Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Floating One

We had some issues with the version 36 release, with some v35 code not being included in the builds which caused a plethora of bugs. Once we had the git issue resolved and some new v36 bugs fixed, it was time to get started working on v37. This month Besty and I are going to be focusing on content, content, content. :D

Anenn will also be working on some finishing touches in different areas, and then pivoting to adding some more content if there's time.
  • We're going to expand the main story/quest line with more activities and dialog. 
  • New events all over the place, focusing on jobs and game areas you see often to improve variety.
  • Interacting with your children at the Appletree creche!
  • A full stable of premade characters to choose from.
  • Game Statistics to view from the menu or after a bad end. Now you'll know all the crazy things you got up to during your play through.
  • Updates to the outfit selection controls after sleeping to remember your previous choice and make them look a little more attractive.
  • If time, some of the surrogacy content.

It should be a fun update! 

On a more personal note, we're still waiting to find out more info on my potential relocation, we just have to wait for the wheels of bureaucracy to grind forward a bit more. We're preparing as much as possible so we can try for a smooth move; if it does we won't be moving until late August, perhaps early September. I'll likely be taking time off work, and we'll be using a moving company to transport our household goods back to the mainland, so it shouldn't have a giant impact on my AW time. It'll be really good in the long-run though, so it's definitely worth it.

That's all for now, thanks for your support and take care!


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