Thursday, September 10, 2020

A Polish Erection


It's time for another update!

It's somewhat challenging to come up with post and release images that involve zero nudity, but it's pretty fun to find suggestive images that are still technically allowed. I'm not really a fan of the censorship stuff, especially when any public post is behind a "you must be 18 to view" warning. I mean, it's not like patreon is going to prevent teenagers from finding porn on the internet if they want to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In regards to "the crazy developer has moved back to the mainland" front, things have started to calm down a little. We have an offer on a house, and will hopefully find out soon if the seller will accept or counter. My day-job has everyone teleworking right now (except for a skeleton crew) due to covid concerns, which actually makes things much more difficult for me. I haven't even seen the servers or hardware I'm supposed to be in charge of, and VPN access is very limited. I see problems but have no way of fixing them yet... it's incredibly frustrating.

As far as the game goes, we're working right now on getting as many bugs as possible eradicated for a 38.1 release. The goal here is to get a nice stable base to start from for version 39 and the following versions. After that happens in the next couple of days, we'll start back in on the content expansion and starting to assemble the game's ending set up, specifically the programmatic portion determining the different pieces of the story to put together.

At this point, it probably won't be possible to trigger an actual ending, because the main quest isn't complete, but we'll see what we can do in terms of a demonstration. The writing isn't going to be complete, of course, so you'll probably just see filler notes like "joined-in on Marta's sexcapades". or "Befriended Dr. Titten" for the various things that can happen in the game.

One change we're going to make is a change to our release schedule for the various builds. This is partly because it's too damned easy to forget the date for the [patron]($1) and [public] releases, and partly to streamline how we do builds. We may start doing re-releases of the [backer] and above builds with bug fixes reported during the month applied, at the same time we do the standard new release. This will let players choose to play a more stable build, or try out the newest content.

The biggest impact this will have is that it will be slightly longer for the [patron] and [public] builds to release, 1 and 2 months respectively. These changes should make it a little easier on us, and also allows us to make releases a little more reliable. By using a git branch specifically for previous version bugs, we will also be able to improve quality as well.

That's it for now... as always, thanks so much for your support. We'll all keep doing our best to deserve it!


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