Friday, January 10, 2020

Winter Fun

It's the first dev blog post after the release, so you probably know what that means; it's time to talk about what's next!

Before we get into that, I want to take a moment to talk about the game save issues that have cropped up with the v30 release; how to fix the error, what to do to avoid it, and what the cause is. 

Fix: If you start seeing an error when trying to save the game, the error is going to persist until you run the save system flushing code I build into the "delete all" command. First of all, save your game to a file so you don't lose it. You can load other saves you wish to keep, and then save to file as well. Once you have, press the "delete all" button on the save menu, or use the save wipe found in the game settings page. Once you do this, close the game and reload it.

Prevention: The most surefire way to prevent this issue from cropping up is to use the "save to file" and "load from file" options to save and load your game. This bypasses the SugarCube plugin that's causing the problem altogether. Another option is to reduce the number of NPCs in your games in the system settings menu, which will reduce the likelihood of the error occurring. 

Cause: The exact cause is unknown. It's related to the SimpleStore code found inside the SugarCube story format, and I'll figure out what's happening eventually. It doesn't seem to be an issue related to save file size, at least not directly. I suspect it's related to the addition of SVG data to the female NPCs, based simply on the timing. It's likely to be a timeout issue that occurs when save data is being serialized for storage in a cookie.

Whew, now that that's over, let's talk a bit about what's in store for version 31!

A milk fullness status bar that appears when the PC is lactating

The main things we're going to be working on this month are the addition of main storyline content and more improvement/expansion for the sex scene system. I'm also planning on enabling or fixing some left-behind cheat modes like the APD Retirement Fund cheat for not getting arrested. Finally, I want to add some new variations to the body portrait, particularly things like larger pregnancy bellies and possibly milk, and enable viewing female NPC body portraits.

The storyline content will be something a little different than what we've seen so far. It mostly revolves around the start of some work quests that require the player to spend game time on the quest task until the quest is complete. These sorts of quests will have a beginning and end and will be interspersed with more direct quests such as seducing an Institute employee to get your hands on a rare widget Lily needs.

For the sex system improvements, I want to focus primarily on expanding the content and adding more kinky text to action text variations. I'd also like to create some new actions for lesbian scenes and other unique scenarios.

We'll definitely have our hands full this month!

Thanks to everyone for all your support!


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