Sunday, February 7, 2021

The Trunk Release - Version 0.43


Hello everyone, it's release time again already!

We've got some good stuff for you this time, in fact, we've got more in this release than we were planning. It's always good to have more to give than you expected, but I do have to apologize for being extremely light on the dev blog posts this month. I usually try to give you all an update at least once per week, but I didn't meet that goal this month. Partly that was because of everything going on, partly because I didn't feel up to it, and partly because I was instead focusing on the game. In any case, I'll do better this month (and beyond) to keep you up to date.

This month has a lot of new content to see, and a lot of bug fixes. The big areas for content expansion were the sex system, as well as the dating system. We've also got the Little Shop of Tentacles set up, with four species you can play with. Each species does its own thing and has some unique effects/benefits to the player. The "Wrench" club has been added to the game in the club district, though it's mostly empty for now. Personally, I'm wondering if "Tool" might be a better name for the industrial club.

Thanks for all your support, it means a lot to us, particularly during these trying times when it seems everyone has extra problems to worry about. I'm proud that our little game dev family has made it through some hardships and that we've kept working towards our goal. That said, I'm looking forward to an increasing development pace over the next couple of months.

From all of us, we hope you enjoy the release!

Change Log

Words: 2,783,973  (16,847,044 characters)
Code: 208,354 Lines

  • Improvements to the game revolving around passing out late at night.
    • The time that the player will pass out has been pushed back to after 4am.
    • There is an improved warning that you are nearing this time that happens after 3am.
    • The probability of different events that happen while you are passed out has been changed. 
      • Fap mode players will no longer receive the "mermaid" bad end, and will instead get a normal passed out event.
      • The "mermaid" bad end now has probability based on the number of times the player has passed out, starting very low and becoming more likely.
    • Many in-game areas and activities have been adjusted to enforce their closing times.
      • Clubs will kick you out after they close, with an amusing image.
      • The mall and bullseye security will escort you outside after closing.
      • Players prostituting themselves won't find clients after 3am when the streets are deserted.
    • The game should not autosave immediately prior to passing out.
  • The Little Shop of Tentacles has been created (9K words).
    • The name is a bad reference to the Little Shop of Horrors for some reason.
    • After discovering the shop initially in the club district, you can visit normally afterward.
    • You can browse the "species binder" to see the 4 species of tentacle available for play.
    • You can pay the fee to have "playtime" with any of the 4 species.
    • In addition to sexy writing, playing with tentacles can have a number of benefits depending on the species.
      • Standard mental stat benefits such as happiness and satisfaction gain.
      • Unique benefits depending on the species, such as orifice widening or a permanent increase to one or more fertility stats.
      • "Tentacle Fan" mutation now appears in the character menu.
      • Some unique fun status conditions and a new achievement "egged".
    • Some new art to go with one of the scenes.
    • Consentacles!
  • Fix to the data validation system for player and NPC fertility.
    • Individual fertility stats are no longer inappropriately capped just above the 'fertility goddess level'.
    • Brood Mother fertility now works as intended (some stats were capped too low), and appears on the character mutations list in the character menu.
    • Individual fertility stats can now be improved significantly beyond their level at the highest base fertility score, as intended.
      • To view your fertility scores, use an item like the toilet fertility probe.
      • Note: each stat controls a specific aspect of your fertility, such as chance of ovulating, hostility to sperm, odds of zygote implantation, etc.
  • Addition to the dating system (16K words).
    • 8 new activities are available in existing date locations, many of a sexual nature.
    • Some of these are activities that would normally be available in these locations, such as some adult fun while watching a movie.
    • Some are just adding some sexy or AW-like options to more mundane locations. 
  • More expansion of the sex scene system (16K words).
    • Added more content and post-orgasm actions to oral sex situations.
    • Added more kink support for the sizequeen kink to various actions and orgasms.
  • Added a new nightclub to the club district downtown called Wrench.
    • Intended to be more of an industrial club with some contrast in theme and events to the existing club Shake & Pop.
    • Currently, the location has no content and is there for demo/preview purposes. You can enter the club and look at the various rooms.
  • The Kegelator machine in the apartment common area workout room can now be used for some adult-themed exercise (1300 words).
  • A lot of bugs have been fixed, and some rough items polished/improved.
    • Players will no longer get a "missed the date" when attending the date.
    • Skill gain in the prologue was disabled to prevent errors and abuse.
    • Prostitution now drains your energy, you can no longer grind thousands of credits by serving clients like a robot without rest.
    • Balances to tips while working at Fairy Tail, you will now earn more money.
    • Energy fix for bicycle home items.
    • Fixes to the Nature's Treasury health store.
    • Fixed the Hanna Bowen debt quest.
    • Exercise amount will now properly reset each week so that it doesn't snowball until you starve to death.
    • An informative hint will now appear below some texting windows reminding players to click the "send" button in order to continue the conversation.
    • Saving is now restricted in some areas of the prologues where saving can cause potential errors.
    • You can now buy pickles, allowing you to roleplay as a Russian.
    • Many other minor bug fixes (check the bug tracker for details).

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