Tuesday, August 6, 2019


When it rains, it pours.

Actually, this post image is to commemorate the nearly ten inches of rain we've gotten the last 4 days or so. The miracle of the rainy season, though to be honest I really like rainy weather except for the inconvenience factor.

It seems like there's a new time-cock in town, screwing with the game.

For those of you who are new, we started calling bugs that affect the game's time system time cocks. I honestly don't remember why; it was something to do with discord. This one seems to be pretty easy to avoid though, which is good. Basically, using the time stop cheat and going on dates (possibly multiple dates in a single day) can break time in an as-of-yet unknown way. I'd recommend avoiding that cheat--at least on days you have a date--until we get it fixed.

With that out of the way, I thought I'd mention briefly what we'll be working on this month. Basically, I'm going back to focusing more on content. I'll be writing prologue scenes and job events for the most part. Besty's going to be working on fleshing out tattoos and adding a proper tattoo parlor to the game, as well as finishing up the game's nutrition and exercise system so that the player can lose and gain weight.

As a note on that last part, the game's weight system should be fairly forgiving. Descriptions will continue to use the BMI-based scale, so changing a couple pounds up or down in a given week isn't going to do much. It'll take weeks of gaining or losing weight to change your appearance. We'll probably also create a new cheat to totally turn off changes in weight from diet and exercise.

We'll also be adding some semi-permanent NPCs to the Farm Coop, including a few hucows and a bull to make friends with. There will also be some smaller improvements, and if time, more writing for sex scenes. I did realize, too late, that I forgot to search one file of the sex scene system for assumed pronoun gender, mistakes that date back to the writer we tried hiring. I'll get that fixed as well, it basically just involves replacing he with <<he>> and minor changes like that.

I've got a (thankfully) minor cold, a welcome home gift from Guam, the land of plagues. (Having small children doesn't help, either though.) It hasn't been interfering with my work though, and I've been feeling a lot more comfortable with writing lately too. :D Besty has been suffering through a summer that's too cold, apparently, they've been having high temps of only 13C where he's at. Mother Nature doing her thing, I suppose.

That's it for now!



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