Wednesday, September 23, 2020



There are plenty of uniforms out there that could be made more interesting with some strategic changes. Besty and I probably would have enjoyed our recent trips to the hospital a bit more if the nurses all looked like this...

That'd just be impossible in practice though, sadly. Ignoring the fact that real people have varying levels of attractiveness, you're still left with something like a stripper hospital. Probably not the most reassuring place to be with serious health issues.

We're both okay, so no worries there. My wife had a CT scan done for an upcoming surgery and the radiologist noticed something strange in the images. One emergency ultrasound later, and we discovered she has a massive blood clot in her left leg. It's apparently something pretty common in people doing chemo, it's probably been slowly growing in her leg for nearly two months now. She's on blood thinner medication now, which seems to be the standard course of treatment. We just have to let her body dissolve the clot and hope none of it breaks off to cause havoc elsewhere.

Besty's trip to the hospital was about him, but out of respect for his privacy I won't share the details. Something painful and unpleasant, but not life threatening or long-term, he's already feeling better though. :D

We discovered that the 38.1 release introduced a new bug that causes problems when trying to have sex. I'm posting instructions on how to fix the issue below, until I can get a 38.2 build done. Life has been extremely hectic between living in an airbnb, working at a new job, medical stuff, mortgage/home buying stuff, trying to sell our old home, and of course working on AW... it takes some extra effort to squeeze in a new build.

For now we're going to keep plugging away toward version 39. I'm excited that we'll finally have something resembling an ending in this release, though it'll be lacking a bit in terms of content until we flesh out all the various pieces. 

Thanks as always for your support, it means the world to us, now more than ever. AW wouldn't be possible without you!


Sex Bug Fix for 0.38.1:

Using a text editor such as notepad, use find (ctrl+F) to find the following text:
(null!==aw.npc[e]){var t=!1;if(!1===aw.npc[e]!==aw.npc[e]!1!==aw.npc[e]

You can then replace it with this instead:

 (null!==aw.npc[e]){var t=!1;if(!1===aw.npc[e]!1!==aw.npc[e]

Then save the file and you're good to go!

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