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The Hanging Out Release - v0.21.0 Change log

Hello everyone, and welcome to version 0.21.0, the Hanging Out Release!

This release marks a pretty important milestone in the development of AW; the transition from adding framework systems to primarily adding content. I personally am really excited about the transition, as it has been tough at times to 'stay the course' and work on coding instead of more fun things. :D I think that the effort is worth it, however, seeing just how easy it is to add all sorts of things to the game now. (And not just add things, but add things that mesh with all the game's systems.) I owe you all a big thanks for helping us reach this point!

So what is this release about?

This release was mostly about finishing the main game framework elements that were missing (events and hangouts), and expanding on the date system template. In addition to that, there were more system integrations like relationships, and of course, bug fixes. 

As far as playable content goes, there is now more to do--and say--in dates with NPCs. You can also advance your relationship with NPCs, moving from casual dating to officially going out, becoming lovers, and even getting engaged. Be warned that relationships don't go from zero-to-married in a matter of weeks! You can also cultivate friendships with NPCs, using the new friend hangout system. There are several new activities you can participate in for both dates and hangouts. 

The global event system has also been built, with two new events. The primary one involves going around with an exposed undercarriage. Cops can now catch you, based partially on your exhibitionism score. There are more entries on the APD in the game encyclopedia and a fun scene where you can try and use your body to escape paying fines when they catch you. If you get caught too many times, you may get sent off to prison... there's a new bad end as a prison pacifier...

The other event involves a free candy van and a sociopath known only as the sock collector. Playing as an underage character with 'young' physical traits, or simply having a character named Loli, will make it possible to encounter this event during the right time of day in the residential area...

There are plenty of other new content things for you to discover, including a new job event by Asuka, new actions in the residential area, new places in Muschi Valley to explore, and for the brave-of-heart: the Hoden Cavern Adventure which takes place near the Hoden Springs. Check out the detailed changelog below for details!

Work Hours

As usual, we've put in a lot of hours over the last four weeks. You can download the reports here. I forgot to log a few things, but I don't think it'll affect the total more than a dozen hours or so.

As we move into the more creative phase of development, I'm going to be reducing my AW work hours a bit. Partly this is because it's difficult to simply "power through" creative work without sacrificing quality and partly because of the ongoing issues with my health. It's not anything critical at this point, but I've been having ongoing issues with my heart since September. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly what is wrong, but I do know that my lifestyle hasn't been very healthy for quite some time now. I need to start dedicating time to getting exercise and other activities that'll promote a healthy Thaum.

Change Log: Version 0.21.0

Word Count:   1,766,423 (characters: 10,245,255+)
Lines O' Code:  173,827
Ways to Die in a Cave: 6
Unresolved Missing Persons Cases in Appletree: 6,229  6,230...

  • Finished fixing the SugarCube game saving system to further improve the speed of the save menu.
  • Created an infinite dialog queue, which prevents problems caused by dialog window conflicts.
  • Fixed the bug causing issues with player character height not changing properly, height is now set with a slider.
  • Created the Global Event System.
    • Allows events to occur based on complex criteria regardless of present game location.
    • Uses a system of asynchronous checks to keep the impact on game performance minimal.
    • Contains an event randomization engine, which prevents certain events from being checked more frequently than others (thus potentially skewing event representation). 
    • The system allows the use of mods to expand the number of events.
    • Auto quest-event sequencing system allows easy chaining of events.
  • Created the public nudity event series.
    • Players who have exposed vaginas in public may get stopped by an APD officer, depending on your exhibitionism skill.
    • Players who are caught will be fined based on the number of past offenses unless they are willing to do something else instead.
    • New brief 'public service' sex scene.
    • The more times you are caught, the more likely you are to be stopped by a no-nonsense officer and risk prison.
      • New sexy bad end for those sent to prison...
  • The first SSTD has been created, called "the drips". 
    • Causes you to be excessively well lubricated down below...
  • Improved the data validation system to use string conversion for number variables rather than simply rejecting string values.
  • Expanded data validation to include more data areas, including grooming data and key player variables.
  • Overhaul of breastmilk capacity/production system.
    • The system now has improved realism and better game balance.
    • After reaching a certain point in production, further production gains face diminishing returns.
    • Total possible milk production is still pretty ludicrous in the case of hucow types.
  • Added the BLYAT!!! profanity checker/filter to the game. 
    • Checks for nearly 2000 variations of "cock" or "cunt".
      • This is far from sufficient to prevent a crafty wordsmith from having a naughty name.
    • The primary purpose is to allow recognition by NPCs that the player's name is something slutty. (It's a bit silly how you can name yourself cumdump and nobody bats an eye, lol.)
  • Added some new game encyclopedia entries
    • Entry on the Appletree Police Department
    • Entry on the new disease "the drips"
    • Guide entry on managing the player's home.
  • Added several new image assets to the game, as usual. 
    • Location view images.
    • APD police officers.
    • New Item images.
    • Several images for the Hoden Cavern scenario.
    • Some new images for the Rory Van event.
    • Other misc images, particularly for new game locations.
  • Created loliCheck function to check for player characters that have a very young appearance.
  • Added the Rory Van Event to the game
    • Introduces the "Sock Collector" a sociopath based on a real person from the AW discord.
    • Also involves a van with the words "free candy" spraypainted on the side.
    • Only happens to characters that have an underage appearance, or are named Loli or Rory.
    • Has a chance of occurring in the residential area in the late afternoon/early evening during the week, or around midday on the weekends.
    • Is easily survivable unless your name is Rory (the name of the Sock Collector)
  • Improved the time.add function to better handle mechanics processing and give more control for unique situations where delaying mechanic processing is desirable.
  • Implemented a new Async Performance option in the game's system settings. 
  • Refactored the CSS_Fuck JS stylesheet modifier.
    • Improved efficiency in making style customizations.
    • Better error handling.
  • SugarCube modifications for better performance control.
  • Added new data namespace to the game with the purpose of retaining loaded mod data.
  • Made some style improvements to the game.
    • Unified several SVG backgrounds for a more consistent appearance.
    • Improved the buttons on the game's start page.
    • Tweaked several basic elements such as the game's start splash screen.
  • The player's "effective willpower" is now properly calculated as needed, and accounts for numerous elements of the character's status, such as being drunk.
  • Fixed the rent payment bug that caused the player to be billed for the entire month's rent each week.
  • Adjusted calculation of rent prices so that rents are more representative of unit quality.
  • Living conditions calculation has been implemented in the week system, the game now takes the player's choices on food and supplies spending, as well as the quality of their home, into account for status mechanics.
  • Expanded the NPC relationship data class with automatic completion/crosschecks and data validation functionality, as well as new automatic game time tracking functionality for relationship duration.
  • Increased use of AI in the date system, NPC's reaction to a new date spot is now more strongly controlled by the learning software response.
  • NPC Relationships Upgrade:
    • Added ability for the NPC to ask the player to upgrade or advance their relationship with the player, such as being the first to say "I love you" or even proposing marriage.
    • Added the ability for the player to ask the NPC to advance their relationship.
    • Created new relationship functions to handle complex relationships between player and NPC.
  • Added data validation to the aw.date data object, preventing errors from mod dates and making the entire system more stable.
  • Added new methods to the pc trait class object, including the "isX" series of getters to allow easier representation of inverse traits.
  • Mental status changes while sleeping now take into account your home's cleanliness as well as improved representation of the home's overall furnishing.
  • Added home cleanliness and furniture item description set to player's rooms, replacing the talk about Russia from when Besty was supposed to do it.
  • Created a new player home tutorial guide that launches when exiting the prologue. It contains helpful information that players could miss if they didn't look for it.
  • Added several generic movie posters to the game resources, and made changes to the Peeper's Theater now-playing display.
  • Added some new (currently inactive) game locations downtown, including the Fairy Tale massage parlor and the Hard Cock Cafe.
  • Added some content to the Muschi Valley Visitor Center.
    • Added some more clues into the past of Muschi Valley in the form of a historical exhibit. (There is actually a pre-European Native American history written for the valley, this content scratches the surface.)
  • Added descriptions and information to the Sahnetorte Bridge and Area 69 areas in Muschi Valley
  • Added descriptions and content to the Hoden Springs area!
    • Get a glimpse of the urban legend, the witch of the woods.
    • Go pinecone hunting and find the perfect pinecone, for reasons that may amaze and surprise you.
    • Spy on people changing in the changing rooms, or go for a dip in the springs.
    • Explore the Hoden Cavern system in a sizeable old-school text survival adventure!
      • Emulates the fun times of old adventure games such as Zork.
      • See if you can survive the Cavern because death comes quickly to the unwary (old-school rogue-like instadeath).
      • Discover valuable relics from the valley's former Native American occupants, and earn 2 new achievements.
      • Six different ways to die, each with its own custom ending (and two of them are quite lewd...)
  • Made killing yourself easier than ever!
    • Now when the player character starts getting very depressed, additional buttons will start populating the menus that urge you to suicide.
  • Added some new achievements and some new bad ends (with content).
Besty's List
  • Added new content in the residential area
    • Includes new actions like swimming in the pool, tanning, and riding the bus.
  • New map for the residential recreation area.
  • Added a "Make a Wish" action in the fountain area of the central park.
    • For now, you can only wish for more money.
  • Added some new achievements for achieving things
  • You can now commit suicide in the game, with a new bad end.
    • New option to kill yourself before you kill yourself when you are depressed.
      • Show yourself who's boss!
  • Hangouts system implemented.
    • Various hangout spots you can visit and have fun at.
      • There's a shooting range, karaoke, and more
    • Text an NPC you know to hang out.
  • New leather harness bra and panties can be purchased at THOT Topic
    • Includes sexy paper doll version
  • A new event for perceptive characters in the "Prude" sex shop.
  • More date spots added to the system
  • NPCs will now start asking the player out on dates or asking to hang out when they start to miss the player.
  • New locations in the world map, including actions and fun stuff to find:
    • Restricted Area 69
    • Sahnetorte Bridge
    • Muschi Valley Visitor Center
    • Hoden Springs Recreation Area
  • Woofreadings of various scenes Besty previously wrote by DogBeerHadOne (thanks!)
  • Added the work event by Asuka from the writing contest to the Bureaucratic Corps institute career path.
  • Added more random texting lines when talking texting NPCs.
  • Created a new short-and-simple writing guide for modders and content creators.

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