Saturday, April 4, 2020

The Mask Release - v0.33 Change Log

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to be able to present the Mask Release, version 0.33.0 of Accidental Woman. It's been a pretty crazy month, with SARS-CoV2 spreading all over the place. As I'm writing this, the number of confirmed cases just hit 1.1 million. This release focused pretty heavily on new content, so hopefully, it'll give you another thing to do while you're stuck at home practicing social distancing. I hope that you're all safe and not having too hard a time of it, I know financially it could be pretty rough for some.

As I mentioned earlier, this release really focused on content. This time the focus was on the sex scene system. We added a LOT of new content there, with multiple kinky variations for most of the sex system, and some new code to display it appropriately.  There's now nearly 40,000 words of sex scene content! We've also got a lot of new dialog with Lily, Kim, and Sara in the main story quest, as well as some other miscellaneous content in the game.

We hope you enjoy it!

Change Log

Words: 2,262,821 (13,524,364 characters)
Code: 197,546 lines
Body Portraits: 64,880,640 combinations

  • Mod Interface Expansion
    • New Pseudo system to support pseudo Twine passages, allowing twine-like behavior for mod content.
      • Support for pseudo passages has been built into the scenario and interaction systems for ease of use.
    • Added support for custom sex actions with custom sex action library content.
      • Currently only supports adding player actions.
      • Lets you add whatever crazy actions to sex scenes you'd like.
  • Added support for weekly church sermon visits.
    • Players can attend a service at one of the game's three churches located in the downtown area. 
    • Players will receive some mental health benefits from the sermon, but may also find themselves becoming more perverted or corrupt over time (tiny change with each sermon). 
      • type of effect depends on specific church attended.
    • Actual sermon content hasn't been written yet because I ran out of time.
    • A new NPC has been added to the game: Mistress Leilanz, Cockiarch of the Church of the Holy Phallus.
      • She happens to be a dominant futa.
  • Improved the Omni Kill function for timed Omni events, it is now more effective at killing things.
  • Added support for sex scene NPCs to the <<name>> macro to simplify using a sex partner's name.
  • Added new muscle arm overlays to the body portrait system.
    • Appears only at muscle tone level 6 ("bodybuilder") because of muscle.
    • Muscle leg overlays also planned, but I haven't finished drawing them.
  • Added Black Butte encyclopedia entry.
  • New conversation content in the main story quest with the appropriate NPCs (Lily and Kim or Sara).
    • Approximately 4,500 words, limited to quest phase 1.
  • Sex Scene System Expansion!
    • Added new AI code to the sex scene system to choose kink text intelligently based on the characters and scene.
    • Fucktons of new sex action description content.
      • No exact word count, but approximately 20,000 new words.
      • The entire sex system contains approximately 40,000 words of content now.
    • Anal orgasms now have descriptive text.
    • Receiving an anal creampie will now result in an asspie omni informing the player about semen in their colon.
    • Changing the player's persona during a sex scene will be used to help choose kink content.
      • Useful for example if your character is both a dom and sub, and you want to specifically be a dom in the scene rather than allowing the algorithm to choose for you in the scene.
    • Sex scenes will now properly contribute to sex addiction.
    • Sex scene tutorial image updated to remind players that some sex actions require a certain skill level to unlock them and that you generally have to remove clothes to access naughty bits.
    • Added a ConNonCon Tingler app alternative so you can arrange a non-con sex encounter. (allows player to view sex system noncon content)
  • Added the Cockmongering video game to the Pleasure Buzzer in the mall.
    • Functional minigame, see how high you can score!
    • Loosely based on the global professional sports sensation.
    • Playing the game is also a fun activity for your character.
  • All sex furniture works now and can be played with.
  • Some bugs with shower options have been fixed.
  • Hair length should now display properly in the grooming menu.
  • New SSTD causing temporary fun effects.
    • Pretty sure Besty based this on covid-19.
      • Will resolve on its own, or can potentially be cured at the doctor's office.
  • New activities are available at the Hoden Springs area.
  • Added the Laura Comstock job event.
    • The event can be triggered while working at any of the three Institute jobs.
    • Approximately 2300 words in length.
  • Added a water slide to the Lake Clitea resort area.
    • Because who doesn't like water slides?
  • Conversations with strangers can now actually lead to sex if you're slutty enough.

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