Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Milking Release v1.13


Hello everyone!

We're here with The milking release. This release has focused a lot on random world events, something I've thought was lacking. We've been wrapping up the futa expansion, so the primary futa content in this release (beyond futa-specific options in the events) is the addition of new endings to the male story. We'll probably finish up the futa expansion in 1.14, so be sure to share on discord if you think something was left out!

I'm hoping to continue the general improvement work for a little while longer as we wrap up futa, in order to make some more general improvements to the game. the last of the futa-focused stuff should be in 1.14, but we probably won't have a "hucow release" until 1.16, even though there should be some hucow stuff in 1.15. In addition to doing things like preparing for the new & improved portraits (see the previous blog post) and setting up executable releases instead of html, I'm going to start prepping the hucow expansion.

We really doubled down on the events this release. :o

Thanks for your support, and don't forget to vote on the Hucow poll!

Change Log

Words: 3,093,943 (21,118,486 characters)
Code: 155,467

WARNING: The allowable number of save slots has been decreased to 4 plus the autosave.

  • In-browser save slots have been decreased to 4 plus the autosave, from 7 plus the autosave.
    • This was done because players with smaller browser local storage limits, and those with large NPC counts and thus large saves, were exceeding the allowed size causing errors. 
    • AW has a lot of simulation data, so saves are not small like most text web games.
      • We're actually pretty good about keeping all non-necessary data out of saves, even serializing things into arrays and then rebuilding on load with class constructors. 
    • We're planning on switching to executable releases, which should allow us to increase the number of save slots again.
      • The main reason for switching to exe is to prevent game data corruption due to leaving an AW tab open in the background, and general browser memory-saving shenanigans.
    • Remember, you can use the save-to-file function, which is the safest way to store your game data anyway. There are also no limits on how many saves you can create this way.
    • If you currently have more than 4 slots being used in your browser cache, you will receive a warning to export your saves to file before continuing with version 1.13
  • Added a "Game Fucked" notification that occurs with sleep, which is where most players experience issues due to corrupted game data.
    • Again, corruption is usually caused by leaving the tab open when not actively playing. 
  • Fixed a whole bunch of bugs, including a mass parser problem related to someone's use of find & replace (or something...)
    • Can now view the standard side UI while in a school page.
    • Besty bug where rent price seemed to climb each week throwing off budget information fixed
    • Heat overwhelming libido bug
    • Lab conversation in later stages bug
    • bimbo and cum parser setting being reset after loading save
    • text overflow in dialog choice box fixed
    • Player's penis will not show as available in sex scenes when they don't have one
    • etc. etc.
  • Achievements page has been expanded with new prolog unlocks, and will show if you've completed the male and female story prologs individually.
  • The difficulty of negative environmental factors towards happiness has been reduced somewhat.
  • Adjusted and clarified some of the existing male story endings.
    • Some got simple clarification, some got some new content to better illustrate the ending. 
    • Changes don't affect the actual outcomes, just make things a little more clear for some endings where that would be useful.
  • New endings for futa players.
    • Most "choice scenes" for the male story now have additional options and content when the player character is futa.
      • You can now choose to become fully female in most cases.
      • Lily generally suggests the option of becoming completely female, something she usually encourages, depending on the specific scene.
    • There are now new variations supporting a player staying futa and turning totally female, including new transformation events content that doesn't involve waking up later in Lily's bed or guest bed.
    • The general theme or outcome of the endings are respected, though now Lily will be a little less happy (usually) if you chose to stay in a futa body. She may suggest the possibility of having the penis removed later.
      • The True Ending now has a difference enough to gain the (FUTA) tag version of it instead of keeping the normal ending name. The outcome is the same, but there's more dialog and cuteness related to the PC being futa.
  • 3 new Illustrative world events. (Help worldbuilding/setting explanation)
    • New "Panties with a Skirt" random world event.
      • Can occur when the player is out and about in Appletree, and is wearing panties with their skirt (including crotchless or otherwise exposed panties).
        • Does not occur at night.
      • A concerned citizen will discover your fashion faux pas due to a gust of wind, and a whole series of events ensue. 
      • Helps illustrate the general attitude about clothes, even though the player character is able to dress conservatively if they wish.
    • New "New Ad Council Ad" world event added.
      • Can occur when the player is downtown.
      • Player happens upon a group of women upset about a new Appletree Ad Council ad that recommends eating semen daily, but probably not in the way you think.
    • New "Neighbor Borrows Cum" world event added.
      • Can occur at any time while you're at home.
      • Neighbor comes over and asks to borrow some cum because she's cooking and ran out. 
      • The kind you offer her, and her responses to it, depend on your food budget.
      • If you are a futa, you can offer to give her some "fresh" with ensuing fun.
  • All the required info for the below general random events was added to the in-game scene guide, so no need to repeat them here! :D
  • 4 new general home events. (Just fun, keeps things more lively)
    • Suspicious Bitch at the Door
    • Drunk Neighbors
    • A Slutty Neighbor's Offer
    • A Neighbor's Win-Win Proposal
  • 10 new general city events (more kink-focused fun events)
    • Nude Hide and Seek in the Park
    • City Titty Show
    • Drunkard Trouble
    • Licking Proposal
    • Doggo's Tongue
    • Some Casual Fucking
    • Care to Swing With Us
    • Cheated Girlfriend
    • A Beer and a Ass Fuck
    • Anal Stretching at the Park
  • Some new fetish dialogs added to tingler

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Super Mega Update!

So... I'm gonna break this post up into three parts after a brief status update; Feel free to skip to what interests you. The first part is talking about the poll for the hucow expansion, the second is a general arcanist status update, and the last is talking about some major improvements to portraits we're looking to do.

Hucow Expansion & Poll

Hucows: exciting stuff!
I'm expecting to have a lot of fun with this expansion, hucows are near and dear to my heart. However, there have been some good points raised about what implementing a hucow expansion means for AW. Of course there's going to be updates to breast growth and the drugs that do it, more transformations along the process to becoming a hucow instead of a single injection that takes you a big chunk of the way there, and generally just much more stuff to make the hucow experience better and more involved. We'll also probably implement some of the stuff planned for the transformative expansion early, just so we can do what we're looking to do with hucows, though we'll likely leave a good chunk of that to be added with transformatives expansion when it's chosen. (more complex body control and changeable factors for the PC, more mutations and effects)

I feel like the "Real Hucow Experience™" is something that doesn't fit the main game loop of AW, because you would lose out on much of the life simulation elements in general, and it's just not that kind of game. You'd basically need to build a new game inside the existing game. I'm not sure that really belongs in AW, though I could totally see a spinoff.

That said, we're lucky that the Farm COOP in Muschi Valley is such a "friendly" place, because I think we can get most of the fun hucow elements without deviating too much from the core game. The main way to do this will be to treat being a hucow as a job, much like working at the Institute. Within the scope of the job, we can experience a lot of hucow-centered content such as transformations/breast growth, mandatory mating, and more.

We're also going to work on some outside events, such as people reacting to a hucow out and about (but not a ton... they're mostly at the farm, but it's not that strange to see them in town). We'll also probably expand on the milk system, giving more granularity and control, with a lot more attention paid to leaking and getting full and the effects associated with lactation. ("I'm totally full of milk and out in town, I could let down and waste it at any moment" stress++, just as an example.) We will likely put more care into breasts themselves, in addition to the way they grow and shrink, and their shape.

The question is, how far do we want to take things. The same amount of effort is going to go into the hucow job and associated content like turning into a hucow, and how you handle milkings outside work, and how job payment will be connected to milk output. (fun tradeoff there, do you go for more milk/income at the cost of less time to use the money?) So the choice in how much extra stuff we do also affects how much work/time it takes to complete. Basically, this poll is to see how much extra we go.

So here are the three options:

Just A Job: Hucow as a job during the day, live at home.  The Coop will install a home milking system for you, so you can keep your breasts managed. Everything else will remain mostly the same. This is the baseline option.

A Job And Friends: In addition to adding the hucow job and general hucow content, we will also update the farm so that it feels more like a real place with people living there. We'll add a hucow NPC generation template, along with custom NPCs that will populate and stay in the area once you take a farm coop job (farm hand or hucow). The facilities will be more explorable with submaps for the dorms and other areas, and you'll be able to take part in hucow recreational activities such as relaxing in the hot tubs or getting your udders massaged at the spa.

A Job And Home: In addition to the above, you will also have your own dorm assigned to you at the farm coop. (this part isn't actually much work) and you'll be forced to live there. You'll be cut off from living with anyone else, but any bull/hucow lovers live in the same place, so you practically already live together anyway. We'll make a lot more random events in the area to make the place more "alive" and probably crazy hedonistic. We'll make modifications to the main story to support your hucow lifestyle. Basically, you'll be a "free range" hucow :D

Arcanist Status Update

I've been super busy lately, but it's all for the good of porn games! The first thing I want to stress is that I haven't changed the amount I've been working on Accidental Woman; if anything I've been spending more time on it along with the usual suspects on the Arcanist team.

What's changed is that I've hired more people, basically using the money that I would be making from working on AW. So really, it's you all that are making it possible, even if I'm giving up most of my AW income (which is what I usually use to justify how much time I spend AW to my wife, since I also have a full-time job). Please don't tell her, she'll probably get mad at me, lol.

I've always felt like I wanted to make better porn games that go beyond common adult entertainment and even VN tropes to present not only a high level of eroticism, but a world and setting that are engaging, and stories that are interesting and fun to read. There are plenty of examples of these things out there, and a lot of great games, but only a comparative few are "the whole package". So for me, the work I do is about more than just getting a paycheck. That's why I've always hired more people to work on AW as the game has earned more money, rather than just taking the bigger paycheck.

There's still a lot we can do with AW, and several things I'm excited about (hucows and portraits being a great example). I have no plans to abandon it or even forcibly bring it to a close. I stick by what I've said, that we'll keep making it better as long as you all think it's worthwhile.

Arcanist has started working on a new game project, with a totally different setting, different type of gameplay, and a different narrative focus. It'll focus more on specific characters, and allow more cognizant dives into erotic topics and kinks. It'll focus a lot more on individual characters; their story and how the player interacts and alters it, and less on the player's own life. I want to see more Lily's and less "generic NPCs". Of course, everything is going to be steeped in eroticism, and I think many of the worldbuilding elements people say they like from AW.

But why work on another game? Two reasons:

AW is great, but there's a certain creative stagnation that happens when you work on a project for a long time. You lose interest, and then it becomes difficult to make quality content. It's a problem that I've felt with AW in the past, and one that others on the team are feeling. The best way I've found to deal with that is by working creatively on other things too. I have to say it's worked, because I feel like I've been far more creative and passionate about AW in the last couple months.

The other thing that drives me is the fact that other people are working on AW as their full-time job. They're friends more than employees, really, but I don't want to see them have to find new work or struggle unnecessarily. I don't think this is going to happen in the near future, but I also recognize that AW isn't something that's going to go on forever. Having another project not only can help us refresh creatively to make AW better, it also can give some piece of mind as we go forward. 

What it means

Really, there's not much changing about AW or the development. The new people I've hired are working on the new project--an artist and a Unity developer--while the team on AW stays the same. The AW team has been doing a little creative work to get the juices flowing, but not enough to have any serious impact on AW.

The new project is super-early right now, but we'll share information on it in the future. We're hoping to have a playable version to show off this year. 

Logo for the game, everything is still preliminary at this point!

Portraits & AI Art

Wow, so AI art has become a hot topic lately.

I'm an artist, if only by hobby. I've been drawing, painting, or sculpting since I was a little kid. I'm lucky enough to have been able to use some of that art in AW to go along with different stories. As someone keenly aware of how speed is a necessary component of making a profession out of art (because I definitely don't have speed, lol), I can see how disruptive AI art can be to more traditional workflows. I can see how it will likely drive many artists to use AI in their own workflow in able to stay competitive.

As a developer, I can see how valuable AI art can be to improving games, and how it can make things that would otherwise be impossible possible.

As someone who occasionally pretends to understand basic economics and sociology, I understand how the limited supply of art will lead to continual efforts to augment that supply.

As an artist, I understand that the whole thing is scary and likely to cause drastic changes that disrupt people's livelihoods.

I understand people being upset that artist's work is used to train AI, but at the same time I'm keenly aware that this process is true of human artists too. Any decent artist has probably seen and been subtly influenced by untold thousands of works from other artists. I really don't have any answers to this issue. It's complicated, and I don't think I'm the best person to talk about it.

Inevitably, AI art will continue to progress. I think market forces and just the general march of technology makes it inevitable. The same has happened with automobiles and typewriters and plenty of other things. As the developer of AW, I see a way to take advantage of AI art to make AW better. But I'm also going to do my best to make sure to use AI art in a responsible way.

Which leads to the actual point...

The portraits in AW are not great. By allowing players to have such a large amount of control over their character's appearance, and by procedurally generating NPCs with all these traits using statistical data, we're faced with requiring thousands upon thousands of images to represent just their faces. In fact, just keeping things basic, and not even getting into things like brow or nose shape, we quickly reach something over 50,000 combinations for female faces alone.

So what we've done is approximate many traits, and use the approximations to generate face portraits with SVG data. For one thing, the images are not terribly attractive (though the current version is much better than the older version!) and for another the images end up looking very much the same, despite technically having thousands and thousands of combinations that can happen. 

I think everyone wants to see the characters as they are, but technological limitations make this exceptionally difficult. AI art can help solve this issue by rapidly generating faces that match the supplied traits. And instead of having the same face with different eye or skin color so that everything lines up for generating a face, AI generates a new face each time. This makes the faces look far more unique, even if you're just changing the hair color by one shade.
A example showing what Lily could look like based on her data

I feel like these faces can add a lot to the game compared to the current system. Having unique appearances to help distinguish NPCs, and also let the player see more of their own character.

Where I think the potential really shines is in the generation of body portraits. With hard work, we have a system that allows over 100,000 combinations to display in the female body portrait... but it's still quite limited, and again, many bodies look the same. It's just a limitation of the way it's done. It's better than nothing, and about the best we can do without figuring out how to import, display, and manipulate a 3d mesh inside the game. 

However, AI can generate body portraits too. 

More realistic bodies as an early demo based on existing body portraits

More realistic-looking bodies. These were a demo generated with the existing portraits as input, full photorealistic generation should look even better. I think it's a substantial improvement over the existing system. Furthermore, it should allow an even more traits to be shown, such as weight, and a better spectrum of skin tones. 

I think it's pretty exciting stuff, so I wanted to share. That said, I said I'd do my best to use AI art in a responsible way.

First, we're using AI art to do things that would never be done by a human artist. While making a few key portraits is possible (and we have paid artists to do this), it's simply impossible to do the full scope, and we wouldn't try... Not that we'd even be able to afford something like that. Basically, nobody would be losing any potential income.

Second, we're going to generate photorealistic images that don't make use of artist's work for training data. We are probably also going to be running them through filters so that they are more attractive, but that's a totally different issue.

It may not be totally perfect approach, but I think it's a pretty reasonable one at least, and also something that will really enhance the game.

The End

Thanks for reading all this, or at least reading the parts you did!
The support from all of you is what makes this all possible, it keeps us excited and moving forward!

I'll be back Saturday with the next release!

Sunday, February 12, 2023

The Bulge-2-Bulge Release v1.12


Hello everyone, it's Release Day once again!

We've got a lot of good stuff for you this time. New content, of course, but also a lot of fixes, adjustments, and improvements. It's a really solid release with plenty of fun stuff to enjoy. Our goal is still to keep working on making AW a better game in addition to adding expansion goals.

Speaking of which, the expansion poll.

It was an extremely close poll this time despite having a really high participation. So close I have a hard time declaring one a "real" winner. I think all the options would be good for the game, and are generally exciting in their own way. We got a lot of feedback in discord too, which we really appreciate. Of course, we were planning a secondary vote to narrow down what you wanted specifically in the chosen category, but it seems like it was a hard choice.

A couple points.

  • The sex system expansion in particular had a lot of feedback that mostly boiled down to: we want the sex system to work better and be better, we don't care so much about adding new features.
  • Several said they want to play as a hucow and transform into one, but don't need all the extra stuff for living in dorms. Basically, many suggested they just wanted to be a hucow as a job, with more hucow-related content... rather than the full scope of the expansion listed with living on the farm.
I am thinking that rather than jumping directly into an expansion after we finish with futa, it might be good to take a couple months to focus on some high impact items, or perhaps create a list of smaller-scope expansions. I'm still putting a lot of thought into it, so please do come share your thoughts with us. 

I'm going to do a longer post by next weekend, probably with two additional polls to narrow things down. Just for the record, the hucow expansion is the winner, with transformatives a close runner up, followed almost immediately by the sex system. 

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback, we really appreciate it!


Change Log

Word Count: 3,057,229 (20,895,583)
Code: 154,861 lines of TypeScript

  • Fixed a bug that caused huge travel times when moving between the home and apartment common area.
  • Updated the watch a cockmongering match with a variety of team names, and fixed a bug in the text output.
  • Made adjustments to the NPC suicide system.
    • System will no longer kill off NPCs that you have a relationship stronger than acquaintance with.
    • Fixed a bug that affected weighting causing NPCs to appear to be much more "ignored" by the player, which caused NPCs to be killed too quickly in favor of new potentially more interesting NPCs.
      • This was particularly true when under a lot of pressure to kill NPCs because the player interacts with many "fake" NPCs forcing them to be generated and exceeding the NPC count limit.
  • Increased the safe pregnancy bonus for working at Progenerate by 50%
    • Now a 150 fundal height and 12 baby buffer before bad end.
  • Added a new feature to the Tummy Hugger that tells the player how many fetuses they can carry safely in a single womb.
    • This feature includes the bonus for pregnancy experience, and shows the specific limit for each womb if the player has two.
    • New function supporting this can be used to output data elsewhere as well.
  • Made a major change to the way Saradberol (zygote splitter) works to create identical twins.
    • Saradberol now has a 75% chance to cause a zygote to split instead of 33%
    • If the current number of implanted zygotes is within 6 of the max number of fetuses, it will drop this percentage to 25%
    • The goal is to make saradberol a little safer to use while ultimately allowing for even larger pregnancies.
  • Made some adjustment to lactation training, allowing higher training values to be reached with lower power pumps and hand milking.
  • Hand milking adjustments
    • The quick action button for hand milking when out of the house now works properly.
    • The icon has been changed from the "pump" icon to a new "hand" icon to indicate the difference.
    • Hand pumping now has 5 different images for variety instead of the same image every time.
      • Note: A lot more milking variety with pumps is something planned for Hucow Expansion.
  • Some fixes to the appearance of the "Read Something" menu for wasting time on your phone.
  • Adjustment to the cyclical progression of Fecundate Division Events.
    • The player's first seradberol event will instead result in a boosted dose of OvuMax, which is safer in case the player doesn't get the full spread of elasticizing treatments in time. Plus OvuMax fits right in with Fecundate.
    • New OvuMax suppository event at the fecundate division. 
      • The nurse discusses training with large pregnancies to increase the amount of babies you can have safely.
      • Nurse discusses OvuMax, side effects, how it works, etc.
    • Seradberol injection event now has a new text for injections after the first where the nurse suggests using OvuMax on your own.
  • You will now get a happiness boost for getting most fertility treatments at the Gestique clinic.
  • Fixed some various text overrun and format issues at Gestique
  • The character's menstrual cycle will now start one day later than before. This essentially pushes back the day the player could get pregnant by 1 (ovulation day still has random variability based on several factors)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cumvial use hovertext to be invisible. The options should make a lot more sense now!
  • Fixed the brain damage percentage display in the character details menu so that it displays properly.
  • There is a new Female Supremacist lecture you can attend at FutaFest.
    • It's fairly short, but has some NTR "not cheating" gifs as part of the lecture.
  • The selection of events at FutaFest had the formatting enabled. 
    • A last-minute bug for the prior release had us disable it... it's enabled now.
  • There is a new event at the Bureaucratic Corps where you find a sex toy remote.
    • Play with a new B-Corps employee!
  • The number of testicles you have now affects the size of your semen reserve. 
    • Having only one testicle reduces reserve size by 25%
    • Having three increases it by 25%
    • Having no testicles reduces it by 50%
    • Semen reserve has a minimum size, this change will not reduce it below that.
  • There is now a BDSM event at FutaFest.
    • You must be a futa to participate, however, because Besty is mean.
  • The Tingler App had a lot of fixing done.
    • The background color for NPC characters will now change depending on whether or not they have a cock. 
    • There is also a gender icon now, so no more guessing "female or futa?"
  • The CoerceMe app has been created in a similar style to the Tingler App, of course still focused on con-non-con and harder sexual activities.
  • The "browse the booths" activity at the FutaFest has been created with several interesting things going on.
    • Walk around the con and look at various display booths.
    • You will experience three special booths in a random order.
    • Wheel of Cock - Win a chance to suck a magnificent cock.
      • You won't be able to resist if you are a slut, have a cum addiction, or too low willpower.
      • Drinking the semen has an interesting effect.
        • If you are a cum slut and addicted to cum, you will gain the "cumpire" mutation, locking your cum addiction to 100. (Remember, cum addiction is super easy to manage--beneficial, honestly--if you use cumplete nutrition as your food choice.)
        • Otherwise, it will give you the cumslut kink and make you addicted to semen.
    • Futa Juice - Check out a new beverage company startup and taste their product.
    • Futa Grow - A doctor doing a little community service. You're given the option to take an experimental drug.
      • As a futa, it will grow your cock up to 2 inches in length, add some girth, and increase testicle size by up to 12cc (avg 10).
      • If you are not a futa, it will itch and burn and eventually result in you growing a small cock and tiny balls in a small scene with a cute little girl cock.
      • Returning to the booth after being dosed will result in two different scenes depending on whether you were a futa or not when you took the drug. non-futa players can get a bonus dose to give them some growth as with normal futas.
    • You leave your time browsing the booths with a couple keepsakes.
      • A new keychain for your Missibitchi Lingual keys
      • Some face painting
  • A ton of new job events have been added by Anenn. Just a ton of stuff.
    • Two to three new events for every job.
    • Events are "normal" but also allow for futa players.
  • Fixed the issue where when leaving a school class, the class would still show up in your schedule for a week.
  • Made the NPC job "Public Toilet Scrubber" far less common.
  • Not choosing a home in the female prologue, or any of the prologue skip options, will result in new behavior.
    • You will now be sent to live at "Cumslut Row" instead of a random or missing home.
    • Cumslut row apartments cost only 469 per month in rent, cheaper than any other option. "4 69, cum to Cumslut Row!"
    • Cumslut row has the lowest possible score in all home categories.
  • Restrictions on using the prologue skipper have (finally) been enabled.
    • You must complete a prologue before you are able to skip it.
  • Redid the job milking code!
    • When working at their job, the player will milk themselves during work hours using office "employee pumps". (A mandatory appliance for all Appletree employers)
    • Output in the end-of-day daily performance screen will tell you about any milk pumped and any new milk canisters filled.
    • You will no longer have to worry about being overly full of milk at the end of the work day.
  • Fixed a bug where FutaFest time progressed too quickly at the end of the day.
  • Fixed 391 separate instances where Anenn had used a macro incorrectly causing a bug.
    • Arousal will now be gained/lost appropriately.
    • No errors from these anymore.
    • He is a capybara, it should probably be expected XD
  • Fixed a bug with the heat consumables that could cause excessive arousal gain, and wouldn't cause proper adjustments to fertility cycle to move the player to a "dangerous" part of their cycle.
    • In other news, a use for heat is to help get yourself pregnant without waiting for your next cycle to come around.
      • This was always intended, but didn't work and was only recently reported in the verbose console output.
    • Players with two wombs should be careful to avoid giant pregnancies directly on top of each other.
  • Job content counts have been updated with the latest amount of content for 1.12
  • Lots of other bugs were fixed. 
    • Why doesn't anyone want to document bug resolution?
      • Probably because it's boring, or we do it in the middle of working on something else. 

We hope you enjoy this release!

Thursday, February 2, 2023

AW Expansion Poll


As we close in on the last few months of the futa expansion, it's time we start looking at what expansion we'll work on next. That's where you come in! 

The options haven't changed since last time, but here's the details so you don't have to go looking for them:

The Options: 

Transformatives Expansion

This expansion covers four main groupings of new content related to the theme of transformatives. First, the creation of more story content related to experimentation and access to experimental drugs. Second, the addition of support for more robust "animal girl" transformations beyond simply adding ears and tails. Third, adding new mutations and status effects from these transformatives along with the code to support it. Most inspired by animal girl traits, but some more general in nature. Fourth, the creation of a variety of actual drugs/transformatives and other processes to unlock transformations.

Timeline: 6-9 months (partly based on how much we add)

  • New story content related to gaining access to new transformations.
    • Some content will be as an experimental subject at the employee enrichment center.
    • Some will involve a research center selling experimental substances as a "beta". These would likely be the safest and most basic items.
    • Some will be specific events and opportunities spread out around the world, typically these would be the more rare/complex transformatives. Additional hucow transformatives, for example, would probably remain with the Farm Coop.
  • New events for those who are sufficiently transformed. If you're walking around as an animal girl, most people won't care, but some people may ask you about it, or some weirdos may follow you...
  • New mutations and status effects coded into the game system to support a wider range of transformative effects.
    • The mutations won't be available at character creation.
    • These may modify existing mechanics, or cause new effects.
    • An example of a new status effect is being in heat or having an estrus. These status effects would appear like other status effects and have corresponding effects.
    • An example of a new mutation would be one that causes you to go into heat at a time timed with your monthly cycle.
    • An example of a new mechanic is being "unable to resist" which may come into play when in heat.
  • Support for new status effects, such as going into estrus and being "unable to resist"
  • Expansion of the data structure in player and NPC objects to allow storing a wider range of characteristics and transformation status. This includes having a wider range of possible values, as well as additional values.
  • New descriptions/parser output to support totally new variables (such as vulva puffiness or color), and a wider range of variables.
The initial transformatives expansion could be followed up by a second expansion at a later date that adds more animal girl types, more world reactions, and more drugs/combinations without requiring as much coding.

Useful Information:
  • We don't have all the details planned out for the specific transformations/mutations/etc. We would depend on your feedback for the kinds of things that we add.
  • Animal transformations are going to be limited to the more standard anime animal girl (beast folk) type transformations. Ears, tail, skin color, & hair color, and perhaps some genital/breast changes/effects/coloration. We're not going to go full-furry or even things like centaurs where the primary body shape changes, because of the amount of work involved.
  • We will probably add the ability for NPCs to have the transformations at a low rate (controllable in settings) but will not have any effects for them beyond appearance and existing controls. (existing controls example: raising fertility, size, and ejaculation amount for hucow bulls)
  • While we can easily add a number of different animal variants, the amount of special effects/mechanics/mutations will be limited due to time. 
  • Animal-type transformations like special ears will be mostly vanity items beyond the extra effects. We won't be adding special sex actions where the NPC rubs your ears, and you shouldn't count on new scenes involving them unless we get writing submissions (for example a lover brushing your tail).
  • Portrait images are unlikely to change in a significant way.

Sex System Expansion

This expansion will focus on improving the sex system, which a major code revision, new actions with corresponding descriptions, better support for additional activities like sex toys, overhauled AI, improved scene ending setup, and support for things like threesomes and foursomes. For the most part, this is a very mechanical expansion and will involve more coding than adding new content. The system itself is inherently limited by the design decision to allow mods to ingest new actions and text, which forces certain design decisions and makes more realistic behavior difficult. We would remove mod support as part of the code revision, allowing us to make those improvements. Since nobody has ever even expressed interest in creating a sex mod to add more actions/positions/etc, this probably won't be a noticeable loss.

Timeline: 6 months. (+?)

  • Code revision to improve how the sex scenes work and make them more predictable/reliable in terms of behavior.
  • Add a limited set of new actions, mostly related to additional NPCs in the scene.
  • Add situations to the game where you can start a sex scene with more than one NPC.
  • Add support for additional NPCs in a scene to do things, such as using one of your available orifices.
  • Overhaul the way the AI works so that it has more dominant behavior, and add support to allow better transitions between actions/activities, rather than limiting NPCs to a narrow range of possible actions.
  • Change the way that sex scenes end so that it's not based on the NPC reaching orgasm.
    • It will likely include a fatigue component with starting potential based existing energy system.
    • Will allow NPCs that are capable of sex multiple times in a row to do so.
  • Add support for consequences of too many orgasms, as well as better support for going unfulfilled.
Useful Information:
  • This is the most technically complex expansion on the list. It's been literally years since I wrote most of the code in the system, so there will be a bit of a re-learning curve in our work.
  • We won't be able to make regular releases while working on this, because the system simply won't work for most of the time we are working on it. We would just be doing bug-fixing releases during most of the expansion period.
  • This won't involve much in the way of new content for the game. For the most part, it's just going to make the sex system (which is somewhat deficient) work better. The sex system isn't a huge part of the game though.

Hucow Expansion

This is a tricky but fun expansion that has the goal of allowing you to live as a full-time hucow. It's also a bit different from the other options because rather than expanding the main game or making it better, it will focus on adding a sort of "side path" or a different way of playing that doesn't have much effect on the main game. That said, being a hucow is a pretty sexy experience, and we have some ideas of how to blend the hucow life with the larger AW experience. Despite the tranquil and hedonistic lifestyle of the typical hucow, you'll still have to meet certain story objectives while satisfying your massively increased libido and beating the clock when it comes to regular milkings. While it's not difficult at all in terms of code, it will be quite difficult to do in terms of game design.

Timeline: 9+ months


  • Expansion of the Farm Coop area, particularly the hucow dorms, barn, and dairy.
  • New initial game content.
    • Hucow route is unlocked, and then becomes something you choose when starting a new game.
    • New prologue story changes where you end up accidentally becoming a full-time contracted hucow against your will.
  • Alternate main story content where you're primarily looking to escape your situation before you lose yourself.
    • New/altered prologue
    • New game ending
    • New story objectives.
  • New setup for meeting story objectives similar to how Lily's lab functions.
  • New mechanics for milkings and life as a hucow.
  • Blocking off several options in the rest of the game because you're a contracted hucow.
    • No getting body modifications to shrink those udders!
    • No moving to a different home or changing "jobs"
    • etc.
  • Implementing new "personality" stat (name tbd) that you lose from failing to meet expectations at the dairy, getting pregnant, and other things. 
    • Losing all of this stat results in an ending where you live happily as a hucow and never escape, a not-so-bad bad end.
  • Adding new methods of tracking arousal and sexual need that line up with your new modified hucow status.
    • Penalties for not taking care of them, such as temporarily losing control of yourself and doing things that harm your personality score.
  • Lots of new scenes required
    • Getting fucked by bulls (unintentionally and intentionally)
    • Getting milked.
    • Interactions with fellow hucows and hecows
    • forced hucow treatments to turn you into a hucow
    • Punishment treatments to make you more docile/into a better hucow.
    • Hucow activities, particularly in the dorms and the barn.
    • Player character reactions.
    • etc.
  • Creating a new system of hucow transformations and growth that match with being a hucow (both in the game lore, and thematically matching the main story elements of resistance).
  • Other things that will likely be necessary but that we're currently unsure of.
This is definitely the expansion that I'm least sure of, mostly because it's such a departure from the main game. It's also difficult to build an experience around a setting that is typically very repetitive (and thus has a high potential to be boring). Adding in the "trying to resist" theme, and the mechanic of needing to satisfy your needs, maintain your sanity/personality, and meet story objectives to get help escaping is meant to help accomplish that... but it's uncertain how well it will work, and we'll likely need to add in ways to speed up time so the game moves faster.

Useful Information:
  • This expansion has the highest potential for the scope to balloon, and for the timeline to expand.
  • This might be a story that ends up being a lot of fun to "lose".
  • This expansion will provide a scenario that is dramatically different from the standard AW experience, so it won't just be "AW, but you're a hucow".
  • I most likely wouldn't have added this as an expansion option at all if it hadn't been so commonly requested during AW's development.
    • Because it could probably be better as its own game, just borrowing some of AW's simulation source but changing the main game loop.

Career Expansion

This expansion focuses on adding the mid to late game story and more promotion levels to the game's jobs, as well as the already-designed additional job minigame mechanics for the three Institute jobs and Progenerate Technologies job. The main objective here is the expansion of content, but the addition of mechanics to have subordinates and make difficult/morally complex decisions is also something I've wanted. The original plan was for your actions in the later stages of each job to have more to do with the world and the story's outcome. 

Timeline: 6 months.
  • Additional job event content for each job in the game.
    • Including one-off events and event chains.
  • Additional promotion levels added to jobs.
    • The "Unskilled" jobs like stripper, masseuse, and cashier won't be getting much in the way of new promotion levels.
    • Main jobs will transfer to their next phase, with several more promotion levels.
    • Other jobs like dairy farmhand and maid will receive more promotion levels but no new job phase.
  • New minor mechanics for each of the main jobs in their second phase.
  • New story content where you transition to the next phase of your job.
  • New bad ends for jobs if you make the wrong choices. 
  • New minor events that happen in the world that are related to your job, and the decisions you made (for 2nd phase only).
  • New end-of-game content where you learn more about how your job effect's your life afterward (ranging from "no impact" to "changes the whole course of your life")
  • Probably more job simulator references and crazy Institute stuff.
 Useful Information:

  • This is one of those things that I think will make the game more enjoyable. Currently, you can get through most job content in only a few months of in-game time, depending on the job. While a big part of a job's purpose is to accelerate game time, it also serves as an interesting story opportunity in its own right, and really adds to the quirkiness of the setting.
  • Sticking to 6 months will really limit the amount of new content we can add.
  • The majority of new content will be directed towards full-time jobs, while the part-time jobs won't get as much.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

The FutaFest Release - v1.11


I hope you all had a wonderful set of holidays!

We've got a pretty great release for you this month, with all sorts of stuff for you to check out. Loads (heh) of new content at the FutaFest being held at the Muschi Valley Resort. There are a lot of various events that you can take part in from different perspectives, with even more planned. There's also some more futafication of existing events, and some more mechanics for futa testicles including a bad end if they get too big.

Aside from all the content and futa stuff, we also worked on some things in the base game to make it better. First is a new Tingler hookup app for getting together with random NPCs. This was always intended but never implemented, and makes it a little more realistic in terms of getting to fuck random NPCs. We also worked a little on fertility and huge pregnancies, because many players found the burst bad end to be frustrating.

Let us know what you think about Ingrid. I think her character concept is really interesting, so if she's well enough liked we can make her into a full NPC. Another cool thing this month... we finally broke 3 million words. It's pretty crazy, and wouldn't have been possible without you!

Thanks for all your support, here's to a wonderful 2023!

Change Log

Words: 3,020,393 (20,676,939 characters)
Code: 154,428 lines of TypeScript

  • When using a breast pump to fill milk canisters, more information will now be displayed about your progress.
    • Includes total owned canisters, and ml of milk in your "in progress" canister.
  • New Tingler app is now available in the player's bedroom.
    • Replaces the original tingler where you just selected an NPC from a random list and had sex with them.
    • CoerceMe app is still in the old format for now, but should be overhauled in the next release.
    • There are various NPC texting scenarios that can happen in Tingler.
      • scenarios depend on their personality, intelligence, gender, etc.
    • You can now send and receive nudes
      • It's even possible to get a much-coveted dick pic!
    • Depending on various checks and such, you may fail to convince the NPC to fuck you.
      • Besty wrote this logic using his patented "Coconut Brain" technology.
  • The FutaFest is now a thing! In a time when there are never enough cocks to go around, we should celebrate women with cocks working to ease the shortage!
    • The FutaFest occurs pretty much every weekend for now, Friday through Sunday.
      • It eventually will occur just one weekend per month, but we wanted to make it easier to see for now.
    • There are several all-day events that occur at the festival, and you can choose one to participate in each day you attend. 
      • Futa players will have the additional option of participating in many events specifically as a futa.
    • FutaFest Events (so far):
      • Meet Ingrid Bj√∂rnsdotter, a famous futa BDSM porn star.
        • She can be seduced, leading to some fun.
        • You can make friends with her.
        • She's got a pretty interesting concept to her, I won't spoil it here.
      • Cock Sucking Competition
        • Participate as a competitor, or volunteer to be sucked.
      • Squirting sex event
        • Try to squirt yourself, or make others squirt with your cock.
      • Orgy event (because of course)
        • Content of the event changes naturally depending on whether you are a futa or not.
      • Breeding Event!
        • Split along the expected lines of being inseminated or doing the insemination.
    • Get a free mystery drink before checking out an event.
      • Hint: none of them are alcoholic...
    • There are a variety of things for you to see when the event closes for the day.
      • Authentic end-of-convention feels.
    • You can find the FutaFest inside the resort in SE Muschi Valley.
  • Players with large testicles will now have their scrotums become more "dangly" due to the weight.
    • Amount of hang is determined by size, earliest threshold is 50cc.
  • Futa players whose testicles reach the gigantic size of 1,500cc each will trigger a bad end.
    • A status icon will appear when testicle size approaches the limit (1400cc)
    • The bad end is pretty fun, and involves the balls suddenly growing out of control to gigantic size, and the aftermath.
  • Futa players who do not have testicles, but undergo enough testicle growth from various treatments available in game will now trigger a "ball drop" event.
    • Internal testicles are essentially forced out of the body by their increased size, becoming normal external testicles.
    • This only affects players with the LadyNuts mutation!
      • Without the mutation, testicle size will now remain 0cc.
  • The drug OvuMax is now available from the Gestique fertility clinic.
    • This drug can be taken multiple times (if you can afford it).
    • This drug has a temporary and a permanent effect.
      • The temporary effect lasts until the next ovulation after your treatment. 
      • The permanent effect is... permanent.
    • The temporary effect:
      • dramatically increases the chance of you ovulating, regardless of your base fertility (or ovulation factor variables)
      • Provides a sizeable increase to the odds of multiple ovulation. The total effect of this depends on other fertility factors and how they come together, but the strength of the bonus (100) is about half of the strength of the multiple ovulation mutation (200).
    • The permanent effect:
      • Each dose you've taken increases the chances of ovulating at all by 5 percent.
      • Each dose you've taken increases the multiple ovulation factor by 15.
      • Each dose you've taken will reduce the effectiveness of hormonal birth control at preventing ovulation by approximately 5 percent.
    • This drug can and will result in larger multiple pregnancies, especially if the temporary effect is stacked on top of a large permanent effect from many doses.
      • See the changes in belly burst below...
  • The belly burst bad end from gigantic pregnancies has been adjusted.
    • Players working at progenerate now receive a (big) bonus to their max pregnancy values, rather than being immune to belly burst.
    • The "max number of babies" limit has been slightly increased, which should also help low fertility players who have multiple pregnancies.
    • Wombs now gain "experience" from successfully delivering babies.
      • Each 8 children born increase the max number of babies before burst by 1, and adjust the fundal height similarly.
      • For players with two wombs, the experience contributing to the max child limit is specific to the womb. If womb A has given birth to 16 babies, then its max is increased by 2, but womb B is not affected.
      • Wombs only gain this experience if the player has all 3 elasticity treatments from Gestique.
      • This experience is not tracked in a way visible to the player. You'll have to pay close attention if you hope to reach truly gigantic pregnancies.
    • You will now be able to slowly increase the size of your pregnancies and hit higher records. Let us know how high you get!
  • Gestique now has a Pregnancy Progress Check exam.
    • This check's primary purpose is to see if you will burst from an excessive number of babies.
    • The exam is offered for free, and can be repeated as often as you like.
    • If your pregnancy/life isn't in danger, The check will provide some basic information about the health and growth of your fetuses.
    • If your pregnancy is in danger of causing a burst bad end:
      • If you do not have the full set of three elasticity treatments, the doctor will recommend that you get them and get a new scan afterward.
      • If you do have the full treatments, the doctor will give you two options.
        • Try to go natural: basically do nothing and see if you make it.
        • Get a special C-Section: remove the babies and send them to a facility with artificial host wombs.
          • Only available once pregnancy progress is > 50%. The doctor will tell you to come back if you are below 50.
          • The procedure is free.
          • You will "lose" all the babies. They will not appear in the creche, and you won't receive government/progenerate/etc. funds for them.
          • Surrogate status will be reset.
          • This removes only babies that are 50% grown. If you have two wombs, it may remove the more developed pregnancy instead of the one likely to cause problems. It will remove both pregnancies if both are > 50% progress.
    • This check isn't perfect!
      • The "amount of babies limit" check is totally accurate. This is the check that would normally cause a burst bad end.
      • The "max fundal height limit" check isn't. The fundal height is primarily of concern to players with twin wombs, both of which have large pregnancies, and both of which are close together in time. However, fundal height is very unlikely to cause a burst unless things come together just right.
        • This check can also result in a false positive, particularly if very near to birth.
        • This check only works when close to the burst size limit, so checking very early won't find anything.
  • A new "Fruit of the Womb" panties ad appears in the "read something" action.
  • Some new scenes and activities have been futafied.
    • Camgirl scenes
    • Some residential area events
    • Resort events/activities
    • Jogging and some other exercise activities.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

The Futanari Christmas Release - v1.10


Hello and happy holidays everyone!

Christmas is still a couple weeks away, but who can resist a futa dressed up as Santa?

This month our efforts are a little all over the place, but I think we have a nice selection of new stuff for you to enjoy! Personally, my focus has been on the prologs and opening story. I wanted to make sure that every part of them are certified futa compatible with new variations based on your futa status, but I also wanted to do some revision and add some content where I felt it was needed to result in a better experience. They're better than ever. 

We've also got a ton of general futafication of existing content, with key areas like dating, living together, proposals, and marriages being covered, along with several smaller items. Some of our new event series such as the futa gym junkie and river fisherman have gotten more content to round them out, and we've even done a couple fun things like add animal ears/tails to the clothing paper doll image.

One thing we're trying out is adding a prototype Scene Guide. We wanted something that would make it easier to find content in the game. It does kind of remove the fun of exploration to find these various scenes, but we almost certainly won't list the smaller nuggets of content so exploration will still be useful. The main issue is that the game world is so big, and there's so much content lurking around everywhere. When you add in special conditions and limited timeframes, it can be difficult to find things. It could also be useful if you're looking for content that contains a certain kink.

It's a prototype, so there will be some changes to it, and likely a one-time-per-game warning for spoilers/revealing content locations, and we'll probably even relocate it to a more permanent "place" to access it. We'd appreciate your feedback in the Discord server to let us know what you think. We'll also be happy to hear any ways you think it could be made more useful. 

Thanks for your support everyone, we hope you enjoy the release!

Change Log

Words: 2,981,290 (20,443,691 characters)
TypeScript: 154,013 lines
Nutnog Served: 69,000 liters

  • You can now become a bunny girl at the nekomatics research lab in addition to cat, dog, and fox. (originally released v1.09.2)
  • All five species of animal girl transformations will now appear on the wardrobe paper doll, showing your ears and tails. 
  • In the female story when meeting Lily to get your access card, there is a new optional dialog for futa PCs.
    • You can reveal the fact that you are also a futa to Lily, resulting in more conversation and some show and tell.
  • New content has been added to the female story prolog, revealing a little more about the state of the world, and clarifying some areas of the story.
  • The female story prolog has been edited, with several fixes and some changes for better appearance/flow.
  • All female story prolog events and content now account for futanari PCs.
  • All futa mutations will now display in the character review panels.
  • "Virility" section added to character review panels for futa PCs.
  • You can now use your cum vials from the auto-onahole with the Little Monster sex toy.
  • The initial masturbation scene for the male story prolog now has a cock option for futa PCs.
    • The PC isn't all that interested though, they've had a cock their whole life, after all.
  • There is new futa PC content in the male story prolog.
    • Some new dialog occurs when the player discovers that Lily is also a futa.
    • There is a new scene where you discuss the 'coincidence' that you got turned into a futa like Lily.
      • This results in revealing some key information about the player's transformation that hasn't before been shown in-game.
  • The "about the world" segment at the start of a new game has been completely re-written.
    • It is significantly shorter, so it won't get in the way so much for new players.
    • It now focuses on key aspects of the world of AW, and spells out a couple things that were only hinted at previously.
  • A new exploration prompt will occur about 90 game minutes after finishing the prolog.
  • All dating events have been futafied.
  • Events at home with your lover when living together have been futafied.
  • The Shake & Pop gloryhole has been futafied.
  • Marriage proposals have been futafied.
  • The marriage event itself has been futafied.
  • Several smaller scenes/events have been futafied.
    • scene with the stray dog
    • spanking scene
    • alley robbery
  • Futa PCs can no longer stick their penis inside of Lily
  • Players can no longer marry Lily during the course of the game.
  • A second event with the fisherman has been added to the game.
  • There are new scenes with Abigail at the gym. (Futa Gym Junkie)
    • Starts with a good dose of rape.
    • Further scenes open up after that.
    • As usual, Besty refuses to elaborate on any of the stuff he does/writes.
  • You can now attend blowjob courses at the University in the gov't district.
    • Free educational opportunity!
  • There is now a prototype of a scene guide that can be found in its own tab in the character menu.
    • This is a small prototype, and is nowhere near a complete listing of content/scenes.
    • We already have several changes in mind, but we'd appreciate your feedback.
  • Lots of fixes. 
I have a steadily-growing super headache that so far has resisted the painkillers I've thrown at it, so I'll cut this off here. I could have elaborated more on the various things done to the prologs and character creation, but since they're a part of any new game, and not something you have to find somewhere... this is probably okay. I definitely recommend giving them a try. I'm also pretty happy I got to work that reveal into the male futa content.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

The Renovation Release v1.09 (plus futa poll results!)


Hello everyone, we've got a big release for you this month and a lot to talk about too, so let's get started!

So first of all, the futa length poll. It wasn't forgotten (of course), but I have been taking some time to think about what it means, along with all the feedback we got in addition to the poll. The results of the poll itself were heavily skewed towards the "more futa" side, and the "Hung" option was the winner by a large margin.

I ran the numbers for pledge tier and extra votes, but it was the same winner.

We're definitely going to put more futa content into the game, and aim for the "Hung" level. But one thing we noticed is that we got a ton of comments saying that while the person loves futa stuff, they care more about futa NPCs, and much less about playing a futa character. This makes a lot of sense to me, futa characters are awesome best-of-both-worlds things. To that end, a lot of our focus on more futa content is going to be in the form of interactions with futa characters.

Pretty much everything can be made better, and that's definitely true for AW. I feel like in our rush to hit a "technically a complete game" 1.0 release that kept to our original schedule as much as possible, we left a lot of things that could be improved or added to just make the game better. And then shifting our focus immediately to the futa expansion, we sort of just ignored those things, which I think does the game as a whole a disservice. It doesn't help much to have a ton of new futa content, if the game you're experiencing it in doesn't improve.

To that end, we're going to be spending part of our time each month improving the basic game rather than just focusing on the expansion. The idea being, if the basic game is better, the expansion content will be more fun too. I've thought about different ways to do this, and different ways to add base content (female focused) without ignoring futa PCs. I've come up with a couple methods, which I think will help keep different aspects of the game integrated with each other, and also help keep a balance on our work. We've tried these ideas in our work for this release, so you can try it out and share your feedback on whether or not they work. :D

  1. Add events/scenarios that are somewhat universal but diverge based on whether the player character is a futa. Basically, so that being a futa pc adds more options or different outcomes, but overall it's content all types of characters can enjoy. In this release we have the Stud Finder Competition scenario (which is pretty awesome, I think!)
  2. Add new elements to the game that are missing or would improve gameplay, but use it as a chance to introduce new futa type content when possible, particularly futa NPCs and stories connected to them. In this release we have the new Pump gym. The gym was a missing element in the game, I feel, but we also used the opportunity to add a storyline with a hot futa gym bunny.

I believe that working on a mixture of expansion-specific content, dual purpose items like above, and general game improvements, we'll be in a better place to keep improving the game. And this isn't just a futa-only thing! These sorts of techniques can also be used with future expansion choices. For example: hu-cows, with new hu-cow mechanics, but also improving the base game with hu-cow characters and content.

As far as base game improvements go, those are going to be pretty wide ranging. From adding more content to needed areas like jobs and day-to-day life, to improving or adding game mechanics/content that make the standard 'game loop' more enjoyable. 

Please share your ideas with us on Discord! 

Being developers and constantly looking at the game, it can be really hard to see the forest for the trees. Your feedback helps us do better!

Personal Notes:

Just leaving a quick note to let everyone know that Besty and wife made it safely out of Russia. It's good to know that he's no longer in any danger!

Covid booster kicked my ass, but otherwise everyone is happy and healthy.

Anenn got a new fridge to keep his capybara treats in.

Change Log

Words: 2,940,614 (20,202,093 characters)
TypeScript: 153,518 lines
Images: about 3,500
Inventory: 165+ items, 113 home/furniture items.

  • Work on the prologues.
    • Futafied some of the initial reactions and explorations of the player's new body. 
      • ex: putting on a bikini in the morning, going in the hospital bathroom.
      • some initial scenes with Lily in the male story prologue
    • Edited and changed the writing in some parts of the Lily reveal scene to clarify things about Lily a little more.
  • Made some changes to the character action menu actions.
    • You can no longer do a "at home masturbation" outside of your house.
    • A new "public masturbation" action was added.
      • This is a placeholder for now, will take into account several factors along with a chance to get caught... fun.
    • You can no longer use breast pumps to pump your milk while you are away from home, because you aren't carrying such bulky things around with you.
      • The action button to pump milk will now default to hand milking when away from home.
      • You can still hand milk away from home since it requires no equipment, but milk expressed this way isn't collected for sale (your bulky canisters are at home too!)
    • Some other minor fixes.
  • Rate for brain damage accumulation compared to bimbo score increase has been adjusted.
    • Standard bimbo increases will now cause only 66.6% increase in brain damage score, rather than 1 to 1. (gaining 6 points to bimbo level will now increase brain damage by 4 points.)
      • Reminder: brain damage bad end threshold is well above 100, at a level determined by difficulty level.
    • Things that primarily cause brain damage (with a corresponding increase in bimbo level) are not effected, and still cause 2x the damage for each point of bimbo gain.
      • These items are: "Overly high arousal - brain damage", "Side effect of Titilator supplement.", and "Emergency Mental Treatment"
    • Bimbo-adding items that do not cause brain damage (such as attending certain churches or reading magazines) still doesn't cause any brain damage.
  • There is a now a bimbo guided meditation class held at the community pavilion near central park.
    • Look at the advertisement on the side of the pavilion building to unlock attending classes.
    • Classes are free and are held every day from 5 to 7pm, they last an hour.
    • Attending a class will increase your bimbo score by 10 points.
      • This class does NOT cause brain damage, it is purely safe hypnosis!
    • Our resident bimbo expert described the scenes as "That's hot ngl.."
  • There are two new onahole sex toys available at the Prude sex shop.
    • Obviously, onaholes can only be used by PCs with a cock, but we won't stop you from buying one even if you don't have one.
    • Using either onahole can be done from the sex toys section of the character actions menu.
    • The first is a pretty standard "Vacuum Onahole" similar to a certain manufacture's items from Japan.
      • Does what an onahole does...
      • significantly increases chance of masturbation success.
      • Increases satisfaction gain from masturbating with it.
      • Increases the cutoff for gaining satisfaction compared to normal masturbation.
    • The second toy is an automatic onahole, which is similar to devices such as the auto-blow, in that it does all the work for you.
      • Guaranteed to make you cum, even if you're hard-to-please.
      • Even better satisfaction gain and gain cap than the standard onahole.
      • Expensive as fuck at $269
      • Basically removes the pregnancy penalty from masturbating because all you have to do is hold it there and it does all the work. ;)
      • Comes with three cum preservation vials, which allow you to collect your ejaculation and keep it preserved and fresh for 7 days so you can use it later.
      • See the cum vial system entry below to learn more about this functionality.
      • Using it without a cum vial to fill has a humorous result.
  • New Cum Vial system added to the game.
    • This system allows you to collect your own semen for later use by using the auto-onahole to collect and preserve it for you. The system allows other player collection methods, and can be easily expanded to capture NPC cum if desired.
    • collects all the relevant semen data at the time of collection, volume, sperm count, motility, survival, mutations, etc.
      • Cum vials can only hold up to 10ml of semen.
    • The cum vials keep semen "just ejaculated" fresh for about 7 days. They are automatically removed from your inventory when they expire.
    • Collecting a cum vial from your auto-onahole automatically creates a new consumable inventory item.
      • Clicking on the description of the item also shows information about the vial/s you have filled (age and volume).
    • Using one of the cum vial consumables will crack open a vial and give you three choices on how to use it along with a minor scene for each.
      • Once a vial is open, the preservation ends, so you must use the vial right away.
      • Opening the vial causes a minor arousal bump due to the smell (higher if cum slut)
      • Option 1: Toss it - empty the vial and clean it so you can reuse it later. (Can't be performed if the player is a cum slut.)
      • Option 2: Drink it - provides the normal positive boosts from consuming cum, along with corresponding input to addiction system. (can remove withdraw, increase addiction, etc.) Cum sluts enjoy this more, of course.
      • Option 3: Creampie - pour your cum into your own pussy. You must be very aroused to perform this action.
        • This is some kind of selfcest, but it has been requested more than once. Also will be useful if we make NPC cum vials.
        • You CAN get pregnant this way, assuming both sides of your reproductive tract are fertile. 
        • Gives the normal positive mental/status boosts from both consuming cum and getting a creampie.
        • Making a baby this way is basically the worst type of incest genetically speaking... but we're not going to do anything about it... it's fantasy after all.
        • The inheritance engine that determines the various features of the child may derp a bit... only time will tell. It wasn't really designed for selfcest, but should work. Probably.
    • For now buying extra auto-onaholes won't get you more cum vials. The system is temporarily (simple flag) limited to 3. 
    • The plan is to allow these cum vials to be universally compatible with other forms of small semen storage like what is used for cooking and toys like the tiny monster.
      • This compatibility hasn't been added yet.
      • Items like the double-donger that use 1 liter canisters of semen won't be compatible... too big of a volume difference.
  • The Third Annual Stud Finder Competition scenario has been added to the game
    • This is a long scenario that is essentially a competition to find the best studs in Appletree, details can be discovered during the event.
    • The scenario can occur in June, Sol, July, or early August.
      • It will occur as soon as the player meets the starting conditions.
    • The first part is an interaction popup where the player discovers that they've been selected to participate as a judging assistant. 
      • The player accidentally agrees due to dubious methods.
      • This notice only occurs if the player is not pregnant (or has an open womb and meets the right criteria for twin-womb characters).
      • This popup essentially primes things for the main scenario to start.
    • Once you accept participation in the competition, you will have a window of time to go to city hall and cancel for free if you don't want to participate. 
      • Depending on timing this window could be very short, but should be at least 1 full day before the scenario can start.
    • The actual competition will start once player is in their fertile period within a few days of ovulation. 
      • This timing is purely coincidental as far as the story is concerned, of course...
      • You will be escorted by two Institute agents to the competition venue.
      • You will meet an official, and have several conversation options, most of which aren't exclusionary.
      • You can protest participating, and be given an option to leave as long as you are willing and able to pay the penalty fee. It's expensive.
    • If you have the right equipment, you can convince the official that you're actually supposed to be competing in the competition.
      • Requires external testicles of sufficient volume (20cc)
      • Penis of sufficient size (7 inches+, 1.8 inches diameter)
      • You will be rejected if you first ask about getting out of the competition.
      • Various rejection dialogs depending on what you're lacking.
      • Leads to a different route where you compete as a stud.
      • You cannot win the competition, but there are a ton of factors described and you can place differently.
    • Unless you quit or tricked your way out of it, you will have a medical evaluation.
      • This will nullify any hormonal birth control chemical you've built up from pills or patches.
      • A morning-after pill can boost your hormone levels back up to effective levels before you ovulate, but normal pills/patches won't have time.
      • IUDs will be removed, because they are illegal. You can insert another one after the competition if desired.
      • The only way to be 100% certain to avoid pregnancy is not to participate as a female.
    • Then you get fucked really good in a nice scene with a friendly futa.
    • Like the main story, the two paths have some complementary information.
  • Super Futification of Game Content:
    • Coop milking events.
    • Pregnancy events - (some heavy stuff)
    • Police drunk event
    • Police nudity event
    • Rapist encounter
    • Lady of the woods storyline
    • Hanna the drug dealer storyline
    • NPC interaction events
    • Pharmacist events
    • Some dating system events
  • NPC birth scenes got some new content as well as some futa variation.
  • There is a new gym called Pump Fitness in northwest downtown.
    • Costs a membership fee to join the gym (of course)
    • Working out in the gym is more effective than working out outside or at the small apartment workout room.
    • There is a new NPC that hangs out at the gym with some interactions.
      • Mia Cooper a futa fitness junkie.
    • More amazon futas are likely to be added in the future.
  • New activities and events at the "Bridge" location. (located on the world map, just east of Appletree)
    • Pick a peaceful spot and relax while watching the water go by.
      • Reduces stress.
    • Meet a fisherman that fishes regularly by the bridge.
      • Interactions with him can lead to giving a blowjob or even sex.
      • Why is he so into fishing?
      • What is he trying to catch?
  • The usual round of fixing reported bugs. Just some examples:
    • Bug where arousal wouldn't properly drop after masturbation was fixed.
    • Bug where buying a certain drug from Hanna would pay you instead of charge you.
    • Odd behavior of condom consumables, especially differences between futa and non-futa PC.

Thanks so much for all your support, and for making it all the way through this change log!

I hope to have an even nicer one for you next time ^_^

Erotically yours,


The Milking Release v1.13

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