Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Snow Angel Release - Version 0.42


Hello everyone, it's that time again! A new release with a bunch of sexy new content for you to enjoy :D

In particular, I'm pretty happy with the expansion of orgasm content in the sex scene system. Now, rather than a single description fitting the situation, there are a lot of variations based on your character's kinks, for both the PC and the NPC. Right now they are randomized in an order of precedence, so certain kinks are more likely to show up than others. Fans of the Risky/Pregnancy kinks will certainly be delighted, but the shame-fast, "rape", and "slut" kinks are also well represented. If you have a lot of these kinks in one character, it'll probably take you some time to see all the possibilities!

As you may already know, this has been a pretty rough month for two out of three of us in the main development team. Besty had a family emergency, along with a type of morass or burnout that is probably associated with the hardships of the pandemic. He's using his saved-up vacation time to relax and recuperate, and thankfully, it sounds like he's doing better already. Besty should be returning to work around the time we do the 0.43 release (he had a lot of vacation time saved up).

I've been dealing with worsening depression symptoms that have been tied in with my medication changes over the last year. Depression is something I've dealt with from a very young age (since I was six or seven years old), but I was lucky enough to find a combination of medications that let me experience "normal" for several years. Unfortunately, issues with my heart, combined with the natural tendency of antidepressants to stop working over time have meant that depression has been a bigger part of my life lately. This last month in particular has been pretty challenging.

Fortunately, I've learned some coping skills over the years so things aren't as bad as they could be. Due to the swelling of mental health issues during the pandemic, it took some time to get in as a new patient with a psychiatrist in my new location, but now that I'm being seen regularly again we'll be able to restart the process of finding a new set of medication that works for me. I know it's not an easy process to find something that works, but it's worth it. I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy life (and expanding AW) again!

Please take care of yourself, everyone! Things have been hard for everyone, and there is no shame in reaching out for help if you need it. And as always, thanks so much for your support. Having Accidental Woman and our little community of lewd people has made a huge difference for me.


Words: 2,729,353  (16,630,247 characters)
Code Lines: 295,871
Body Portrait Combinations: 713,687,040 (female) 975,744 (male)

  • Expansion of sex scene orgasm content for both the PC and NPC (15K words).
    • New text is primarily kink-based and covers all the various orgasm situation combinations.
  • New prostitution scenes are available (15K words).
    • Scenes are distributed between working the street corner and working as an escort for The Oldest Profession.
  • There is some new scene content for working as a cam girl.
    • The largest scene is for high-level camwhores who don't mind playing with a man's best friend (apx 4K words).
  • There are several new entries in the game encyclopedia.
    • Entries on individual skills.
    • Entries on Perversion, Energy, Fatigue, Anger, Death, Frustration, Injury, and Bimbo.
  • Some more tentacle content in the club district.
Note: Some of Besty's content for new club actions and a new club downtown has been kept out of this release because it was very incomplete.

Here are some more Snow Angels for you, just because.

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