messages while you are sleeping.
      • A more complete message, including the name of the client, will show up during the morning hours.
    • Employees of the Progenerate Fecundate division will no longer get opportunities to be a surrogate. Their womb/s are already owned and spoken for!
    • You will be able to be a surrogate as long as you have one womb free.
    • Some minor improvements to surrogacy code functionality.
  • Improvements to jobbing to make the results text more legible. 
  • Hucow job improvements:
    • Finished the "training" event chain with two new events.
    • Your introduction, with a tour around the facility and meeting several hucows and staff.
      • Several special NPCs are added to your contacts.
      • The event gives you some background into each of these characters.
    • A brief training session covering hucows themselves, along with some history behind the bulls hired to "comfort" them.
    • Some correction and expansion the hecow training event.
  • Update to the eropiler to check for common twee errors that are otherwise easy to miss.
    • This resulted in a lot of fixin'

We hope you enjoy the release!

Sunday, November 7, 2021

The Maintenance Release - v0.52


I'm really happy to announce this release because we've put so much work into it. We've been working really hard to improve the game by finding bugs, fixing mistakes, balancing things, putting in things that were forgotten, and generally just trying to make AW a more polished experience. This release has probably our biggest change log to date.

That said, we're planning on continuing our work next month to keep improving the game as we close in on our version 1.0 beta. This release wasn't strictly about fixing things though, there's also a lot of new content to enjoy. There are about 25k new words in the sex scene system. The neglected birth control system got a massive overhaul. There's a new robbery event that can occur in Appletree at night, with multiple outcomes/scenes possible based on your choice. A re-written intro into the cam girl system (that's also been spruced up considerably). 

Well, the change log is big enough by itself, so let's get going with that. From all of us working on AW, thank you for your support! We hope you enjoy this release!

Change Log

Words: 2,000,227 (17,798,050 characters)
Code: 145,715 lines of TypeScript
Capybara Jokes: 3

  • Fix to the Lil Monster semen bottle.

  • Fixed issue with texting display that caused the blue “send” button not to be clickable in an Interact window by players using slower computers.

  • Male and Female Start renamed Male and Female Story.

  • 25K new words of action text for the sex scene system.

    • Split between adding more “standard” text options, and adding content to action kink text options that didn’t have any.

    • For comparison purposes, this is about 1/3rd the length of the first Harry Potter novel.

  • Polished several things in the female story prologue.

    • Better spacing/centering on some elements.

    • Adjustment of starting messages, particularly to make the lack of tutorial and setting information in the female prologue more obvious.

    • Some minor grammar/typo fixes as well as some minor editing.

  • Companionship adjustments.

    • The nightly drop of companionship stat (no dates/hangouts) has been adjusted to be less severe for extroverts (was unintentionally too high).

    • Companionship changes are now modulated by difficulty level, with easy and fap mode difficulty levels having companionship drop more slowly and increase faster.

    • Working at your job will now add a small amount to companionship based on your focus and effort level due to interacting with coworkers.

  • The Big Brainer supplement has been updated to limit to a single daily use as intended. (Big Brainer reduces bimbo level. It does not repair brain damage.)

  • Added job event check randomization.

    • When checking to see if a job event occurs, checking will now occur in random order except for a set of “key” events that should always be checked first. 

    • This means that you should now see a more even distribution of events, and events that were previously extremely rare will now occur more frequently.

    • Overall job event probabilities were adjusted.

    • Anenn claims to have fixed many of his mistakes in the job events… we’ll see (more testing to come).

  • Tons of minor fixes, such as a bug that prevented masturbation in the T2 home bedroom.

  • The Institute map now has proper highlighting and will function with clicks again.

  • Limits for the number of home items allowed in each room have been adjusted, allowing for a larger number of items in the kitchen, and fewer in the bedroom/s.

  • Setting your character’s lactation ability to “Very Productive” is now properly restricted by the “Meta Tits” unlock.

  • The Bullseye and Oedipus Rx pharmacy shopping menus have been differentiated.

    • Oedipus Rx, a “real” pharmacy, has a wider selection of goods.

    • The Bullseye pharmacy focuses more on everyday goods, so doesn’t have the less common items like the Tummy Hugger or Pump-O-Tron breast pump.

  • Added a new drug called “Violet Milk Reduction”

    • Reduces your lactation training over a course of 12 hours.

    • Has a chance to permanently reduce your body’s lactation ability.

    • May disable the hyperlactation mutation if you have it.

    • Intended primarily to stop lactation for those who don’t want it.

  • Fixed a bug where clothing received in the prologue wasn’t sized and therefore may not fit.

  • Fixed a bug preventing a clothing attractiveness bonus for certain types of outfit coordination.

  • Lactation training info is now on the character details page.

  • The quest button will no longer remain visible after meeting Lily for the main quest.

  • The way lactation reduction works has been altered slightly and balanced.

    • Reduction can now occur more rapidly when overfull, but will not occur at all while at work or sleeping.

    • Rate of reduction (and max level of reduction) is now coordinated with the character’s lactation ability. Higher lactation ability = slower lactation reduction.

    • The Hyperlactation mutation will now prevent the total reduction of lactation training, meaning you will always be producing milk.

    • The Hyperlactation mutation now gives a bonus to the amount of milk produced.

    • Notification for lactation-related events like leaking or training reduction has been improved.

  • Breastmilk info in the character status menu now includes a percentage in addition to fluid ccs.

  • The Bovinex transformative will now give you the Hyperlactation mutation.

  • Brain damage is now properly tracked.

    • Brain damage is associated with bimbo in that some of the same sources can cause both, but they are not the same. Not all sources of bimbo cause brain damage.

    • Healing bimbo does not heal brain damage.

    • Reaching a sufficient threshold of brain damage (amount determined by difficulty) will result in a “bad” end.

    • Brain damage can be viewed in the “Cognitive” section of the character details page in the character menu.

  • The character details menu has been expanded with some more info.

    • The player can now see their current exercise level.

    • The player can now see their ear type and if they have a tail.

    • A Cognitive section has been added to the page.

      • Shows current brain damage (with info button)

      • Shows current bimbo level (with info button).

      • Shows if the player is over-stressed, depressed, over-angered, or under-satisfied, conditions that make managing the related stats more difficult.

  • New “bad” ending involving brain damage (see above entry).

    • Fairly mild as far as bad endings go, the character winds up happy.

    • Involves being committed to the Thornton Institution for the Sexually Insane.

  • Huge code linting review of all TypeScript code in the game. Found several minor (but non-obvious) bugs that prevented things from working exactly as they should.

  • Added a hint to the main Hoden Springs swimming area about the existence of the Hoden Springs Caverns.

    • (There is an adventure to be had there, but the location is not obvious on the map)

  • Major fixes to the cam whoring system.

    • Function controlling earnings now works properly, gaining income proportionally as popularity increases.

      • Now considers player attractiveness when determining income.

      • Income is now limited to about 70 credits for a 2-hour show, though it will take considerably longer to reach that level of popularity than in the bugged Anenn version.

    • The entire opening scene has been re-written and is now consistent with the world’s setting.

    • The system now exists inside its own scenario window, rather than as a popup.

      • Includes stat info and some images.

    • All cam shows have been changed to take exactly 2 hours of time, so the player isn’t advanced an uncontrollable amount of time all at once.

    • The laptop home item (purchasable at Bullseye) has been significantly reduced in price, and the item itself has been improved.

  • The system for determining the PC’s current attractiveness [ATR] (before NPC modifiers have been applied) has been improved for better results. It now properly considers the current status of your outfit, cleanliness, hairstyle, makeup, jewelry, tattoos, etc. at the time the ATR score is requested.

  • Removed a large amount of Anenn’s capybara graffiti from the game.

  • Tons of new encyclopedia entries, completing it.

    • Every entry in the encyclopedia has been completed!

    • Tons of new information is available, particularly in the fertility and world/setting areas.

    • Many entries have been revised/edited for accuracy.

    • Thousands of words - over 2500 for the world entries alone!

  • Birth Control Expansion!

    • Greatly improved birth control functionality, it now works at the same level of accuracy/complexity as the rest of the fertility system.

      • Missing a day of birth control, different choices in birth control, and fertility factors (and mutations) now affect the effectiveness of birth control. Uses a 15-day rolling record to accurately represent efficacy at the time of ovulation.

    • Multiple new birth control options.

      • Two new types of BC pill for a total of three, with different levels of efficacy.

      • New birth control patch that lasts for one week at a time. Patch has a chance to fall off at a random time during the day, potentially interrupting birth control and reducing its effectiveness. 

        • The Player has a chance to catch the patch peeling or have varying levels of “noticing a problem” depending on how observant they are. (An oblivious character is less likely to notice it falling off.)

        • The odds it falls off increase the longer it has been on.

      • New emergency contraceptive pill. Works like a morning-after pill, delivering a large dose of hormones in the hope of preventing ovulation. Effective if taken w/i the 5 days prior to ovulation.

        • Causes intense uterine cramps briefly after taking.

        • Has a nausea status effect lasting 3 days.

      • Permanent birth control implant that can be obtained (and removed) at the Doctor’s office (Dr. Weiner) in the medical district. 

        • Most effective form of hormonal birth control.

        • Includes a scene for implantation along with new custom images for the procedure.

        • New temporary status effect after implantation/removal.

    • Pregnancy kink (and to a lesser extent risky sex kink) now gives a happiness penalty when taking birth control.

      • Having a permanent BC implant / IUD with these kinks gives a significant negative happiness penalty.

    • Pregnancy kink gives a small positive happiness bonus each day you don’t take birth control.

    • NOTE: Kinks are now removable at Dr. Lecter’s clinic, so getting the pregnancy or risky kinks added is not a permanent penalty.

    • Having the pregnancy or risky kinks will prevent you from getting a permanent birth control implant or IUD. 

      • Trying to use the Womb Doom with one of these kinks has a minor scene of you aborting the attempt.

    • You now must unlock the complete list of birth control options by talking to the pharmacist in the location you wish to purchase them. Otherwise only the two less effective BC pill options are available.

      • At Bullseye, this is the normal interaction with the pharmacist, when she mentions seeing her for the “good stuff”.

      • At the Oedipus Rx pharmacy, there is an option to discuss birth control with the pharmacist.

    • If you forget a BC pill, being on the pill in your phone quick status info will not be removed until you’ve forgotten the pill for the third day rather than showing up the next day.

    • Overdosing on birth control no longer has any significant bonus toward efficacy.

    • Taking conflicting categories of birth control now has the potential to interfere with the overall effectiveness.

    • Because some people may not realize: Homeopathic birth control doesn’t work. In fact, its only effect is a slight decrease ineffectiveness of other types of birth control (if any).

    • Better tracking of the birth control invalidation flag and whether the player knows it’s been invalidated (rarely used).

    • The birth control affecting mutation now has a stronger effect for reducing the effectiveness of birth control.

  • A new drug “Samurai” is now available from the Cum & Go convenience store.

    • Immediately cleanses your body of hormonal birth control chemicals.

    • Amusing description that hints at a future use of removing a NPC’s birth control.

  • Getting emergency medical treatment will now restore a greater amount of health, especially if at a lower health level.

    • This radical treatment makes hormonal birth control ineffective. (IUDs will still work as normal, they are not hormonal.)

  • Improved the item text on several items in the consumable inventory.

  • You can now drop firearms and the milk savers (milk collecting nipple shields) from your inventory so you no longer have their effect.

  • Having the mutation that prevents you from having a period also obscures your phone’s cycle estimate (risky day, safe day, etc.).

    • This information will reappear if you get the Fertility Seal tattoo or install the advanced toilet probe in your bathroom.

  • Downtown map has been improved!

  • Large amount of images have been converted to webp format to reduce the size of the resource files (and memory used keeping them all loaded).

    • Over 200MB reduction in resource size

  • Minor fixes to the male story prologue to remove information that is no longer relevant, and improve the appearance/layout.

  • Information in the end of week display has been condensed into fewer tabs.

  • NPC list setup has been overhauled to use an on-access system for polling relevant NPCs.

    • Used to quickly grab groups of NPCs such as males, or NPCs you have various relationships with, and other purposes.

    • It is no longer possible for these lists to become “broken” or not be updated correctly, leading to NPCs disappearing or not being included when they should be.

    • Better handling of NPCs to determine if they are “interested” in you.

  • Signing up for a school class will now add the instructor to your list of contacts. This will make it much easier to date Besty or Hans Gruber if you wanted to for some reason!

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the banking system from being accessible. 

    • You can now get a credit card, take out a loan, or start a savings account.

    • Savings accounts are good for protecting your money!

  • You can now have kinks added or removed at Dr. Lecter’s office in the medical district.

  • Change to the system for unlocking hair and makeup styles.

    • You will now automatically learn the hair/makeup style when you have the style applied at the salon.

    • Just because you know a style doesn’t mean that you have the skill level to apply it regularly.

    • Hair skill check difficulties adjusted to have a wider range between easiest and most difficult styles.

  • The female story character starts knowing more hair and makeup styles (because she was a woman to begin with).

  • You can now purchase jewelry at The Family Jewels in the Applewood Mall.

  • Added ability to restrict closing the interact window for situations that depend on user input.

    • Interact window system has had a fallback method for closing the window added, that will occur if the close button doesn’t have an attached trigger function.

  • New robbery event that can happen at night in Appletree.

    • Has 4 different outcomes depending on how you choose to handle the situation.

    • Having a gun in your inventory will lead to an aborted robbery instead.

    • The criminal will steal a limited number of credits from you (unless you convince him not to, or you’re broke.)

    • Pretty much every outcome involves sex.

  • Some tutorials are updated to be more consistent/accurate.

  • “Likes Bare Sex” name for risky kink has been updated to reflect its actual use (liking risky sex).

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