Saturday, April 20, 2019

Dying In Your Arms

Hello everyone, it's been a while since my last real post. Mostly, this has been because of an awful cold/flu that I caught over a week ago, the worst I've had in many years. I still have sinus congestion and a wet cough. I wrote a very brief blog entry about being sick several days ago, but I'm afraid of actually reading what I wrote...

Before I continue, let me go ahead and share the link to the 4-20 AW Development Poll. Fill it out and let us know what you think!

Anyway... I spent the last week or so clinging to unlife, and because of a lack of suitable personnel where I work, I was only able to call in sick one day. So I did try to do some AW-related things where I could, but I was pretty out of it. I actually tore something in my throat from coughing so much, which gave me the cool and scary ability to cough blood. 

Presently my voice sounds very strange, as if only part of my vocal cords are working (because only some of my vocal cords are working). If I try to sing a scale such as do re mi... sound only comes out about a third of the time. It's a pretty fun little effect, though I do hope it goes away soon.

I'll be returning to my normal posting schedule, and should be able to reply to comments on various platforms such as Patreon more regularly now that I'm starting to feel better. :D


My main mission this month has been writing, specifically wrapping up the prologues. I'm unfortunately quite behind after losing all that time to pestilence, but there will still be a lot more stuff to see in version 0.22 in the prologues. I've also added a background music soundtrack to the game, which of course you will be able to disable or replace with your own music should you so wish. 

Besty the CodeKitteh has been busy breaking AW in new and exciting ways, primarily dealing with the addition of drugs to the game. This includes consumable inventory items, drug effects, drug dealers, and withdrawal effects, along with a few other neat things like making sure you can clean semen and other fluids off your clothes properly.

I'll leave you all with a few preview images, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

~ ThaumX


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