Monday, March 8, 2021

The Forest Release - v0.44 Change Log


It's time for the Forest Release!

We've put a lot of work into this release, and there's a lot of improvements and new content to show for it. In addition to tens of thousands of words of new content (mostly placed in some important and noticeable areas), we've also made some improvements to how the game works, primarily with drugs and fertility. Speaking of drugs, we've also added a new addiction center with a lot of sexy treatments to help you recover from addiction. The Wrench nightclub is open for business, and a new predator prowls the streets downtown at night.

It seems our team has gotten over our string of bad luck. I don't really believe in "luck", but it's hard to deny that sometimes it feels like bad events like to pile on all at once. In any case, I've been feeling better personally, my depression symptoms finally improving this month. My wife had major surgery last week, which thankfully went quite well. She's still in the hospital recovering, and there are some issues with her bowel function not starting back up... but she's been confirmed cancer-free (at least to the best of medicine's ability to state such things). Besty seems to be much improved as well, feeling better mentally and physically.

I used an image from Valheim for the 'censored' release image. It's a really fun
game if you're into the genre. I don't have time to play much of anything
very often, but it'd be fun to make an AW world to play around in.


Words: 2,829,529 (17,011,268 characters)
Code: 209,282 lines of code

  • The Wrench club in the club district downtown is now playable.
    • Has actions to try out, and works with club events.
  • Phoenix Book Club events chain has been expanded with some new fun.
  • The main quest progression in Area 69 has been expanded with two more outcomes.
  • An ER has been added to the Appletree hospital for emergency treatment.
  • The Sunrise Addiction Clinic has been added to the medical district.
    • Provides unique treatments for each type of addiction to cure the player.
    • Treatment happens all at once, so they tend to be extreme.
      • Courses of treatment range from 500 to 1750 words.
  • New dialogs have been added for your romantic partner when living together.
  • Besty still sucks at writing change log information.
  • A feisty r*pe scene can happen to your character if you roam around downtown late at night.
    • Reminder: use content settings to prevent content you are uncomfortable with!
    • The player has a chance to fight off the attacker based on a fighting skill check.
      • fighting is a new skill check (see below).
    • Because of the situation, firearms can not be used, but they are acknowledged if you have one.
    • This event can have strong negative effects on the player depending on how it plays out, and can also severely damage or destroy your clothing.
    • The event is only possible when downtown after 10pm.
      • Some locations such as the town hall and the mall are excluded.
      • The event is more likely in the adult or club district.
      • Your appearance affects the rate at which it can happen.
  • Skill system improvements
    • A new skill check has been created called "fight".
      • It utilizes the Martial Arts and Athletics skills.
      • It is intended for situations where strength and conditioning are important in addition to technique.
      • The ratio of skill use is dependent on the Martial Arts skill's level.
    • Some fixes were made to existing combined skill checks so that skill levels can be increased as intended.
    • Adjusted how strongly skill check difficulty affects the odds of gaining a skill, increasing the rate of skill gain from easier skill checks.
  • Clothing system improvements
    • Donating a piece of clothing while wearing it will no longer cause an error.
    • Clothing dirtiness improved to utilize two sources of making the clothes dirty.
      • Clothing gets dirty slowly when being worn by the player.
      • If the player is dirty due to not showering or "other events", clothing will get dirty faster.
    • Clothing now accumulates damage with wear, and will eventually break.
      • This can lead to an embarrassing situation if an item falls apart in public.
      • Clothing damage happens only to the clothes you're wearing. 
      • If worn 24/7, an item should last approximately 3 months but can last longer or shorter based on your activities.
  • Drug and Addiction system improvements
    • Drug duration and what drugs the player is affected by is now centrally tracked.
    • You can view what drugs are in your system by looking at the character status menu.
      • If the name of the drug is green in the addiction/need column, it means you are currently under the effect of that drug.
      • If the drug name is gold-colored, it means that you are still affected by the drug's fertility effects, but that the main effects are over (Heat and Satyr only).
    • Drug need does not increase while still under the effects of the last dose (does not include the fertility period for Heat or Satyr).
    • Drugs now have an expanded array of beneficial effects to make them more worthwhile. In general, they will make it easier to maintain your character's mental status.
      • Alcohol: didn't get much. It increases the rate at which you get tired but has a small positive effect on stress.
      • Creampie: has a small positive effect on stress, happiness, and satisfaction. These do not stack with the effects of cum. Note that players can still gain the benefits of a creampie even when using a diaphragm, IUD, or hormonal birth control. 
      • Cum: has numerous weaker effects that mirror the actual effects of cum. It has a positive effect on stress, happiness, and satisfaction.
      • Focus: has a moderately positive effect on stress, reduces the rate you get tired/sleepy, has a moderately positive effect on happiness, and a strong positive effect on anger. It decreases arousal gain and has a weak positive effect on Satisfaction.
      • Heat: Increases the chance that you will ovulate when it's time, may cause you to ovulate early, and makes hormonal birth control less effective. It also affects/dilates your cervix making it slightly easier for sperm to pass into the womb. It increases arousal gain somewhat, has a moderately positive effect on stress, a moderately positive effect on happiness, and stabilizes satisfaction making it harder to gain or lose.
      • Satyr: In general causes your reproductive tract to be more hospitable to sperm, and increases the amount of time they can survive in your womb. Has a strong positive effect on happiness, reduces how fast you get tired, and increases arousal gain.
      • Sex: No new effects
      • Zone: Has the strongest positive effect on stress, a strong positive effect on happiness, reduces anger, slightly reduces arousal gain, and increases satisfaction gain.
  • Fertility System improvements
    • Changed the formula for determining sperm death at each time/movement step for semen in the vagina.
      • The system is now more responsive to male and female fertility stats (vaginalHostility & spermSurvival).
      • The rate of death increased, this is most noticeable for lower fertility values and is more accurate.
      • The cap for how many can survive has been increased, though this will only matter for the highest fertility situations.
    • Changed the formula for determining sperm's ability to penetrate the cervix and move into the womb environment, and changed the balance in the movement algorithms.
      • The rate has been decreased in both cases: fewer sperm will attempt to penetrate, and fewer will succeed.
      • Cervix penetration success is more responsive to fertility values.
      • Minimum cervix penetration is now 0, though this will only be possible in extraordinary circumstances.
    • Changed the code determining the sperm halflife in the womb.
      • Overall sperm will die faster in the womb, this is more dramatic for lower fertility values from woman and donor.
      • Sperm tended to live too long in characters with average to low fertility, this corrects that.
      • This also adds effectiveness to barrier birth control where a very small amount of sperm may enter but should be unlikely to "succeed".
    • Fixed an issue that caused sperm to ignore a diaphragm when moving in certain situations.
  • New events have been added to the dating system (20K+ words)
    • An average of two new events for each location, each with an average length of about 1000 words.
  • New events have been added to skill gain classes to spice them up (8.5K words).
  • Bug fixing and the usual minor stuff we forgot to write down.

Thanks for your support, I hope you enjoy the game!


  1. Have to say, whatever changes you made to drugs in the game? The negative effects are still MUCH too strong to make them worth any kind of experimentation at all.

    I was not pleased (in fact, I'm really pissed off about it) to discover that a certain event in which my character got drugged ONE TIME without any warning *completely destroyed* my character's libido (as in, went from very high to having basically NONE at all). Pretty much took all the fun out of the character entirely, and also caused me to miss an event that I really didn't want to miss. I'm not sure any of my old saves go back far enough to fix it, either, since it took me quite a while to figure out what was responsible for it.

    1. Note: Even using the cheats to reduce the addiction to zero didn't fix it.


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