Friday, February 19, 2021



It's been busy, busy, busy in AW land. We've been hard at work on version 0.44, which is going to add plenty of new content, but is also something of a wrap-up as we transition into our marriage development phase.

I covered our development plans over the next year in a blog post last month, but thought I should cover marriage in a little more detail here. In a nutshell, we're going to be spending a good deal of time with marriage and married life as our primary focus for the dev team (about three months, then we'll be phasing over to the main story and endings). 
Marriage is planned to include: some fancy proposals to get engaged initiated by either the NPC or player, some engagement shenanigans to plan the wedding, a few different types of wedding scenarios along with some vows and wedding night/public consummation, and then the married life segment. The married life segment will confer some perks to the player based on the NPC they chose and will expand on living together. We will probably also do some additions to living together pre-marriage as a result, for one thing, we hope to take the NPC's wealth and personality factors into account.

This month we're focusing on adding more dating content to make the system more varied with more possibilities to help keep it interesting. We're also expanding the club scene by adding that second nightclub and expanding the number of activities and sexy situations that can happen in those clubs. There is also some polishing/bug fixing going on, with additions of some useful things such as addicts anonymous (with some fun sessions) to help you with any addiction your character develops. There's also a hot little scene that can pop up if you wander around alone too late at night.

We're also working on expanding on the number of positive effects that many of the in-game drugs have and increasing their duration, to make them more rewarding to actually use. Because the consequences of addiction can be severe, and managing an addiction presents a financial and stat-management challenge, we want the reward the character gets from the drugs to be more valuable.

Finally, we could really use your help testing the balance of the game!

If you've played the game and found an area that felt too hard, too easy, too grindy, or anything else, please let us know! Because there are many ways to play the game, a lot of different activities to explore, and we've just been so involved with it for so long, it isn't always obvious to us. Getting feedback from you will help us improve the game for everyone!

Thanks as always for your support, thanks for being part of Accidental Woman!


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