Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Lady Release - Version 0.48


This release was scheduled a little later than usual, mostly because of the Independence Day holiday and a short vacation to visit family over the holiday weekend. That said, this release has got a lot of stuff in it. We're transitioned from marriage to starting the process of polishing and completing things as we move toward the 1.0 release. This is a bit of an unusual release because there's such a large variety of different things in it... 

Without a major theme to focus on, probably the biggest item is the Lady of the Woods event series. I had this idea a long time ago (it's why there is a woods area near the Hoden Springs), so it's great to actually see it implemented. In addition to being rather large with a lot of erotic writing and a ton of new art, it also has some useful side benefits for players who want to get their mental stats under control. You only get so many visits to the lady though before you'll want to stay with her forever... (Which of course has a fun "bad" end scene!)

We also have a lot of unification and improvement/fixing of our menus to make the various areas of the game look more uniform. Even the sex system UI got an overhaul and should be a little easier to use as well. There were some improvements to the sex system AI, and we started working on expanding the positions available for lesbian sex scenes (like scissoring or using a strapon), but unfortunately, that wasn't ready enough for inclusion in version 48.

We have some new items, a new hucow milking scene that's a lot of fun, a bunch of new dreams that can happen while you're sleeping, including standard, horny, and pregnant dreams, and a big expansion of living together events. 

Next month, we'll continue to work on improving various facets of the game, and we're also going to start back on the main story. Getting those extra sex options in, making further AI improvements, tweaking dating behavior, getting more spontaneous NPC interactions, etc. As usual, some fun ideas will probably sneak their way in too!

Thank you everyone for your support! It really means a lot to us. We're going to keep working to make AW the best game we possibly can, and remember, you can always stop by discord to give us your feedback! We may be busy/away at the time you visit, but I promise all three of us read each and every suggestion you send us!

We hope you enjoy the release!


Word Count: 2,554,633 (16,016,873 characters)

  • Improvement to the Backward Compatibility system
    • Includes a new merger method for saved data with newly implemented variables (particularly flags). 
    • I tested a bunch of old saves with the new code and found they worked just fine, and also tried all our new content with a version 45 save without any errors.
  • Added support for "special" cum owners.
    • Allows scenario NPCs (without full NPC data) to leave their mark, as it were.
  • Changes to Farm Coop membership.
    • You now gain a membership card when you become a member of the Farm Coop 
    • If you load an old save, you will not receive this membership card in your inventory, but you will still get all the effects.
  • New Farm Coop hucow milking event.
    • If you are a member of the coop, you can talk to the receptionist in the coop office to learn about getting milked using professional equipment.
    • Allows you to go get milked at the dairy, though you'll probably end up getting 'serviced' by a certain bull named Ferdinand.
      • He's a hucow bull, so you're probably going to ovulate (and wind up pregnant) if you aren't already. 
  • More spelling fixes courtesy of Klorpa.
  • New breast weight calculation.
    • You can now view how much your breasts weigh in the character details menu.
  • A breast-size bad end has been added to the game.
    • A "weight" status icon now appears when your breasts start approaching the breast size limit.
    • The maximum breast volume is now a very generous 24,999 cc per breast (25 liters). This does not include any extra size from milk.
    • If you exceed this limit it will trigger a bad end overnight, so make sure your breasts are below the limit before going to sleep!
    • The bad end is a fun scene that results in life as a hucow with new art. I recommend checking it out if you're into that sort of thing.
  • New Bullmilk health/protein drink item.
    • Can be bought at the Cum & Go convenience store.
    • Item is very good at improving your mood and reducing stress, with a long-term effect to keep you happier, less stressed, and more energetic.
    • Also causes cum addiction gain, and can be used to feed a cum addiction.
    • (It's a big can of semen modified for easy drinkability with a few extra ingredients.)
  • Lady of the Woods megaevent.
    • The Lady of the woods can be found in the woods area of Hoden Springs.
    • Once you spot her the first time, you can search for her deliberately.
      • Oblivious characters will probably never spot her the first time.
    •  The event chain includes two unique sex scenes, the second of which changes slightly as you visit the Lady more times.
    • Includes 8 new pieces of art centered around the Lady, who is a rather unique character.
    • Primary content includes consentacles and pregnancy.
    • Visiting the Lady of the Woods comes with a massive immediate benefit to mental stats, with a lingering beneficial status effect.
      • Initial boost increases companionship and satisfaction dramatically. It also reduces stress dramatically.
      • The lingering status effect increases happiness and reduces stress.
    • Visiting the Lady too many times (you are given a choice) will result in a bad end.
      • Probably the nicest "bad" end in the game so far.
  • Changed the odds for the sex action chooser function so NPC will act with more variety/spontaneity during sex.
  • Facelifted sex system screen eliminating unused parts.
    • Overall it should be easier to use the system now
    • Better support for different resolutions and screen sizes.
  • Ending sex early will have repercussions now!
  • Manual laundry action button added to the top menu.
    • It will be available when you are wearing dirty clothes at home.
  • Main interface facelifting, better support for different screen sizes and resolutions, better details, spaces and UI.
    • Besty change log writing... we'll just call it mysterious.
    • Unified backgrounds in most game screens.
    • Bathroom menus made prettier.
    • Alarm clock interface made more uniform too.
    • Tweaked status icons behavior and UI.
    • Lots of dead ends removed from the interface (e.g. unused buttons and menus)
  • Some Hairstyle improvements
    • It's now much easier to learn new hairstyles at the salon.
    • Descriptions and images for hairstyles added.
  • Gov district filled a little bit with some content.
    • (this is the district of Appletree, not the town hall building downtown)
  • New events for living together with a romantic partner.
    • About 75 new random events for husbands/wives/futa wives that occur at home.
  • A large expansion of dreams added to the sleep system.
    • 35 new dreams.
      • some dreams only happen when you meet certain conditions, such as nights when you're horny/unsatisfied or pregnant.
  • Updated camgirl/laptop layout.
    • Now resembles schizophrenia 50% less than before.
    • Max earnings from cam whoring have been capped to a reasonable value.
      • (you can earn no more than 20c/hr)
  • The usual amount of bug fixing and minor changes.

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