Monday, September 7, 2020

The Device Release - Version 0.38.0


I had to get a little creative with this month's release image due to Patreon's policy against implied/censored nudity. This month features some quests to obtain special devices for Lily's machine, so at least it's relevant. 

This has been a hell of a month for me, so I'm really putting a lot of trust in Besty and Anenn for this release. We had that fast-paced move where things were all happening at once, followed by a lockdown for our last week there that made everything 5x more complicated. There was a massive surge in covid leading up to that lockdown, and since the island only has 15 ventilators the situation doesn't look great for them.

Arriving in Minnesota, the weather has been beautiful, but there has been so much to do. We haven't had much luck on our house hunting yet, most of the available places sold shortly before we arrived. Between house hunting, and a million other little things that go with moving such as getting my wife's medical care reestablished, it's been hectic. Thankfully things should start settling down over the next month, and I should be able to get back to spending more time on AW and hanging out in Discord.

That said, there are still plenty of neat things to see in this release. There are 36 thousand new words of job content, that's about half of a YA novel. There are also special quests to obtain 4 unique devices Lily needs for her machine. These have all sorts of cool things in them, with different ways to approach obtaining them, choices to be made, and the potential for failure.

Thanks for your patience with me during this move, and thanks for your support of AW. Without you, it never would have been possible!


Words:  2,544,764 (15,259,630 characters)
Code Lines:  204,024

This month's list of changes is going to be a little more compact than usual. This is because developer effort has been more focused on writing, I haven't been as active/involved with everyone's work, and because I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like totally re-writing the lists from Besty and Anenn. The list will return to normal as life returns to normal.
  • The Poll Riders VIP client scene was redone.
    • It is now a unique written event rather than using the sex scene system.
  • New daily job content for the janitor job (Services Division) (320 words).
  • New daily job content for the massage parlor job (Fairy Tail) (110 words).
  • A new stage of the main quest has been added.
    • Quest is to obtain unique/rare components needed to complete Lily's machine.
    • Quest Into text (1250 words).
    • IR Field Coherer quest (2500 words).
    • Oscillator quest (1900 words).
    • Capacitor quest (1500 words).
    • Spectral Lenses quest (600 words).
  • New events for the game's jobs.
    • Two new events for every job, totaling approximately 36,000 words.
  • Some minor events for various classes at school.
    • They are small occurrences meant to spice things up a bit.
  • NPC Generator settings now persist between game sessions.
    • The settings are saved to the browser cache automatically.
    • If you wish to return to default settings for the NPC generator, use the "default" button in the generator settings menu.
    • These settings should be retained across future game versions.
  • A lot of bug fixing!
    • We now use Mantis Bug Tracker software which has been working very well to keep track of issues and help us get them fixed.
      • It's still new, so it's a learning process.
      • Some bugs that are fixed or partially fixed haven't been closed/updated yet, we'll get that done soon.
    • You can check out the bug tracker here.
      • You need to make an account if you would like to report bugs. 
        • The "real name" field is totally optional, and your email address can't be seen by other users. Your email address lets you keep informed about a bug you reported (if interested), but more importantly is useful in case we need additional info about your bug to fix it.
      • If you would just like to view the bugs, you can use the username: Guest with the password: Guest

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