Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Hello everyone, it's time for another blog update.

This update comes with a community survey, so be sure to give it a try.

The last week has been really shitty for me. It started with the dumb bugs we let escape into the release of 0.26.0, and just continued from there. Fortunately for AW, the bad things have all been in my personal life rather than things happening to AW. Unfortunately, it's left me a little distracted or occupied the last few days so I haven't been as productive as usual. I ended up having to take some time off from my day job, which also happens to be where I get a lot of my AW work done. (My job is 80% putting out fires, so there's a lot of extra time as long as nothing goes wrong.)

As far as AW goes, I've been cleaning up a few outstanding issues and going through my creative process for more writing. Happily, I've managed to repair the backward compatibility process for loading old saves. I've tested it with several saves--including some that were confirmed not to work beforehand--and it's working quite well now.
We've also fixed some of the minor bugs that have been reported, and I made some minor improvements to the compile script that I've been meaning to do. From here on I'll be focusing on writing, though there is a little more work to be done on the screen reader mode.

The Shitty Week

As far as those personal things go, the short version is that my daughter was hospitalized on Thursday. She was released from the hospital yesterday, but we still don't have a firm diagnosis... just a list of symptoms and some possibilities. We'll be seeing some specialists and getting some tests done, and hopefully, we'll be able to figure out what's wrong. She isn't in any immediate danger, thankfully.

As a parent, it feels pretty shitty when there's something wrong with your child, that's just how it goes. It's a lot worse when you don't actually know what's wrong, though. Normally there are some pretty simple steps that you can take to help your child when they feel bad... like if they are sick, you make sure they drink fluids. You feel better by helping them to feel better. When you don't know what's wrong, or what you can even do to really help... it's tough.

Of course, during all of this my son caught some kind of viral rash, my other daughter got some sort of stomach flu from school, and my wife has [redacted]. My wife doesn't want me to share what's wrong with her, but WebMD insists she has cancer of course. In reality, it'll probably also be something that requires tests and/or surgery, so I'll be going with her to the doctor as well later in the week. 

basically, it's just been a shitty 7 days. Fortunately, things have calmed down a little now that my daughter is home. 

Anyway, that's enough complaining from me! 

Besty had a great weekend and was able to successfully serve his Dark Lord. 

Until next time,


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