Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Silicone Release - Version 0.23.0 Changelog

Welcome to the Silicone Release!

This release has focused a lot on customizing things, from customizing the PC's body with cosmetic surgery and transformatives to creating custom clothing in Tight Threads. There's also a selection of more normal new stuff, such as a new event sequence for the S.P.E.R.M. job, or additional world-building in the form of new pharma companies complete with encyclopedia entries. We've also finally got autoloading for mods so that you don't have to manually load them each time you load the game.

Words:     1,824,459        Characters:     10,784,438
Code:      176,579 lines    Pharma Corps:     8

  • Greatly expanded the medical district.
    • Several new transformative medications are available in the private practice area of the medical district.
    • Traditional cosmetic surgery is available in the hospital.
    • You can now visit the emergency room if you have critical health or mental stats to get your character healed up. (The emergency mental help is particularly amusing...)
    • You can now book weekly appointments with a psychiatrist, and visit them to help your mental condition.
    • There's plenty of different things to see or have done to you in the medical district, you can even visit your general practice doctor.
  • Tight Threads now has a custom clothing creator tool to create your own clothes inside the game.
    • When you create custom clothes, they are available immediately to purchase and wear.
    • You can also export your custom clothing as a clothing mod to reuse or share with others.
    • There is a tool in Tight Threads to allow you to import custom clothing mods into an existing saved game.
  • There are several new tutorial images describing important game mechanics in a friendly fashion. They'll show up with the other tutorial images when you start a new game.
  • Game mods can now be autoloaded using a mod-package file.
    • The game comes with a default file containing the official mods.
    • There is a tool in the game to create your own mod package available on the mods page.
    • All mods packaged into mod-package.awp will be automatically loaded when you play the game, removing the need to load mods each time you play the game.
  • New encyclopedia entry on the 8 main pharmaceutical companies found in the world of AW.
    • The game has 8 new company logos for each of these companies.
    • These companies produce the transformatives and drugs you'll take in the game, such as the catgirl transformative from Nekomatics.
  • New Event chain in the S.P.E.R.M. career path.
    • Includes multiple related events that happen slowly over the course of several game weeks.
    • One event features an original animation of something you uncover at the Institute.
  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements.
  • Minor content additions here and there, such as new churches to be found downtown.
  • We did a bad job of keeping track of all the little things we did this month, so there are undoubtedly some things we've forgotten here...

I hope you all enjoy the release!

There is a bunch of in-progress artwork that I worked on this month, related primarily to in-game events or to the TV shows you can watch. Because there's a bunch of other artwork I've worked on that I haven't put into the game yet, I figured I'd share a random selection. :D

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