Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Floating Two

Hello everyone, it's already time for another blog post... time really flies.

We've all been hard at work on version 37 as expected, as well as working on the reported bugs. I discovered an issue caused by the earlier changes I made to improve save stability, because of course changes to make saves more stable would result in them being broken. That's all fixed up now though, and I've loaded a ton of saves from random places and via backward compatibility to test. Everything seems to be working exactly as it's supposed to for once.

Anenn has made good progress on his work, so now he's able to start writing the surrogacy content for version 37. His tastes run that way, so I have high hopes for some fun content.

We also got some bonus writing done by Shadowkeeper for the Double Donger sex machine. It was originally supposed to have an insemination function, but that ended up not making it in. Thanks to Shadowkeeper's writing, we were able to make the Double Donger function as intended. You can now even buy bulk semen from the Prude store to refill your machine.

Besty has been adding a slew of neat things all around town, particularly when it comes to some of the stores we have downtown that have always been closed up until now. Nature's Treasury for all-natural supplements, the Squash Store for your ePhone needs, and others. He's also added some new job content for some of the main jobs to help keep things interesting at the daily grind.

I also think we'll have some fun interactions with the player's children, possibly including some fun things like breast feeding, coming from our freelance erotica writer. I'll be adding that stuff in as it gets written, I know it's something many of you have been interested in for a while now.

In more personal news, it seems my promotion and relocation is now official. We'll be moving from Guam back to the continental U.S. toward the end of August. Moving basically always sucks, but we're excited to live somewhere new. It's also good news for my family, because we'll finally have access to the medical resources we need.

In terms of game development, I'll probably have to limit myself to a more supervisory role for late august and early September. I expect things to return to normal once we get moved into a new place sometime after that. We'll still have two full-time developers and our freelance writer/s, so there shouldn't be a major drop in productivity; it won't be like work will grind to a halt or anything. Still, I'll be doing some planning and prep to keep things rolling forward smoothly. :D

I'll share some more details as we learn more, of course, but that's all for now. See you next week!


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