Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Matrimony Release - v0.46.0


Marriage huh? 

Yep, more marriage. This release wraps up month two of our three-month marriage series (though there will be some more married life content additions likely in month four, that release won't be focused solely on marriage). There's a surprising amount to do when it comes to getting married. I personally flew to a small island in the North Sea to elope, with a pretty straightforward courthouse marriage... so I got to avoid all the work that goes into a more traditional marriage. There's all the planning, and then on the big day, there's a ceremony, a reception party, and everything else.

For Accidental Woman, we had to include those sorts of things to turn it into a more enjoyable experience for you. My original plan was to have marriage happen (if at all) in a typical bureaucratic Appletree fashion, without much fanfare. But thanks to a poll some time ago, you let us know pretty overwhelmingly that you wanted an actual wedding day and marriage to be in the game... so here we are. :D We're making pretty good progress on that front, and now the pomp and ceremony portion is pretty much done. Of course, it has the expected sexy AW flair, it just wouldn't be Appletree if people didn't get married in outlandish ceremonies with practically transparent dresses. Doing some "research", I was quite surprised by how risque some wedding dresses are becoming these days, so it only makes sense that the culture in Appletree has taken it to the next level!

Real wedding dresses you could buy today.

In addition to filling out the ceremony portion with a little more content, and adding the fun reception with plenty of crazy shenanigans that can happen, we've also got the vow system working. That means your partner will get upset with you if you break your wedding vows, it could even lead to divorce... though the actual divorce system isn't implemented yet so you're safe for now. Marriage also now comes with financial benefits (or penalty, if you marry someone poor). If you're lucky enough to land someone in the upper-middle class, you'll be pretty well set financially, especially if you can get them to cough up a weekly allowance for you.

Speaking of married life... tomorrow is Mother's Day. I've tried many times to convince my wife that Mother's Day is a day where you show appreciation to your mother for raising you, where mothers and their children spend some quality time together. I fear I will never succeed at this; she views Mother's Day as a day for your husband to reward you for giving birth. She probably expects me to take her out shopping and to a fancy dinner, all without the kids. It must be a German thing. Anyway, on to the change log!

We all hope you enjoy this release, thanks for your support!

Change Log

Words: 2,885,578  (17,636,353 characters)

Twee Passages: 2,505

Code Lines: 210,463 (not including twee)

Inventory Items: 144

  • The Marriage Vow System has been completed™
    • Vows that you've made with your new spouse are now tracked. You are not prevented from breaking vows though!
    • Breaking vows will result in a bad reaction from your spouse if they find out.
      • This can lead to divorce, though the system that handles the divorce hasn't been implemented yet, so it ends with an "I want a divorce!" and nothing else happening... for now.
      • The bad reactions are very basic right now and need more writing as part of the married life work next month.
    • You get a short grace period after the wedding (about 1 week) where the NPC won't get mad about you breaking your unique vows.
    • Besty learned how much of a pain it is to enforce vows with code... this is why I let him pick the available vows in the first place! ;)
  • Weddings have been improved and expanded.
    • Several fixes and improvements to the wedding planning and ceremony stages.
    • The wedding ceremony now takes into account your chosen decorations.
    • The wedding system now takes into account the friends you invite to your wedding.
    • The beginning of the wedding ceremony has been expanded to provide more detail/atmosphere.
    • There are now interactions with the spouse's family that occur.
  • Certain male mutations now influence the positioning of semen in the female reproductive tract after ejaculation.
    • This tends to put more semen in the cervical and deep zones.
  • Wedding receptions are now a thing and take place at one of several locations based on your wedding venue.
    • Involve the usual mix of eating and heavy drinking.
    • There are several unique events that can take place that differ based on the location.
      • Most of these are alcohol-fueled sexy shenanigans because this is a porn game.
  • There is now a small romantic event that happens after you arrive home with your spouse for the first time.
    • This event changes based on whether you married a man, woman, or futa.
  • There is now a special wedding night event for the first night after you return from the wedding. This event also has gender-based variations to match up with a male, female, or futa spouse. Of course, this event leads to sex, whether or not you already consummated your marriage publicly.
  • A huge amount of spelling and grammar fixes have been made to the game's text.
    • Special thanks to Klorpa for this!
  • The code to determine rent when living together has been expanded.
    • The wealth of your partner/spouse now plays a much more significant role in how much rent you have to pay when living together. 
    • Moving in with a very poor person is basically going to put all the expenses on you.
    • Moving in with an upper-middle-class person will remove the need to pay rent at all.
    • The end-of-week finance display showing the amount of rent you paid was incorrect, even though rent was being billed properly. It displayed the full month's rent amount instead of the weekly amount. This has been fixed.
      • It now shows the adjusted weekly amount including the effects of living with someone.
  • Weekly expenses are now adjusted based on your spouse after you are married.
    • A poor spouse will result in your expenses increasing.
    • A rich spouse will result in your expenses decreasing.
    • If you convince your spouse to make a vow to provide you an allowance, you will now receive sugar daddy money each week.
    • There is a good chance that this won't work entirely as intended in terms of game balance, let us know how it goes for you!
  • The usual mix of minor bug fixification.


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