Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Kiss Release - Version 0.31 Change Log

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Kiss Release!

It's finally time to start exploring the main story after the prologue and meet your alter-ego in Lily's basement lab. Because it's been a while, and there are plenty of new players, I wanted to take a moment to point out that the male and female start stories are quite different. They have totally different prologues, and they have quite different relationships with Lily, the story's central NPC.

The male and female stories are actually part of the same overall story. When playing the male start story, you'll end up meeting the female-start NPC, and vice-versa. Each start gives you a different perspective and information about what's going on in the story, with Lily, and with the town itself. If you haven't tried both starts, I think you'll be surprised by what you discover and I recommend giving each side a try!

The way that Lily acts toward the opposite start NPC is one of the possibilities available if you play that start. However, it's important to note that the version portrayed is only one of several possibilities if you're playing that side. It all depends on the choices you make. It's also worth noting that the female start main quest is generally more difficult, though not excessively so.

I view the two starts as a collection of mirrored and opposite attributes. Probably the easiest way to describe it is by using the metaphor of a dark and placid lake. The male start character floats above the surface of the lake, looking down at her reflection and the female start character beneath the surface of the water. The female start character stares up at a distorted version of the male start character. She is in a much darker and colder place compared to the character floating above the lake. 
This month we did more bug fixing, balance improvement, and improvement of minor and overlooked things. The cheat modes got some love and care, NPCs were given clothes to wear, and I fixed the body portrait's pubic hair. I apologize for that rhyme. Besty has added undressing to the sex system, so you no longer start mystically naked. I focused on the main quest/storyline, which revolves around the effort to rebuild the rejuvinator. You can now visit Lily's house, ring her doorbell, and help fix the machine in her basement lab. It took some work to set up Lily's Lab as the central location for quest progression, but I think you'll agree that it's worth it for the types of character mingling it allows.

Thanks as always for your support, I really hope you enjoy this release!

Change Log

Words: 2,172,579
Characters: 13,100,957
Code: 193,147 lines
PC Body Portrait: 32,440,320 combinations

Thaum's Changes:

  • Resized the status bars in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Allows showing 6 rather than 5 progress bars.
    • Added a milk fullness progress bar for lactating characters.
    • Non-lactating characters will show energy and health separately.
  • Cheat mode overhaul
    • All but one cheat modes are now functional and work as intended.
      • The non-functional mode is NPCs starting with higher like value
    • New cheat mode added: Milk Tank.
      • Allows characters to store 4 times the milk in their breasts without affecting milk production rate.
  • Body Portrait Updates
    • Pubic hair options fixed to work better with other skin shadow overlays.
    • Three new pregnancy belly sizes, bringing the total number of pregnant sizes up to 7.
    • The NPC viewer in the social menu now displays the NPC's body portrait if the character is a female or futa.
      • Added a cock and balls overlay to display futa NPCs correctly.
  • Lactation will now give a reduced happiness and stress benefit.
  • Minor tweaks to the interaction between different status values.
  • Exercise will now cause you to gain a small amount of happiness if your happiness is low.
  • Some improvements to vigor gain overnight and during naps.
    • Vigor gain will now display properly in the status record.
  • The Farm Coop area now has proper descriptive text for all the areas. Finally.
  • NPC relationships will now decay over time if you don't maintain contact.
    • The rate of decay, and how long you can go without contacting or spending time with an NPC depends on the type of relationship you have.
      • Romantic relationships tend to decay faster than friendships.
      • Younger, less secure, romances decay faster than stronger more mature ones.
  • A new main story quest added to the game for both male and female starts.
    • Lily will contact you toward the end of your third week of play after the prologue.
    • The initial phase of the quest has a good deal of writing for each.
      • Each has the possibility for some extra frisky content such as giving Lily a blowjob or looking at her junk.
    • New artwork for Lily's junk added to the game, a standard drawing and an anatomical drawing.
    • Quest gives you access to Lily's basement laboratory, where you can work on the quest and also meet and interact with Lily and your male/female start opposite.
      • Completing the opening portion of the quest will give you a new inventory item that grants access to the lab.
      • The current amount of conversation in the lab is limited due to time constraints. Each phase of the main story quest will open new conversation options in Lily's Lab.
      • NPC characters appear and work in the lab, based on their own schedules, and you'll see them working on a number of different tasks based on the main story progress.
    • A new interface for Lily's lab centered around making progress toward repairing the rejuvinator.
      • The initial phase of repairs allows pretty straight-forward work toward completion, while future phases will have other interesting activities.
      • Gives progress in percent and with a special progress bar.
      • Shows tasks of the repairs completed, the task in progress, and any future tasks that your character is aware of.
      • It provides different options to work toward quest completion and talk to other people in the lab.
  • Boobs and Silicone:
    • Bra cup size is now properly calculated when the character is lactating and has breast implants.
    • The amount of silicone contribution to current breast size is shown in the status menu in parenthesis.
  • You can now navigate to Lily's place from the Appletree map.
    • Female-start characters will have to meet Lily first.
    • You will arive outside Lily's place, giving you the option to explore, look around, ring her doorbell, and enter her basement lab directly if you have access.
    • Lily won't like it if you ring her doorbell in the middle of the night.
  • Two new achievements added to the game, "Sparky" and "Jehovah's Witness"
    • Both involve ringing Lily's doorbell...
  • A new home item, a lemonade jug, was added to the game.
  • Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
    • The first action button to travel to the bridge to commit suicide will now appear earlier in the depression status so that the transition from having one to having many buttons will not be so dramatic.
    • There is now an action button while at the bridge to commit suicide when you have the suicide bad end.
    • You can now commit suicide without having flagged a bad end as long as you are depressed enough.
  • The existing game soundtrack has been replaced with a new one.
  • Some minor bug and typo fixes.

Besty's Changes:

  • NPC got their own clothing generator dressing them up into proper attires.
    • Sex system was expanded to allow undressing both NPCs and PC during the scene.
    • Some actions and positions are available now only when your (or NPC) clothes are not in the way.
  • Breast size reduce surgery added to the medical district.
  • Added the actual ability to start sex with a stranger in the club. You need to attract one by dancing first.
  • Dates and Hangouts:
    • Almost every location has new actions! (test needed)
    • Now you can try to kiss your date! Good luck with this.
    • New dating area and new coffee place added.
  • Little changes in the city map
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Proposing the date/hangout without selecting the proper meeting place first must not cause the error now. Default meeting place is Park. (test needed)
    • Hair color fixes:
      • Best head salon now actually dyes your hair.
      • White, Cafe Noir and some other colored hair are displayed properly in the character portrait.
      • The color order was also fixed in female portraits.
    • Starvation bug was tested and it seems I fixed it actually last month lol.
    • Laundry button was added to all home tiers bathrooms. (need to test out the nightly auto laundry)
    • Addiction to sex, cum and creampies grows slower now.
    • Tanning lesbo scene fixed, there were also a report about red text but I believe it is the result of <<has>> macro still derping and not the scene itself. ANyway, was not able to replicate twine errors while testing.
    • All grease now dries off properly over time (test needed)
    • Forgetful "on the pill" selfthought fixed.
    • Bcorps printer event sex (test needed)
    • Missed date\hang Check fixed (test needed)
    • Fixed legs shaving both auto and override options.
    • Fixed NPC induced hangout/dates asks (probably, test needed)
      • Asks will not happen one after another now.
      • Also texting box will not cause errors
    • Fixed addiction balance and withdrawal consequences.
    • Starting 1661 code fixed to 1551  to fit the actual letters panel.
    • Fixed the areas where you can get raped.
    • Descriptions in npc census.


  1. How can you get raped in this game? How many scenes involve rape?

  2. you have to turn on rape in options (first screen) then it happen random times


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