Monday, December 7, 2020

The Snow Bunny Release - v0.41


Hello everyone, it's finally time for the release, and I think you guys are going to like what we've added this time.

We added a lot of content to the sex scene system, supporting more kinks and variations for individual actions. It's a huge update, with about 35,000 words of new sex scene action content. Because the generic sex scenes are something players see more frequently, we want to keep adding more to it to keep it interesting. We also expanded the body portraits, adding male body portraits for male NPCs, and adding support for skin color. Female body portraits now have 713,687,040 combinations to match your characters. We've also added some other fun things, like a new roleplay challenge mode that requires you to get pregnant often enough or you'll die, along with three characters to try it out with.

We're going to keep working on making AW better and better, and it's only possible thanks to you. From Anenn, Besty, and I: thank you so much for your support! We hope you enjoy the Snow Bunny release!


Words: 2,688,555 (16,314,619 characters)
Code Lines: 207,021
Body Portrait Combinations: 713,687,040 (female) 975,744 (male)

  • Skin color options are now represented on the body portraits.
    • Uses css image filters to dramatically reduce resource size.
  • Male body portraits are now available.
    • Currently represented: cock & ball sizes, pubes, shoulders, hips, limited weight, and limited muscle.
  • You can now view NPC face and body portraits during sex scenes.
  • You can now preview your portraits during character creation.
    • Please note that because a lot of calculation and determination happens after your character choices are made, only the most significant things are shown.
  • There's a new location you can discover in the club area downtown.
    • Little Shop of Tentacles has your initial meeting with the shop owner but needs more content.
  • New roleplay challenge mode that requires you to get pregnant often enough or die due a strange mutation.
    • Three different premade characters are available to try it with.
  • Nipples on the PC and NPCs will now grow a little when pregnant.
  • New event in the changing booth at the Hoden Springs area.
  • Sex action libraries have been expanded by a total of 35,000 new words.
    • More kink variations in different actions.
    • More variation possible for standard (non-kink) action text.
    • This is a LOT of words. It's nearly half the words found in the first Harry Potter novel.

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