Sunday, May 8, 2022

The Focking Release - v1.03


We finally have futa player on NPC sex scenes!

Between the difficulty of merging our work on such a complicated system, and my mother being in the hospital with internal bleeding of unknown source, I'm going to keep this one short.

You can indeed have futa sex with NPCs, with 6 vaginal scenes and 1 anal. (And yes, you can fuck male NPCs in the ass, if that's your thing, though whether or not they'll agree to it...) You can also inseminate NPCs and even get them pregnant, though right now there's only a simple message that tells you that you succeeded in knocking them up. (Remember, NPCs are likely to have pretty average fertility, so they aren't so easy to knock up!) The sex scene system isn't finished, there are some more things that need work, such as the NPC's opinion on creampies, wearing condoms, and the like. Still, it's quite playable.

You can also become a sperm donor at the Ever Hope sperm donor clinic in the medical district. Right now it's in the starting area with the doctor's office and pharmacy, later it'll get relocated to somewhere more suitable in the medical district. You can donate sperm (and get paid for it) and there are several scenes that are possible.

Thanks for your support, we hope you enjoy the release!


Words: 2,758,197 (19,109,478 characters)
Code: 151,176 lines of TypeScript
  • Seven new "futa" sex positions in the sex scene system.
    • Six are vaginal, one is anal.
    • More should be added later, this is just initial sample.
    • System differentiates between type of fucking going on: player getting fucked, or player fucking the NPC, and restricts actions accordingly.
  • New restrictions on actions of the player for futa-only actions.
    • You won't be allowed to fuck someone or use your cock for anything if it's too small.
  • New scene finish system for futa fucking.
    • Player given the choice to take 4 actions before ejaculating.
      • Keep going (no special action)
      • Pull out
      • Thrust deep (ejaculate while as deep as possible)
      • Pretend pull out (get one spurt in before pulling out)
    • Full sperm disposition system (NPC reproductive tracts operate just like PC's, with natural movement, sperm migration, etc.)
    • Final action text is custom to the position you're in and the final action chosen.
      • currently only a single variation for all the possibilities.
    • NPC reactions make sense, but are currently just filler that is nice. NPC opinions on getting creamed, birth control, condom failure, etc. coming in future update.
  • Three new sex actions (futanari options) with full text library
    • Keep thrusting (equivalent of female do nothing)
    • Focus on Fucking (more sensual/aware version)
    • Thrust Deep
  • You can now use lube during sex.
    • You must use lube before fucking an NPC's asshole.
    • You can use the lube on your pussy to increase your wetness
  • New "cock availability" icon in status display area
  • Sex toys in sex scene fixed and implemented.
  • Revealing your cock in sex scene results in acceptance or rejection, odds based on NPC.
  • NPC can be asked if they are okay with being the PC's anal bottom.
    • Reaction will vary by NPC
    • You only need to get consent once with each NPC to enjoy their backdoor pleasures for the rest of the game.
    • For now, if the NPC rejects your advances, you can keep trying until they give in and let you fuck them anally.
  • NPCs can get pregnant with your kids, mechanically, but there isn't a real effect for this yet except that you get a temporary notification message of your success.
    • Full AW reproduction simulation.
  • EverHope Semen Bank added to the game.
    • Added new semi-NPCs, Isla (nurse), Mei (attendant), Robert (doctor).
    • Futa player can register at the clinic. This has a unique opening scene.
    • Repeatable later scenes.
    • Masturbation with 3 different flavors
    • Onehole extraction.
    • You can ask for Isla's help. She will help you with the breasts, or a nice blowjob to extract your semen.
    • The sperm bank will pay 1.5 credits for each ml of semen. (Not yet calculating virility)
  • Various fixes and improvements (birthing scene, swimming pool, and others)
  • New Dev Tools (elite build only)
    • Semen Viewer: will allow you to view the semen inside an NPC's reproductive tract by entering their npcid.
    • Semen Reserve Refill: refills your semen reserve to full.
    • These were used for testing purposes. Expanded futa and npc fertility cheats will be added to the cheat system in a future update, they need to be built, and npc fertility items will need to have a user-friendly wrapper made.
  • Some more minor futa content/variations for general activities. 


  1. Will you make improvements to the birth scene? Because while players are equipped with toys that can block genitals like chastity belts , they can't stop the labor process

  2. Random approach scenes mix pronouns, and interactive scenes between female characters keep referring to cock and forcing characters into poses that don't make sense without one.


The Focking Release - v1.03

  We finally have futa player on NPC sex scenes! Between the difficulty of merging our work on such a complicated system, and my mother bein...