Tuesday, April 28, 2020


It's time for the weekly dev blog update! Time is a really fluid concept right now, so it's good to have a regularly scheduled thing to at least mark the passage of another week. In one more week, it'll be time to release version 0.34. We've been making steady progress on the relationship expansion front, possibly even getting a little ahead of schedule.

We now track when the player cheats on an NPC (or multiple NPCs at once, if they have multiple relationships going on, lol). We've got better code for NPCs contacting the player, and better code for how interested they are in you. NPC's relationship to the player's pregnancy is now tracked, as well as proper tracking of sexual activity with specific NPCs (which is somewhat relevant if you tell an NPC that they're the daddy, amongst other things). I've improved and condensed part of the NPC data relating to all that, condensing it a bit and making it more usable. That, combined with autosaves now being fixed, means saves from older versions won't work in 0.34.

Now we're going to be working on adding "serious topics" to talk about with a romantic partner, such as admitting cheating, them accusing you, you suspecting them of cheating, telling them you're pregnant, breaking up, and things like that. All of it should be rather fun, but I'll caution you that we won't have time to write all that dialog for 0.34, so it'll mostly be placeholder text to go along with the mechanics. We'll also be adding rejection into interactions with NPCs. Up to now, they've basically automatically said yes to suggested dates or exchanging contact info, which isn't exactly realistic.

That's really all I've got for you that's of any importance, so I'll leave you with a fun Institute advertisement. Thanks as always for your support!


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