Saturday, March 23, 2019

Hard at Work 3

Hello everyone, it's been another productive week for AW development! We've mostly been working on expanding dating and adding locations to date and hangout spots, as well as some basic relationship items. Before I get into the meat of the update, have a copy of this wallpaper I made last weekend for no particular reason...

I saw the original photo and thought it would look really neat if it was some sort of large vat or expanse of water instead of a small bathtub... so... yeah. ;)

With the work I completed today, it's now possible to progress in your relationship with an NPC, going all the way to being engaged. The NPC may be the one to suggest advancing your relationship (such as being the first to say "I love you", for example), or you can be the one to suggest it. You can also break up with an NPC as well, of course.

The credits screen has (finally) been updated with all of the AW supporters to date. I've carefully checked each listing to make sure no identifiable information is present. The start screen also shares a small "This game was made possible by ..." message, randomly displaying a supporter. There were also a couple of other minor updates to the start screen that I did last weekend to make it look a little nicer.

The text was also pretty well out-of-date, so I updated that too. :D

There is a new world event involving a certain van, for characters with a particularly youthful appearance...

Like most things, there is also the chance for your decisions to lead to a less-than-positive outcome...

The bad ending for that particular encounter is fleshed out like the one for getting caught by the APD while naked too many times, just due to time constraints. All the endings will eventually be getting attention to write out the story content of what happens for each, there's a lot of fun ideas. (After all, while the ending may be bad for the character, it doesn't mean it can't be fun for the player!)

The dark stuff in this version sparked a little creativity in me while thinking about some of the other "less-than-friendly" characters in Appletree, so I ended up creating this portrait. He's for a character that's been planned for a very long time, tentatively known as "Jimbob". I don't want to spoil anything for you, so I'll only say that he's the reason the forest in the north of Muschi valley got the name "Angler".

Wanna go Fishin'?

The last bit of news is more integration of the AI system into dating, but we're going to proceed cautiously in that regard and slowly hand over more control to the AI for determining the outcome of NPC-related affairs. :D

We're on-time for release (it's actually looking like we're ahead for once... knock on wood!), so we should be good to go to have our last framework-focused update on April 2nd. 

That's all for now, have a great weekend!



  1. Where is that bad end pic from?

    1. It's a heavily-edited pic based on one I found on Google Images. I was in a bit of a rush at the time, so I didn't try to do any in-depth investigating to track down the original/author. I'll see if I can find it when i get a chance though, stop by the discord :D


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