Friday, May 3, 2019

The Dose Release - Version 0.22.0 Changelog

Heat Bunny is based on an awesome character by Fizintine

Welcome to the Dose Release!

Because such a small percentage of players read the changelog, we're going to start splitting it up to make it more accessible and less intimidating. The less immediate items on the log will be in a follow-on blog post released in the next couple days.

This release has new content focused on the prologues and the new addiction system. There are drugs to try, which are beneficial but carry the risk of addiction with overuse. The male prologue is nearly complete, while the female prologue has gotten another couple thousand words of content. You may encounter some drug dealers as well.


Words:     1,801,281          Characters:     10,647,432
Code:     175,298 lines       Unique Drugs:  4

  • Male prologue expanded with new content, including the 'getting a job' scene and the 'tour of Appletree'.
  • Female prologue expanded with content upon waking up after your accident.
  • Female Quick-Start option implemented.
  • New background music added to the game, with new sound menu and saveable settings.
  • Numerous fixes and minor improvements throughout.
  • New short-and-simple writing guide for modders and content creators!
  • New Wish option at the downtown 'town square' water fountain.
  • Drug System Implemented!
    • Addiction system, including non-linear addiction progression
    • Withdrawal effects, including unique effects for each addiction
    • Drug cravings when you're craving a fix
    • Drug items for the four AW drugs, complete with effects and all sorts of fun.
  • Drug dealers added to the game.
    • Hanna at the club district downtown has her own story and is datable.
    • Pedro in the residential area, your #1 choice for buying drugs!
    • People selling shit at the club (Shake & Pop) 
  • Clothes now properly get dirty.
    • Clothes can be stained.
    • Laundry system for manually washing clothes if you need to.
  • New splatter function and any liquids on the character can now flow lower down your body thanks to gravity.
  • Asuka's event has a new custom artwork
  • Some Icons in the game were improved to be more clear.
  • Makeup, clothes, and hairstyles are now applied properly in the morning when waking up.
  • You can now learn new makeup styles at salons around town.
  • Some new achievements :D
  • Clothing is now limited to owning only a single copy of any one item for mechanical reasons.

This release didn't have as much written content from ThaumX as planned, due mostly to a triad of tomfuckery in the form of catching the flu, stopping a stimulant medication, and quitting nicotine. There's still a good amount of new writing, just nowhere near what I had hoped. I believe thing will improve as I adjust to the new writing focus and my new medication setup, but I'm sorry for not meeting my goals for 0.22.0 nonetheless.

Enjoy the Release!
Report Bugs!
Have Fun!

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