Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Floating Release - v0.37.0 Change Log

Sorry for the delay everyone, but now version 0.37 is here! We have a neat release for you guys, with a lot of new stuff downtown along with some long-awaited surrogacy content.

This month's efforts have been somewhat spread out, but they all come down to content or polish. For polish, it's things like making the outfit/makeup/hair choice options after sleeping more functional and actually adding a game statistics page.  We've also made it so that story characters that aren't full NPCs have their name attached to any sperm deposits. Of course, there's been a lot of bug fixing, and further improvements to the game's save system and other areas.

For content, things are spread out a bit. Several new stores are open downtown, and you can even buy some new supplements from Nature's Treasury in the mall. There are new map events, new whoring scenes, and the "book club" is now available if you explore the Phoenix Nest book store. There are some new minor job events, a whole set of content for being a surrogate mother at the Progenerate Surrogacy Center in the medical district, and even a much-expanded set of scenes for the infamous double donger sex toy. The main storyline tasks have been expanded to include tasks 3 and 4, though they don't have all the content I'd like yet. You'll be able to see 'the machine' starting to take shape though. 

This has been a pretty crazy month for me personally, finding out that I'm getting a promotion at work, and relocating back to the mainland. Island life can be fun, but it does wear on you after a while. Of course, moving means tons to do, so it's been plenty hectic.

Unfortunately, our erotica writer has been having a bad month with writing. It has been quite hot and unpleasant this month in her hometown, and because AC isn't very common in Europe, the heat has made it difficult for her to write coherently. She should be getting the child content finished for us in time for the 0.38 release. 


There were some issues with loading a save in versions 35 and 36. For the most part, saves from older versions should work okay. If you experience issues/bugs while playing with an old save, please try starting a new game.


Words: 2,489,980  (14,941,883 characters)
Code Lines: 203,439

  • Improved the hover text display that utilizes jQueryUI for hover text on icons and map locations.
    • Should be less intrusive now, particularly in phone UI and map navigation.
  • Added high-resolution map of Muschi valley.
    • Shows more areas outside the valley.
    • Click map has been improved to be more representative of actual locations.
  • Improved the process for loading game saves and running backward compatibility.
    • The game will now properly load unique game state variables, and initialize new ones.
    • The game will now properly load temporary variables from the time of the save.
    • Modified SugarCube yet again because that's how it has to be.
  • Expanded the Clothes class to have a property that automatically considers clothing wetness when returning exposure value.
    • Clothes now naturally become more revealing when wet instead of requiring additional checks.
  • Added tracking feature to stress, arousal, anger, and milk production status values.
    • You can now see just how much stress you accumulated or milk you produced in the game stats page.
  • Created the "Liter of Semen" inventory item to refill certain sex machines and possibly some other uses in the future.
    • Can be purchased in the adult district downtown from Prude.
  • Added a new menu and several scenes to the Double Donger sex-machine.
    • The machine can now inseminate the player.
    • The machine can be refilled using a "Liter of Semen" item.
    • There's a lot of different text possibilities with this one.
  • Fixed the game cheats so that they run properly when using the prologue skip feature.
  • Added the father's name to the social menu's simple child display.
  • Story characters (such as Tyrone from the main quest) now have their names tracked when inseminating the player.
    • Zygotes/babies/children from these characters will no longer show as "unknown".
  • Fixed the button placement issue in the male prologue that caused some players difficulty with continuing.
  • The amount cum/creampie/sex addiction that reduces each night has been adjusted slightly.
    • These addiction values will not drop quite as fast as before.
  • Added an image and description for the Sultry Eve Enema Kit.
  • Automatic showering when going to bed now works as intended.
  • A new Fertiseed ad can be seen when wasting time at home.
  • The main story quest has been expanded with two new stages.
    • The first stage is creating wire coils for electromagnets.
    • The second stage is mostly carried out by Lily, and functions as something of a 'break' for the player.
      • While there are no work tasks during this stage, you can still see the machine coming together if you stop by the lab.
    • Prep work for the following stage involving obtaining unique/rare components has been done. 
    • We still need to add unique dialog items to the characters for the new stages.
  • Premade characters have been expanded with several new characters.
    • The selection menu has a better appearance and is more functional.
    • The description of the characters is a little more detailed.
  • A new game statistics page has been added to the game.
    • You can view it from the bad end page to view your final game statistics.
    • You can also view it from the character menu during the game.
    • Contains a lot of interesting details about your stay in Appletree.
  • The "getting ready in the morning" controls have been improved.
    • Your previous choice will be remembered so you don't need to select an option each day.
    • Generally functions as expected, having your character get dressed, do her hair, and put on makeup automatically.
      • You need to create presets for these in the wardrobe and grooming menus before they will do anything.
  • You can now be a surrogate at the Progenerate Technologies Surrogacy Center located in the medical district.
    • Visit the center to sign up as a potential surrogate.
      • You can't be a surrogate while working in the Fecundate Division at Progenerate, they already have the rights to your womb.
    • You'll be contacted when there is a client available for you.
      • You'll be able to choose whether to accept the client or reject them.
    • Different clients are willing to offer different rates.
      • Many clients are interested in a more natural breeding process and will want to inseminate you themselves.
      • Some father and mother clients will want to inject zygotes.
    • You will be paid partially up-front and will receive a delivery bonus for each baby.
    • Over 12,000 words of impregnation content.
  • Hanna event chain finished (5,000 words).
  • Additional small map events (2,000 words).
  • New whoring scenes (2,000 words).
  • New little events at various jobs (around 500 words).
  • New bigger map events (1,000 words).
  • The Phoenix book club is now open! (1,400 words).
    • Look around in the Phoenix Nest bookstore...
  • The downtown area received a lot of love and is more fleshed out now.
    • New food supplements in Nature's treasury shop as well as food components.
    • Fastfood places downtown are working fully now.
    • Several setting/ambiance stores are now open, such as the Squash store, Pen Island, and hardware store.
  • You can now buy groceries at Bullseye.
  • Some more info status icons showing up on different occasions to inform you about what is happening to your character.
    • I don't know what this means either -ThaumX
  • Relationship "time to advance" is now shown in the "serious conversation" menu during a date.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
    • A bunch of fixes we forgot to write down, of course.
    • Tanning on the balcony action was fixed.
    • Hangouts location suggestion fixed.
    • FairyTail leaving the massage button fixed.
      • You won't be blocked in the shop if some scene or event interrupted it now.
    • Tingler and CoerceMe apps don't throw an error when you click "GO" button without selecting a mate first.
    • Fixed one-piece swimwear exposure bug.

Is the opposite of Microsoft Office actually Macrohard Onfire?

Friday, July 31, 2020

Floating three

It's pretty obvious that this is the third 'floating' post, and you've probably noticed that they've all been one after another. Given the years-long tradition of coming up with semi-random post titles and images, this may have some of you wondering what's going on. Basically, nothing. This is pretty much the result of me randomly deciding to make three images instead of one. I have to admit, it does save time. Perhaps I can name version 0.37 the "Floating Release" but with a new model. In any case, I'll probably go back to my normal randomness after the release because it's fun. :D

The good news so far is that Besty and Anenn have been faithfully chugging toward a happy release next week. The bad news is that I've been falling more and more behind. I'm hoping a last-minute death march will get me caught up by release time. Unfortunately, I've been slammed with things like filling out 200 pages of paperwork (literally, thankfully mostly digitally) and getting fingerprinted. Taking care of things that depend on local offices/services is extra slow because of covid, and it's already Guam I'm dealing with...

The worst part is that it's a rush to get all these tasks done as soon as possible, only to wait for other parts of the bureaucratic process to be completed. We'll be flying away from Guam for good in about 4 weeks, but we have to wait on our travel orders to get finished before we can really do much like start real estate paperwork or schedule the movers.

The process of moving sucks, it's basically some sort of unwritten law.

Our freelance erotica writer has been having some writer's block, which isn't great news, but she also has a tendency to come through once pressure mounts, so I'm hopeful. We've also found another freelance writer to help us out with some sexier content, but she's just starting now so her words probably won't make it into version 0.37. That brings our stable of freelance writers up to 4, though we may go back down to 3 soon.

Freelance writing has been working out for us, especially when it comes to adding conversational content and more generic things. We pay pretty standard rates for freelance writing (with rate bonus for erotic content), so some people get to make some money, and we get extra content. It's a win-win. If you're interested, you're always welcome to drop by the discord and ask about it. You're also welcome to submit whatever kinky content suits your fancy, and we'll be happy to add it to the game as long as it follows some very basic rules.

Anyway, we should have a fun release for you guys in a few more days. The scheduled release date is the 5th. Because of my tight schedule, I haven't had much time to check over everyone else's work, so a lot of bug checks will be left until the last minute, which I hate. Rather than needing to do a bugfix release though, if it's bad, I'll just push the release back a day or so and let you guys know. I figure it's better to wait a day for a better release than get a buggy version and have to wait more days for a fix.

Thanks for reading my rambling, and thanks as always for your support!


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Floating Two

Hello everyone, it's already time for another blog post... time really flies.

We've all been hard at work on version 37 as expected, as well as working on the reported bugs. I discovered an issue caused by the earlier changes I made to improve save stability, because of course changes to make saves more stable would result in them being broken. That's all fixed up now though, and I've loaded a ton of saves from random places and via backward compatibility to test. Everything seems to be working exactly as it's supposed to for once.

Anenn has made good progress on his work, so now he's able to start writing the surrogacy content for version 37. His tastes run that way, so I have high hopes for some fun content.

We also got some bonus writing done by Shadowkeeper for the Double Donger sex machine. It was originally supposed to have an insemination function, but that ended up not making it in. Thanks to Shadowkeeper's writing, we were able to make the Double Donger function as intended. You can now even buy bulk semen from the Prude store to refill your machine.

Besty has been adding a slew of neat things all around town, particularly when it comes to some of the stores we have downtown that have always been closed up until now. Nature's Treasury for all-natural supplements, the Squash Store for your ePhone needs, and others. He's also added some new job content for some of the main jobs to help keep things interesting at the daily grind.

I also think we'll have some fun interactions with the player's children, possibly including some fun things like breast feeding, coming from our freelance erotica writer. I'll be adding that stuff in as it gets written, I know it's something many of you have been interested in for a while now.

In more personal news, it seems my promotion and relocation is now official. We'll be moving from Guam back to the continental U.S. toward the end of August. Moving basically always sucks, but we're excited to live somewhere new. It's also good news for my family, because we'll finally have access to the medical resources we need.

In terms of game development, I'll probably have to limit myself to a more supervisory role for late august and early September. I expect things to return to normal once we get moved into a new place sometime after that. We'll still have two full-time developers and our freelance writer/s, so there shouldn't be a major drop in productivity; it won't be like work will grind to a halt or anything. Still, I'll be doing some planning and prep to keep things rolling forward smoothly. :D

I'll share some more details as we learn more, of course, but that's all for now. See you next week!


Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Floating One

We had some issues with the version 36 release, with some v35 code not being included in the builds which caused a plethora of bugs. Once we had the git issue resolved and some new v36 bugs fixed, it was time to get started working on v37. This month Besty and I are going to be focusing on content, content, content. :D

Anenn will also be working on some finishing touches in different areas, and then pivoting to adding some more content if there's time.
  • We're going to expand the main story/quest line with more activities and dialog. 
  • New events all over the place, focusing on jobs and game areas you see often to improve variety.
  • Interacting with your children at the Appletree creche!
  • A full stable of premade characters to choose from.
  • Game Statistics to view from the menu or after a bad end. Now you'll know all the crazy things you got up to during your play through.
  • Updates to the outfit selection controls after sleeping to remember your previous choice and make them look a little more attractive.
  • If time, some of the surrogacy content.

It should be a fun update! 

On a more personal note, we're still waiting to find out more info on my potential relocation, we just have to wait for the wheels of bureaucracy to grind forward a bit more. We're preparing as much as possible so we can try for a smooth move; if it does we won't be moving until late August, perhaps early September. I'll likely be taking time off work, and we'll be using a moving company to transport our household goods back to the mainland, so it shouldn't have a giant impact on my AW time. It'll be really good in the long-run though, so it's definitely worth it.

That's all for now, thanks for your support and take care!


Friday, July 10, 2020

The Special Forces Bugfix Release - v0.36.1

There was a problem with the version 0.36 release, so here we are with a bugfix release. The issue stems from mistakes that Anenn made in git when he started working with us. Basically, he was switching back and forth between the development branch and master and pushing everything to the master. This caused no shortage of headaches for me at the time, but it also returned again to mess up our release. 

After we got the master branch under control, Anenn pushed some changes to the version 36 working branch that basically reverted it to the very beginning of June (because he didn't properly pull [update local files] from version 36, and instead pushed his out-of-date source into the branch). This resulted in our work from the last few days of version 35 development, including bug fixing, to be excluded from version 36. This, of course, caused several bugs to reappear that had been fixed in the version 35 release, but it also caused several new bugs because it had unfinished work for version 35 as well.

This bugfix release addresses all those issues, fixes the reported bugs in content new to version 36, and adds a few minor new things. Oh, and Anenn didn't listen and probably broke premade characters for now. He's a new code kitteh, so... it's a learning process.

Thanks for your patience with the buggy release, and thanks for your support!

New Stuff:
  • New minor job events at several jobs (institute, poll riders, fairy tail)
  • Some new location event text items
  • Updated full-screen Muschi Valley map

Monday, July 6, 2020

The Combat Release - v0.36 Change Log

Hello everyone, it's finally time for the version 0.36 release!

We've got a bunch of new stuff for you in this release, a mixture of relationship content, world content, and new game functionality. This release also marks the end of the relationship phase we've been working on. There are some minor things that will see some attention and possibly some assorted relationship content added, but we're mostly done with relationships for now until we revisit them for marriage and other material at the beginning of next year.

The game functionality we've added is a mixture of things, all planned, but none considered critical. The biggest item is the addition of the NPC Template system, which allows you to create NPC templates by setting individual NPC variables, which the game can then use when generating NPCs instead of using the procedural generator. We've also cleaned up the settings menu for the NPC Generator, added some premade characters, and added banking to the game for savings, loans, and credit cards. We also made the changes to the AI discussed in this blog earlier in the month, improving the experience in dates and hangouts. 

Content-wise, we've added a variety of new things. A lot of it is related to relationships, kinky and otherwise, like some BDSM activities as well as marriage proposals and making vows. The "psycho in the woods" event had erotic content added, and Hanna the drug dealer now has a quest/storyline involving the owner of the SlavSquat Academy. Anenn has also fleshed out the cam-whoring side job with content to explore.

We spent a lot of time the last 4 weeks working on code, for both relationships and the game functionality additions. Still, we're still getting back into the swing of tracking time properly (or learning, in Anenn's case), so take these numbers with a grain of salt. Our goal for next month will be to actually track all of our work time :D

We hope you enjoy this release, and thanks for all your support!

ThaumX & Team

Change Log

Content: 2,421,604 words,  14,745,303 characters, 3,037 images
Code Lines: 202,638 Lines O' Code
Body Portraits: 64,880,640 combinations


  • Added the NPC Template system to the game.
    • Allows players to create and edit templates of most NPC variables.
    • Template groups can be exported as a single file for sharing and reuse.
    • Templates are used to generate new NPCs using the same exact variables, rather than using the procedural generator.
      • You can set the ratio of new NPCs that are created from templates rather than the procedural generator.
    • Templates can be disabled and enabled during gameplay from the game settings menu.
      • Individual templates can only be edited before starting a game.
    • NPC templates will not be available in public releases prior to version 1.0.
      • This is partly to reward our generous supporters, but also because the system allows the player to create all sorts of chaos if they wish, and that isn't suitable for a public-facing release yet.
  • Updated the NPC Generator Settings Menu.
    • The menu has a nicer appearance and is hopefully somewhat easier to use.
    • The menu will remember the settings when you leave the menu and return.
    • NPC Generator Settings can now be changed during the game!
  • Players can now have their IUDs removed at the Gestique Clinic in the Medical District.
  • The Government District of Appletree has had area descriptions and "look around" content added. 
    • Four new logos for important facilities such as the public school system and creche.
  • NPC class structure adjusted slightly to add on-demand calculated personality information.
  • Premade Characters are now a thing (in a temporarily limited way).
    • Currently, you can choose from three pre-made characters to start the game with rather than creating your own character in character creation.
    • More options are planned, this is the first part of what is necessary for "Roleplay Challenge" modes. 
  • A new Camurbate advertisement can be seen when using the "read something" activity in your home.
  • Banking has been added to the game.
    • The player can perform banking actions at the Faust and Indigo Dragon banks located downtown (east of the corporate park).
    • The player can open three different types of accounts, each with its own functionality.
      • The savings account will keep the player's money safe while slowly accruing interest.
        • Like with a normal savings account, this interest rate is quite low, only a little over 1% annually.
        • Currently, there are no events or situations where the player is robbed, this will change in the future. Savings account money is safe from such events.
      • The player can apply for a credit card account, which works much like a normal credit card.
        • Your credit card is used for purchases automatically when your funds are low,  and can also be used for cash advances.
        • Interest is charged weekly, and paying off your balance before the end of the week will prevent interest from being charged on it.
        • The interest rate is quite high, though the specific amount depends on your credit check results.
        • The mandatory minimum payment is quite small, it will take forever to pay off your card if only the minimum payment is made.
      • The player can apply for a personal loan, which gives them a one-time lump sum of cash.
        • The loan is paid off with structured payments over the course of approximately one year.
        • The interest rate is a good deal lower than with a credit card, but mandatory payments are likely to be higher because of the fixed loan term.
        • The amount that can be borrowed, along with the interest rate offered, depends on your credit check.
    • Added a credit check to the game that simulates the bank checking the player's credit score. 
      • The player has a brand new identity and thus little credit, so the final credit score is largely based on existing assets and the player's income to expense ratio.
    • There is no significant difference between Indigo Dragon and Faust, except that their offered rates and such can vary slightly from each other.
      • Banks in Appletree definitely don't collude with each other, because that would be illegal. Perish the thought!
  • Addiction has been modified to improve realism and playability.
    • Addiction levels for non-drug addictions will decrease a limited amount every day. This will make it less likely for normal behavior to cause an addiction to cum/sex/creampies.
      • Heavy sexual activity will still cause addiction, as intended.
    • Drug addiction levels will decrease at a slower rate each day, but only while the addiction level is below 50.
      • Addiction levels 50 and above must be reduced by going through withdrawal.
      • Will allow the player to sample drugs for their benefits on an infrequent basis without starting an addiction.
    • This hopefully will help solve the issue where players unintentionally end up with addiction despite fairly ordinary behavior. We will likely need to tweak the rate of decline, which is based on a math function.
  • Downtown events will no longer occur while in Lily's basement and should be much less likely to occur in the area outside Lily's house.
  • When making a move to a new home from the Apple Cleft Realty office, the moving robots will now pack all your home items back into your inventory. 
    • You will need to place your home items in your home again from the home inventory menu.
    • This prevents certain errors from occurring due to potentially decreased room size and rooms not being available in all home tiers.
  • Tier 4 home added to the game.
    • Available only to players who move in with their romantic partner.
    • Has three bedrooms and additional storage space. 
  • You can now live together with your romantic partner.
    • You can suggest moving in with your lover once you've reached the "lovers" stage of your relationship.
    • You will have to go to the realtor's office to fill out paperwork and perform the move into your new tier 4 home.
    • As long as your romantic partner is not poorer than you, you will see a reduction in your weekly rent amount.
      • A wealthy NPC will decrease your rent by a larger amount.
    • The quality and traits of your new home are based on your existing home at the time you move. Your partner's financial status can modify the quality of your home from there.
      • A wealthy NPC will increase the quality level of your home the most, and also increases the quality cap somewhat so you may end up with a home nicer than it's possible to find while single.
      • An average wealth NPC will give a modest increase to your home's quality.
    • The player is still responsible for keeping the home clean.
      • Interactions and setup for sharing cleaning responsibilities haven't been created yet.
      • I forgot to do this, it's not a design decision, lol.
    • Normal interactions with your lover are possible from within your own home, and your partner will move about according to their own schedule.
      • We will probably need to add a "Hey You!" function to call the NPC from a different room so you don't need to chase them around or wait on them... Let us know!
  • Added some NonCon events to home dates.
    • If you have the BDSM stocks from the Prude shop in your apartment you can trick NPC into getting in them and torture them.
      • There is a strapon option (requires possession of any dildo).
      • There is a caning option.
  • NPCs will now visit your apartment occasionally.
    • Various interaction options are available such as starting dates or hanging out with the NPC.
  • The Player Character's "self-thoughts" have been expanded with new things to think about.
    • 3,200 words of new situational character-based contemplation.
  • The new CB System has replaced the old AWAI System in hangouts and dating.
    • I don't know what CB stands for because Besty came up with the name.
      • It has been suggested that it may mean "Cock & Balls System", but I can't confirm this.
        • It may actually stand for "Cognitive Behavior System", but this seems too reasonable.
    • The system uses traditional game AI methodology combined with detailed character data to make decisions.
    • The system is also used in some other locations as well, such as determining whether to propose advancing a relationship (or accepting a proposal), as well as vow negotiation.
    • While the AWAI system (learning software) hasn't been deleted from the game, links to the AI training have been removed.
  • Marriage can be properly proposed by NPC or PC now.
    • Details of the marriage can be discussed right after the proposition or on the next date.
    • You can set the date for the wedding.
    • NPC will list some vows they want you to follow through the marriage and you can propose some too.
    • You can't actually get married yet. A nice sexy ceremony and other fun marriage-related things are slated for 2021.
      • Some earlier blog posts discussing the poll results explain what's going on with marriage in more detail.
  • The Screen-Reader-Friendly Interface option was improved for our players with vision difficulties.
    • Breast size slider which is hard to use with a screen-reader software is accompanied by simple [smaller] and [bigger] buttons.
    • PC preferences now replaced with simple drop-downs instead of the standard fancy selector element.
  • Added final scene for the Psycho in the woods event chain. (1300 words)
  • A Skin color chart is now available during character creation that shows the skin tone associated with the various words such as "fair" and "light".
  • Hanna story expansion, new quest (2500 words)
    • Besty didn't add any information about triggering this, so it probably follows on from the previously-existing Hanna content.
  • The available cam girl content has been considerably expanded, with a number of basic shows and special request scenes.

For making it this far, I figured I'd share a sneak peek at some art that I wasn't able to get finished in time for this release. It's a map of Muschi Valley, which will occupy the entire map screen rather than having the current square map. There will be saturation gradients and such applied in the final version for a nice-looking screen, this is a work in progress.

Muschi Valley is located in West Virginia, in the Laurel Forks area. This places it about 225km (140mi) west of Washington D.C., which is the identity of "the City" in the game.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Beach Bums

Hello everyone!

It's been a busy few days out here on my tropical island of doom; we got some bad news about my wife's health, and there has been plenty of things happening now that I've returned to working shifts at my day job (instead of teleworking). For the rest of the AW team, things have been progressing pretty much as usual.

On Besty's end, we now have a slew of fancy marriage proposals from NPCs, and he's currently working on a pretty cool event/quest chain involving his in-game persona and a drug dealer. Anenn has just finished up the basic camgirl stuff, and we're deciding if he'll work on expanding that some more before release, or if he has time to get something a bit bigger done. We've also got some more scenes from our lovely erotica freelancer implemented :D

A bit off topic, we finally got around to adding banking, so you can open a savings account, get a credit card, and even take out a personal loan. This will make it a bit easier to get set up early in the game, at the cost of interest. And of course, it's always possible to overextend yourself financially, which probably won't go well...

For those of you who are curious, the bad news about my wife isn't anything life threatening, but she will need some specialist surgery only available on the U.S. mainland, which will necessitate some travel and probably cause some schedule complications in the late fall. For now, we're keeping up with her final course of chemo, which will be over soon. On the cancer front, things are looking very good, which is the most important thing.

I do have some personal good news, however! It seems that I have a really good shot of moving back to the U.S. mainland along with a promotion at my day job. Guam has a lot to love despite the disadvantages, but we're really ready to move on. We'll have to take advantage of the beaches while we still can!

Nothing is certain right now, so I don't want to spend time talking about hypothetical moving plans or how they could possibly affect development. Of course, I'll share with you guys once I learn anything concrete. :D At this point we're a team of three full time developers, so some interruptions to my schedule shouldn't have a major effect on our development. If I do move, however, it'll probably happen near the end of summer. 

That's all for now until the release in a little less than a week. Stay safe, and thanks so much for your support!


The Floating Release - v0.37.0 Change Log

Sorry for the delay everyone, but now version 0.37 is here! We have a neat release for you guys, with a lot of new stuff downtown along with...