Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Just Gotta Share

This post image was inspired by a really random app idea for size queens, or those interested in hooking up with well-endowed men near them. This is unlikely to be added to the game as something functional... it's just something that seems to "fit" into the game world.

I was fixing up The Drips sexy-STD in the game so that the early stages of the condition are more obvious, and treating it while in the early stages will properly kill it. (As it was, treating the early phase of the disease wouldn't stop you from getting the later stage.) While I was at it, I improved the messages a bit and added two new diseases along with a centralized method to contract SSTDs.

The first new disease is really just something minor, the common cold. It doesn't really have any effects besides making your character more tired. The second disease is something I'm calling the Wet Heat. It's a disease that causes excessive sweating, along with some estrus-like effects. It can be treated at the doctor's office, of course, but will also resolve naturally when the player receives enough creampies. 

Profuse sweating is one of the primary symptoms of Wet Heat.
It'll be interesting to see what you guys think of this particular disease, as we've had some requests for a heat-like condition in the past. I'll probably still add a chemically-induced estrus condition later, but will probably avoid making it into a randomly contractable disease.

On a more serious note, I thought I'd let you guys know what's going on with me. It hasn't been the best week, to be honest. My wife's surgery last week did not go well. The surgery was supposed to be a five-hour laparoscopic procedure to remove her rectum and related tissue. What ended up happening was a 14-hour procedure and partially opening her abdominal cavity. She had a major bleed during the procedure and lost about 2 liters of blood. It also seems that the cancer spread in an unusual way through the other tissues that they didn't see on the MRI, so they had to involve pathology and make sure they removed it all.

It was actually about two days before I had any sort of conversation with her after that, she was heavily sedated in the ICU for most of that time. Pretty much all I got was a single text message that said "pain pain pai". When I did finally get to talk to her, she was really loopy from the painkillers. Fortunately, she's doing much better now, and today when I talked to her she seemed much more like normal. 

Between that, and some work issues going on, I haven't been able to nearly as much writing done as I would have liked. There are still two weeks to play catch-up where possible to try and make up lost progress, but there's still a good chance I won't get everything done I was hoping to. I'll do my best though!

On the bright side, Besty's work on the sex toy system has been coming along quite nicely. There are already several toys in the game with various functionality. Masturbation has also been taken out of the bedroom and put into the action menu, so now it's possible to masturbate all over Muschi Valley. You can also finally use those fuck machine home items by attaching your dildo of choice. :D

That's just a sample of some of the items already in the game. He has also tried to integrate the use of toys into various scenes. For example, if you try to talk to someone while gagged, you'll end up making something of a fool of yourself. We'll still need your help to spot various places in the game that don't quite work with a particular type of sex toy in use, of course. There's a lot of content, and a lot of sex toys, so if you do happen to see a place where the events don't quite match having your toy equipped, please let us know. 

I suspect that gags and chastity devices will be the most likely to have major conflicts, so Besty will be focusing on those scenes initially. :D  It's also worth noting that like always, we've made sex toys easily expansible and made it easy to support modding for custom sex toys. One of the goals for the coming months is finishing the mod interfaces for all the various systems that don't currently have them. 

I think this blog post has gone on long enough, so...

Thanks for all your support!




  1. I hope your wife's recovery goes far more smoothly than her surgery did.

  2. OMG, best wishes and health to you and your wife!



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