Sunday, August 8, 2021

The Intercourse Release - v0.49


Did you know that the word intercourse originally had nothing to do with sex? It actually just means communication or dealings between individuals or groups. But because of general prudishness, we ended up with "sexual intercourse" as a euphemism for sex. Now if you asked someone "Hey, did you have intercourse with Amy?" it means "Did you fuck Amy?" instead of the original meaning "Did you talk to Amy?". 

Well, this release has a lot of stuff related to sex, and a lot of stuff related to talking, so the release name might actually make sense for once! There have been some upgrades to the sex system, including the AI and even adding a new scissoring position for lesbian scenes. We've also added NPCs initiating interaction with the player, instead of leaving it up to the player to start an interaction with an NPC in the same location. So... talking and fucking.

We also spent a lot of time working on bug fixes this month, and our bug count should be significantly reduced. If not, you have my permission to turn Besty into Shashliki (Russian BBQ). As usual, we've thrown in some new content for you to enjoy as well. 

From all of us at Arcanist: Thanks for your support, and we hope you enjoy the game!


Word Count: 2,578,728 (16,761,732 characters)

  • A lot of testing and fixing bugs, and general polish.
    • More editing from Klorpa to fix spelling & grammar issues.
  • Faster drying/draining of liquids in the pussy and anus.
    • You can lose fluids more rapidly if you are overfilled.
    • Overall drying is now 3x faster than before.
    • A buttplug is your solution if you wish to retain fluids for some reason.
  • Even more text in the sex system.
    • More alternative action texts for various PC and NPC actions.
    • More kinks are now taken into account for various actions.
  • The sex system can't be escaped while you are enduring a forced/rape scene.
    • You will now be stuck in the scene until your attacker finishes.
  • The NPC will now undress both of you much more quickly during a sex scene.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the NPC from removing your top altogether.
  • Improved endings for ending a sex scene early.
    • Now takes your persona into account.
  • Having sex in public can now have consequences.
    • Strangers may film you while you're having sex, probably to share with the internet.
    • They may try to blackmail you instead...
  • Sex toy support added to the sex system.
    • Finally!
    • Currently, only leather handcuffs can be used to restrict the player's arms.
    • Not 100% tested with all action text, so there may be some incorrect text that doesn't take them into account.
    • More items will be arriving soon.
  • New sex position tribadism added to the sex system.
    • Only available with a fully female sex partner.
  • NPCs will now occasionally start a conversation with you while in public.
    • NPCs have a range of interactions from hitting on you to just saying hello based on their personality.
    • Conversations can end in a variety of ways, from telling them to fuck off, getting their info to keep in touch, starting a date right away, or even having sex.
    • There is an option in the game settings to reduce the amount that NPCs try to talk to you.
    • The rate that NPCs talk to you depends on several factors, such as location, time of day, how popular the location is, etc.
  • Two new event chains for the Institute Services Division job.
    • One event chain involves a management type who enjoys trying to get girls on the cleaning crew pregnant (by fucking them, of course).
    • A couple of events involving coworkers who enjoy a good orgy after a hard day at work.
  • The Camwhoring system has been streamlined somewhat, making it a little less obnoxious.
  • A new lesbian massage event for the fairy tail massage therapist job.
  • There are two new events that can happen while working as a maid for Maid Pouffiasse.
  • Since we worked on a lot of small things, several small items that someone forgot to mention or record.
    • Example: Besty's "meow" commit that somehow involves the dating system.

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