Sunday, October 9, 2022

The Comeback Release - v1.08


Okay, I apologize for the pun.

It's called the comeback release because this month we've got a much more substantial release compared to the previous months. I won't lie, there's still a lot going on, but we were able to get more effort into the game and this release. Mechanics, lots of futa conversions, some unique futa content, bug fixes, and even a big futa expansion to the wardrobe paper doll and body portrait. I even did some "people on the streets" research to see how real women would react when it comes to childbirth and the player being involved. 

(I did not actually go to the streets, doing so seems like a good way to get arrested. Instead I asked my wife and some local friends :P)

The futa poll is pretty exciting so far. It's nice to see how people are reacting to this. It's very difficult to do kink-specific expansions because it's always going to end up "splitting the audience" A lot of people are less inclined to support AW financially when they know we're spending months working on an expansion surrounding a kink that isn't interesting to them. We've tried to add in non-futa content and improvements along the way, but we have had a noticeable drop in income while working on the futa expansion. It makes us really appreciate the people who have continued to support us even when futa isn't their thing.

For those that are concerned; we aren't going to let funding levels dictate how we approach our expansions. I personally believe that trying to chase income would just lead to a worse result, even if extra income does let us do more/hire out more work. Instead, we'll focus on making a good product, and trust everyone to know that even if what we're working on right now isn't your thing, we'll still be moving on to other expansions. There's a lot of things to be excited about, I'm personally really enthused about both transformatives and hucows, but I also think some more general (and shorter) expansions focusing on the core game will also be great.

I always include a bit of personal news, but I'll keep it short this time... basically life marches on. Everyone has things going on in their lives; good news and bad, tragedies and victories. We're not special... we're just living life like all of you. We're all really thankful that you've stuck with us, even when the times haven't been the best.

I know many of you have been concerned about Besty and the situation in Russia. With any luck, Besty and family will soon be in another (hopefully more stable) country. Things have been prepared, so it's mostly just waiting for the right time at this point. I'll be sure to share more details once things have been safely resolved.

On a more personal note...

It goes without saying--but I'm going to say it anyways--we really appreciate your support. I started all this because I wanted a faster-paced life simulator that had an exciting world to explore; basically to make the kind of game I wanted to play, that I just hadn't been able to find. Thanks to all of you, and the frankly awesome TF community, I've not only been able to keep doing that, but I've also been able to gather a team of likeminded people to keep making AW better and better. It's hard to express all of our gratitude for making it all possible. Thank you!

Change Log

Words: 2,898,293 (19,954,205 characters)
Code: 153,210 lines of TypeScript
Tears: +72

  • NPC fetus development has been adjusted to increase the speed of NPC pregnancies.
    • This will make it easier for a complete pregnancy to fit within the usual time span of the game. 
    • It's basically assumed that women would want to at least minimally take advantage of available treatments to speed up their pregnancy, so there IS an in-world basis for increased gestation speed besides the game design one.
    • A standard pregnancy should now take between 3 to 4 months of game time, depending on the NPC. (most will be closer to 4)
    • An additional cheat mode has been added to further reduce the duration of NPC pregnancies. It essentially doubles their gestation speed.
    • Note: fertility boosts also affect the length of pregnancy while they are active.
      • For NPCs, this is mostly limited to dosing them with drugs like heat.
  • The male story prologue has been partially expanded for futa content.
    • Presently this focuses on the "mutations" conversation with Lily in the bathroom.
    • Lily will discuss the various male mutations that the player may have.
    • There is also a section where Lily discusses the player's testicle situation, as well as makes comments comparing the size of the player's new penis with what they had as a man.
      • This is an early way to discover that the male story protagonist wasn't particularly well endowed.
    • The discussion contains a lot more "practical" information than the general descriptions in the mutation selection menu.
  • Also added a brief section if the player has the Fertility Goddess "mutation", regardless of whether they are a futa or not.
  • NPC birthing scenes are now implemented.
    • There are a variety of different results/interactions depending on the nature of your relationship with the NPC.
    • The results are largely split between whether you visit the hospital or not.
      • Friends, dating (and not your kids), and your kids without a relationship, each have a unique notification conversation after the NPC gives birth, either by text or phone call.
      • If you are in a significant relationship with the NPC you will go to the hospital to offer your support.
        • Your reaction to the news will vary based mostly on the paternity of the children and your relationship.
        • False paternity situations the player may get an uneasy feeling.
        • The PC will generally still try to support their partner even if the kids aren't theirs, though how they feel about it will change.
      • There are mechanics to alter the character of the birth for different difficulties based on the NPC's physiology, but currently only the "easy" childbirth is implemented. (all visits to the hospital will result in easy childbirth)
      • Writing childbirth scenes is hard, seriously. I also saw some shit when searching the interweb for images. Having experienced some births in-person with my kids... ugg, let's just leave it at that. :P
      • We will likely expand some of the writing to be more relationship-sensitive in the future, the setup is there, but more words are needed.
  • There were a lot of bug fixes this month, but as always bug eradication will be a continuing effort. Complexity makes it easier for bugs to happen.
    • There was some additional bugfixing support this month provided by xnzda (thanks!)
    • Some examples:
      • You can no longer take repeat doses of bovinex if you take them all in one session.
      • Clothing information popups will no longer be hidden behind dialog windows when viewing sections of your clothing inventory.
      • Brain damage is now displayed properly as a percentage instead of always being 0.
      • Cum addiction treatment will now work correctly
      • etc.
  • The wardrobe paper doll system has been expanded to be futa-compatible.
    • Will now properly display cock and or balls if the player has them.
    • many different hand-drawn clothing items were adjusted to reflect the player's package as appropriate.
      • for example, no balls hanging out of short shorts or panties.
    • I still have a strong urge to draw all the various clothing styles for the paper doll, so that at least every style is represented if not the unique colors. Or at least, expand some of the sections so more styles are represented, especially when it comes to lingerie and tops.
      • Takes time to do, but I think you guys would like it. Let me know what you think on Discord!
  • The player body portrait will now display futa genitalia when present.
    • Currently there is support for a variety of penis sizes.
    • We still need to create more overlays for larger testicle sizes.
  • All Surrogacy Center events are now futa compatible*.
  • The Tentacle Shop downtown are now futa compatible with some unique extra attention given to the player's additional equipment..
  • Final futafication of school events.
    • Mrs. Fubb's Parlor and Monster Tamer Studio is now fully futa compatible*.
  • All the player birth scenes have been made to be futa compatible*.
  • The Double Donger scenes are now futa compatible*.
  • Marriage proposal scenes (particularly the kinky ones) are now futa compatible*.
    • Wedding scenes still need to be futafied, this is just all the proposal variations.
  • Various lesbian tanning events are now futa compatible*.
    • Not so much 'lesbian' now that a cock is involved :P
  • The SIRE initiation event probability has been significantly reduced so that it will not occur so frequently in the case you put joining SIRE on hold.
*Futa Compatible: means that extra content for futa players dealing with their cock has been added to existing scenes, generally expanding them while leaving the flow/outcome of events generally the same. The amount of content added varies considerably based on the specific scenario, but usually adds up to a lot.


  1. The drop in support does not come from the lack of interest in futa but the wrong focus on updates.

    Things like futa paperdoll, functional male mutations that doesn’t disappear after choosing, not buggy and not crashing futa mc date and sex mechanics that works smooth, a fully functional mc impregnating female npcs, better and immersive futa day to day interaction with npc and support to those are what actually people wanted first.

    Not the conversion and support of all jobs and school events. Nor other scripted events that doesn’t effect the before mentioned sandbox gameplay.

    Seeing this people got frustrated and stop supporting lmao.

  2. People want a functional futa sandbox, not a fully converted and supported futa storyline.


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