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The Condom Release - v1.05 Change Log


Hello everyone, it's that time again... Release Day!

We've got plenty of cool stuff in this release, and even some things for non-futa players as well. I think the most exciting thing revolves around NPC pregnancy, from the new inter-NPC insemination system, to getting pregnant with the player's kid. That said, we've also got more refinement of the sex system, and plenty more content as well. The Poll Riders job got a lot of new content, with several new futa-centric scenes that can get you tips.

Because condom sabotage and general impregnation-related craziness/sneaky shit is a sexy and accepted part of living in the world of Accidental Woman, it's probably a good idea to have a general disclaimer about this sort of thing. Doing reproductive activities without your partner's consent is wrong. Whether it's stealing sperm, sabotaging condoms/birth control, or stealthing, it's not okay to do this without your partner's consent.

On the other hand, these sorts of things can be really fun roleplay opportunities if you talk about them beforehand. If hormonal birth control is used, or her cycle is reliable enough to determine safe days, you can have all sorts of fun with condom sabotage and/or not pulling out, without the long-term consequences. I think risky sex is really good sex, and I think you can get a lot of the way there by pretending it's risky.

Starting another reproductive tangent... I knew semen contained estrogen, but it was only during the last month that I learned just how much it contains (between 0.1 and 0.2mg/ml). It seems that the estrogen helps to trigger ovulation, and is part of why actual ovulation rates vary pretty significantly between women trying to get pregnant, and those using condoms. (It also explains some of the skin benefits reported from semen!) I've done such a ridiculous amount of research for this game, so it was pretty fun to learn something new!

I feel like I talked about enough random shit, so let's get on with the change log!

Thanks for your support, AW wouldn't be possible without you!

Change Log

Words: 2,811,586 (19,450,921 characters)
TS Code: 153,030 lines (doesn't include comments!)

Please report any bugs here. We also accept bug reports on Discord, but these are harder to track/follow up on, and are more likely to get lost.
  • New suite of fertility tools available in the dev tools menu. (Elite build only)
    • Check fertility status of all female NPCs
    • Several commands to inseminate, induce ovulation, grow fetuses, etc.
    • Track sperm in NPCs
    • These tools are used for testing fertility stuff on our end, but could be used for fun too!
  • Tweak to job mod ingest code to allow higher salaries for job mods based on job respectability level.
  • NPC cross insemination system!
    • It's weird that none of the female NPCs in Appletree are pregnant. This fixes that.
    • Starting at the beginning of the game, a percentage of female NPCs (including futas) will be chosen randomly and inseminated by a random NPC (including futas).
      • Represents sex between the generated NPCs that is assumed to be happening to the 90K other people in town as well.
    • NPCs can get pregnant from this sex, but factors like birth control, time of cycle, and other things come into play.
    • The default rate is to have 10% of the female NPC pool inseminated each night.
    • The rate of insemination can be changed in the game settings menu, and can be turned off altogether by setting the rate to 0.
    • NPCs that you have a relationship with can be inseminated this way.
      • It only counts as cheating if they get pregnant, and this can result in several things happening.
    • Lily will never be inseminated using this system.
    • NPCs that you are friends with that get pregnant will contact you when they give birth to share the news. [dialog NYI]
  • NPC fertility system is fully enabled.
    • NPCs ovulate, get fertilized, implant zygotes, grow fetuses, develop externally (and this is viewable in NPC viewer!) and give birth.
  • NPCs will now contact you by phone when they find out they are pregnant.
    • NPCs will only contact you this way if you are in a serious enough romantic relationship (exclusive+) or you are the father of the children.
    • There are 8 primary versions of this notification depending on the circumstances.
      • Congrats on getting me pregnant: from someone you impregnated that is not in a serious relationship with you that is happy about being pregnant.
      • Damnit you got me pregnant: from someone you impregnated that is not in a relationship with you that is NOT happy about being pregnant.
      • FYI you knocked me up: from an NPC you got pregnant that is fairly ambivalent about it.
      • Lover happy: from a romantic partner who is happy you got them pregnant.
      • Lover mad: from a partner who isn't happy.
        • Some NPCs will lie and pretend the baby is yours, happy and mad variant.
      • Divine conception: from a romantic partner who you didn't impregnate, but who also doesn't know how they got pregnant.
        • Finally get to bring Water of Life into the picture!
        • Some NPCs will lie to you about this, you can still call them out on cheating during a date.
      • Cheater: from a romantic partner who cheated on you and is admitting it.
      • Cheater (futa): Same as cheater, but with a different dialog because you could have gotten the NPC pregnant, but someone else did instead.
    • You can break up with the NPC during the cheater notifications.
    • There are some variations that happen in most of these based on more specific circumstances.
  • Adjustments/improvements to sperm motion simulation in female reproductive tract.
  • New "Dieting" option in end-of-week budget menu.
    • The PC will not lose weight from diet and exercise unless this box is checked.
      • It is assumed that if you aren't dieting, you eat enough to make up for any caloric shortfalls.
    • Allows you to benefit from higher-end food without risk of losing weight unintentionally.
    • Using the diet button won't cause you to lose weight, it only allows it. Poor diet/lifestyle can still result in weight gain even with dieting box checked.
    • All this info included in a help popup.
  • Food budget explanation popup improved and expanded.
    • Better explanation of different budget levels and what they mean for diet.
    • Added info on Cumplete Nutrition diet.
  • New Sure Leak Condoms ad in the "read something" action.
  • Futa characters can now eat their own cum after masturbating at home. 
    • Variations based on how much you ejaculated.
    • Standard benefits/effects of consuming semen.
  • NPCs will notify you when they give birth if:
    • They are your kids
    • You are in some sort of relationship with them.
    • Notification only - content/scenes NYI
  • Futa variations have been added to all SPERM job events.
  • Futa variations have been added to all Pole Riders job events
  • Five new futa-specific medium events added at Pole Riders job
    • Scene options with different tips and outputs.
      • Tips are probably a bit too high and may need to be nerfed.
    • About 16K words.
  • New sex scene action: Lick Nipple
    • Full descriptive text, 2 default variations and one variant for each kink.
  • New orgasm texts for the PC ejaculating.
  • A lot of sex system testing and fixing.
  • Your character will now react appropriately when the NPC pulls out to cum (and you've asked them to do so)
  • You can now choose who to put a condom on if you're playing as a futa character and you chose the "put on condom" action.
  • Liquor cabinets are now functional!
  • I managed to repair the Mantis Bug Tracker database, and updated the software.
    • This was keeping us from updating issues/bugs properly. many have been cleared now.
  • Lots of bug fixes!
    • World map travel time fix
    • Progress in the coil winding task fix
    • Fix for some actions not happening/allowed in certain sex positions
    • Etc. Etc. Etc. 
    • Check our mantis for our progress on bugs. Sadly only a portion of bugs are reported there (if they are reported at all).

If anyone knows how to train a cat and/or capybara how to make a better change log, please share. I've basically given up at this point, I just get a few sentences from each of them :P

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  1. I've been following the game for a long time now (1st fetish being pregnancy, 2nd is Futa), and I hadn't thought about this until now. What are your ideas on the possibility of Futas in-game (player included) being able to impregnate themselves? Is that something you'd be interested in adding? If not I'm okay with it, very rare thing in porn when combining the two fetishes.


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