Sunday, August 7, 2022

The Barista Release - v1.06


Hello everyone, it's that time again... Release Day!

This time, while we did still work on expanding futa compatibility around the game, we also added a good deal of content/things that aren't futa-specific. Some general improvements that I think are good for the game. Thanks to Krow, we also got to add a big content addition to the Fecundate Division job, which can always use some more pregnancy hijinks!

Outside of AW, this has been a rough month for me. I don't talk about it much outside of Discord (though it's certainly no secret) but I have a day job, and generally work on AW in the evenings and on weekends. This is how I pay my own bills and still pay everyone else working full or part time for Arcanist Codeworks. I work in public service for the government, I guess in what you'd call the "public safety" arena. I'm something of an IT/Sys Admin middleman, making sure data flows to the experts in different agencies, and that their warnings about hazards to life and property get back to the public. There's been a lot of upheaval, new servers, new architecture, etc... so I've just been run ragged with work. I've got to make sure the whole crazy project is a success, because I don't want anyone to get hurt because I made a mistake.

I mention all this in the name of transparency, because I didn't get as much done this month as I wanted to. Of course, all the other guys were still on the job so it's still a solid release... but birth scenes with NPCs didn't make it in. Hopefully everything will have finished (successfully!) in the next couple weeks, and I can go back to business as usual!

Thanks for your support, we couldn't do it without you!

Change Log

Words: 2,848,164 (19,661,720 characters)
Code: 153,030 lines of TypeScript

  • A new global event occurs during the summer in Appletree.
    • A breaking news bulletin with sexy news anchors tells the player about the repeal of the public decency ordinance.
      • It's a fun scene, and will appear automatically
    • Afterwards, full nudity is legal in Appletree, and you will no longer be hassled bythe police for revealing your pussy.
      • This was a planned 'world event' that I forgot about adding XD
    • If your save is after the event window, it may not trigger for you.
  • There is a new street cafe that can be found in SW downtown.
    • A rather unique barista serves fappiccinos, the new trendy caffeinated beverage from South Korea.
    • Obviously named for fapping.
      • frothed mix of espresso and semen atop a short glass of warm breast milk.
    • Drinking one will improve your mood and health a bit, reduce fatigue like any good coffee should, and will provide a modest dose of cum.
      • Can increase risk of addiction or alleviate withdrawal symptoms, like any cum source in the game.
  • You might see a new ad campaign while reading something on your phone at home.
    • Shallow is safe! pro creampie adverts.
    • Two new images with amusing text in the AW style.
  • Some heavy adjustment to the algorithm that determines if your NPC lover will cheat on you.
    • Tweaks chances across several categories.
    • Considers more personality/situational factors.
    • New cheating-type processing to be a little more realistic.
  • New SIRE storyline is available in the Progenerate Technologies Fecundate Division job.
    • Written by Krow, we just integrated the content into the game.
    • Totally futa independent, can enjoy as a normal character.
    • Two events with multiple paths/outcomes are currently available.
      • Introduction to SIRE, and the choice to take part or not.
        • You can also delay, and get a new option to join and outcomes with different text at a later time.
      • Rapid Pregnancy Initiative
        • Various choices with different outcomes.
        • Can make you a large or huge bundle of credits (2K or 4k)
        • Can also result in a bad end if your body isn't up to the challenge.
          • (being at fertility storm level fertility will keep you safe)
    • While the introduction is more intriguing/mysterious, the second is quite long and sexy. You should definitely give it a try if you're into the Fecundate Division job already!
    • More events are already in the works, this is a very promising event series!
    • There are a couple "missing" images, this is expected because there's some fan art on the way.
  • A new scene is available at the Maid job.
    • The scene becomes available if you are caught without wearing your uniform on the job.
    • Allows you to get a new uniform in case you've lost/donated/destroyed the one you were initially given.
    • Of course, expect to be punished for your transgression!
  • Sex for more than just one round!
    • You can now go for round two (or three, four, or even five if everyone has the stamina for it).
    • When a male NPC ejaculates (or you ejaculate as a futa) ((or you ejaculate into a male NPC who then ejaculates)) (((etc.))) you can start another round of sex during sex scenes.
    • The NPC may not actually want to continue, especially if it's a male and they already ejaculated.
      • Or they may just not be able to perform again.
    • Works in different combinations with futa/non futa and various NPC genders.
  • You can now have friends with benefits!
    • Having a friend should only increase the opportunities for casual sex, not reduce them!
    • Not all NPCs will want to have sex with you.
      • Depends on the status of your relationship with them.
      • Also depends on how the NPC feels about such behavior.
    • Having sex with a friend won't cause you to switch over to the romance track.
    • Besty declares that the AI may make stupid decisions about all of this.
      • Tell us about weird behavior so we can adjust.
    • Sex is available as an option at the end of a friend hangout session.
  • Progenerate Technologies Fecundate Division job now supports futa players.
    • Adjustment to existing content, along with some unique futa scene variations.
    • Having a cock and being surrounded by 'eager-breeder' women can cause some arousal or even stress in certain situations.
  • The Oldest Profession pseudo job (escort service) has been converted to be futa compatible.
    • Showing up to service a client with a cock where none was expected can cause interesting things to happen.
    • Most people are cool with it though, this is Appletree, after all.
  • Some minor compatibility work done to Street Walking prostitution.
    • Still needs some more work, but should be much less "cock doesn't exist!" now.
  • Converted a good deal of the Fairy Tail massage parlor job.
    • Some new futa-specific happenings that can be good or bad...
    • About 2/3 of existing scenes now allow for your third leg in the scene.

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