Monday, June 7, 2021

The Flower Release - Version 0.47


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Hello everyone, it's time for another release. This is a big one with a bit extra beyond just marriage, and also the end of our three-month marriage cycle. We'll still be doing some more "married life" work next month, but it won't be the primary focus for all of us. It's time we start making some overdue improvements and finalization to the core systems, with a focus on making things more playable and polished.

Personally, it's been a challenging week for me, my grandmother died in her sleep sometime in the early morning of May 26th. I know everyone has different levels of closeness to various family members, we happened to be pretty close to our grandparents. We buried her next to my grandfather. The isolation from covid really took a toll on her, and if it hadn't been for that she'd most likely still be alive and well. If you have some older family members, it won't hurt to spend some time with them on the phone, or better yet, visit if you can.

To add insult to injury, I caught a common garden variety cold that seems to be kicking my ass right now. Probably because it's been so long since I've been sick. That being said, let's move on to the actual changes!

Thanks so much for all your support, Accidental Woman wouldn't be possible without you.


Word Count: 2,517,722 (15,602,785 characters)

  • Lots of spelling/grammar fixes courtesy of Klorpa
  • Skill gain from zero bug fix
    • A bug in the code made it impossible to gain a skill point in a skill with zero points, so those zero skills would never increase. This has been fixed.
  • Skill gain cap has been implemented
    • You can now gain a maximum of 1 skill point in each skill per day via skill checks. Other forms of skill advancement do not count toward this limit.
      • Prevents spamming certain low-difficulty skill checks to earn a lot of skill points.
  • Schools will now grant a minimum of 1 skill point for each lesson attended.
    • This gain happens regardless of the course's difficulty level.
    • The skill is randomized based on the skills taught by the course.
    • You can still earn skill points via skill checks that occur during the course.
  • A bimbo stat record has been added to the game.
    • Available from the character status menu like the other stat records.
    • Shows the last 10 changes to the bimbo stat and their cause.
  • You can now beat the Appletree record for number of babies in a live birth.
    • The previous record is 19 babies...
    • It is possible to break your own record once you've set one.
    • This is mostly related to the Progenerate Fedundate Division job.
      • A sizable special party event will occur at work each time you beat the record.
      • Also reveals some new information about working at Progenerate.
  • Giving birth will now properly cause some vaginal gaping that will last a few days until it heals. (If you want a permanent gape, do it the old-fashioned way.)
  • Fixed the bug that caused a certain pregnancy icon to appear even when you shouldn't know that you're pregnant. 
  • The ability to randomize your starting skills has been added to the game.
    • Two randomization modes are available, but in both cases the randomization is controlled to create playable characters.
    • If you choose to randomize your skill points during character creation, you can't change your mind or redistribute them afterward.
  • The Envy transformative has been added to the game.
    • While the ultimate effects are unlikely to be appealing to many, the administration and transformation events are quite fun. (Make a save, try it out, and then load your save to see the content without the permanent effects.)
    • Available from the general practice doctor in the medical district.
    • Removes most feminine characteristics and makes you pretty much androgynous.
    • Reduces fertility significantly. 
    • Reduces pleasure gained from sexual activity, making orgasms more difficult to achieve.
    • Causes your orifices to re-tighten to near virginal levels every night.
    • Totally insane, blame Rory. 
  • The Anuwet treatment has been added to the game.
    • Available from the general practice doctor in the medical district.
    • Causes your anus/rectum to self-lubricate like a vagina, profusely.
      • Makes anal easier/less likely to be painful
  • Lots of bug fixes!
    • Besty swears that the NPC "disappearing" bug is dead.
    • The "Peek body" and "Peek face" buttons in the character creation menu were merged to make UI look better.
    • Bugs in the new marriage & relationships content
  • Now when you are living together with someone or married, they will sleep with you.
    • Depending on the time you go to bed and their schedule, they will either already be asleep when you go to bed, or will join you after you go to sleep.
  • Taking a shower in the home of your significant other (or while living together and they are home) will cause them to join you from time to time.
    • They may have urges and rejecting them may affect your relationship.
  • Divorce has been added to the game.
    • Your spouse may initiate a divorce if they get upset enough with you.
      • Breaking vows, not sexing them, and other things can piss them off to various levels.
    • You can initiate a divorce yourself if you feel like it for some reason.
      • You mean heart breaker, you!
    • If you thought that your stress stat didn't go up enough on its own, divorce provides an exciting opportunity for you!
    • Appletree is actually pretty sane when it comes to divorce, so don't expect to strike it rich if you divorce your sugar daddy.
  • Drinking and driving is bad kids - trying to pull this off in AW will cause you to be fined by the police if they catch you.
    • Now you can take a taxi if you're drunk instead of driving your car. 
      • Smart choice but won't taxi driver molest you? Who knows...
  • You can now start instant dates with your lover when you are at their home, this includes when you are in your home whilst living together or married.
  • Arousal now affects the initial pleasure levels at the sex scene.
  • Living Together Events
    • A metric fuck-ton of events that can happen at home when living together or married.
    • These events can happen for all sorts of reasons and range from sexytimes to heartwarming to minor fluff.
    • Most events require prerequisite criteria to happen, for example watching TV can cause a number of events.
    • Most events are sensitive to your partner's mood. They won't be as likely to help you cook if they're pissed at you.
    • Of course, one of the biggest time investments in terms of written content has such a small entry in the change log... but I'm not going to list every variation, criteria, and such BS here.
  • Some new small random events have been added to some of the jobs.
We hope you enjoy the release!

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The Flower Release - Version 0.47

  Hello everyone, it's time for another release. This is a big one with a bit extra beyond just marriage, and also the end of our three-...