Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Hero Release - v0.39.0


It's been one hell of a month for the AW team, though to be honest it hardly seems like it's been a whole month since version 38. Mrs. Besty had to call him an ambulance this month, though thankfully he's on the mend and feeling better. I've been swamped with work while living out of a hotel room. Luckily it seems that we'll finally be closing on my new house next week, and I've got most of the fires put out.

At the beginning of this month, we spent a lot of time focusing on bugs, and we've continued to fix bugs even after the 38.1 release. I'm afraid that it's another month with a shorter-than-normal change log, though there's still a lot of new content in the game. We've got over 30,000 new words of content for you, with a lot of it focused on pregnancy, birth, and children. Things will be picking up again, and we'll be returning to our normal break-neck development pace soon. Besty is finally back to full time, and I'll be able to start dedicating more and more time to development tasks as things settle down here.

Version 39 is looking to be quite stable, as we've done some extended testing yesterday and today. Of course, please report any bugs you find! Without your help reporting bugs, we'd never be able to get them fixed!


Words:  2,582,406   (15,577,952 characters)

Code Lines: 204,323

  • New end-of-game system added to the game.
    • Displays the official ending to the game after sufficient progress in the main quest is made.
    • Currently has only basic content.
    • You can continue playing in a non-canon 'free mode' after the ending if you wish.
  • Expanded special component quests in the main storyline.
    • Includes new art for one outcome.
  • You can now visit your children in the government district.
    • Visit the creche to check out your crotch fruit.
    • Some activity scenes of visiting your children are now available.
  • The giving birth scene has been expanded
    • Now has additional content if you choose to call a friend or lover.
      • Unique content for couples as well as for Lily supporting you. A scene exclusive to spouses has also been created, but can't be viewed without artificially setting yourself married to an NPC.
    • If you call your lover when giving birth, there is extra content in the child naming scene. This is particularly true if the child obviously doesn't belong to them.
  • Additional pregnancy events have been added.
    • These will occur randomly while pregnant.
    • One arousal-based event is pretty large and allows you to contact a partner for some sexytimes.
  • A lot of bug fixing and some general polish has been done.
    • End-of-game statistics improvements.
    • Some editing and correction of content.
    • Some additional utility features (for writing) added.
    • Lots and lots of bug fixes (check out our Mantis bug tracking page!)


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