Thursday, November 14, 2019

Got Milk?

Hello everyone, I guess it has been a little while, hasn't it?

There's been plenty going on with me, so I've been mostly working quietly. I don't want to fall behind with everything going on, so I've found it easier to just focus on content/code rather than dividing my time too much. More on that later though! Version 29 is going to have updates and improvements to the sex system, along with some other fun things.

Someone pointed out that we didn't have a cow ear/tail mod to go with hucows, so I went ahead and made the main planned hucow transformative called Bovinex. I also did some balance adjustments and made the full range of lactation ability accessible, with some other minor updates. The lactation system is now basically complete minus making some images for industrial-strength milk pumps and turning them into purchasable items at the Farm Coop. I also added a teat enhancement treatment and lactation training to the Farm Coop dairy, complete with mini-scenes for the three new treatments. I also added an encyclopedia guide to shed some light on the lactation system, simply because it's a bit more complex than most.

We're getting some new sex positions and actions for the sex system in version 29, along with enabling kink-specific content for actions and positions. Because there's writing needed to "kinkify" various sex actions, we won't be able to write everything for this update. I'm focusing some more on the popular kinks like impregnation, Besty and I will be teaming up some for some less-than-consensual behaviors, and Besty is working a bit on some more BDSM themed stuff. The hardest part is just getting the intelligent kink selection to work when selecting text to display from the content library.

Another little side project is work on an interesting event for the Bureaucratic Corps job, which is a bit different in that it doesn't directly involve the player. Rather, the player, in their role as an HR-type person, has to review a pretty serious event that occurred in the bowels of the Institute and decide how to handle it. A sexy horror event with some choices and moral quandary at the end. We also have a little art for the event, as your character is partially reviewing the actions of an Institute Containment Response Team. The story is mostly text, something that occurred a few weeks before the player is brought in to make personnel decisions. Because the events in the story have already happened, and the player only controls how to handle the aftermath, it's easier and more fun to use art with it. :D

This event doesn't go well for them...

On a more serious note...

The main reason things have been a bit hectic for me is that we discovered that my wife has cancer just over two weeks ago. It's taken a bit of mental adjustment, and we've had lots of appointments at the hospital. Thankfully, due to my unique work schedule as a shift worker, all the appointments have been outside my normal AW development time. Mostly all I've had to give up so far is sleep and free time.

To be clear, I'm not asking for time off or delays or anything like that. Honestly, because of the way my schedule works, I'm not expecting much change at all in the amount of time I spend working on AW. I still need to go to my day job, and that's where I do the bulk of my development (about 80% / 32 hours). So because I'll be at work anyway, there's no point in not working on AW while I'm there, right? The only time that really changes is when there's an IT emergency of some sort (generally, an ill-conceived patch or hardware failure), and that has nothing to do with my wife's health. The remainder of the time is usually at home at night when everyone is asleep or going to sleep, also something that's unlikely to disappear.

That said, I have to admit my mental state hasn't been great in the last two weeks. So my work efficiency has suffered a bit, but I'm already adjusting back toward something like normal. We're not that old, I'm something like an "elder millennial" having been born in the mid 80s, so we really weren't expecting a major cancer issue. Apparently, it's quite rare for someone my wife's age to get colorectal cancer. It was a bit of a shock... I suppose some adjustment time is normal. Then again, I guess nobody ever really expects cancer though, so there'd probably be some adjustment regardless.

In case you're curious, my wife has an aggressive stage 3 colorectal cancer. She's getting a chemo port put in shortly, and will be starting chemo and radiation probably in 2 weeks or so. after a full course of that, she'll be going into surgery. Unfortunately, we won't be certain of the N stage until after surgery. The MRI showed 6 lymph nodes, but the size of the nodes on MRI was inconclusive by itself for most of them. According to the oncologist today, her 5-year survival rate could be anywhere between 50 and 75%. It depends on those nodes, so we'll have to wait and see.

As always, thanks for your support. I'll keep doing my best for AW, despite the winds of chaos that seem to be blowing a bit stronger as of late. :D


  1. That's some heavy stuff to deal with man. My best to you and your wife.

  2. Stay positive everything will turn out alright.

  3. best of luck man my prayers for your wife and your whole family

  4. Good luck sorry this happened

  5. Cancer is no joke, I'm sorry to hear it. That said... I'm glad it was found before it was any further along.

    If you need downtime to cope and wrangle doctors, go right ahead and take it.

  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words!


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