Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Floating Release - v0.37.0 Change Log

Sorry for the delay everyone, but now version 0.37 is here! We have a neat release for you guys, with a lot of new stuff downtown along with some long-awaited surrogacy content.

This month's efforts have been somewhat spread out, but they all come down to content or polish. For polish, it's things like making the outfit/makeup/hair choice options after sleeping more functional and actually adding a game statistics page.  We've also made it so that story characters that aren't full NPCs have their name attached to any sperm deposits. Of course, there's been a lot of bug fixing, and further improvements to the game's save system and other areas.

For content, things are spread out a bit. Several new stores are open downtown, and you can even buy some new supplements from Nature's Treasury in the mall. There are new map events, new whoring scenes, and the "book club" is now available if you explore the Phoenix Nest book store. There are some new minor job events, a whole set of content for being a surrogate mother at the Progenerate Surrogacy Center in the medical district, and even a much-expanded set of scenes for the infamous double donger sex toy. The main storyline tasks have been expanded to include tasks 3 and 4, though they don't have all the content I'd like yet. You'll be able to see 'the machine' starting to take shape though. 

This has been a pretty crazy month for me personally, finding out that I'm getting a promotion at work, and relocating back to the mainland. Island life can be fun, but it does wear on you after a while. Of course, moving means tons to do, so it's been plenty hectic.

Unfortunately, our erotica writer has been having a bad month with writing. It has been quite hot and unpleasant this month in her hometown, and because AC isn't very common in Europe, the heat has made it difficult for her to write coherently. She should be getting the child content finished for us in time for the 0.38 release. 


There were some issues with loading a save in versions 35 and 36. For the most part, saves from older versions should work okay. If you experience issues/bugs while playing with an old save, please try starting a new game.


Words: 2,489,980  (14,941,883 characters)
Code Lines: 203,439

  • Improved the hover text display that utilizes jQueryUI for hover text on icons and map locations.
    • Should be less intrusive now, particularly in phone UI and map navigation.
  • Added high-resolution map of Muschi valley.
    • Shows more areas outside the valley.
    • Click map has been improved to be more representative of actual locations.
  • Improved the process for loading game saves and running backward compatibility.
    • The game will now properly load unique game state variables, and initialize new ones.
    • The game will now properly load temporary variables from the time of the save.
    • Modified SugarCube yet again because that's how it has to be.
  • Expanded the Clothes class to have a property that automatically considers clothing wetness when returning exposure value.
    • Clothes now naturally become more revealing when wet instead of requiring additional checks.
  • Added tracking feature to stress, arousal, anger, and milk production status values.
    • You can now see just how much stress you accumulated or milk you produced in the game stats page.
  • Created the "Liter of Semen" inventory item to refill certain sex machines and possibly some other uses in the future.
    • Can be purchased in the adult district downtown from Prude.
  • Added a new menu and several scenes to the Double Donger sex-machine.
    • The machine can now inseminate the player.
    • The machine can be refilled using a "Liter of Semen" item.
    • There's a lot of different text possibilities with this one.
  • Fixed the game cheats so that they run properly when using the prologue skip feature.
  • Added the father's name to the social menu's simple child display.
  • Story characters (such as Tyrone from the main quest) now have their names tracked when inseminating the player.
    • Zygotes/babies/children from these characters will no longer show as "unknown".
  • Fixed the button placement issue in the male prologue that caused some players difficulty with continuing.
  • The amount cum/creampie/sex addiction that reduces each night has been adjusted slightly.
    • These addiction values will not drop quite as fast as before.
  • Added an image and description for the Sultry Eve Enema Kit.
  • Automatic showering when going to bed now works as intended.
  • A new Fertiseed ad can be seen when wasting time at home.
  • The main story quest has been expanded with two new stages.
    • The first stage is creating wire coils for electromagnets.
    • The second stage is mostly carried out by Lily, and functions as something of a 'break' for the player.
      • While there are no work tasks during this stage, you can still see the machine coming together if you stop by the lab.
    • Prep work for the following stage involving obtaining unique/rare components has been done. 
    • We still need to add unique dialog items to the characters for the new stages.
  • Premade characters have been expanded with several new characters.
    • The selection menu has a better appearance and is more functional.
    • The description of the characters is a little more detailed.
  • A new game statistics page has been added to the game.
    • You can view it from the bad end page to view your final game statistics.
    • You can also view it from the character menu during the game.
    • Contains a lot of interesting details about your stay in Appletree.
  • The "getting ready in the morning" controls have been improved.
    • Your previous choice will be remembered so you don't need to select an option each day.
    • Generally functions as expected, having your character get dressed, do her hair, and put on makeup automatically.
      • You need to create presets for these in the wardrobe and grooming menus before they will do anything.
  • You can now be a surrogate at the Progenerate Technologies Surrogacy Center located in the medical district.
    • Visit the center to sign up as a potential surrogate.
      • You can't be a surrogate while working in the Fecundate Division at Progenerate, they already have the rights to your womb.
    • You'll be contacted when there is a client available for you.
      • You'll be able to choose whether to accept the client or reject them.
    • Different clients are willing to offer different rates.
      • Many clients are interested in a more natural breeding process and will want to inseminate you themselves.
      • Some father and mother clients will want to inject zygotes.
    • You will be paid partially up-front and will receive a delivery bonus for each baby.
    • Over 12,000 words of impregnation content.
  • Hanna event chain finished (5,000 words).
  • Additional small map events (2,000 words).
  • New whoring scenes (2,000 words).
  • New little events at various jobs (around 500 words).
  • New bigger map events (1,000 words).
  • The Phoenix book club is now open! (1,400 words).
    • Look around in the Phoenix Nest bookstore...
  • The downtown area received a lot of love and is more fleshed out now.
    • New food supplements in Nature's treasury shop as well as food components.
    • Fastfood places downtown are working fully now.
    • Several setting/ambiance stores are now open, such as the Squash store, Pen Island, and hardware store.
  • You can now buy groceries at Bullseye.
  • Some more info status icons showing up on different occasions to inform you about what is happening to your character.
    • I don't know what this means either -ThaumX
  • Relationship "time to advance" is now shown in the "serious conversation" menu during a date.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
    • A bunch of fixes we forgot to write down, of course.
    • Tanning on the balcony action was fixed.
    • Hangouts location suggestion fixed.
    • FairyTail leaving the massage button fixed.
      • You won't be blocked in the shop if some scene or event interrupted it now.
    • Tingler and CoerceMe apps don't throw an error when you click "GO" button without selecting a mate first.
    • Fixed one-piece swimwear exposure bug.

Is the opposite of Microsoft Office actually Macrohard Onfire?

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  1. I wonder if this update fixed the male NPCs. Last one had the dudes' ears and necks white while their faces were whatever color they were supposed to be, making it look like they were all walking around in black/brown/yellow face.


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