Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Hello everyone, time for another update.

First, let's get the pregnancy fix out of the way... In my focus on making the AW_Fixer Powershell script, I made a mistake in the actual solution. When I realized today, I nearly slapped myself facepalming. There were two problems in that tiny snippet of code, basically two places the wrong value was used... and I only fixed one. Check Patreon/SubscribeStar/Discord for updated fixes. Sorry about that!

We've been working on the same things as before, some refinements, bug killing, balancing, and different types of portraits. Basically, the things I talked about in the last update. Rather than repeating that, I figured it'd be better to show you some of the results.

First up is the status record:

You'll find this in the main character menu page. Click a stat button and you'll get a pop-up like these:

Basically, you're able to see the last ten changes to that stat. Some of the descriptions are rather amusing, I had some fun because there were literally hundreds of descriptions to add for all the ways these stats can change in the game. :D

On the portrait front, we've come up with an alternative from the more simplistic SVG face avatars. They haven't been very popular, but luckily we're able to create better-looking SVG portraits. It's more work, but I think you'll approve. We're focusing on females for now, who currently don't have portraits at all.

I think it's a pretty significant improvement over the older style. Thanks will have to go to Besty though because I'm pushing all the extra work onto him. 

That's all for this update,


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