Friday, May 24, 2019

Plague Inc

Available in 1920x1080 for some reason
This is just a quick post to let those of you not on discord know that I'm still shambling around under my own power. Another shitty thing about Guam is that it's basically a perfect storm when it comes to catching a disease. Tourists, visitors, contractors, the military, and others are constantly arriving from different places all over the world. All those red "routes" above are places we regularly receive guests from, though we also get visitors from other places that stop at one of these places first.

Normally, if you catch a common cold, you get immunity to that strain. if you're re-exposed to the same cold or a strain that is still very similar, your body can just kick its ass without you noticing. A strain that is different enough may give you one of those "close call" colds, where you feel like you're getting sick, but it goes away after a day or so. It's not close enough to be immediately, defeated, but it's close enough that your immune system still has an advantage.

On Guam... we don't have the usual situation of experiencing a cold strain, and then not having to worry about it until a sufficiently different strain comes around again in months or a year. On Guam, we're constantly being exposed to different strains of the common cold, we get different regions of the US, Asia, Oceania, and Europe all at once. So... the people who live here get sick a lot. Including me, unfortunately.

I'm normally pretty happy to get one "real" cold every three months, some weak, some bad, just like anywhere else except more frequent. Well, this year it seems like 2 nasty colds in 2 months. (Plus a little 'almost' cold in between.) I started feeling shitty on Monday, and I'm into the "coughing phase" of the cold now, so much longer until it's gone, thankfully.

I injured some ligaments in my chest that connect to my sternum in the April cold, so now they're giving me hell again. Besty has been safe with his superb immune system, though he's off for the weekend for some sort of BDSM LARP adventure that sounds like fun.

My cold medicine-derived lucidity is quickly fading, so I'll end things here. Have a great weekend!


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