Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Sunken Release - v1.07


It's been a hell of a month, almost as if the world has conspired to screw with our AW dev work. Or, someone just cursed us or something. This release isn't what I had planned, though there is a pretty decent amount of futa conversion. Our primary team is three people. We pay others on a freelance basis for extra writing or other things... but that's usually on a "when they feel like working" sort of schedule. Normally, with the three of us, some freelancers, and even the rare submission from a fan, we can still get a solid release packed with new content and changes.

This month didn't work out like that.

On my end, I finally managed to finish the craziness and overtime at the day job, which only took a week out of this dev cycle. But then I caught a cold from my son, which knocked me on my ass, and when I finally started recovering my whyf was kind enough to give me a different cold. I suspect the long period of overwork probably fucked over my immune system. Then my parents showed up out of nowhere and we still had a lot to do to recover from the basement flood in the spring. At least all of that is finally taken care of, and the kids are in their bedrooms again. But my development time was totally wiped out. Because I'm the one that usually integrates submitted content and works with freelancers, that got left out too.

Besty got sick, and then was able to work for a while on bug fixing, but the last two weeks were vacation time he had scheduled a while back. Everyone deserves a break, and no way would I try to get in the way of his trip anyway, so we only got maybe a week of work out of him. Anenn was able to do the most work out of all of us, but even he ended up with the flu, which knocked him out for a while.

Usually when shit happens, the unaffected ones cover for the affected person and it works out. This month it was everyone. It doesn't help that we're getting antsy to start a new expansion soon. Futa offspring is the last interesting thing to work on, and then it's mostly conversion of random content in the game. At least things like jobs and schooling has been converted, so there aren't really any major areas where a futa cock is ignored.

I'll probably do a poll on futa progress, along with an explanation of what is left to do and options on what else we can do. The poll will basically see if we want to move on after the existing content conversion, or if we want to add more unique futa-centric content before moving to the next expansion. 

Thanks with your patience with us, and thanks for your support. 



Words: 2,870,373 (19,789,442 characters)
Code: 153,032 lines of TypeScript
Headaches: 64.3

  • Bug fixes courtesy of Besty, you can always check mantis to report a bug or view our progress on outstanding bugs at
    • You do require an account to use our mantis bug tracker, but it's easy to create.
    • We don't share information about our followers/subscribers/users/players/etc. with anyone, ever
    • We won't even email you unless you chose to receive email updates on a bug, or in the rare case we need to ask a question/get more info to try and fix it.
    • Reporting bugs via Mantis does make it a lot easier for us to keep track of them and get them fixed, compared to discord reports.
  • All the jobs (including the Oldest Profession pseudo job) are now futa compatible!
    • The Bureaucratic Corps job at the institute is now futa compatible.
    • The Maid Pouffiasse job is now futa compatible.
    • Character counts for the various jobs have been updated
      • Click the content button in the job selection menu to view.
  • Most of the school event content has been made futa compatible. 
    • Dancercise
    • Oldest Profession
    • Maid Pouffiasse
    • Deep Drill
    • Freak Dance
    • Mrs. Fubb's Parlor
  • The "futa compatible" stuff we've been talking about over the past releases contains a mix of basic futa modifications as well as more involved futa-specific variations on existing events. 
    • Not just a simple "ignore the cock unless necessary to keep from breaking immersion" thing.
    • Usually doesn't include futa-only events... but there are a few that have snuck in here or there.
  • Added a get out of jail free card to the game in the form of an erotic art exhibit at the university in the gov't district.
    • Visit the exhibit to get a mental unfucking similar to the emergency one offered by Dr. Lector, but without the normal negatives of therapy with him. 
    • This mental unfucking can only be used once per character/game. Afterward viewing the gallery will act as a normal meditation session to reduce stress and  anger.
    • The art in the gallery itself is a collection of uncensored AW release images, along with a couple others. 

For the next release I hope to have much of the childbirth scenes for a player father done. I'd also like to look into interaction with such children at the creche, and possibly an expansion of scenes available to interact with the children in the creche. You should definitely be able to breastfeed your kids, maybe even some volunteer breastfeeding?

Besty will be back from his vacation this week, though Anenn is taking a vacation this week... Things should be close enough to normal for a nice solid release with plenty of features for 1.08 in Spooktober.

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