Tuesday, December 22, 2020



Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

I hope you're all able to make the best out of the holidays despite the circumstances. While I know that everything isn't going to magically return to normal in 2021, I do hope things will start getting better.

The 2020 craziness continues to affect the AW development team. My parents and my brother's family have all come down with covid, they're in a different state so my immediate family is fine. It's hard not to worry about my parents given their age and health, but the odds are in their favor. Besty is in the middle of his own little shit snowstorm, with a family member being very ill with a non-covid situation. I won't go into any detail in order to respect his privacy, but it isn't looking good. Thankfully, Anenn has been spared any new craziness this month.

What we're working on for version 42 is going to see a little shuffling due to everything going on, but we should still have a fun release for you to enjoy. The big thing will be new prostitution content for street walking and working for The Oldest Profession. There will also be some new orgasm content and some other fun content here and there. There was also an expansion of nightlife content planned, with a new club and more activities to do in clubs, but this will likely be significantly curtailed temporarily due to Besty's issues and the holidays.

We'll keep plugging away at the next release, thanks for your support everyone, it wouldn't be possible without you!

Happy Holidays!


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