Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Cute Release - Version 0.32 Change Log

It's finally time for version 32!

I'm not going to lie; this has been a shitty month for me. The wife's surgery, and then trying to work on AW while taking care of her and handling multi-hour doctor appointments. Troublesome things going on at work, the annoyance of travel in general, and my layover in South Korea in particular.  Overall it hasn't been the best set of weeks. That said, I still think we have a pretty cool release for you guys.

The biggest thing to see is probably sex toys, with a variety of fun items to try out.  There are 15 items, which range from dildos to chastity devices. There's also a solid chunk of new content in the main story quest, mostly in phase two. As usual, we've also got some miscellaneous new stuff and improvements, like a new SSTD (Wet Heat) and improved bimbo/slut parsing.

I'm surprisingly tired, so let's get down to business.

Change Log

Words: 2,229,189 (Characters: 13,329,294)
Code Lines: 194,962
Body Portrait Combos: 32,440,320

  • Added actions to downtown central park area.
  • Added actions to the downtown parking garage.
  • Fixes to the Drips disease.
    • Can now be effectively treated during the cold phase.
  • Added a common cold disease that has no major consequences, as an alternative to more serious diseases.
  • Added a new Sexy STD called Wet Heat.
    • It combines excessive sweating with some estrus-like effects.
    • Has some mind-altering effects such as adding kinks if left untreated.
    • Eventually will start causing brain damage (+bimbo)
    • Can be cured by receiving vaginal creampies, pregnancy not required.
    • Can also be cured by the doctor, but doing so can have adverse effects.
  • Added function to give the player an SSTD based on weighted probability.
    • Replaces basic method of giving the player the Drips.
  • Added new post-parser system to SugarCube.
    • Parses key segments of game text immediately after rendering (about 50ms)
    • Can selectively parse text such as speech or internal monologues.
    • Replaces the global parser functions for bimbo, slut, and cumslut effects.
    • Added a gagged parser that turns player speech into gagged sounds.
      • Parses speech as various mmph sounds, followed by actual text in parenthesis. "Mmmph mmmph! (Hello there!)"
      • Appletree residents are unsurprisingly used to interpreting the speech of gagged residents. Sort of like how we can understand people from Liverpool in the UK.
  • Fixed the pregnancy status icon so it only appears when the player knows they are pregnant.
  • Player will no longer have periods described while pregnant.
  • Reworked method of traveling to Lily's place. Should now work as expected.
  • Added game encyclopedia entry on credit chits, a physical form of game currency.
  • Added second phase of the rejuvenator repair quest.
    • Currently has a generous deadline (5 weeks) but won't take that long.
    • Involves purchasing enameled wire from contacts around Appletree.
    • Some of the contacts expect a little 'extra payment' for their efforts.
    • About 9,000 words of new mostly-erotic content.
      • Also some appropriate gifs, because. 
  • Added more writing to the various conversation options during the phase 1 quest.
    • About 3,000 words, primarily to the female-start Lily.
  • Improved the sex AI so that it picks actions more reliably.
    • Will no longer pick "impossible actions".
  • Anal sex can no longer result in an accidental vaginal creampie.
  • Beware Prude's Russian Mafia connections.
  • Several bug fixes and minor boops.
    • End of the annoying texting app fails.
    • Picking a new home from the real estate office actually lets you move.
    • You can no longer be abducted by Jimbo while safe at home.
    • Et cetera.
      • etc.

Besty's Changes!

  • Sex toys are now a thing!
    • Sex toy system implemented
    • Toys can be purchased from the Prude sex shop in the adult district, viewed in the inventory, and used from the action menu.
    • 15 toys are currently available.
      • Dildos
      • Plugs
      • Chastity devices
      • Gags
      • "Other Stuff"
    • New self-thoughts to go along with sex toy use.
    • Sex system now takes sex toys into account.
      • New button to remove toys in the scene
        • NOTE: need to do an action after removing a toy to make any previously forbidden sex positions available. (Known issue)
    • Added support for toys to these scenes:
      • Maid
      • Psycho
      • Prostitution (Oldest Profession and Street Corner)
      • Street rape
      • Masturbation
  • Added "Semen Bottle" item to the Cum & Go convenience store.
  • New happy poster is available in the BBB store.
  • Backward compatibility was updated to check for new toy stuff, but you may encounter some errors if using a save from an older game version. Errors shouldn't really affect anything. Hopefully.
  • Masturbation has been removed from the bedroom and added to the actions menu.
    • Now you can masturbate everywhere!
  • New game encyclopedia entries:
    • Nutrition
    • Surgery
    • Stress
    • Happiness

Thanks for your support everyone!
We hope you enjoy the Cute Release!

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