Thursday, January 21, 2021


I think this will be the last snow themed post... probably.

It's nearly time for us to start our coordinated effort on AW marriage We'll start prepping in February, and then the next few months will be dedicated to all things marriage: engagement, wedding ceremonies, and married life. I'd also like to see some expanded possibilities for infidelity in relationships, and more of Lily's unique behavior. Besty will be returning to work in February, so we should be able to ramp things up nicely. 

Until then, we're going to be working on filling out content in some common areas. First of course is sex scenes, we're improving the amount/variation of content further, because it's a pretty universal set of content that you see multiple times per playthrough. Over this month and next we're also going to be working on expanding content in the dating system (with more activities and events to keep things interesting) as well as skill school events. Finally, we want to work on expanding the nightlife content, to make going to clubs more interesting with expanded options for meeting people and having sexual encounters.

I've been struggling myself lately, but there's hope on the horizon in the form of some medication changes. Unfortunately these sorts of things take time, so there's nothing to do but struggle through. Thanks for your patience, I know I haven't been as prolific with dev blog updates lately.

We'll keep working on version 0.43, and as always, thanks for your support!

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