Sunday, January 8, 2023

The FutaFest Release - v1.11


I hope you all had a wonderful set of holidays!

We've got a pretty great release for you this month, with all sorts of stuff for you to check out. Loads (heh) of new content at the FutaFest being held at the Muschi Valley Resort. There are a lot of various events that you can take part in from different perspectives, with even more planned. There's also some more futafication of existing events, and some more mechanics for futa testicles including a bad end if they get too big.

Aside from all the content and futa stuff, we also worked on some things in the base game to make it better. First is a new Tingler hookup app for getting together with random NPCs. This was always intended but never implemented, and makes it a little more realistic in terms of getting to fuck random NPCs. We also worked a little on fertility and huge pregnancies, because many players found the burst bad end to be frustrating.

Let us know what you think about Ingrid. I think her character concept is really interesting, so if she's well enough liked we can make her into a full NPC. Another cool thing this month... we finally broke 3 million words. It's pretty crazy, and wouldn't have been possible without you!

Thanks for all your support, here's to a wonderful 2023!

Change Log

Words: 3,020,393 (20,676,939 characters)
Code: 154,428 lines of TypeScript

  • When using a breast pump to fill milk canisters, more information will now be displayed about your progress.
    • Includes total owned canisters, and ml of milk in your "in progress" canister.
  • New Tingler app is now available in the player's bedroom.
    • Replaces the original tingler where you just selected an NPC from a random list and had sex with them.
    • CoerceMe app is still in the old format for now, but should be overhauled in the next release.
    • There are various NPC texting scenarios that can happen in Tingler.
      • scenarios depend on their personality, intelligence, gender, etc.
    • You can now send and receive nudes
      • It's even possible to get a much-coveted dick pic!
    • Depending on various checks and such, you may fail to convince the NPC to fuck you.
      • Besty wrote this logic using his patented "Coconut Brain" technology.
  • The FutaFest is now a thing! In a time when there are never enough cocks to go around, we should celebrate women with cocks working to ease the shortage!
    • The FutaFest occurs pretty much every weekend for now, Friday through Sunday.
      • It eventually will occur just one weekend per month, but we wanted to make it easier to see for now.
    • There are several all-day events that occur at the festival, and you can choose one to participate in each day you attend. 
      • Futa players will have the additional option of participating in many events specifically as a futa.
    • FutaFest Events (so far):
      • Meet Ingrid Bj√∂rnsdotter, a famous futa BDSM porn star.
        • She can be seduced, leading to some fun.
        • You can make friends with her.
        • She's got a pretty interesting concept to her, I won't spoil it here.
      • Cock Sucking Competition
        • Participate as a competitor, or volunteer to be sucked.
      • Squirting sex event
        • Try to squirt yourself, or make others squirt with your cock.
      • Orgy event (because of course)
        • Content of the event changes naturally depending on whether you are a futa or not.
      • Breeding Event!
        • Split along the expected lines of being inseminated or doing the insemination.
    • Get a free mystery drink before checking out an event.
      • Hint: none of them are alcoholic...
    • There are a variety of things for you to see when the event closes for the day.
      • Authentic end-of-convention feels.
    • You can find the FutaFest inside the resort in SE Muschi Valley.
  • Players with large testicles will now have their scrotums become more "dangly" due to the weight.
    • Amount of hang is determined by size, earliest threshold is 50cc.
  • Futa players whose testicles reach the gigantic size of 1,500cc each will trigger a bad end.
    • A status icon will appear when testicle size approaches the limit (1400cc)
    • The bad end is pretty fun, and involves the balls suddenly growing out of control to gigantic size, and the aftermath.
  • Futa players who do not have testicles, but undergo enough testicle growth from various treatments available in game will now trigger a "ball drop" event.
    • Internal testicles are essentially forced out of the body by their increased size, becoming normal external testicles.
    • This only affects players with the LadyNuts mutation!
      • Without the mutation, testicle size will now remain 0cc.
  • The drug OvuMax is now available from the Gestique fertility clinic.
    • This drug can be taken multiple times (if you can afford it).
    • This drug has a temporary and a permanent effect.
      • The temporary effect lasts until the next ovulation after your treatment. 
      • The permanent effect is... permanent.
    • The temporary effect:
      • dramatically increases the chance of you ovulating, regardless of your base fertility (or ovulation factor variables)
      • Provides a sizeable increase to the odds of multiple ovulation. The total effect of this depends on other fertility factors and how they come together, but the strength of the bonus (100) is about half of the strength of the multiple ovulation mutation (200).
    • The permanent effect:
      • Each dose you've taken increases the chances of ovulating at all by 5 percent.
      • Each dose you've taken increases the multiple ovulation factor by 15.
      • Each dose you've taken will reduce the effectiveness of hormonal birth control at preventing ovulation by approximately 5 percent.
    • This drug can and will result in larger multiple pregnancies, especially if the temporary effect is stacked on top of a large permanent effect from many doses.
      • See the changes in belly burst below...
  • The belly burst bad end from gigantic pregnancies has been adjusted.
    • Players working at progenerate now receive a (big) bonus to their max pregnancy values, rather than being immune to belly burst.
    • The "max number of babies" limit has been slightly increased, which should also help low fertility players who have multiple pregnancies.
    • Wombs now gain "experience" from successfully delivering babies.
      • Each 8 children born increase the max number of babies before burst by 1, and adjust the fundal height similarly.
      • For players with two wombs, the experience contributing to the max child limit is specific to the womb. If womb A has given birth to 16 babies, then its max is increased by 2, but womb B is not affected.
      • Wombs only gain this experience if the player has all 3 elasticity treatments from Gestique.
      • This experience is not tracked in a way visible to the player. You'll have to pay close attention if you hope to reach truly gigantic pregnancies.
    • You will now be able to slowly increase the size of your pregnancies and hit higher records. Let us know how high you get!
  • Gestique now has a Pregnancy Progress Check exam.
    • This check's primary purpose is to see if you will burst from an excessive number of babies.
    • The exam is offered for free, and can be repeated as often as you like.
    • If your pregnancy/life isn't in danger, The check will provide some basic information about the health and growth of your fetuses.
    • If your pregnancy is in danger of causing a burst bad end:
      • If you do not have the full set of three elasticity treatments, the doctor will recommend that you get them and get a new scan afterward.
      • If you do have the full treatments, the doctor will give you two options.
        • Try to go natural: basically do nothing and see if you make it.
        • Get a special C-Section: remove the babies and send them to a facility with artificial host wombs.
          • Only available once pregnancy progress is > 50%. The doctor will tell you to come back if you are below 50.
          • The procedure is free.
          • You will "lose" all the babies. They will not appear in the creche, and you won't receive government/progenerate/etc. funds for them.
          • Surrogate status will be reset.
          • This removes only babies that are 50% grown. If you have two wombs, it may remove the more developed pregnancy instead of the one likely to cause problems. It will remove both pregnancies if both are > 50% progress.
    • This check isn't perfect!
      • The "amount of babies limit" check is totally accurate. This is the check that would normally cause a burst bad end.
      • The "max fundal height limit" check isn't. The fundal height is primarily of concern to players with twin wombs, both of which have large pregnancies, and both of which are close together in time. However, fundal height is very unlikely to cause a burst unless things come together just right.
        • This check can also result in a false positive, particularly if very near to birth.
        • This check only works when close to the burst size limit, so checking very early won't find anything.
  • A new "Fruit of the Womb" panties ad appears in the "read something" action.
  • Some new scenes and activities have been futafied.
    • Camgirl scenes
    • Some residential area events
    • Resort events/activities
    • Jogging and some other exercise activities.

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