Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Diamond Release - v0.99


I hope you all had a great set of holidays, or at least you were able to tolerate them well. This is the penultimate release before hitting 1.0 at the beginning of February. I thought about trying to rush through and finish... but that never works out well. Aside from finishing some writing for the very end of the main story, everything next month will be testing and fixing bugs. There will probably be some system tweaks as well. We'll be doing the official poll for choosing our first expansion next week, it'll be open until the 1.0 release so you'll have plenty of time to vote, but don't forget! The blog post to go along with the poll will have a breakdown of the different options, covering the scope and duration of each expansion option. I'm really looking forward to seeing what we'll be able to add to AW next!

As for what we've got in store for you this month, a lot of it is fixes or more work on the game's ending. We did finish™ the sex system writing this month with an extra 18K words and more editing. It's pretty insane how large the descriptive libraries are for the sex system. Each action from the PC and NPC has at least one descriptive text for each of several kink variations, and at least two descriptions for the "standard" variation. I'm thinking about adding an override setting to allow players to force the system to use descriptions of a certain kink they choose in the sex system. Let me know what you think on Discord!

Please do us a favor and report any bugs you discover in this version!

We'd like to have the 1.0 release as bug-free as possible, so we can have a clean start at creating more bugs when we start working on the first expansion :D


Words: 2,029,233 (18,174,775 characters)
Lines O' TypeScript: 147,385

  • A lot of bug fixing. Pretty much all the bugs that have been reported have been fixed, though some may have an "Anenn Fix" applied...
    • Paper doll images bug fixed
    • Fixes for several home items like flowers.
    • Sex machines will now actually satisfy you instead of just making you hornier.
    • Stage 4 of the main quest should finish correctly.
    • Text in the quest to acquire special components has been fixed. The quest was telling you that Oleg would appear in the club district when he was actually appearing in the amusement district.
      • Besty caused a lot of headaches with this one... sorry.
    • Plenty of other stuff, just check the Mantis bug tracker if you're interested.
  • Made minor tweaks to the interface in several places in order to make it a little easier to use or more intuitive.
  • A new scene involving Oleg and the component quests was added, the scene occurs when you "ask for a discount".
  • Every single non-random NPC now has a custom end-of-game story that tells you what happened to them after the game ends.
    • You will still need to at least be acquaintances with them in order for the story to appear at the end of the game.
  • Several random endings for random NPCs have been written. 
    • The system assigning random endings has been changed so that no two NPCs can receive the same ending.
    • 17 different endings, we'll probably add more since they're fun to make.
  • You can now feed the ducks at Tesla Reservoir.
    • Quack!
  • A lot of work on the sex act and orgasm libraries.
    • 18K words of new action descriptions.
    • Every sex action now has at least one description for each of the 14 different kinks.
      • The kinks are: lesbian, hidden in public, open in public, nonconsensual, romantic, risky, pregnancy kink, player IS pregnant, submissive, dominant, size queen, degrading, slut, bimbo.
    • The standard or default description for all sex actions now has at least 2 variations.
    • A lot of proofreading, fixes to pronouns, and addition of parser calls in relevant areas.
    • The system is generally complete in terms of writing but will need plenty more editing...
  • Added some more small variants to common actions for pregnancy, such as doing the laundry while pregnant.

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