Friday, March 15, 2019

Industrious (Hard at Work 2)

Hello everyone!

It feels like it's been a while since my last blog post, but I guess it's only been 5 days. Maybe it feels like it's been a while because we've gotten a lot done in the past few days. Things are all coming together, and yesterday I finished the code on the last major piece of the AW Framework (the Event System). Besty has put in the Hangouts System, which is largely based on the Dating System, and we've been putting in even more stuff.

Like... you can now get caught running around in too little clothing, with an interesting scene that can happen there. there is now a function to tell if you named your character something like "dickslut" so that NPCs can look at you funny. Boob-Juice has been improved, there's the first sexy std in the game, a suicide option, a lot of improved data validation, more game encyclopedia entries, and more... Oh, and now we have a SubscribeStar page as a backup to make sure the porn train doesn't derail. 

So yep, we've been industrious porn devs this week. ^_^

Before I start talking about the event system, let me share a totally random selection of new images... (because why not?)

Besty loves making naughty clothes for the paper doll girl.

Everyone loves a good movie, especially when it involves unrestrained genetic science! 

Hanging out

Massages are a great way to relax and take a load out off.

Not all police are so intimidating.

Because shooting things is fun!

The Event System

The event system is the last major piece of the "making stuff happen" framework in AW. It complements the Omni System in terms of causing things to happen, but rather than short-fuse timers and effects, the event system focuses more on long-fuse items, game story, and (surprise!) events. Checking for a police officer in the area while you're buck naked, running a skill check to see if you avoid detection, and then handling the outcome... is something that the event system handles. It's also expandable and can be modded, of course.

It's actually split into three sets of events: 1) map and travel, 2) mechanics items, 3) game story. Events can be set up to only be valid during certain periods, or only after certain other events have happened, and many more options. In order to keep the checking of events from slowing things down and interfering with gameplay, it uses a special setup with a recursive async function that leaves small processing gaps at regular intervals. It basically runs in the background while you're reading or otherwise occupied.

In fact, it even has a system of check order randomization, to ensure that it doesn't fall into a situation where it checks certain events more than others if there are a lot of events to look at. I've also made it modular enough that should the number of events somehow overwhelm it, it can be adjusted in a rather straight-forward way to remedy the issue by tying the check cycle to a different game system.

Overall, the special handling of the Event System in regard to processing events is likely overkill, and it would likely be fine not to pay so much attention to it. However, because the system is a likely spot for content to be added over time--both officially and through mods--I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to become a problem down the line when there is a metric fuckton of events thrown at it. :D

A Closing Thought

I'm really excited about the place AW is in now. I know it's been a somewhat tedious journey so far, as most of the development effort has gone into developing the game's framework rather than content. Realistically, 80+% of the development work so far has been toward code, with the remaining being used to make some limited content to show off new systems as they are added. I'm really looking forward to phase III and focusing on content starting in April. The split will flip the other way, with the majority of time spent writing and the rest spent coding small things that go along with the content.

I think it is fortuitous that this change is happening at the start of spring. Traditionally, spring is seen as a season where the world comes to life and the birds and the bees get busy. It's a good time for AW to start coming to life with content. 

Thank you all for your support, because without you, I certainly wouldn't have made it to AW's spring! 

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