Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Honey Release v0.40.0


Hello everyone, it's time for a new release! There's a lot of new stuff in this release, with new content and some new code items. Normally I'd talk about some of the big things in detail, however, I ended up taking longer than expected to squash bugs the cats left for me in the code. That being the case, I'm going to jump straight into the changelog!

We hope you enjoy this release!


Words: 2,648,121 (15,959,102 characters)
Code: 205,730 lines of Typescript

  • A difficulty system has been added to the game.
    • There are now 4 difficulty levels: Fap, Easy, Medium, Hard.
    • Fap difficulty is currently only available for $5+ supporters.
    • The details of each difficulty are spelled out when you choose your difficulty level. 
      • If skipping the prologue, there is an info button you can click to read more
    • Saves from previous versions will be set to Medium Difficulty by default.
    • It is not currently possible to change the difficulty during the game.
      • If this is something you'd really like to see, let us know!
    • Difficulty has effects in many parts of the game, from income adjustments to changing the rate of skill gain.
      • Some additional balancing will probably need to be done on the new difficulty levels to have the best effect. Please send us your impressions if you try one out!
  • The amount of money earned from the "birth bonus" has been increased somewhat.
  • It is now possible to use sabotaged condoms during sex scenes.
  • The French Saboteur is now available for purchase at the Cum & Go
    • This is a device made for sabotaging condoms, it is more effective  than the 'paperclip' method.
  • Some furniture in the room can have effects on sex scenes.
    • This needs more testing, according to Besty.
  • Some tutorial images have been revised/improved
  • New alerts to help warn the player about bad things.
    • Sleeping without a bed warning
    • Going outside naked warning
    • High stress warning
    • Low companionship warning
    • Low satisfaction warning
    • Dirty house warning
  • Main Quest component retrieval scenes finished
  • Initial Roleplay Challenges hav been added to the game.
    • There are currently 4 premade characters that come with a challenge.
      • This is an initial/demo offering and will be expanded on.
    • Choosing a Roleplay Challenge character is like selecting a premade character, all your attributes and stats will be chosen for you based on the character.
    • Roleplay Challenges add new win or lose conditions to the game, and can make the game more difficult. The primary objective is to provide interesting ways to play, rather than actually increase difficulty.
  • Various activities and events have been added to the Lake Clitea Resort area.
    • You can find a golf ball on the golf course.
    • Enjoy a refreshing swim.
  • Some special alcoholic beverages now have unique effects. 
  • Hucow Content Expansion!
    • About 38K new words of content at the Farm COOP. 
    • A total of about 27 new events that can occur in the farm area.
      • Many are connected to the Dairy Hand job, occurring either while at work, or after a certain event (hucow breeding assistant) has happened.
      • Some don't have requirements and are totally random for when you're in that area of the map.
  • Extensive buggery and polishing
    • A lot of bugs have been fixed, typos corrected, and things generally improved. 
    • You will now properly get paid upon delivery when working as a surrogate.
    • Money from surrogacy will be tracked properly.
    • Money earned from camwhoring will be tracked properly.
    • Several adjustments to camwhoring in general


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