Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Occult Release - version 0.34

It's time for version 0.34.0 The Occult Release!

This release has focused primarily on relationships or different things that support relationships. Visiting the homes of your NPC friends and lovers, having a "stay in" date with NPCs, tracking various types of infidelity and suspicion, and more serious topics to talk with your date about. We've also got a sizeable expansion of story thread content (NPC backstory) for more variation there.

We've done a lot of bug fixing thanks to some valuable players doing a lot of testing and reporting the bugs they've found. I've also made some modifications to SugarCube to finally fix the autosave system. Due to some improvements to NPC data and a couple other things, old game saves won't work with version 0.34. We're not expecting any significant data changes in the future, so backward compatibility should be available as normal from here on out.

You'll probably notice the new title screen and content warning when you load the game. Sadly Ganassa has missed his deadline (again), so we don't have that art yet, but I think the changes look good regardless. I'm really glad I took the time to make a title screen image now. You'll also notice a couple other visual changes and fixes, like improved home maps and working week history information.

As usual, we've also added some extra content here and there in between working on larger items. Some people will probably be pleased with the new Besty-ality scene, while others will likely appreciate the addition of cleaning robots and milk savers. Food for cooking can now properly be purchased from Hole Foods, and you can finally feed your cooking with "special ingredients" to NPCs. 

We hope you enjoy this release!

Change Log

Words: 2,288,192 (13,691,513 characters)
Code Lines: 199,061
Body Portraits: 64,880,640 combinations

Changes (In no particular order)
  • New setup for adjusting arousal and satisfaction after sex.
    • Arousal should drop considerably as long as the PC has an orgasm.
  • New NPC Polling functions to rapidly sort through existing NPCs by relationship status.
  • Reworked end-of-week comparison to see changes to the player character.
    • Social changes are now available in the week review.
    • Unnecessary tabs have been removed from week review.
  • New Title Screen!
    • The layout changed to look more like a finished game than an ongoing project.
    • The title art is under commission from Ganassa, but has not yet been delivered.
      • The current image is the road to Muschi Valley.
    • New content warning and developer screens.
    • New tips and messages added to the asset loading page.
    • The "testing page" has been removed as it is no longer needed.
  • Oppaido school and the school system have been fixed.
    • Mod schools will no longer show an error in their standard content (school system bug).
    • Shokushu Kendo special event with Hitomi Sensei and tentacles should now appear normally.
    • Green Belt award will be awarded as expected during the basic Oppaido class.
  • Fixes to the StarSucks Coffee, including renaming "frappuccino" to "fappaccino".
  • The hairstyle array will no longer be broken when using backward compatibility.
  • The Autosave system has been repaired.
    • Autosaves work as you would expect them to.
    • You can still disable autosaves from the game settings menu.
    • Due to SugarCube limitations and the nature of the fix, the game will no longer autosave on the "name your character" screen.
  • Visit Someone menu added to the residential map.
    • You can visit friends and romantic interests as long as you know them well enough to know their home address.
    • NPCs have their own unique schedules, and may not be home when you visit.
    • Ringing the doorbell in the middle of the night is a good way to piss most people off.
    • Once a romantic relationship advances far enough, you will gain access to their door code and can enter without them being home.
    • The "home exterior" depends on whether the NPC lives in an apartment or townhome, and will have differing descriptions based on quality.
    • Lily's home works a little differently in regard to ringing the doorbell.
  • Player home maps for all homes have been edited and standardized for ease of use and better appearance.
  • EvryDrop milk savers added to purchasable items. Prevents leaking milk from making a mess when lactating.
  • NPC homes can now be visited.
    • It's possible to sleep at a romantic partner's home.
      • Environmental effects still need further adjustment.
    • There are 7 quality variations for NPC homes based primarily on the NPC's wealth/employment/income.
    • There is a range of available actions in the various rooms.
      • Several actions are limited by the type of relationship you have.
    • You can now start an interaction conversation with NPCs as long as you are in the same room.
    • You can start a home date ("stay in" date) with an NPC while home with them.
    • You can "spend time" with an NPC to increase companionship from their living room.
    • You can entice your romantic interest to have sex from the bedroom.
  • Home cleanliness average has been repaired to actually show the average.
  • Four new cleaning robot home items are available for purchase.
    • Price increases based on the amount of cleaning they do, ranging from your basic roomba to a full cleaning robot.
    • The type of cleaning a robot does depend on the robot itself.
      • Woomba: Floors
      • Dew-Ball: Floors, Surfaces. (Some Kitchen & Bathroom)
      • Douche-Bot: Bathroom.
      • Cleanek: Most things, weak with bathroom, deep clean. 
      • Adjust your cleaning settings to save time and clean only what is needed.
  • Home item effects now work as expected. (posters and paintings will make you happy!)
  • Sex acts are now tracked by NPC and overall total for the player.
  • The PC cheating on a romantic partner is now tracked.
    • It only applies to exclusive relationships.
      • You can request an open relationship during a date.
      • NPCs will react to this request differently based on their personality.
    • The NPC will gain suspicion based on numerous factors, and may eventually confront you on a date.
      • You have different options on how to handle this when it occurs.
      • NPCs may break up with you if you handle it poorly.
    • Cheating is tracked at three levels: sex, oral, and making out.
    • NPC suspicion can increase or decrease over time depending on several factors.
      • Working as a stripper or masseuse is going to make them extra suspicious.
      • Being an uncontrollable slut is going to increase suspicion gain.
      • Dumb NPCs aren't going to get suspicious as quickly.
      • Being devious will help you avoid suspicion.
    • The cheat mode to avoid suspicion keeps them from getting wise to your antics.
  • Cum and go shopping cart/checkout but fixed. Check out at the front counter.
  • Three new items in the "Read Something" action in the living room.
  • NPCs can now cheat on the player.
    • The likelihood that an NPC will cheat is based on their personality and the status of your relationship.
    • You will become more suspicious of a cheating partner over time
      • Your suspicion level is based on your own personality and the NPC.
    • You can confront a cheating NPC during a date once you become suspicious enough of them.
    • It's usually up to you whether to forgive them or leave them.
      • Bimbo and very slutty players won't break up with someone just because of cheating...
  • New job content added to Institute jobs (Bureaucratic Corps, SPERM, Services Division) with six voice messages from GLADyS
    • Voice messages are audio clips.
  • Sex records added to the character details menu.
    • Shows various categories of sex acts.
    • Currently not 100% accurate because not all non-general sex events are counted yet.
  • Creampie addiction has been adjusted downward by making the "effective dose" smaller.
  • Serious talk options added to dating.
    • Options are currently functional but temporarily lack writing as part of the relationship expansion.
      • Basic description of what happens until the writing is added in v35.
    • Tell an NPC that you're pregnant.
      • You must be pregnant, obviously.
      • You can tell them that the baby is theirs.
      • NPCs won't appreciate catching you in a lie about that.
    • Ask for an open relationship.
      • This will piss off some NPCs, while others may react happily.
      • It's best to ask for an open relationship early on, it will get harder as the relationship develops.
      • You can ask more than once if the first try fails. A failure will negatively affect your date though.
    • Accuse the NPC of cheating.
    • Break up with the NPC.
    • Confess to cheating.
      • Confessing to cheating before being suspected is more likely to result in them forgiving you, but you still need to make a moving apology.
Besty's Changes (Besty isn't good at writing these...)
  • You can set dates with NPCs at your home or BF's home now.
  • You can feed NPC the food you cooked!
    • and you can add some drugs to it and then feed the dish to your date, muahaha!
    • and not only drugs...
  • 82 new story threads for NPC to tell!
    • Written by freelance writer
  • New small map events
  • 'remove clothes' buttons moved to the items tab in sex scene system
  • Hole Foods works now. Most of the ingredients are sold there from now on.
  • Expanded NPC decision making functions, now they will consider setting up dates with PC in a more conscious manner
  • NPC decision on number exchange and dating in convos was changed to reflect PC's stats better
  • Pesky NPC now really think if they want to date you, sorry lol
  • NPC now tells about their perfect partner's type
  • New Besty-ality scene involving a friendly dog.

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