Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Beach Bums

Hello everyone!

It's been a busy few days out here on my tropical island of doom; we got some bad news about my wife's health, and there has been plenty of things happening now that I've returned to working shifts at my day job (instead of teleworking). For the rest of the AW team, things have been progressing pretty much as usual.

On Besty's end, we now have a slew of fancy marriage proposals from NPCs, and he's currently working on a pretty cool event/quest chain involving his in-game persona and a drug dealer. Anenn has just finished up the basic camgirl stuff, and we're deciding if he'll work on expanding that some more before release, or if he has time to get something a bit bigger done. We've also got some more scenes from our lovely erotica freelancer implemented :D

A bit off topic, we finally got around to adding banking, so you can open a savings account, get a credit card, and even take out a personal loan. This will make it a bit easier to get set up early in the game, at the cost of interest. And of course, it's always possible to overextend yourself financially, which probably won't go well...

For those of you who are curious, the bad news about my wife isn't anything life threatening, but she will need some specialist surgery only available on the U.S. mainland, which will necessitate some travel and probably cause some schedule complications in the late fall. For now, we're keeping up with her final course of chemo, which will be over soon. On the cancer front, things are looking very good, which is the most important thing.

I do have some personal good news, however! It seems that I have a really good shot of moving back to the U.S. mainland along with a promotion at my day job. Guam has a lot to love despite the disadvantages, but we're really ready to move on. We'll have to take advantage of the beaches while we still can!

Nothing is certain right now, so I don't want to spend time talking about hypothetical moving plans or how they could possibly affect development. Of course, I'll share with you guys once I learn anything concrete. :D At this point we're a team of three full time developers, so some interruptions to my schedule shouldn't have a major effect on our development. If I do move, however, it'll probably happen near the end of summer. 

That's all for now until the release in a little less than a week. Stay safe, and thanks so much for your support!


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  1. I wish you and your wife the best of luck in the coming months! I also wanna say its so great to see how much the team cares about this game and how regularly you push content and updates, its really keeping me excited for what each new update holds!


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