Sunday, November 6, 2022

The Renovation Release v1.09 (plus futa poll results!)


Hello everyone, we've got a big release for you this month and a lot to talk about too, so let's get started!

So first of all, the futa length poll. It wasn't forgotten (of course), but I have been taking some time to think about what it means, along with all the feedback we got in addition to the poll. The results of the poll itself were heavily skewed towards the "more futa" side, and the "Hung" option was the winner by a large margin.

I ran the numbers for pledge tier and extra votes, but it was the same winner.

We're definitely going to put more futa content into the game, and aim for the "Hung" level. But one thing we noticed is that we got a ton of comments saying that while the person loves futa stuff, they care more about futa NPCs, and much less about playing a futa character. This makes a lot of sense to me, futa characters are awesome best-of-both-worlds things. To that end, a lot of our focus on more futa content is going to be in the form of interactions with futa characters.

Pretty much everything can be made better, and that's definitely true for AW. I feel like in our rush to hit a "technically a complete game" 1.0 release that kept to our original schedule as much as possible, we left a lot of things that could be improved or added to just make the game better. And then shifting our focus immediately to the futa expansion, we sort of just ignored those things, which I think does the game as a whole a disservice. It doesn't help much to have a ton of new futa content, if the game you're experiencing it in doesn't improve.

To that end, we're going to be spending part of our time each month improving the basic game rather than just focusing on the expansion. The idea being, if the basic game is better, the expansion content will be more fun too. I've thought about different ways to do this, and different ways to add base content (female focused) without ignoring futa PCs. I've come up with a couple methods, which I think will help keep different aspects of the game integrated with each other, and also help keep a balance on our work. We've tried these ideas in our work for this release, so you can try it out and share your feedback on whether or not they work. :D

  1. Add events/scenarios that are somewhat universal but diverge based on whether the player character is a futa. Basically, so that being a futa pc adds more options or different outcomes, but overall it's content all types of characters can enjoy. In this release we have the Stud Finder Competition scenario (which is pretty awesome, I think!)
  2. Add new elements to the game that are missing or would improve gameplay, but use it as a chance to introduce new futa type content when possible, particularly futa NPCs and stories connected to them. In this release we have the new Pump gym. The gym was a missing element in the game, I feel, but we also used the opportunity to add a storyline with a hot futa gym bunny.

I believe that working on a mixture of expansion-specific content, dual purpose items like above, and general game improvements, we'll be in a better place to keep improving the game. And this isn't just a futa-only thing! These sorts of techniques can also be used with future expansion choices. For example: hu-cows, with new hu-cow mechanics, but also improving the base game with hu-cow characters and content.

As far as base game improvements go, those are going to be pretty wide ranging. From adding more content to needed areas like jobs and day-to-day life, to improving or adding game mechanics/content that make the standard 'game loop' more enjoyable. 

Please share your ideas with us on Discord! 

Being developers and constantly looking at the game, it can be really hard to see the forest for the trees. Your feedback helps us do better!

Personal Notes:

Just leaving a quick note to let everyone know that Besty and wife made it safely out of Russia. It's good to know that he's no longer in any danger!

Covid booster kicked my ass, but otherwise everyone is happy and healthy.

Anenn got a new fridge to keep his capybara treats in.

Change Log

Words: 2,940,614 (20,202,093 characters)
TypeScript: 153,518 lines
Images: about 3,500
Inventory: 165+ items, 113 home/furniture items.

  • Work on the prologues.
    • Futafied some of the initial reactions and explorations of the player's new body. 
      • ex: putting on a bikini in the morning, going in the hospital bathroom.
      • some initial scenes with Lily in the male story prologue
    • Edited and changed the writing in some parts of the Lily reveal scene to clarify things about Lily a little more.
  • Made some changes to the character action menu actions.
    • You can no longer do a "at home masturbation" outside of your house.
    • A new "public masturbation" action was added.
      • This is a placeholder for now, will take into account several factors along with a chance to get caught... fun.
    • You can no longer use breast pumps to pump your milk while you are away from home, because you aren't carrying such bulky things around with you.
      • The action button to pump milk will now default to hand milking when away from home.
      • You can still hand milk away from home since it requires no equipment, but milk expressed this way isn't collected for sale (your bulky canisters are at home too!)
    • Some other minor fixes.
  • Rate for brain damage accumulation compared to bimbo score increase has been adjusted.
    • Standard bimbo increases will now cause only 66.6% increase in brain damage score, rather than 1 to 1. (gaining 6 points to bimbo level will now increase brain damage by 4 points.)
      • Reminder: brain damage bad end threshold is well above 100, at a level determined by difficulty level.
    • Things that primarily cause brain damage (with a corresponding increase in bimbo level) are not effected, and still cause 2x the damage for each point of bimbo gain.
      • These items are: "Overly high arousal - brain damage", "Side effect of Titilator supplement.", and "Emergency Mental Treatment"
    • Bimbo-adding items that do not cause brain damage (such as attending certain churches or reading magazines) still doesn't cause any brain damage.
  • There is a now a bimbo guided meditation class held at the community pavilion near central park.
    • Look at the advertisement on the side of the pavilion building to unlock attending classes.
    • Classes are free and are held every day from 5 to 7pm, they last an hour.
    • Attending a class will increase your bimbo score by 10 points.
      • This class does NOT cause brain damage, it is purely safe hypnosis!
    • Our resident bimbo expert described the scenes as "That's hot ngl.."
  • There are two new onahole sex toys available at the Prude sex shop.
    • Obviously, onaholes can only be used by PCs with a cock, but we won't stop you from buying one even if you don't have one.
    • Using either onahole can be done from the sex toys section of the character actions menu.
    • The first is a pretty standard "Vacuum Onahole" similar to a certain manufacture's items from Japan.
      • Does what an onahole does...
      • significantly increases chance of masturbation success.
      • Increases satisfaction gain from masturbating with it.
      • Increases the cutoff for gaining satisfaction compared to normal masturbation.
    • The second toy is an automatic onahole, which is similar to devices such as the auto-blow, in that it does all the work for you.
      • Guaranteed to make you cum, even if you're hard-to-please.
      • Even better satisfaction gain and gain cap than the standard onahole.
      • Expensive as fuck at $269
      • Basically removes the pregnancy penalty from masturbating because all you have to do is hold it there and it does all the work. ;)
      • Comes with three cum preservation vials, which allow you to collect your ejaculation and keep it preserved and fresh for 7 days so you can use it later.
      • See the cum vial system entry below to learn more about this functionality.
      • Using it without a cum vial to fill has a humorous result.
  • New Cum Vial system added to the game.
    • This system allows you to collect your own semen for later use by using the auto-onahole to collect and preserve it for you. The system allows other player collection methods, and can be easily expanded to capture NPC cum if desired.
    • collects all the relevant semen data at the time of collection, volume, sperm count, motility, survival, mutations, etc.
      • Cum vials can only hold up to 10ml of semen.
    • The cum vials keep semen "just ejaculated" fresh for about 7 days. They are automatically removed from your inventory when they expire.
    • Collecting a cum vial from your auto-onahole automatically creates a new consumable inventory item.
      • Clicking on the description of the item also shows information about the vial/s you have filled (age and volume).
    • Using one of the cum vial consumables will crack open a vial and give you three choices on how to use it along with a minor scene for each.
      • Once a vial is open, the preservation ends, so you must use the vial right away.
      • Opening the vial causes a minor arousal bump due to the smell (higher if cum slut)
      • Option 1: Toss it - empty the vial and clean it so you can reuse it later. (Can't be performed if the player is a cum slut.)
      • Option 2: Drink it - provides the normal positive boosts from consuming cum, along with corresponding input to addiction system. (can remove withdraw, increase addiction, etc.) Cum sluts enjoy this more, of course.
      • Option 3: Creampie - pour your cum into your own pussy. You must be very aroused to perform this action.
        • This is some kind of selfcest, but it has been requested more than once. Also will be useful if we make NPC cum vials.
        • You CAN get pregnant this way, assuming both sides of your reproductive tract are fertile. 
        • Gives the normal positive mental/status boosts from both consuming cum and getting a creampie.
        • Making a baby this way is basically the worst type of incest genetically speaking... but we're not going to do anything about it... it's fantasy after all.
        • The inheritance engine that determines the various features of the child may derp a bit... only time will tell. It wasn't really designed for selfcest, but should work. Probably.
    • For now buying extra auto-onaholes won't get you more cum vials. The system is temporarily (simple flag) limited to 3. 
    • The plan is to allow these cum vials to be universally compatible with other forms of small semen storage like what is used for cooking and toys like the tiny monster.
      • This compatibility hasn't been added yet.
      • Items like the double-donger that use 1 liter canisters of semen won't be compatible... too big of a volume difference.
  • The Third Annual Stud Finder Competition scenario has been added to the game
    • This is a long scenario that is essentially a competition to find the best studs in Appletree, details can be discovered during the event.
    • The scenario can occur in June, Sol, July, or early August.
      • It will occur as soon as the player meets the starting conditions.
    • The first part is an interaction popup where the player discovers that they've been selected to participate as a judging assistant. 
      • The player accidentally agrees due to dubious methods.
      • This notice only occurs if the player is not pregnant (or has an open womb and meets the right criteria for twin-womb characters).
      • This popup essentially primes things for the main scenario to start.
    • Once you accept participation in the competition, you will have a window of time to go to city hall and cancel for free if you don't want to participate. 
      • Depending on timing this window could be very short, but should be at least 1 full day before the scenario can start.
    • The actual competition will start once player is in their fertile period within a few days of ovulation. 
      • This timing is purely coincidental as far as the story is concerned, of course...
      • You will be escorted by two Institute agents to the competition venue.
      • You will meet an official, and have several conversation options, most of which aren't exclusionary.
      • You can protest participating, and be given an option to leave as long as you are willing and able to pay the penalty fee. It's expensive.
    • If you have the right equipment, you can convince the official that you're actually supposed to be competing in the competition.
      • Requires external testicles of sufficient volume (20cc)
      • Penis of sufficient size (7 inches+, 1.8 inches diameter)
      • You will be rejected if you first ask about getting out of the competition.
      • Various rejection dialogs depending on what you're lacking.
      • Leads to a different route where you compete as a stud.
      • You cannot win the competition, but there are a ton of factors described and you can place differently.
    • Unless you quit or tricked your way out of it, you will have a medical evaluation.
      • This will nullify any hormonal birth control chemical you've built up from pills or patches.
      • A morning-after pill can boost your hormone levels back up to effective levels before you ovulate, but normal pills/patches won't have time.
      • IUDs will be removed, because they are illegal. You can insert another one after the competition if desired.
      • The only way to be 100% certain to avoid pregnancy is not to participate as a female.
    • Then you get fucked really good in a nice scene with a friendly futa.
    • Like the main story, the two paths have some complementary information.
  • Super Futification of Game Content:
    • Coop milking events.
    • Pregnancy events - (some heavy stuff)
    • Police drunk event
    • Police nudity event
    • Rapist encounter
    • Lady of the woods storyline
    • Hanna the drug dealer storyline
    • NPC interaction events
    • Pharmacist events
    • Some dating system events
  • NPC birth scenes got some new content as well as some futa variation.
  • There is a new gym called Pump Fitness in northwest downtown.
    • Costs a membership fee to join the gym (of course)
    • Working out in the gym is more effective than working out outside or at the small apartment workout room.
    • There is a new NPC that hangs out at the gym with some interactions.
      • Mia Cooper a futa fitness junkie.
    • More amazon futas are likely to be added in the future.
  • New activities and events at the "Bridge" location. (located on the world map, just east of Appletree)
    • Pick a peaceful spot and relax while watching the water go by.
      • Reduces stress.
    • Meet a fisherman that fishes regularly by the bridge.
      • Interactions with him can lead to giving a blowjob or even sex.
      • Why is he so into fishing?
      • What is he trying to catch?
  • The usual round of fixing reported bugs. Just some examples:
    • Bug where arousal wouldn't properly drop after masturbation was fixed.
    • Bug where buying a certain drug from Hanna would pay you instead of charge you.
    • Odd behavior of condom consumables, especially differences between futa and non-futa PC.

Thanks so much for all your support, and for making it all the way through this change log!

I hope to have an even nicer one for you next time ^_^

Erotically yours,


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