Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Boob Window Release v0.50


On one hand, boob windows seem like a really silly fashion choice. On the other, I absolutely love them. Probably because I love boobs.

I'm going to keep this release post pretty short because the universe seems to hate my release schedule. It seems like things are always popping up right before a release. This time it's my stepdaughter, yesterday she was admitted to the hospital for an infection. She had surgery almost two weeks ago, and it seems a small infection survived the antibiotics and was festering in there until it basically exploded into a full-on infection. She suddenly developed a really high fever and other symptoms, turns out she had developed sepsis and was declining rapidly. My only prior experience with it was medical TV shows where sepsis is a really bad thing. Luckily all the IV antibiotics seem to be working, but she's still in the hospital and may need another surgery to remove the source. Labor Day Weekend probably isn't the best time to suddenly fall ill.

Besty has also had some bad medical things in his family the last month. I don't want to share any of his personal stuff for him, but feel free to ask him about it on Discord. He's been having a rough time, and extra cheering up won't hurt!

So this release is a little bit rushed, so I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes. Still, we have some pretty good stuff for you this time. Better sex scenes. The end of that ugly home management menu. More content for common activities.

Thanks for your support, we hope you enjoy the game!

Changes (condensed version)

  • Design overhaul for the home management menu.
    • Easier to use and understand.
    • 73% less ugly than before!
  • Sex system sex toys!
    • More sex toys are enabled, such as buttplugs and gags, restricting certain actions and adding some spice to the scene.
    • NPC actions will correspond with the toys used in the scene.
    • NPCs will occasionally use toys if you have them (and they have the correct traits and kinks).
  • Sex system NPC behavior has been further improved. 
    • Better AI for better sex!
  • Female-on-female orgasms are now a thing!
    • You no longer need to exit the scene when you feel like it's gone on enough.
  • Moving from one apartment to another should now be much smoother.
  • Added a "forward" button to the meditation screen because some people didn't realize you needed to click on the images to progress.
    • If you've never gone through the meditation image series I highly recommend it, it's pretty good.
    • Meditate in your living room, it's really good for lowering stress.
  • A new scene/s is available for each of the main story component mission quests, depending on your choices.
    • Can help to get certain items easier by using your body.
  • Multiple additional scenes/content for each of the common outdoor activities.
    • Jogging
    • Swimming
    • Sunbathing
  • Additional school scenes when taking classes at a skill school.
    • Deep Drilling (oral & cockmongering)
    • Oldest Profession (employment & prostitution skills)
    • Freak Dance (dancing school)
    • Maid Pouffiasse (cooking, cleaning, shopping, seduction)
  • Some additional content for the Lake Clitea area, including a scene involving alcohol and various choices.
  • Some sexy telemarketing may slip through the anti-spam system.
  • Usual bug fixing efforts.
    • Remember: You can report bugs at It's easier to fix bugs when we know they exist, and you can check for existing bugs and our progress fixing them!
  • Additional spelling and grammar fixes thanks to Klorpa. (Thanks a lot!)

A relevant Oglaf comic:
It's a pretty good webcomic, check it out!

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