Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Milking Release v1.13


Hello everyone!

We're here with The milking release. This release has focused a lot on random world events, something I've thought was lacking. We've been wrapping up the futa expansion, so the primary futa content in this release (beyond futa-specific options in the events) is the addition of new endings to the male story. We'll probably finish up the futa expansion in 1.14, so be sure to share on discord if you think something was left out!

I'm hoping to continue the general improvement work for a little while longer as we wrap up futa, in order to make some more general improvements to the game. the last of the futa-focused stuff should be in 1.14, but we probably won't have a "hucow release" until 1.16, even though there should be some hucow stuff in 1.15. In addition to doing things like preparing for the new & improved portraits (see the previous blog post) and setting up executable releases instead of html, I'm going to start prepping the hucow expansion.

We really doubled down on the events this release. :o

Thanks for your support, and don't forget to vote on the Hucow poll!

Change Log

Words: 3,093,943 (21,118,486 characters)
Code: 155,467

WARNING: The allowable number of save slots has been decreased to 4 plus the autosave.

  • In-browser save slots have been decreased to 4 plus the autosave, from 7 plus the autosave.
    • This was done because players with smaller browser local storage limits, and those with large NPC counts and thus large saves, were exceeding the allowed size causing errors. 
    • AW has a lot of simulation data, so saves are not small like most text web games.
      • We're actually pretty good about keeping all non-necessary data out of saves, even serializing things into arrays and then rebuilding on load with class constructors. 
    • We're planning on switching to executable releases, which should allow us to increase the number of save slots again.
      • The main reason for switching to exe is to prevent game data corruption due to leaving an AW tab open in the background, and general browser memory-saving shenanigans.
    • Remember, you can use the save-to-file function, which is the safest way to store your game data anyway. There are also no limits on how many saves you can create this way.
    • If you currently have more than 4 slots being used in your browser cache, you will receive a warning to export your saves to file before continuing with version 1.13
  • Added a "Game Fucked" notification that occurs with sleep, which is where most players experience issues due to corrupted game data.
    • Again, corruption is usually caused by leaving the tab open when not actively playing. 
  • Fixed a whole bunch of bugs, including a mass parser problem related to someone's use of find & replace (or something...)
    • Can now view the standard side UI while in a school page.
    • Besty bug where rent price seemed to climb each week throwing off budget information fixed
    • Heat overwhelming libido bug
    • Lab conversation in later stages bug
    • bimbo and cum parser setting being reset after loading save
    • text overflow in dialog choice box fixed
    • Player's penis will not show as available in sex scenes when they don't have one
    • etc. etc.
  • Achievements page has been expanded with new prolog unlocks, and will show if you've completed the male and female story prologs individually.
  • The difficulty of negative environmental factors towards happiness has been reduced somewhat.
  • Adjusted and clarified some of the existing male story endings.
    • Some got simple clarification, some got some new content to better illustrate the ending. 
    • Changes don't affect the actual outcomes, just make things a little more clear for some endings where that would be useful.
  • New endings for futa players.
    • Most "choice scenes" for the male story now have additional options and content when the player character is futa.
      • You can now choose to become fully female in most cases.
      • Lily generally suggests the option of becoming completely female, something she usually encourages, depending on the specific scene.
    • There are now new variations supporting a player staying futa and turning totally female, including new transformation events content that doesn't involve waking up later in Lily's bed or guest bed.
    • The general theme or outcome of the endings are respected, though now Lily will be a little less happy (usually) if you chose to stay in a futa body. She may suggest the possibility of having the penis removed later.
      • The True Ending now has a difference enough to gain the (FUTA) tag version of it instead of keeping the normal ending name. The outcome is the same, but there's more dialog and cuteness related to the PC being futa.
  • 3 new Illustrative world events. (Help worldbuilding/setting explanation)
    • New "Panties with a Skirt" random world event.
      • Can occur when the player is out and about in Appletree, and is wearing panties with their skirt (including crotchless or otherwise exposed panties).
        • Does not occur at night.
      • A concerned citizen will discover your fashion faux pas due to a gust of wind, and a whole series of events ensue. 
      • Helps illustrate the general attitude about clothes, even though the player character is able to dress conservatively if they wish.
    • New "New Ad Council Ad" world event added.
      • Can occur when the player is downtown.
      • Player happens upon a group of women upset about a new Appletree Ad Council ad that recommends eating semen daily, but probably not in the way you think.
    • New "Neighbor Borrows Cum" world event added.
      • Can occur at any time while you're at home.
      • Neighbor comes over and asks to borrow some cum because she's cooking and ran out. 
      • The kind you offer her, and her responses to it, depend on your food budget.
      • If you are a futa, you can offer to give her some "fresh" with ensuing fun.
  • All the required info for the below general random events was added to the in-game scene guide, so no need to repeat them here! :D
  • 4 new general home events. (Just fun, keeps things more lively)
    • Suspicious Bitch at the Door
    • Drunk Neighbors
    • A Slutty Neighbor's Offer
    • A Neighbor's Win-Win Proposal
  • 10 new general city events (more kink-focused fun events)
    • Nude Hide and Seek in the Park
    • City Titty Show
    • Drunkard Trouble
    • Licking Proposal
    • Doggo's Tongue
    • Some Casual Fucking
    • Care to Swing With Us
    • Cheated Girlfriend
    • A Beer and a Ass Fuck
    • Anal Stretching at the Park
  • Some new fetish dialogs added to tingler

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  1. Hello, sorry if this means of communication should not be here.
    I really appreciate that this game has the ability to be compatible with screen readers.
    But that brings me to the next topic.
    I would like if it is possible that there was an accessibility improvement, especially when at the time of creating the character the drop-down menus are not set correctly, that is, in the section of the choices of tastes with the appearances of the npcs, they do not allow you to select the values. And when you check the values of the character in the prologue before sleeping, they give errors in the same section.
    In addition, on the map I would like them to be able to label the names of the destinations to choose from, both outside and inside a place. Since when you navigate through the sections of the map, there is no name, and only blank.
    And finally I understand your intention to make the html game executable, but I wonder if the whole interface can be manageable with the reader. It is an example that when you access this type of application, you can only navigate with the tabulator, and nothing can be read well when you use the arrow keys.
    I appreciate that you can give support to be able to play with the game, and I apologize that it could not be notified at the time,
    Thanks for reading this, even though it's not the right place.


The Milking Release v1.13

  Hello everyone! We're here with The milking release.  This release has focused a lot on random world events, something I've though...