Sunday, March 6, 2022

The Olympic Release - v1.01


So things have kind-of changed since I made the release image. The Olympics were still the big topic, and now it's the Russia and Ukraine conflict. Honestly, as a porn game dev, I don't want to get too into it except to say that a) Besty is okay for now, and b) Invasions are bad.

This release is the first in the futa expansion project, and you can now create a futanari character. Choose the starting size of your equipment, select male-oriented mutations, generate semen, wear a cock ring, and experience a little futa content. Obviously, we have a long way to go, but we're on the way!

A good chunk of what we did this month was working on the underlying mechanics to adapt them to the PC. Luckily, we anticipated eventually going in this direction, so most of the basics were already there to start with. In fact, older saves are still compatible because the basic data structure for the player having a cock was already in place (we did restrict saves to v1.0 or newer though, for other reasons). 

It's been a race down to the last minute to hit the release deadline, so I'm going to go ahead and move on to the change log. Thanks for your support!


Words: 2,686,278 (18,622,168 characters)
Typescript Lines: 148,670

  • New method for adaptively determining male and female fertility scores, for both the PC and NPCs.
  • A browser warning has been added to the start page, and will hopefully reduce errors caused by using an incorrect browser. (Chrome/Chromium preferred)
  • Futanari characters can now be created during character creation.
    • You will choose cock length, cock girth, foreskin status, number of testicles, the volume of testicles, looseness of the scrotum, and male fertility.
  • Futanari info can be seen in the character description and character details menus.
  • Character Status menu now shows erection status, male fertility score (and boost), max semen reserve, and the amount available.
  • The phone info panel now shows erection status.
  • A new method for determining erection status automatically.
    • We are really in favor of erections, so they'll be pretty common...
  • New code for on-demand derived values based on PC data, such as ejaculation volume and refractory rate (NPC values are calculated daily or at generation).
    • Testicle size (and number of testicles) also tie into these, allowing you to increase your ejaculation amount, reserve size, and refractory rate by growing bigger nuts.
    • It's the same rationale as allowing milk production to scale with breast size... it's just more fun that way. :D
  • Several male-type mutations (8) are now selectable at character creation. (some are not available and are planned to be added as an effect of a transformative/treatment.)
  • Brand new "Lady Nuts" mutation has been added.
    • This mutation allows players who choose not to have testicles to still be fertile, though with reduced sperm count.
    • Semi-differentiated gonads (lady nuts) in the abdomen allow the production of semen. These can be grown to increase output by anything that grows normal testicles.
  • New Sex Toy!
    • Cock Ring: Fully implemented and purchasable at Prude in the adult district. It increases the firmness of your erection.
    • A chastity cage and ball stretching device are partially added but are not yet available. 
    • Some new framework for male-type sex toys being equipped to the player.
  • Institute B-Corps job expansion. More than double the content!
    • Was much shorter of content than planned for 1.0 because of Anenn, so we took the opportunity to add a job with futa content.
    • All job events are "futa compliant".
    • Two new coworkers (a male and female) to explore all kinds of new content, including futa. (5 big scenes)
    • Ten smaller events/scenes.
  • Editing of the Streetwalking and Component Scenes content by our pro editor.
  • Plenty of code items that aren't apparent but will be needed for future updates (e.g. pc ejaculation method).
  • Several fixes as usual. 


I forgot to add this somehow. I guess I was more tired than I thought.
  • Two new "door codes" have been added to the prologue.
    • Each has a corresponding unlock and achievement.
    • Mega Cock [1514]
      • Unlocks larger starting penis length and girth.
    • Mega Jizz [4399]
      • Unlocks larger starting testicles and higher male fertility.

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